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Covering Rugby. Favourite Rugby Moment: Watching Kurtley Beale kick a goal from almost 50m out near the sideline to win Australia the match against South Africa away.



Jokes, I see you are based in Hong Kong and therefore probably not using any resource at all.

Another week of Spring Tour rugby tips

Hey, thanks for the correction. I use for the head to head info. When I put in Kenya vs Hong Kong yesterday it returned 0 results, it’s possible I accidentally put in the wrong entries but I tried again today and it returned 1 entry from 2011. Can I ask what resource you use as it seems like I might need to try something different. Thanks

Another week of Spring Tour rugby tips

I’m on team Dana

UFC boss grilled by Waleed Aly over lack of suspensions for McGregor and Khabib

I’m glad someone noticed! A few close ones.

The weekend's international rugby quick tips

Anthony Mundine does what in the professional wrestling industry calls “Promos”
Basically you talk alot of smack without really meaning it and use all the personality you have in front of the cameras to promote the fight and get PPV buys. The hype is similar to pro wrestling hype.

Mundine vs Geale: Is this fight a sham?

That’s a fair call Andy, something I didn’t think of but perhaps it is those traditions and rivalries which keep alumni wanting to put money into it, wanting their college to do well and win against their old rivals. It’s a big part of why you have old boys still attending 1st XV matches at their old school, tradition and rivalry, it keeps them supporting and I’m sure many of them would put money into their school’s rugby team if needed if they don’t already.

The more I think about this the more I think this it is too hard for rugby, mainly financially. Don’t have the time or money to build rivalries and tradition. I guess this is where the “Let’s expand the Shute Shield” debate starts.

University rugby to be Australia's third tier?

I can’t think of any other part of Sydney that requires so much bus travel en route to ANZ Stadium. I did a bus trip from the northern end of the northern beaches ito the city and it is a very slow and boring journey. I couldn’t imagine then having to catch a train to Lidcombe then for a shuttle then repeat this on the way back. I’d do it for a grand final or prelim but for anything else would require alot of encouragement.

Time for Manly fans to make an effort

At least 10-20 is looking realistic

IRB ranking system goes haywire

I’m assuming the caption is out of date from when the Overeem v Lesnar fight was on. Too bad he signed with WWE for a year.

Overeem's drug bust punches massive hole in UFC

I like these type of articles but would have liked to have heard more about how exactly “Ten days in the Philippines and Hong Kong has reinforced my opinion that Sevens Rugby becoming an Olympic sport will transform the game of rugby into a mega-sport”

MEXTED: 7s and 10s will turn rugby into a global mega-sport

Haha I guess the Brisbane premier side gets the win over the sydney side more often then not.

How about our own national competition for rugby union?


I know the concept isn’t ideal but no idea is going to be ideal. Im suggesting it’s alot more feaible then creating a bunch of new teams like ARC or this A-League setup. It doesn’t matter what 5 sydney teams I think should get in,there will always be a struggle between all the clubs and yes there are going be deserving teams that would get cut out, but it’s just one of those things which would have to happen like the NRL getting started by axing a load of clubs. All teams should submit proposals and run a membership drive, the teams which look to have the strongest support should probably get the nod.

They don’t have to be as strong as Collingwood or Souths. The fact that rugby isn’t anywhere near as popular in this country as Aussie Rules and League will keep it that way. You don’t have to point out that club rugby doesn’t rate that well but given time and the right setup could work and get a decent and well supported competition running, yes its a money drain but you just have to try. It would be benificial to Australian rugby in the long term.

Teams like Eastwood, Manly and Randwick still have the ability to draw 5,000 type crowds every now and then, put them on tv regularly with a professional platform, better ground and more high profile players then we could start to see some decent crowds comparable to A-League.

How about our own national competition for rugby union?

I’m sticking with an expanded professional shute shield competition. Clubs which already have supporter bases (lgreat example, Eastwood) and long histories, saves alot of crapping about with manufactured teams. 5x Sydney/NSW Teams, 4x Brisbane/QLD Teams, 1x ACT team and the rest wherever there is sufficient demand or potential.

