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Really good read Geoff. Love the lighthearted approach.

With the proposed new rules I think the goal line drop out for the held up over the line is a good rule. A couple of years ago I had a different view. Really think it does reward some good defence while still giving the attacking team some reward with getting the ball back (most of the time). A lot of the time the 5 metre scrums become messy as teams always collapsed or muck around just before engaging which causes the reset.

I wonder whether there has been any consideration to getting rid of kicking the ball out on the full inside the 22m? Would mean teams would play high risk rugby in their danger zone or clearing kicks would stay in play allowing more attacking opportunities.

The Wrap: COVID-19 laws set to revolutionise Australian rugby

Yes point 2 needs to go for sure. I know team mates want to be positive and encourage their players after a mistake so their head stays in the game. But if one player does it that’s all that’s needed. No need for half the team to do the same thing.

The Wrap: COVID-19 laws set to revolutionise Australian rugby

That was the Blues social media people. They called her Aunty Cindy.

The Wrap: COVID-19 laws set to revolutionise Australian rugby

Fair comment Micko. You are right it was an even split of teams. We will take that though with the Magic winning as it was such an Aussie dominated competition in terms of competition winners. I think it was one of the reasons why they went back to separate competitions. You can kind of say its worked with NZ being the most recent World Champs despite being poor the years leading into last years World Champs.

Why the New Zealand Warriors could surprise many this season

That was one of the most clinical efforts the Warriors have ever done. I felt it was a make or break game for them. If they had played poorly, that was going to set the tone for the season.
There was some great signs. Katoa was an absolute beast. Nikorima was elusive and Tuivasa-Sheck continues to show why he’s one of the best in the game.
One thing I was bewildered about was how Adam Blair was allowed to be back on the field after his head knock.
Also the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Magic won the Netball ANZ Comp in 2012.

Why the New Zealand Warriors could surprise many this season

Hey Brett. Thanks for the great article.

This is a tricky one for sure. Somewhere down the line there will be some resistance on any new idea as some organisations will protect their self interests. Italy is a major road block especially when they are not really offering anything in terms of quality rugby at the moment but still have more than they deserve in voting rights.

Hopefully a good solution can work in the near future.

The global season: Who wins a contest of good intentions versus self interest?

Superb article Highlander.

I was a 13 year old watching that game on NZ TV against France in 1995 and always remember Rush’s try. I also think that was Laurie Mains last test and the All Blacks had lost the first test to a very good French team in that period.

Scrums is a major problem. I have seen some of the old replays of games in the last month or so and you can definitely notice the time difference in packs setting to scrum compared to now. To be honest given how much time they get to stablise themselves their shouldnt be as many resets.

On the subs I was never a fan of going to 8 reserves. I always thought it was a great skill for one prop to be able to play both sides of the scrum and even better when a prop plays 80 minutes. These days you see both starting props gone after 50 minutes.

To have a game where the ball is kept in play more, I think getting rid of kicking the ball out on the full inside your 22 needs to be looked at. That would mean teams would have kick into to space to get out of their danger zone or play high risk rugby which would encourage better ball skills under pressure.

Faux rest periods are killing today’s game

They were new laws tested to help improve the game after the 2007 World Cup. A couple have stuck such as the backlines being back 5 metres at scrum time, and not being able to pass the ball back into the 22m to kick out on the full.

Faux rest periods are killing today’s game

I remember one of the ELVs was around certain infringements being free kicks instead of penalties. That was good as players did quick taps and the game continued to flow.

Faux rest periods are killing today’s game

Great tie in on the article Nicholas with the Trans-Tasman bubble and the link work of Piutau and Morahan.

On Piutau not being available for the 2019 World Cup, I personally think he was in good enough form in 2015 to be selected ahead of Waisake Naholo. Naholo made a miraculous recovery from a broken leg that got him on the plane. I know his impending signing to Ulster at the time would have been the factor that ruled him out.

On a Trans-Tasman competition, I think it is the only logical way we can go in the near future due to travel restrictions. It will be a short term fix but has the ability to gain some good traction with friendly time zones then with some growth of Pacific team. I also think there is great potential for 3 consecutive weeks of a Bledisloe series later this year if things go well.

Why the trans-Tasman bubble must include rugby

Brad Weber made a good call today on the rucks and mauls being just as a concern for transmission of the virus.

The principle is wrong, but are rugby's proposed COVID-19 law changes all that bad?

