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A Hawthorn supporter from birth, where it’s said one of my first words was 'Buckenara’, where the clubs tribulations of the 90’s and the playground taunts formed the man I am today. An avid Union fan since 2003, and now Rebels fan, but still a lot to learn of the game, and an Australian approach to cricket.



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I thought Hawthorn did well to stay with the Tiges for the bulk of the game, it was really at the back end of the 3rd quarter that took the game away from us and we just couldn’t overcome that margin… that’s a positive for me. However when you consider Richmond had 30 scoring shots to 19, and Hawthorn failed to kick 10 goals, we really weren’t in that game. Again, Richmond showed how good they are just getting the ball forward, as they have done all year.

Eat my Dust: Martin magic helps Richmond humble Hawthorn

Just on this, I think what Tom Elliott was saying is that the AFL should be about organising a footy competition and not try and force their brand of social awareness on people. And personally, that’s a sentiment that I agree with too, because all too often with the AFL they seem duplicitous in their actions with an ulterior motive to whatever boosts their revenues or increases viewers, or whatever doesn’t affect the ‘brand’.

I hope it doesn’t come across that I’m against multiculturalism and a cosmopolitan Australia, as the son of an immigrant, I am certainly all for greater diversity, but speeches of the likes made by Anning, WITH PARLIAMENTARY IMMUNITY, have no place in a modern Australia. What annoyed me most about his speech is afterwards when he said he had no idea it was used in that sense which means one of two things; he knew it and is lying, or he’s thick as a post, as there is no way that a person of his age cannot have come across this term… in either scenario, he is not fit to represent anyone in Australia.

And Josh, just on your analogy with Nicky Winmar, I think the stark difference here is that what Nicky did was purely from the heart and not something staged by the AFL – and it is for that very fact that it is still an image that sticks with people.

Eight hot takes from AFL Round 22

I’m with you on this, like I said in a previous comment, he couldn’t really straighten up at all, and 99/100 he’d kick that… I guess it’s magnified because it was the last scoring opportunity of the game and if he slots it they win? Had it have been in the middle of the 3rd quarter say, it’d get very little attention.

Thoughts on a great round of AFL football

but then why aren’t there more Port players in there? Port would have been the side expected to win, weren’t they?

Team of underperformers from Round 20

How is it that the Saints have only one player in that side, and the Blues only have 2 despite being against the GWS with not enough players on the ground? Swans and the Hawks win, but have 3 in the side?

Team of underperformers from Round 20

It’s unfortunate that the Gaff/Brayshaw incident has commanded all the commentary following a brilliant round of footy (well Friday and Saturday at least).

Do St Kilda’s loss need to be assessed more? They were 5 goals up and then conceded 10-11 goals to a side that has been poor all season in the 3rd and 4th quarters. In fact, to be blown away by this year’s Bulldogs is a pretty sad indictment. Having said that, it seems that the Dogs quite possibly had their game of the season?

Just on the Richmond vs Geelong game, that was a cracker and I was glad I got to watch it. I thought Scott’s comments at the end about them being beatable were a fair response but he seems to have copped some heat for it, I don’t know why. Just on the Ablett goal at the end, I think 99/100 he kicks that, it was just a bad kick is all. The Tom Hawking handpass to Ablett was beautiful too… I could watch that kind of footy all day.

Thoughts on a great round of AFL football

this is ultimately what got me, his reaction was so over the top, even if he was aiming to hit him in the chest. Whether he had been tagged all game or there was that bit of niggle just prior to the incident, this is the way a guy with nigh in 200-games under his belt reacts to an 18-year old first year player, while they are 50 points in front

Reliving the inexplicable, mesmerising end of Andrew Gaff’s season

it was clearly for illustrative purposes and I think you can see that too… but overall you’re right, Grace did a great job for his client there, he asked for 3 and he got 8

Costly Gaff: Star Eagle suspended for eight weeks

very well said, when the Brayshaw incident happened WCE were about 50-odd points ahead… I know they’ve had their injury concerns but Lyon isn’t proving to be the guy to take them forward

Costly Gaff: Star Eagle suspended for eight weeks

No, what I mean is, how is Grace doing his client a favour… the people of the tribunal that make the decision could look at this and say that Grace hasn’t taken this seriously enough?

You have not much of an idea on how negotiations happen do you… let’s say i have something to sell and I’ve listed at a going market price… you come along and say you’re interested but at a price more than 50% below… I’m never going to entertain that because we’d end up meeting half way which represents only 75% of what the market is paying… so I’d tell you to stop wasting my time and get on your bike.

Costly Gaff: Star Eagle suspended for eight weeks

Ha! Good point… but I did see someone comment elsewhere that the Carlton fans would be thankful that this is getting the media attention

Costly Gaff: Star Eagle suspended for eight weeks


Costly Gaff: Star Eagle suspended for eight weeks

the victim has a broken jaw and will be eating through a straw for a month…. small minded idiocy indeed

Costly Gaff: Star Eagle suspended for eight weeks

there’s negotiation tactics, and then there’s just wasting people’s time… three weeks as a starting point is a joke no matter how you look at it

Costly Gaff: Star Eagle suspended for eight weeks

I really don’t understand this mindset, this is a tribunal where there is due process.

