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Grew up in Geelong, lived in Perth since and while having covered virtually every sport to some degree, basketball and the NBL has become my focus to a growing level ever since my first game in 2005. I spent several years as Perth Wildcats media manager and have covered the league for a number of organisations and worked closely with the NBL and several clubs providing content



I think the time has come. No doubt Mike Kelly can coach in the NBL. Give him the job for the rest of the season

Is replacing Williams enough to right United?

Just a slight correction. Goulding wasn’t there in 2014-15. He was there the season before and then came back last year

Is replacing Williams enough to right United?

Far too soon in his career to be considered for Test cricket!

Stoinis and Wade pressuring Marsh and Nevill for Test spots

Totally agree. I think he’s the perfect fit for them. Will be interesting how Khazzouh fits back in if he does make it back this season!

How can the irrepressible Sydney Kings be stopped?

Having seen Mennie bowl in Shield cricket at the WACA the last couple of years, including this past week, he bowls the perfect length and is a proven performer at the ground. Plus as Rod Marsh said he’s a handy batsmen – including making 32 this week as nightwatchman. I’m very happy with him getting the nod and I think he’ll do well

Joe Mennie's selection for Perth defies description

Hi Robert, they had over 8000 for the first home game and I think close to that mark for the others. I think they are making a bit of a splash in the Sydney market especially with adding Powell and Blake. For the first time since they returned to the league I think Sydney actually knows it has a basketball team

NBL championship or bust for Sydney Kings

I reckon that’s about the level he looks at this stage. But he is aiming to be a first round NBA draft pick so he needs to be able to handle the NBL for that to happen!

Rating the NBL imports after opening round

Thanks Damo. I agree with the Hawks relying on the jump shot – aside from Ogilvy inside and Lisch creating his own shot. We’ll learn a lot about them this week in their road double. They do appear a big man short inside but it tends to only hurt when Ogilvy gets in foul trouble. Totally agree with all your points. NZ and Perth will take some stopping.. just like the last 6 years!

Three-way race for the NBL championship

The league has done a lot of things right this season Johnno. And yep Demopoulos has done well with his credentials to adjust to a foreign country. I’ll admit I wasn’t sure about rebranding from the Tigers to United initially. But right now, you can’t say anything other than it has been an outstanding success. I doubt the crowds and excitement level around basketball in Melbourne would have happened without the change. Well done to all involved

Three-way race for the NBL championship

That’s a great comment. There’s no question that kids seeing NBL players come to their schools or junior clubs is a great way to build up a relationship where them and their families come to games. Having less time at home during the season does hurt that. I know the Wildcats have a huge community program that the players have to meet and it’s written in their contract. It’s something every team should do even if it means sticking around in March or April once the season’s over

Bold moves the way forward for NBL

I think Conklin is a good fit at Adelaide because they are a bit shallow in the front court – especially against Melbourne, Perth and NZ with just DJ, Petrie and a bit of Walker. To me, he’s a perfect fit. His shooting percentage was the only thing down significantly this season. That could improve in a different system. His grunt would help them.

Whether or not they can afford it, I’m not sure. It appears unlikely it will happen.
My point is – with this current team I think they miss playoffs.
By making the move I think they could go all the way

36ers need to call Brian Conklin - and quickly

Completely agree James!

You can't win the NBL title without good big men

It is incredibly brutal. And yeah I also don’t like hitting someone once they are knocked out! The only problem is it can be hard to tell if they are just knocked down, or knocked out. But I agree, that can be cleaned up

Is UFC sport?

I don’t understand why Australia seems so against the UFC and MMA fighting in general? It’s widely accepted and wildly popular the rest of the world from what I can tell. And given it’s a mix of boxing, wrestling and martial arts – of course it’s a sport

Is UFC sport?

This has the potental to be the least competitive Test series we’ve ever seen in an Australian summer. I actually can’t see any way it won’t be and that’s coming rom someone who loved watching the West Indies play 20 years ago

West Indies name Test squad to tour Australia later this year

Expecting the Breakers to win this and Cedric Jackson to have a field day. No Lisch or Martin for the Hawks limit their options to stop him, and to keep him busy defensively so he can get in the passing lanes and set up the fast breaks – where he’s unstoppable. Think the Breakers can cover no Vukona better than Hawks can cover no Lisch and Martin

Hawks vs Breakers: Illawarra make statement against reigning champs

Thanks guys much appreciated. The NBL has done all the right things coming into the season – now let’s hope it delivers!

NBL 2015-16: Team-by-team preview and predictions

I was there for the day-night Shield match last season at the WACA and I loved it. The ball was easy to see at day and night, and people could easily come down to watch a session after work and it always has that added atmosphere playing at night. Plus the ball did a bit more at night and who doesn’t think the bowlers deserve something in their favour with the way cricket has gone so far in favour of the bat? It was a huge tick for me

All we are saying is give day/night Test cricket a chance

I’m happy with the finals format, but boy oh boy should it have happened two months ago! The season is unbelievably too long! This time two months ago would have been perfect We are almost halfway through the AFL/NRL seasons and it’s still going, Super Rugby is almost up to its finals and A-League starts five months earlier!

We're not Europe, so let's move on and embrace A-League finals

I think they might finish a little higher than 14th and probably ahead of the Giants but I can’t see them being a finals contender. Mackenzie was the player they could afford to lose the least. Mitch Brown a handy tall back. McGovern good at being the third man up, but I think the league’s best tall forwards will run rings around him. And then there is the slow, largely poorly skilled midfield. Will be a tough year

Rosey's 2015 AFL preview: West Coast

Absolutely. The talent level this season is as good as it has been I would suggest in at least a decade.

By my reckoning, Motum, Wilbekin, McRae and Daniels could play in the NBA at some point. You have Schenscher, Childress and Gladness who have played in the NBA. You have Worthington, Barlow, Gibson, Redhage and Crawford who have been to the Olympics. And plenty of other hugely talented imports and locals.

More games than ever this season have been good spectacles. So I think if people gave the NBL a chance, they might actually like the product.

Four genuine title threats will battle out the NBL playoffs

Some of us do Ken. If you aren’t interested, why bother commenting?

Four genuine title threats will battle out the NBL playoffs

Thanks Damo. The biggest positive for the Wildcats is that their defensive intensity is back. To me, if their defence is on song then they could still go a long way. Sure they don’t have the offensive firepower of last year or of the other three teams, but if you can keep the opposition to scoring 54 – you aren’t going to lose!

Four genuine title threats will battle out the NBL playoffs

Australia have a chance, yes of course. Sorry I should have mentioned that! South Africa, New Zealand and Australia in my opinion the only three who could win. I’m guessing in that order, but it’s all a guess at this point!

It's time for South Africa to become ODI champions

If South Africa can’t win this World Cup, then I’m not sure they ever will. Steyn, de Villiers, Morkel, Amla, du Plessis will all be gone or nearing the end for the next one. This is their time. But the same can be said for NZ. I would be staggered if anyone but South Africa or New Zealand wins

It's time for South Africa to become ODI champions