Thanks Geoff for the great article.

I agree with your comment on what are the players got to gain by doing this especially for Lucas and Hockings going to Japan. Will be awhile before they can get over there for starters.

What will also be interesting will be is if the player agent keeps his accreditation with Rugby Australia.

The Wrap: Giteau’s Law must survive, but with a twist

Great summation about Rob Nichol, Geoff. He is very well respected for the work he does with the New Zealand Player Association. I like that he cares about all levels of the New Zealand game. He managed to get the Black Ferns into a good contractual system a couple of years ago which was a huge boost for the Women’s game in NZ.

The Wrap: Giteau’s Law must survive, but with a twist

Some good ideas there. Thanks for sharing. One thing I liked about your Rugby Championship proposal was the changing of the repetitive schedule. I always enjpy watching the All Blacks play Australia in Sydney first up as the All Blacks on many occasions in that fixture seem to play sublime rugby. I do agree with the change as you say that can easily rule a team out of contention after 2 weeks same applies if the Boks get two wins over the Pumas (which also has happened in some years). The other thing is (and I say this as New Zealander) I dont think they have ever got to lift the trophy on home soil. Would be good to see some games held in NZ in late September, early October.

The future of SANZAAR

Awesome work on the number crunching mate. Have really enjoyed both articles. I guess France making the semi-final three times in this period does show that they were a very handy and annoying team to beat at the World Cup.

The best of the Rugby World Cup: Part 2

This will be my NZ bias coming out but Sir Richard Hadlees bowling action is worthy of being in the Stylish XI. He was so balanced and rhythmical which allowed him to bowl pretty much every delivery you want from a seamer.

A stylish XI versus an awkward XI

Hey Nick

Thanks for the good analysis. Nawaqanitawase looks set for a big future. Seems to be strong in a lot of aspects of the game. Really loved his work at the kickoffs in getting the ball back. In that game against the Crusaders he was a shining light for the Tahs. He is definitely the type of player that will add some fresh life to the Tahs and Wallabies.

Whats your thoughts on the NZ type model of having a big left wing and a smaller type right wing? Does it matter? I always thought its the side where the player is going to be most comfortable.

Why the Wallabies need their big winger back

Thats really true JN. Was surprised with Am and Mapimpi. I do wonder if part of their decision is they can sense some good things happening at the Sharks. Based on what they showed earlier this year they look like a very good outfit.

SANZAAR fighting a losing Super Rugby battle on two fronts

Always liked the way he played. You knew he would always give 100%. Sounds like he is doing well for himself post playing days.

Super Rugby retrospectives: Scott Fava

Good read as always Brett.

On the South African players who have taken the clause to leave their contracts, I do feel that is a little risky in this current climate especially for those expecting to fly to an overseas club with various travel restrictions being limited. It maybe highly unlikely but they may not even get to suit up for their new clubs (and could risk further pay cuts).

“and whether they’ll have the ability to hold onto the players they so desperately need to create a viable rugby product going forward,” This line is an important one. What ever Southern Hemisphere Rugby looks like in the future, they need to retain a good chunk of top level players. In saying that the introduction on the Top 2 Japanese teams to form a Champions League may assist that given their ability to recruit and play big coin to top players.

SANZAAR fighting a losing Super Rugby battle on two fronts

Yeah that’s true. They have always had some decent loose forwards and occasionally good tight forwards but they never seem to be a dominant pack.

A New Zealand XV that hasn't won a Super Rugby title

This sounds like a very special club and great to see they are forward focused. I really like how they get to the small rural towns to help assist them in raising funds for their local rugby club.

“as an annual opportunity for backs to celebrate forwards” is a great line. To be honest backs should be celebrating forwards every day.

The Wrap: Cauliflower Club a shining light in Australian rugby

Both of them have won titles so wouldn’t be included in this squad.

A New Zealand XV that hasn't won a Super Rugby title

Some great names there and wouldn’t be too many arguments. I would be tempted to add Keven Mealamu in there.

A New Zealand XV that hasn't won a Super Rugby title

It was his attacking prowess. He just seemed to make things look so easy and was so great to watch gliding through defences at ease. He was a joy to watch and I think people were just amazed with his freakish talents. He was also very committed on defence and was one of strongest players that could bench press on par with the forwards.

There is probably more complete fullbacks going around but I think what he could do on attack not many will ever match.

A New Zealand XV that hasn't won a Super Rugby title