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A Hawthorn supporter from birth, where it’s said one of my first words was 'Buckenara’, where the clubs tribulations of the 90’s and the playground taunts formed the man I am today. An avid Union fan since 2003, and now Rebels fan, but still a lot to learn of the game, and an Australian approach to cricket.



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I really agree with this article, thank you. I guess the one thing we mustn’t lose sight of is that the administration of the league can’t be left to the clubs, this structure is needed. It’s the power AFL House wields that is the problem.

This might be a bit small-minded, but on-topic, I hate that the AFL logo is so prominent on the team uniforms, so much so that some sides like the Dogs don’t even have their badge on the guernsey. I hate that even here on the Roar, all the sports’ tabs are named after the sport, except Aussie Rules, which is AFL.

Why the AFL is bad for Australian rules football

“In Italy, it’s ‘Fanta-sia’. Guess where we live? Australia, and we call it ‘Fan-tay-sha’,” Taylor explains. We don’t pronounce Italian names in Australia in the full Italian way. We pronounce it with the Australianism in it, and that’s how we’ll continue to do it.”

Maybe racist is a bit extreme, but it’s highly ignorant for a commentator. He was told how to pronounce it correctly, he says the above quote meaning that the Australian way is superior; that could be classified as racist. But you can’t call dog-whistle rhetoric.

Just say his name right, BT

But, Fantasia IS an Italian/Latin word!

The ‘guess what, we’re in Australia and we pronounce it with an Australian-ism’ is such a BS line, in fact I’d go as far as to say racist… In Australia do we pronounce zucchini as Italians do i.e. zoo-kee-nee, or do we pronounce the ‘ch’ as in zoo-chi-nee? And on that, in the morning do we order a cappa-keen-o, or cap-pu-chi-no? Don’t get me wrong, the overly pronounced rolling R’s you hear some do in Italian restaurants can be a bit too much, but I’d rather hear someone having a go.

What really grinds my gears is hearing people mispronounce Italy as Iddaly… and I bet that’s how BT would pronounce it

Just say his name right, BT

I think you’ve missed the point here Ben… Izzy is displaying a form of extremism via his religion. And it’s not hate directed by the church as you allude too, it’s his ignorance of his religion and his world view that’s the problem. The church is clear about not judging others, i’s not for Izzy to make judgement on who is admitted into heaven or not. The church espouses love for each other and to pray for each other.. not posting junk on social media.

Izzy, you're a complete...

come off it… he was removed as Chairman in 2002. That’s a poor excuse.

Brendon Bolton and Stephen Silvagni are dead men walking at Carlton

This comment perfectly sums it up:

The amount of opportunities wasted in front of goal due to lack of confidence or lack of ability is at the heart of the issue.

I have been thinking recently that the quest for athleticism is outweighing those with footy skills for too long. Would the likes of Plugger, Dunstal or Diesel Williams get a shot in this day?

A rule change was never the answer to AFL's goal-kicking woes

you allude to what I have thought during this; there are plenty of passages in the bible saying that you shouldn’t judge others, but this is precisely what Folau is doing, he’s judging others. Perhaps, instead of posting nonsense online, he can prey for those whom he thinks are in peril?

Folau speaks for the first time since sacking announcement

It’ll be interesting to see how the Tiges deal with their injuries…. they’ve been pretty fortunate the last couple of years with few injuries compared to other clubs. I think they have the depth, but it’ll be interesting to see how Hardwick coaches around this and see if he really is a good coach or just a lucky one.

Thursday's great game exposed the genius of Alex Rance

I’m with you, to say that he did it to fit in is a bit weird. Surly getting putting your head down and getting the job done will elevate you in the team.

My real issue is though, if you take this need to its natural conclusion, what if he was approached by someone who’s looking to fix a game?

Bancroft’s BBL return must force CA clarification on Warner

If you’re talking about the Adelaide vs Carlton game at Waverly, that’s what my brother and I were discussing! … we were at that game! … big moment for SA! … I feel so sad…

Has globalisation helped or hampered Australian football?

This is sort of my point MF, has the asthetic of the game changed? And if so, for the better? Was the simpler game plan vs the multi-faceted game of today better or worse?

I’m kinda at the point where I don’t care about players running a half marathon or racking up 40+ possessions if it’s at the cost of fluid passing and ball movement.

