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I love Rugby League.

If the forwards in Rugby Union are not committed to the rucks and mauls, they’re are in a line of defence – Rugby League.
But unlike rugby league there is no 10m seperation after each tackle and 2 extra defenders.

You could say that the old defferences between the codes was that Rugby league is like trench warfare and Union blitzkreig.

I don’t care about continous flow or ball movement. I also love American Football and that has more stoppages and time outs etc.

Jeremy Guscott: Bring Back rucking and watch the game take off:

Brian Moore: When did old fashioned rucking become illegal?

How and why rugby lost me

I’m the same.
The game is now quasi rugby league.
Banning rucking and other rule changes changed the whole complexion of the game, rhythm of he game.
Played any golden oldies? It’s just endless phase after phase. The joy has been engineered out of the sport.
Without rucking the rugby that you grew up with, loved and watched is not the game of Rugby Union.

How and why rugby lost me

Last year you wrote that the name should be the Kookaburras.
Last week you were defending the Vikings name and calling fans petty.
What do you think the name should be?

Should the Canberra NRC team play in ACT colours?

Yep. I am wrong about you making a comment on the ACT’s old admin. It was some other knucklehead named Mac.
Everything else still goes.

Should the Canberra NRC team play in ACT colours?

You’re free to point out where I am wrong mate.

Should the Canberra NRC team play in ACT colours?

I highly doubt that who ever came up with the names of Raiders & Vikings knew anything as cool as Norse mythology Sheek!

No all it boils down to is the new Australian mantra and attitude to everything: “Who has the pesos, has the say sos”.

Trouble is “Football without the fans is nothing” and that pretty much sums up the state of things in Australian sport.

Should the Canberra NRC team play in ACT colours?

Let me tell you about the Tuggeranong Vikings,

Tuggernanong the actual bricks and mortar didn’t even exist 30 years ago. They couldn’t even think up a logo or crest but had to use the Minnesota Vikings logo from the NFL. They were a professional club before Rugby went professional. They are the Broncos of the ACT.

They will not fail because they are a pokie empire with a Rugby club attached. The club exists to massage the egos of the owners or business men like all big clubs of any sport nowdays. No they won’t fail but they will also never be properly embraced as Canberras’ team. There’s a saying in Brisbane that goes for every stadium of Broncos fans you can fill, you can fill two that hate them.

And don’t be surprised that Brett Mackay is on board with the name and colours (he wanted Kookaburras as well). He’d be in support if the team were to be named the Canberra Yankees. The Vikings are the sheriff in town and the guy has a job and needs to bring home the bacon like the rest of us. He hasn’t played Rugby on a frozen Canberra suburban oval at 8am, Never been to Rugby Park and watched an epic Royals v Darramalan game and never wagged school to watch that years international touring team play the ACT at Seiffert, The showgrounds, Manuka or the AIS. That is also why he feels like he can make a judgement on the ACT’s old administration.

And the fellas with the petition, you need to get off line and hit the pavement. The people who built and ran the game in the 70’s and 80’s have all left. Knock on some doors or don’t waste your time.

Should the Canberra NRC team play in ACT colours?

Does anyone know if the ARU will make a profit this year? Could it be that this announcement was made to overshadow some bad news to follow?

National Rugby Championship to launch in 2014

I reckon that is great idea especially considering the William Webb Ellis story is probably a myth.

Check out ESPNs mind blowing 30 for 30 doco on the 1995 RWC:

SPIRO: Mandela's number 6 jersey is now for the ages

Does anyone else follow the ARU Youtube channel?

There is some interesting stuff like the Wallabies singing the national anthem in the dressing sheds after the Ireland win that seemed to be scripted or contractual to me:

Or you can tweet #AskaWallaby questions and there’s a video of Nick Cummins answering fairly amusing questions which was interestingly posted the morning he was suspended:

Then there’s the press conference with Link about the disciplinary actions that strangely hardly has any comments:

And heaps more that I’m sure most Roar rugby dorks would enjoy:

Maybe Quade Cooper was right after all

I think you’ve been feeding the chickens a little too much Foghorn. Just remember that’s “Forever in our shadow”.

Rabbitohs no chance in 2014

Not a bad read Lordy it’s just that Peter Fitzsimmons already wrote about the same thing last week.

Wallabies can learn from Paul Roos' 'No Dickheads' policy

Yeah give Wollongong a team and call them the Wobbegongs. Their logo can be the writer of this article.

Why the 'Gong should be next on A-League's radar

Some footy players get tattoos on their necks and some footy players build inspirational websites:

Quiet Cooper in a class of his own

No winging here. Of course it matters how good the player turns out to be. If I was to whinge or complain I could write an encyclopedia on NSW getting the rough end of the Origin pineapple. I said NSW have only themselves to blame Qld’s winning run.

Are the Maroons the greatest rugby league side in history?

Doesn’t matter if Qld win 100 in a row. It’s still only a two horse race. Therefore they can never have the ‘Greatest’ label. Especially when Qld has a NSW player. A player of Greg Ingliss’ calibre could have easily tipped the scales NSW way over the course of Qld winning run. Isn’t that the reason why the Origin concept kicked off? GI playing for the Maroons will never sit right with Blues fans just like any NSW victories pre origin will never be OK for maroon necks.
I’m not winging though because NSW have only themselves to blame. The selectors have got to go or it will be SNAFU again next year.

Are the Maroons the greatest rugby league side in history?

Does this mean the ARU are not going to lose a pile of money this year and next?

Ewen McKenzie to coach Wallabies, Deans sacked

Oikee, I know it is Origin time but Super League booted Souths and probably had a big hand in the Crushers demise so WTF?

Time to remember Super League's Origins

Anyone seen Jono Lance play 5/8th? He’s a gun and can tackle like his old man. Too bad Rugby Union has too many know nothing gate keepers.

O'Connor goes cold as Wallabies fly-half

When Rugby League got royally railroaded by Rupert Murdoch and a bunch of greedy Qld suits, NSW had 3 origin series wins on the trot. Then the bulk of quality players in key positions went to Super League. NSW won the Tri Series and then won 2 more series once the game was re united.
6 in a row. Yeah I’d be happy if the sell out league was officially counted.

Time to remember Super League's Origins

Not all Rugby League players are brain dead morons. Check out for a good example. The bloke is a guru and a real role model for young fellas.

Some sportsmen may be messiahs, but some are just very (very) naughty boys

There’s a town called Donny Brook up around Oikees way as well. The only coffee they sell is International Roast.

The day the punches died?

‘In fifty years we’re all going to be chicks’ – Adam Carolla

The day the punches died?

Oikee, instead of doubling your dose of cane toad secretions this time of year you should halve it mate.

Rugby League: stuck between a rock like fist and a hard headed place

Give it a rest yellow belly. I doubt that you’re even a football fan. In fact in your version of a perfect world any contact sport would be banned.

Is Gallen brave or just plain stupid?