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Maybe in 2019 the Paul Roos affect wore off

How it all went downhill for Melbourne, and why they won’t return for a while

Eddie the hypocrite isn’t saying it but Collingwood will be in the hunt for Cameron from GWS. That’s the real reason Collingwood don’t want Moore’s price to escalate in a bidding war

Trade war for Darcy Moore is exactly what the AFL needs

What is the gambling comment about with Collingwood?t

18 questions before the AFL kicks off in 2020

Can you do this based on age and experience

How AFL lists have changed ahead of season 2020

I would like to see this same analysis done based on each teams best 30 players. That would give a better idea of the likely teams that would line up each week

How AFL lists have changed ahead of season 2020

Two comments, Kennedys action was gutless He knew that Cameron could not protect himself. Cameron knew that If he reacts he would give away a free kick

Second there are rules on workplace bullying. The AFL is not above the law. What choice does the AFL have? They need to reflect community standards

Was that the most over-umpired final ever?

Geelong pick their teams to play on their narrow home ground. Why is anyone surprised when they get found out on the MCG. It’s been happening for 50 years. Instead of complaining about home finals they should make their home ground the same size as the MCG. West Coast did and we are likely to see the result this weekend

Straight-sets exits await Geelong and Brisbane

You correctly stated that Geelong and the state & local governments have increased the ground capacity to 36,000. What you didn’t mention was that after they spent all that money, they still left the ground 20 meres narrower than the MCG. Why? because it gives them a distinct home ground advantage and gets then into the finals.
Now they are complaining because they cannot bring that home ground advantage into the finals. Instead they have to play at the MCG which is probably the most neutral and fairest ground in Victoria to play a final at.

Why Geelong deserve proper home finals

Gold Coast cannot waste time signing an old champion chasing one last contract. They need someone like a jack Riewoldt would has still got value, is a natural leader and a future coach. If they are going to loose the young bloke King then try to get the maximum they can. The longer they chase mediocrity the more top end talent they will lose
If nothing else it would at least make other clubs chasing King make a reasonable offer

Gold Coast will get a priority pick at the expense of 17 other clubs