Has globalisation helped or hampered Australian football?

slightly off topic, I was talking to my brother the other day (an Essendon fan) and I can’t remember how we got onto it, but we were discussing the 93 Grand Final between the Dons and the Blues… if you get a chance, have a look at the sides that lined up, there were some outstanding names that took to the field! I found the game on youtube and gave it a watch, and in light of this future of footy question, I was wondering has the game changed a lot in the 25 years since then?

Has globalisation helped or hampered Australian football?

I think that in the next 5-10 years there will be little change to how the comp is run and the game will look exactly the same as it is now, aside from the tinkering they do. I feel that with the recent addition of the 2 expansion clubs, the AFL will need to rationalise. I think the AFL needs to make it so these areas they have expanded into, they create a want to have footy played there. At the moment it feels like their approach is: there’s a growing population in area X and we don’t want NRL/soccer to get a foothold.

Beyond that, it’s hard to say, I’m certain there wont be as many Vic clubs. I doubt much international expansion as it’s seen as a novelty overseas more than anything else.

Has globalisation helped or hampered Australian football?

Yeah… but… I don’t think he can challenge for PM until he changes his surname to Pain… and perhaps change his middle name to a skull & crossbones emoji.

What’s the quality of the commentary like this year? Given the fallout over the course of the year I was wondering if they’d tone down the laddish behaviour.

Tim Paine makes sledging great again

Thanks MF, that makes a lot of sense. I didn’t get that was how the club academies worked and that mechanism for them to match an offer. So if a rival club offers Mosquito a deal and the Hawks can’t/wont match it, he’ll go there. It’s a great way for clubs to develop talent through their academies while still allowing other clubs access. I guess this is where Hawthorn’s strategy of using up picks on trading players might hurt them, they may develop some good kids but keep them selves out of utilising them? But I’m sure they know what they’re doing.

Thanks for taking the time to respond, and for clarifying that for me!

Trade period and draft analysis - GWS Giants

I can feel it in my waters… Roughy will call his retirement midway through the season, the side will lift and the Hawks will squeak through to win the GF for him… my waters are a little polluted though!

Just on Roughy and your ELO model, do you account for captaincy? And if so, does the role affect players? I know in ’17 the captaincy was thought to have been been too much for him to manage and his game was a bit off, although he was coming back from something pretty major. Just be interested to know.

The comprehensive end-of-year review: Hawthorn Hawks

you get the feeling this will be the same pattern that happens year after year for the next couple of seasons – let a promising player or two go to manage their salary cap as great emerging talent come through. You feel like in ten years there’ll be a lot of conversations along the lines of ‘how did the Giants let X go?!?!’

On a side matter, I wonder if anyone can help me understand something? I see in the Age, Hawthorn have nominated a promising kid, Irving Mosquito, ahead of the draft. Hawks first pick isn’t until the fifties, so what’s to stop another club coming along before then? And if it’s a matter of simply putting dibs on someone, what stops the Hawks from, say, instead nominating a player that is a top 3 pick? Apologies if this is a dumb/simple question, I’m so backwards when it comes to the draft.

Trade period and draft analysis - GWS Giants

It is amazing how it’s changed and how sophisticated it’s become. I remember in the early days of the Footy Show where Eddie used to go on about hard-ball-gets, and Sam having no idea what was going on… he still doesn’t to be fair.

I think this might be an interesting read. A while ago I read a book/article about sports betting, but particularly concerned with the premier league and European club soccer and betting exchanges. What I found interesting, especially as someone who doesn’t bet, is how you can piece this together and then look for value bets. While I didn’t really put it into practice, it did change the way I watch the game and also to try and see where games were won and lost.

I know this is about footy books, but a sports book I can recommend is Norman Mailer’s The Fight, about the rumble in the jungle… it’s such a beautify written book, perfect for summer.

Book review: Footballistics

this is a good point, the stats in isolation maybe dont tell you a whole lot, but it’s when you put them in relation to another stat to give you a ratio is when it can tell you something. It might be that shared experience to winning percentage in games where you are behind by x points could tell you something?

For my two-cents… I loathe the title of this book, what a terribly forced portmanteau

Book review: Footballistics

I understand it’s the responsibility of the players’ union to act in the interest of their members, but I thought their calls to have the suspension overturned a bit much. Probably nothing more than a bit of grandstanding and get their name in the press. Which seems to be one of the points of this article; there needs to be a proper solution on what happens between now and when their suspension is up.

