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Chris is a Sydney based Publicist and Artist Manager. A Parramatta fan since the age of 7 and a lover of all sport. Except golf. Twitter - chrisohsyd



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Chris Sandow: Mr Inconsistency

Chris Sandow is a complex football player and I suspect he is also a complex individual, or as Winston Churchill might describe him “A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma” which loosely translated means something very mysterious and hidden.

Oh…So washing his mouth out with his own piss is acceptable ?? Seriously.

Can he, or Carney: Should Todd get another crack?

True but he has a history of not shutting up and playing. His ego won’t allow that. So the question really is will he shut up and play?

For the $$ he would want, and probably unrealsitcally for a player at the back end of his career (much like Watmough) I think BA will have other singing priorities like Norman, resigning Semi etc.

Get Farah and Hayne to the Eels ASAP, Mr Greenberg

“there is no place for rogue elements who break from the game plan and breed discontent or insurrection. By many accounts Robbie Farah is that player.”

So Tim you think the NRL should assist in pushing player who clearly is unwanted by his current club for all the right reasons onto another?

The last thing Parramatta need, and if they are smart would want, is this player.

Get Farah and Hayne to the Eels ASAP, Mr Greenberg

As Gillian and Dave’s Australian publicist, and a massive sport fan, I loved ready this!

And you were right – it was an astonishing performance by the Dave Rawlings Machine on Friday night.


The Wrap: Normal order restored in Christchurch

I’m a life long Eels fan but this on going year after year train wreck from the clubs management is pathetic.

If I was Foran i’d tell the board to shove the deal. He signed in good faith and conducted him self appropriately and not with the circus that was DCE and his contract negotiations and yet, through no fault of his own, now finds himself embroiled in a shit fight that could well be the biggest league story of the year.

In short it is a disgrace. And I’m over it.

Time to end amateur hour at the Eels

Agree with David Lord 100%. Toovey has earn’t and deserves more respect.

C'mon Manly, Tooves deserves better

Sandow has had 4 years to play his style of footy and win more games. But it’s not just his appalling inconsistency that is the issue here. It is also his attitude. As I wrote for The Roar a few weeks ago what 1st grade NRL player thinks it is a good idea to test drive a car just hours before a crucial game when your team in languishing in the bottom half of the ladder?

Sorry. But as much as I love seeing him play (when he plays well) it is time for him and the Eels to see out the season and for them to part ways.

What next for Sandow at Parramatta?

I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with what Hasler is saying Mal is right – Come up with a solution. At the very least get your CEO to start getting support from other club CEO’s and go, united, to Dave Smith and the NRL.

This is of course if it really is that big of a deal. Sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west I’d bet anything that had the Bulldogs won on the weekend we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

Dave Smith reluctant to tinker with Origin

Nice read. But if you think they waste time in the NRL try watching the Super Rugby and the time they waste when packing a scrum. It is painful to watch and consumes so much time. I’ve seen shorter marriages!

The NRL in 2015 is just a waste of time

Yes…but it’s not working. You can be the best communicator on the planet but if know one’s listening it serves no purpose. And for some reason Blades isn’t working. That said…I do wonder if the issues we have in the forwards is simply because we don’t have the cattle at the moment to match the other forces in rugby?

Michael Cheika must resign after a poor end of year tour

I also have no issue with a player leaving mid contract if it benefits both club and player but a player or club can’t have it both ways. Jonathan Wright at Cronulla is a good case in point. My understanding is he asked for a transfer mid season this year to hook up with The Bulldogs only to be told no. Now I understand the club has told him his services are no longer required and I suspect it’s because they have paid Barba to come to the club. Either way the current system doesn’t work and it needs fixing and fast.

Contracts mean nought, but it could be a good thing

Hi Everyone. Thanks for the comments. Good or bad!! Chris

Deans' demons come back to haunt McKenzie