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I remember when he was called into an England training camp. I think he was only 18 or so at the time. If he has been playing well and being ignored, I hope he doesnt second guess himself and start thinking what else can I do to be selected.

Coach's Corner issue 2: What hope for the Waratahs?

Thats very true Markus mate. Also when any tactic is overplayed it becomes predictable and teams at the top level do analyse really well on common trends.

Coach's Corner issue 2: What hope for the Waratahs?

Really enjoyed this article. Thanks Nicholas.

For the Waratahs, it really shows some lack of depth in second-row options when they had to get Caird and Whetton from NZ. I was surprised when both missed out on NZ Contracts especially Whetton who has been a good honest grafter in NZ domestic rugby.

I agree with the majority on here with England. There needs to be a refresh of this team and some new ideas. From what some friends have told me that see a lot of Premiership Rugby there is guys like Sam Simmonds and Marcus Smith playing extremely well that are getting completely ignored. It will be interesting to see how long Eddie Jones lasts.

I hope Geoff Parkes reads your box kick segment, he is not a fan of them. As you say they are here to stay though. I do think they are overused though. Getting your back three is key to help diffuse teams who box kick regularly with a lot of teams using a second fullback on the wing.

Coach's Corner issue 2: What hope for the Waratahs?

There is 3 in a row for the next three weeks and then there is ANZAC Day fixture. Last year every round had a Sunday day game. I think they have missed a trick having Night games over Easter instead of Day games.

Super Rugby tipping panel, Week 3: Blues become Rebels

Sounded like the Chiefs wanted their game moved to Sunday as well but NZRU only said for one game to be moved. I thought the day games last year were a good success and was surprised when the Super Rugby Aotearoa draw came out there seemed to be few for 2021.

Super Rugby tipping panel, Week 3: Blues become Rebels

One thing I cannot stand is a team that does not really have a positive intent to scrum. That causes a big shambles and ends up causing multiple reset scrums. I have played in a couple of games like that (mostly when my team has had the stronger scrum) and they are not fun for anyone when a team is not really wanting to engage in a scrum.

I like the free-kick rule. I think that was used in the law trials in 2008. Made the game flow a lot better.

Make scrums restarts again

The Highlanders vs Chiefs is a tough one but am going the Highlanders as they have had a run under their belt and I dont think the Chiefs have the pack to match the Highlanders. If it is an open game the Chiefs do have a chance.

Force to get a long awaited and much anticipated win against a Tahs team that is going backwards.

Brumbies will be too strong for the Rebels. They have a stronger team across the park.

Crusaders will avenge the Hurricanes win last year in Christchurch. A day game which will be a cracker.

Super Rugby tipping panel, Week 3: Blues become Rebels

Thanks Nicholas. Great analysis.

Valentini seems to be playing how like a blindside flanker should be playing. Hitting hard in the tackle and being an enforcer. His upper body strength is outstanding in the way he drives attacking players back at the contact zone. I am also impressed with the work he does after the tackle and counter-rucks really well.

I know there was a large emphasis a couple of years ago with teams playing two natural 7s in their back row. Do you think teams will go away from that method more now? I know it has exposed the All Blacks a bit in a number of their recent losses when they did get dominated at the collison.

Battle of the blindside enforcers: Why the power lies in Canberra

Good write-up JD mate.

I only saw the second half and the highlights after. The try Ben Youngs scored was some really good lead up work and showed England can play with positive intent.

England failed to build momentum and gave away crucial penalties at the business end of the game. Sheedy closed the game well with some useful goal kicking.

Winning in rugby is all about the top four inches

Gilbert Enoka was an unsung hero in those years after the 2007 Quarter-Final exit. The best thing that changed with the All Blacks was to treat World Cups as a seperate one-off tournament. Many have admitted that they use to approach them as a continuation of a current run of matches.

Winning in rugby is all about the top four inches

I will have a word to Sir Bill Beaumont about the expense account. Cant make any promises though.

Yeah mate in that scenario that becomes more of a hit and hope. And usually they still go ahead with the clean out.

Cleanouts for dummies: How to avoid the dreaded red

This is why you need to be on the World Rugby Game Development and Rules Committee Highlander. Another great read getting straight to the point and showing how simple things can be in a game of rugby.

Body position and the angle players come from is also key. A lot of dangerous cleanouts occur as players havent got low enough. The angle some arrive at is also dangerous as a lot of jacklars do get blindsided as players are desperately trying to remove the threat off the ball.

I find that there at the professional level there is too many kamikaze style cleanouts and this is due to a lot of the points that you raise to make cleanouts more effective and safer. Get there on time and abort if it is a lost cause.

Cleanouts for dummies: How to avoid the dreaded red

I was coached that method when I was young as well to face the posts. As you say the ball bouncing off the posts back into the field of play does not happen often.

England forgot the first rule of rugby in controversial loss to Wales

Thanks Geoff

I am sure a lot of backs will be happy if they do not have to go into mauls. It might mess their hair up.

I do agree though they come past the ball a lot. I think the rule needs to be the last person joining the maul has to be completely bound to the previous last body of the maul to make them the person at the back of the maul (that can be worded better), instead of the over the top binding we currently see. Might be hard to police though with multiple players entering at same time from different angles.

I thought Aumua really made a statement on Saturday and that is a great start to the season for him. Lets hope we see more of that through the year. I also thought Akira Ioane has started where he left off in 2020 which is a real positive.

The Wrap: Lineout issues tower over Super Rugby

“Going further, perhaps all lineouts and scrums resulting from penalties should be made non-contestable. A good set piece negates the cost of a penalty, such as if the defending team’s lineout or scrum is markedly better than the team that receives the penalty.”