Costly Gaff: Star Eagle suspended for eight weeks

THREE WEEKS!!!! tell ’em they’re dreamin’

Costly Gaff: Star Eagle suspended for eight weeks

I guess that’s the point… the tribunal need to build the reason for handing down the verdict

But you’re right, it seems there’s nothing Gaff could say to alter that

Costly Gaff: Star Eagle suspended for eight weeks

I personally don’t think they need to change the points system – i think it works well enough and like you say, isn’t overly confusing like the Supercars is.

The one thing I’d like to see implemented is some kind of mechanism that allows qualifying to be approached strategically in a way to get some of the lower teams up higher in the starting grid. At the moment the tyres used in your Q2 time are what you start on if you make it into the top 10 and through to Q3. The intended purpose was that cars 11 down can benefit from fresh rubber and might be able to do something in the race – the problem with this is that teams have the tyres relatively figured out so there’s no real advantage any more, from what I can see at least. What would work better is if you can have something where the middle teams can qualify higher and race with the top 3 teams?

For example, Q3 has the top 15 cars from Q2, however cars 9-15 are free to use DRS or aggressive quali modes and cars 1-8 cannot? Something like that? The issue is that top teams might try in Q2 to place in that lower range… you’d have to do something to safeguard against that

Formula One's points thought bubble misses the point

Are the Lions now the Hawks’ bogie side? What has Kennett said about the lions to extend this curse?

Jokes aside, it’s good to see the Lions do well, and to win in Tas is no mean feat.. well done to them

AFL Power Rankings 2018: Round 17

Wembley is a neutral ground… if the MCG didn’t have tenant clubs, it would be a neutral ground.

Grand final at the MCG til 2057 shows limits of AFL's power

Hey Anon,

I don’t know if I agree that they are a spent force in the AFL, they clearly remain in the upper echelon of those clubs with great influence, and I don’t see that diminishing. Top 4 or 8 ambitions might be a struggle this year, and perhaps next, but this is down to their list and how they manage that. This is something all clubs face, however some clubs do this better than others and I see the Swans as being in the former camp.

In terms of schadenfreude, I suspect you’re right, its a bit of tall poppy syndrome and I think many still bemoan COLA, catchment areas etc as them having, or at least had an unfair advantage. From my perspective, like you, I don’t have that. They’re a great club that has been able to stay on top for a long time in a system that is designed to stop a concentration of clubs staying at or near the top.

Sydney are falling right out of flag contention

Just on that start; Kimi was squeezed a bit in the melee and had he had a cleaner run into the first corner, Kimi would have been ahead of Hamilton by the point of the accident. More than the spin, his start is the real issue.

In all honesty, I give a bit of latitude to Lewis for not doing the parc ferme chat… he removed himself from the situation and also added an element of drama. What I don’t tolerate is the comments from Wolf insinuating that it was on purpose… he has the benefit of the overall view, multiple angles and replays of the incident, and it’s clear that the lock up by Kimi shows it was a racing accident, and to relay anything other than that to Lewis is not on. But, I think there is a reason for it, to have Hamilton think that people are out for him and to get that siege mentality because it can be an effective motivator for Hamilton.

I did think he post-race wave to the crowd was nothing but perfunctory and he should have given them more – yes it wasn’t a win, but he went from last to 2nd and was the driver of the day… it had been a hot day and his fans were out all weekend.

Hamilton goes from hero to zero with wild Silverstone accusations

I think Boullier’s time was well and truly up, in fact I think it’s more than 12-months too late. Actually, come to think of it, I didn’t think he set the world on fire at Renault, so maybe didn’t deserve to be at McLaren at all?

It’s a shame to see them so far back, and you wonder where it can improve? Unfortunately Silverstone was never going to be kind on the Renault power, so hopefully Hungary will be better hunting for them? One thing I have noticed, they seem to have this attitude that it’s all the fault of the PU and they would be up there if it were for a better PU. We heard it all throughout the Honda tenure and now. They don’t seem to be doing anything to help their cause… look at Sauber, at least they took the initiative to work on their quick pit-stops, and while it didn’t work out for Leclerc, at least they are taking that initiative. I suspect they’re in a holding pattern until the new regs come in.

Can I just say one thing of Brown, if he is some kind of marketing impresario, he might need to have a different take on McLaren… they went from losing long-term sponsors Mobil and Boss, to having the worst looking livery on the grid, and that includes Haas.

The buck stops with Brown after McLaren restructure

My quick look is 6 out of the 9 remaining games for the Crows are against top 8 sides… could be real ugly

Hawthorn Hawks vs Adelaide Crows: AFL live scores, blog, highlights

Thanks AD, much appreciated.

Just looking at the remaining fixture for the Hawks, they have a good month up ahead.

As for Adelaide, that is a hard result for them and the next few weeks after their bye look pretty rocky too with the Eagles, Richmond (at the MCG) then the Cats

Hawthorn Hawks vs Adelaide Crows: AFL live scores, blog, highlights