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An expatriate Argie to the USA who started playing at the very tender age of 9 in an Irish School in Buenos Aires. He then played club rugby in Argentina. After moving to the USA, he played for his business school and some local clubs. Occasionally helped train skills and also refereed. His interest in writing about rugby came after meeting Graham Henry in New York City. He is most interested in the leadership issues dealing with team function.

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The continuous conflict in Argentine rugby

The continuous conflict in Argentine rugby

9 Mar 2018

What are Argentineans? What is Argentine rugby? To paraphrase an old friend of mine from the UK, they are an enigma inside a conundrum inside a Gordian knot. Inscrutable. Once you think you get to know them, they show a new angle.

A view of racism in sports

24 Feb 2018

Jorge Wittman, ‘Witty’, was a fabulous number 7 and 8 for Pueyrredon, my club, and played for the Pumas from 1971 through 1973.

Rugby on Easter Sunday

Rugby on Easter Sunday

18 Apr 2017

My dad wasn’t an openly religious man. Like almost everything about him, he was private about his faith.

My rugby weekend in Chicago

My rugby weekend in Chicago

8 Nov 2016

I attended what USA Rugby called ‘The Rugby Weekend’ in Chicago to watch the New Zealand Maoris play the USA and the All Blacks play Ireland.

NZ Maori vs USA: As it happened

8 Nov 2016

This is a story of two halves. I sat in the press box for the first half, and my official and lovely photographer was on the field.

Angel Guastella, the greatest Puma of all time

30 Sep 2016

It is with profound sadness that I write about the passing of the greatest rugby teacher from Argentina, Angel “Papuchi” Guastella, last night in Tucum├ín at the age of 85.