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“Full blown” and Twiggy. Too soon!

What the west needs now

Question asked, question answered. Would you prefer Clarke answered, “No, cues in the rack for this year. Much too hard.”

Rugby AU exploring local Rugby Championship hub for 2020 comp

Imagine so many ex Rebels making up the core of the Force team. Would be hard to swallow for the ‘when our players come home’ brigade.
I think it is great the Force are back in even for one year. Who knows what rugby will look like in 12 months. Hopefully RA and WA can work together to an outcome that helps heal some wounds.

What the west needs now

And that CEO Clarke – run the game into the ground in his time in charge. Lucky McLean will be there to steady the ship.

RA to reveal details of overhaul

I’m pretty sure the foreign aid would have some conditions around its usage. If they need subsidy, WR money would be better – there is precedence with the Drua.

Why the trans-Tasman bubble must include rugby

Jon, I think this is northern hemisphere driven. We don’t have the same infection rates they are dealing with.

The principle is wrong, but are rugby's proposed COVID-19 law changes all that bad?

These are the same Reds who stood down Quade on full pay, before paying him to play elsewhere. Thorn made contracts disposable in Queensland.

The players job is to play well. If they don’t, they are replaced. The organisations job is to make money and be sustainable. If they don’t, why should the players prop them up, given in the same circumstance of non-performance the organisation wouldn’t think twice about flicking them.

Reds players need a wake-up call

Four years bonded service to Australian rugby should have an attached guaranteed four year contract. This idea is ridiculous. This is professional sport. Take it into the real world. What do you owe your school and university once you graduate and ‘turn pro’? Nothing. This isn’t a game, it’s a business and has been since (at least officially) 1995. No loyalty is given, no loyalty is owed.

Also, this seems to be Brad Thorne reaping what he has sown. You marginalise contracted players, don’t be surprised if they have equally transient loyalty to you.

The Wallabies should ban Hockings and Lucas for life

Yes. Same as Samu Kerevi.

Reds trio refuse to take pay cut, stood down by QRU

He’s a halfback. They’ve always been a bit confused about their role in life.

11 former Wallaby captains sign letter calling for Rugby AU leadership resignations

Surely Lillee. Its about gravitas, not stats.

Pick The Roar's greatest Ashes XI of all time: Dennis Lillee vs Terry Alderman

AFL has secured funding against its significant assets and all clubs seem to be playing ball, even those not taking a bail out. A couple of player indiscretions, but that’s about it.

NRL seems to have survival plan in place, have secured a loan facility, but for whatever reason is playing things out in the media.

Rugby has so far had constant agitation against the CEO, a public and ongoing stoush with RUPA, and has almost secured some fairly minor funding in the context of its projected revenue losses. The only thing going for us is not many people care so the machinations aren’t that we’ll known.

How rugby can make ground on self-imploding NRL and AFL

I generally agree, but for me it’s about which version of the game you loved. For me it is the time when the game had actual positions. Full forwards kicking the big bags, and ruckmen taking a rest in the back pocket. For me then, and probably controversially to most, I would ditch the interchange and go back to substitutes.

Stop messing with the rules