The events of the past week show Australia's sandpaper scars still remain

I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say that they should never play for their country again. This tough love approach rarely works – there’s still match fixing going on despite the harsh penalties handed out. I think your comments highlight what the author is saying about the purgatory following the punishment. Don’t forget; to err is human, to forgive divine.

I do however agree with you about bringing them back in ahead of the ban period, as was alluded to following the report, and I’m not too sure they would want to either, well maybe not Warner?

Have Australia lost their edge?

What many will say is that Arsenal SHOULD be putting away these sides, but what has impressed me about the recent wins, compared to the last couple of seasons under Wenger, the Gunners would have likely drawn or lost some of those that they should have won. This is a team that has a bit more fight in them now and could be developing that ruthless edge. I think this might come down to the improved fitness of the squad, apparently Emery is really big on this and is making sure they are match fit.

I think the Arsenal board should have been more ready to move on when Leicester won the league. That was a perfect storm situation; United and Chelsea were in disarray with their management changes and it was Pelegrini’s last season with City, and this was Arsenal’s chance to take it yet they couldn’t clinch the deal.

What I will say is that Arsene did leave the club in a good position, list-wise. Offloading certain ‘dead wood’ players like Walcot and Oxlade-Chamberline (who I was actually a fan of) for a combined £60m, and the Sanchez swap with Mhikatarian looks to have benefited Arsenal more than United so far. Plus, you don’t have to think back that far to when they didn’t sell-off players like Arshavin who weren’t even in the match day squad at £90k/week. Now, not all this is down to Arsene, but he had enough of a say in these matters. The Ramsey situation and him lifting his game following threats of not extending his contract, where they did the exact same with Wiltshire so he knows not to call their bluff.

So I agree, Arsene’s exit has been validated and I can even go as far as to say that the replacement extends that. They are probably a good centre back/DMF off of having a side that can challenge, but they can stay in the top 4 like this.

Slightly off topic, and while I have been impressed with Emery, I have been VERY impressed with Sari – the turn around at Chelsea without significant player additions is quite a thing. But he’s just going about it very quietly

Arsenal's run validates Wenger's exit: EPL Matchday 8 wrap

I’m not much of a fan of the Brownlow… none of us are happy with the state of umpiring so why leave the MVP award to them? On top of that, the rules and penalising has become so complicated and random, who is to say what is ‘fair’? 3-points is also not enough for the 50-odd people playing each game, there should be 10 point scoring positions. Plus I hate that they sold naming rights to the red carpet… is everything for sale at the AFL?

For me, the club award is what matters; the coaches have a plan for their players, and they can tell who is meeting/exceeding those expectations.

Mitchell was a worthy Brownlow winner - but the count was still worrisome

I thought Hawthorn did well to stay with the Tiges for the bulk of the game, it was really at the back end of the 3rd quarter that took the game away from us and we just couldn’t overcome that margin… that’s a positive for me. However when you consider Richmond had 30 scoring shots to 19, and Hawthorn failed to kick 10 goals, we really weren’t in that game. Again, Richmond showed how good they are just getting the ball forward, as they have done all year.

Eat my Dust: Martin magic helps Richmond humble Hawthorn

Just on this, I think what Tom Elliott was saying is that the AFL should be about organising a footy competition and not try and force their brand of social awareness on people. And personally, that’s a sentiment that I agree with too, because all too often with the AFL they seem duplicitous in their actions with an ulterior motive to whatever boosts their revenues or increases viewers, or whatever doesn’t affect the ‘brand’.

I hope it doesn’t come across that I’m against multiculturalism and a cosmopolitan Australia, as the son of an immigrant, I am certainly all for greater diversity, but speeches of the likes made by Anning, WITH PARLIAMENTARY IMMUNITY, have no place in a modern Australia. What annoyed me most about his speech is afterwards when he said he had no idea it was used in that sense which means one of two things; he knew it and is lying, or he’s thick as a post, as there is no way that a person of his age cannot have come across this term… in either scenario, he is not fit to represent anyone in Australia.

And Josh, just on your analogy with Nicky Winmar, I think the stark difference here is that what Nicky did was purely from the heart and not something staged by the AFL – and it is for that very fact that it is still an image that sticks with people.

Eight hot takes from AFL Round 22