How about our own national competition for rugby union?

I really don’t think I wrote “is less than hours away” but I did rush this out. Was it you editor? :-/

ANYWAY, is anybody else making the trip to Concord for the game? I believe the last grand final there last year got a crowd of about 5,500 down from previous years.

2011 Shute Shield Grand Final preview

mistake post

NRL bid team to fly as the Bombers

As far as the idea to merge teams like Eastwood, Gordon, Manly etc into one I guess Northern Sydney team.. the ARC the idea was somewhat the same. The problem is for eg. you can tell Eastwood fans ‘Ok, Eastwood is gone but you should go for Northern Sydney’ but in the end it still isn’t Eastwood, it’s a new and totally different team. There probably is a way for the concept to work but I would hate to be the one who has to try and make it succesful.

Anyway you may have bigger things to think about. Eastwood have Manly this week, though the way they are going I doubt you’re too worried. But what is that saying “Every win is a step closer to a loss” obvious but reality.

Why is the Shute Shield left out?

For the Sydney teams priority should be given to heartland areas without NRL teams. ie. Eastwood, Gordon, Norths. While also making sure there is at least a team in the other Eastern Suburbs heartland. The West needs a team but is there demand for it?

The idea of merging Manly and Warringah, Gordon and Norths sounds logical but don’t know if merging 2 rival teams works. Look to the merger of Manly and Norths in rugby league, though I guess both are different areas though still close together.

Rumours of third tier comp concerning

I’ve seen footage of AWF shows with crowds less than 50. From most footage I’ve seen I would say there would be less than 200. I saw a clip of the AWF when I think the company just started in 1998 and the crowds were big and loud, I would say in the vicinity of a 1,000 or more. 400 would be considered a much better than average crowd these days you would have to admit.

Hmm you could say rugby league is both sport and entertainment but you should never put it in the same category as professional wrestling. It is entertainment simulating sport. As mentioned before sport is not predetermined, in sport there is an INTENT to actually win a match, in professional wrestling the intent does not exist.

Australian wrestling needs some backing

Absolutely, I think I remember Brock Lesnar the ex WWE pro wrestler who became UFC Heavyweight champion saying that pro wrestling was alot more physically demanding then competing in the UFC. Perhaps the schedule has alot to do with it, doesn’t matter, bottom line is professional wrestling takes alot of ability and guts.

Australian wrestling needs some backing

I’m shocked that this article made it onto the website as you can’t classify pro wrestling as a sport. I’ve attended Australian pro wrestling shows before and have a few friends involved in it and I don’t think we’ll be seeing any improvements anytime soon, sadly for the time being a lot of it is just a poor side show rip off of the American product with usually less then 50 people attending but I guess the problem is if you stray from the American style of wrestling too much then you won’t gain much interest from outsiders as alot of the time pay to see shows and expect and want something like WWE. I do have a lot of respect though for some of the people involved who try really hard at it despite the lack of pay off.

Australian wrestling needs some backing

I can’t think of any national competition where NT has been represented, would be nice to see.

Big Bash League can't even understand itself

Went to Concord Oval for West Harbour v Gordon this last weekend and thought what an underused ground this is. Plenty of seats and close to the action on field, close to bus stops, on a main road and about a 10-15 minute walk to Burwood station (Which has direct access to Western, Inner West, South, Northern and North Shore lines). Put grand stands at the North and South end of the ground, connect the whole thing up and you could probably have yourself a ground which holds about 30,000 or more people. Perfect for NRL sides.

ANZ Stadium is just no good for NRL fans

Interesting stat M1tch

Times changing for NRL TV in Melbourne

Fair enough, if you have reason. Surely you can do better than “Simply no”. I realise it’s not as glamorous as other options but there’s potential there to upgrade the location without doing too much work.

Should Sydney FC move to Parramatta?

Yes but I don’t know where you got the idea that I said they would work. I wrote “Don’t waste time and money trying to build support for newly manufactured clubs ” I also didn’t discuss mergers but since you mentioned it I agree, they rarely work especially when they are rival clubs.

A simple solution to rugby's third tier