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Grew up in Geelong, lived in Perth since and while having covered virtually every sport to some degree, basketball and the NBL has become my focus to a growing level ever since my first game in 2005. I spent several years as Perth Wildcats media manager and have covered the league for a number of organisations and worked closely with the NBL and several clubs providing content



Jeepers – make that two wins away!

Perth one win away from NBL title after gritty triumph over Melbourne

Four venues with big crowds and hopefully brilliant atmospheres is what it looks we should get – just need the basketball to back it up which I see no reason it won’t!

Genuine four-team race for NBL championship

Thanks Kris. Certainly a tough job winning in Perth but it’s a Brisbane team that hold no fears. Containing Cotton is key. If Gliddon shoots well, Patterson outplays Terrico White as he should and Bairstow matches whatever Kay does, they are well within a shot!
And Kings-United is just impossible to call – except to say it’s going to be full of drama!

Genuine four-team race for NBL championship

The BBL wouldn’t feel too long if it was of better quality. Cricket Australia chose to focus on the product as a whole to be the selling point and not the actual quality on-field. The cricket isn’t much good at the moment. We need to go back to spending the money to bring the world’s biggest players to play in the BBL again, that’s what is missing. You never get tired of watching a quality product – but something subpar feels like it’s way too long

Yes, the BBL is slightly long. But does it matter?

There was a delay because the referees were checking the monitor which is why the Wildcats huddled. Every team does that, rightly or wrongly. While Bogut was cheeky what he did, he was perfectly within his rights as annoying as it would be to be Gleeson in that situation. Coaches aren’t allowed on the court but they do it all the time in the NBL to talk to players. Could be something clamped down on

Newley revelling in Kings' growth in NBL

Spot on – Patterson has been great. Would be an MVP chance had he been here all season. Should still finish top 3 at this pace.
But you make a great point. The Wildcats have a spot up their sleeve and the Kings could look to make an upgrade on David Wear and potentially the Breakers with Armani Moore too. Will be an interesting period over Christmas/New Year when these moves for a playoff push usually take place

Bullets make a double statement in the NBL

Definitely nice to see a fresh team in the mix and to have a big city market like Brisbane having a team in the hunt too can only be good for the continued growth in the NBL. Looks like they’ll be adding a pretty handy new import too

Bullets make a double statement in the NBL

They certainly have the ability. But until they prove they can match it with Perth and New Zealand, they aren’t in the mix. But doing so in a playoff series would be the perfect time to turn it around!

We've learned nothing new in the NBL this year

That’s a good point Ian, I hadn’t thought of like that. I guess sometimes we forget that athletes aren’t the only ones who get mistreated by their bosses! Absolutely full credit to Tommy and Cody. To look at them, you would never know what they are dealing with inside

Plenty of player drama beneath NBL surface

Hi Damo, thanks for reading. I couldn’t have been more impressed with the Breakers. Newbill and Sosa are match winners. Plus they have been without Penney and a third import. But only time will tell!

Agree on the Hawks. They should be a better team than last season. But when things go on behind the scenes to upset the harmony, it often leads to results like this!

The opposing tales of the Hawks and Breakers in the NBL

Yeah Bairstow is on injury waiver so not part of the roster this season and no chance of playing. They hold out hope he could next season, but he’s not contracted beyond this season.

Humphries and Singh are fine as your developing centres, so no issue there and Singh will be sticking around no matter what with the long-term future in India in mind. But clearly an experienced big man is what they need. And I still think a point guard too, but they obviously don’t think they need a genuine playmaker/distributor.

Looking at the positives with key NBL injuries

Thanks for reading Kris. Bear would be more than welcome back on the floor for the Bullets no doubt, especially with Mitch Young out indefinitely with his glandular fever, Tommy J still getting over a badly broken finger and Peach finding his feet after no pre-season. But unfortunately he’s no chance of playing this season because of his knee. He’s still in Brisbane with the hope of being right to go for the start of next season, but it’s an injury where it’s going to need to be managed the rest of his career now.

And yep I just don’t understand the Kings decisions. They’ve now signed Jeremy Kendle. Nothing against him, but he is another player better NOT as the primary ball handler – the same as Lisch, Cadee and Leslie!

Looking at the positives with key NBL injuries

I had to put someone last, it’s always tough and as you’ll see that by no means suggests I don’t think the Bullets could still be a threat. A slow start could make it tough though in such a tight league. To be honest I wanted to put Kings last based on my concerns over their squad, but I thought I’d get shouted down

NBL 2017-18 season preview and predictions

None of those rule changes would be bad if implemented, I think particularly the defensive three second rule would be good so no one can camp in the paint. Travelling is an interesting one. From talking to a lot of imports, it shocks them what they get called for as a travel!
But the reality is very few NBL players will end up playing in the NBA where almost all of them will play in other leagues throughout Europe, Asia or Puerto Rico where FIBA rules are in place too. The NBL will be sticking with FIBA because that’s what most of the world follows, aside from the NBA. BUT the one rule that annoys me every single year is the possession arrow. Bring back the jump ball please!

Time for the NBL to adopt NBA rules

Hi James, totally agree with you. Of course we love players speaking their minds. But saying you don’t like anyone on a team. Just hours after you did a photo shoot with Rotnei Clarke and that is a team that I don’t see any reason to call dirty, was strange by Jerome. But I understood it. He did it to fire himself up and it worked! Why Mitch backed him up and repeated it before playing in Wollongong, I will never understand. I don’t blame Joey for not wanting his players to talk this week!

Makes it great viewing though!

Sixers go quiet ahead of Game 3 vs 'dirty' Hawks

Certainly came back to Perth. They skipped the the awards night and trained Tuesday and Wednesday, and flew out yesterday

Old foes go to war but imports key for Taipans and Wildcats

My thoughts exactly James! Why bother?
If you haven’t heard of Redhage, Vukona, Wortho and Peach, you have not watched any NBL the last decade

Careers of four great NBL rivals nearing the end

Thanks for reading then Bill!

Careers of four great NBL rivals nearing the end

Sorry guys, obviously the Breakers can only have one of Stockton/Woodside now that they have signed Carter

NBL clubs bank on getting immediate impact

Good question. In hindsight he perhaps could have got in ahead of Penney or Clarke. If he keeps going how he is, he certainly will by the end of the season

Best of the best midway through NBL season

It’s a good question and I’d only be taking a stab. But I think at least $150,000. Highest paid could approach $300,000 or potentially a bit more

The dream, the sacrifice: How hard it is to chase an NBL career

I thought they had good stories to share about their sacrifices about being away from their families. Sorry you didn’t agree

The dream, the sacrifice: How hard it is to chase an NBL career

Totally agree. He looked much better. Maybe all he needs is more opportunity and maybe he is better to start than come off the bench. I’d love to see him light it up. Will only further showcase the NBL

Sixers attempt to buck history by building NBL success

Except put him on the floor and give him a license to shoot, I’m not too sure what more Joey can do for him. Joey was so excited about his signing. But he just doesn’t look ready for it. He should be in college

Sixers attempt to buck history by building NBL success

Could be here all day talking about former NBL clubs!

Gaze has last laugh with Kings over United