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Sport tragic. Rugby nut from India. Trust me, there aren't many of my kind. Favourite teams - Manchester United, All Blacks, Springboks, Sydney Roosters, NSW Origin, Proteas, Black Caps, Waratahs.



Well missing the last year of tipping has made me unfamiliar with the new Powerplay rules, what’s this +5, +10 stuff on either side of the first fixture?

The most last-minute announcement we've ever made: Super Rugby tipping is back on The Roar

I think I’m a little too young to talk about the ’87 All Blacks, but for me the 2015 side was the most purely talented and star studded team that I’ve ever seen that had a mix of dominance and hardship but eventually deservingly won the tournament. I can’t really look past them. I think the ’99 Wallabies and ’03 England side should also definitely be in contention.

Who is the best World Cup winning team ever?

Loved the ‘hacker’ bit. 😂 😂
Great analysis as always. I find it astonishing how everyone has struck out South Africa for next week. Yes, the game was boring, but these players have it in them to grind out wins. Last year they would have lost that game against Wales I feel after Adams got his try. But they have some steel about them now.
Not much to be said about England, that was one of the all-time great World Cup performances. We’ll just have to hope they either get complacent or buckle under the pressure of being worthy favourites. Can you imagine England being rugby and cricket world champions at the same time? And then if they win Euro 2020, football too? Insufferable.

The Wrap: Do the World Cup semis tell the truth about the final?

Hyperbole much? As if South Africa winning will make everyone start playing poor Jakeball…

Top of the Boks: South Africa join England in World Cup Final

I have had this niggling feeling ever since Wales beat France in the Six Nations that they will take out the World Cup. They know how to win without playing well, and that is a huge asset to have. Wales by 3.

Wales vs Springboks: Rugby World Cup 2019 semi-final preview and prediction

They didn’t choke under the pressure of the occasion. They choked under the pressure England’s defence put them under. Decision making went out of the window. Brilliant display from the Poms

All Blacks all over: England knock New Zealand out of Rugby World Cup

Hold your horses on that, guvna. Wales haven’t lost to the Boks in a while now.

All Blacks all over: England knock New Zealand out of Rugby World Cup

Incredible stuff. Hats off to England.

All Blacks all over: England knock New Zealand out of Rugby World Cup

If Japan will be able to win against the Boks I see no reason why they won’t be able to do the same against Wales.

Seeing red: Wales into semi-final after controversial thriller

That one was more complete, more ruthless. They really had a point to prove then. Today it was just strutting their stuff. Nearly flawless.

No luck for the Irish: All Blacks into semis with 46-14 win

They still ended up cancelling two games…

Rugby World Cup tipping Week 4: now we're getting serious

As a Roosters fan, it was kinda clear to me before the commentators noticed in the replay that it had flicked his thumb ever so slightly. I knew it wouldn’t be given. Luckily we didn’t lose.

Roosters into 2019 NRL grand final after stopping Storm

How are shirt numbers making the game any more accessible to the public?

Test match shirts: A game of letters and numbers

The Sunwolves have been getting better as well with each season. Beat the Chiefs this year, ran the Waratahs and the Reds really close, and were competitive against the Blues. So puzzling if true.

Sunwolves reportedly axed from Super Rugby

Stander’s try was an amazing lineout move. To be honest, Big Bad Brodie winning it was a little bit of a let down, and I can’t help but reach for my tinfoil hat and say this was a way to placate the All Blacks on a night where Ireland swept all the awards.

The Wrap: Australian rugby, ‘You may ask yourself, how did I get here’?

Hahaha, I’ve only watched highlights of those games, I think I saw the full replay of the Morne Steyn 31 point game.
But yeah, since I’ve followed the sport (2011 onwards) it’s been all ABs.

The Wrap: It's 'About Schmidt' as Ireland plan and execute perfectly

Nice wrap Geoff! Although I should point out that Jack McGrath probably didn’t have much to do with the kicking game considering he’s a prop, haha. Luke McGrath is the scrum half. And Kevin might be Kieran Marmion’s long lost brother.
Anyway, what a game that was. The intensity was off the charts. I wonder whether this suggests a changing of the guard from the South to the North. With more players leaving to join NH clubs, are we finally seeing New Zealand’s hegemony on the world game coming to an end?
Also, surely it’s a matter of time before James Lowe gets capped by Ireland right? The ABs missed a trick by not capping him in 2016 (they’re doing this a lot more now where they give young promising players one test so that they can’t defect later on). I wonder how seismic this result will be for the future of the sport.

The Wrap: It's 'About Schmidt' as Ireland plan and execute perfectly

True. In 2016 New Zealand scored from their first attack and pretty much decided the game in Dublin. Yesterday it was the exact opposite. I’ve never seen a game in which the All Blacks were never in control.

The Wrap: It's 'About Schmidt' as Ireland plan and execute perfectly

You just wonder, maybe if he hadn’t tried the pass at all and recycled to put the tiring Irish defence through yet more phases, would they have buckled? What ifs, what ifs.

Wallabies vs Ireland: Third Test live scores, blog

Man, if Foley gets that pass right, the Wallabies score in the corner and the series is saved. Fine margins in rugby.

Wallabies vs Ireland: Third Test live scores, blog

No need to change it.

Wallabies vs Ireland: International rugby union highlights, scores, blog

I think it was a blood bin this time, wasn’t it?

All Blacks vs France: International rugby union highlights, blog

When Ben Smith went over, you feared this would be another hiding. Credit to the French, they’ve conceded half the points they did last week but with one player less.

All Blacks vs France: International rugby union highlights, blog

Barrett went to claim an up and under, contact with the French full back, fell on his head. Gone for an HIA and the French full back got red carded.

All Blacks vs France: International rugby union highlights, blog

So the thing the commentators were saying is that if the player is not in a reasonable position to contest for the ball, he has a responsibility to clear the area. So basically Benjamin Fall should not even have gone near Beauden. It’s a weird corollary of the law which players will take some time getting used to.

All Blacks vs France: International rugby union highlights, blog