I really like this idea. I know a team gets the advantage of extra metres from a kick to touch and/or a feed to the scrum but if offending teams know they cannot challenge the next set piece that will take away the mindset of infringing. The advantage is teams will have a really good attacking advantage and by rights should get quality ball off set piece. It would well n lineouts and a scrum shouldnt need to be reset and wont chew up the clock.

My solution to rugby’s card issue

Good Article Harry. Thanks Mate.

I am glad you shared the interview. I had read that the reporter got an absolute grilling on social media which I feel is unfair for someone doing her job.

It is amazing how many junior rugby players have the bad habit of turning their backs to the opposition. The funny thing is when you explain you cant see the game and it also takes longer to turn around than straight back pedal, they still will revert to their old habits.

England forgot the first rule of rugby in controversial loss to Wales

Thanks mate. Hope your well. Good to have rugby back in swing.

Tipping panel Week 2: G’day and Kia Ora

Even though the Crusaders are sometimes slow out of the blocks. I think they will still be too strong for the Highlanders in a close southern derby. Will Jordan under the roof will be entertaining.

The Hurricanes and Blues game I have gone the Blues just. I think their forward pack will be too strong. They looked well drilled in a pre-season games last week and have gone with 6/2 bench split. The Hurricanes will need some good go forward from Savea and Laumape.

The Reds looked sharp last week and I think they will be too good for the Rebels. Brad Thorn’s efforts over the last couple of seasons are really starting to show. James O’Connor is maturing as a rugby player and their youngsters like McReight and Campbell seem to be flourishing in that team.

The Brumbies will be too clinical for the Warratahs. They look to be the better team right across the park.

Tipping panel Week 2: G’day and Kia Ora

Hey Nicholas

Thanks for another top article. The years of rebuilding under Thorn are starting to take shape and add in a sharp attacking mind like Jim McKay they have a really good foundation to work with.

I was impressed with James O’Connor playing 10 on the weekend. He has really matured as a rugby player. The other player that impressed me was their Fijian lock Seru Uru. I saw a few times he ran in the wide channels as Fijian locks like to do.

Why Jim McKay is the best attack coach in Australian rugby

I was stoked with the Black Caps win the other night. Great recovery with the bat and they bowled well in the conditions.

I still think Australia can get better in this series especially now that they are out of quarantine restrictions.

Australia's Christchurch capitulation poses daunting World Cup questions

Riccardo. Your take on Conway is spot on. He has been scoring bulk runs and was a matter of time before he got in the NZ team once eligible. The question now is where does he fit in the Test and ODI teams? NZ selectors tend to stick to the tried and true which has served them well over last 4 or so years but when a guy is dominating you have to ride the form wave.

He always looks in control in T20 games. Proper cricket strokes, great shot placement and selection.

Australia's Christchurch capitulation poses daunting World Cup questions

Conway’s approach in T20 cricket is an example of someone that knows his game and bats at the right tempo. Some of the innings he played in the Super Smash he played great cricket shots and always looked in control. His effort in the final was 90 odd off 60 odd deliveries and there wasn’t much risk. He would arguably be the 2nd best batsmen in NZ at the moment. I know it’s early in his career but there is some very promising signs especially that he his battled hardened with a good amount of domestic cricket under his belt.

Kiwis' next superstars face Australia in T20s tomorrow

Good article mate. Last year was an underwhelming year especially with the small amount of tests. My understanding early on this year is the All Blacks first games of the year are against Italy and Fiji. If this is the case, this a good opportunity to blood some youngsters building to 2023. In saying that this may mean some not so clinical performances with a new look team.

The major aspects that lacked last year was the physicality at the collison area and punch in the midfield. Retalick needs to come back which will help a lot with the physicality and he is also a key ball player with his passing skills. Getting the 6/8 right is key. I like Savea at 8 as he is a powerhouse in contact and Sotutu has a great allround game. I think Akira Ioane with a strong Super Rugby Aotearoa campaign will get first pick at 6.

Midfield has never really been settled since Nonu/Smith combo. Lienert-Brown has a great all round game and personally think he plays his best International Rugby at 13. That would mean a strong 12 offering a lot of go forward in midfield. I like Goodhue but he is not really that type of footballer. I will be interested to see how Peter Umaga-Jensen goes this year. He is a big body with skill that could be read to step up.

I'm not satisfied with the All Blacks' 2020 season

Barrett was made a bit of a scapegoat in that semi-final. He did some good work in the half he was on for including a cover tackle on Johnny May and he also put Retalick in a hole early on. He didnt dominate physically but no All Black forward did that night,

I do think the way Ioane played at the end of last year he is definitely worth persevering with as the blindside moving forward.

I'm not satisfied with the All Blacks' 2020 season

Thanks Nicholas.

I have really enjoyed the re-emergence of France. I think the addition of Sean Edwards was a master stroke for their defence and attitude. I do not think we will see any (or as many) capitulations like we did of previous French teams.

I have only seen highlights of the 6 Nations games so far this year, but I have been impressed with the opportunities France have created from some great skill level and how well they stay in support like Dupont does. Their loose trio is outstanding and really fit the style of play France are wanting to play.

On using their loose forwards as lineout options, this going against the trend of a couple of other International teams. It make senses to have good rangy athletics back rowers as lineout options. I remember some of the lineout work Imanol Harinordoquy use to do. Had great hands at the top of the lineout.

Why Les Bleus are becoming rugby's Kings in the North