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Haha hopefully he takes Peter with him!

Karmichael Hunt set for shock Broncos return

If Hunt doesn’t work, maybe Alf and the King could suit back up!

Karmichael Hunt set for shock Broncos return

Will Josh Hannah struggle to find a job after this? 2 in 2 years

Why are the Sharks chasing Craig Fitzgibbon?

What do decision makers at NRL clubs really know about coaching??????

Most CEO’s or board members run businesses not the football programs. Therefore they wouldn’t know good coaching if it jumped up and bit them on the bum!

Cracking story about Damian Hardwick missing out on the Essendon job years back cause his current employer at the time, banned him from taking his work laptop. He hurriedly put a presentation together on a borrowed laptop using a different operating system.

Because it was clunky the board took 10mins to decide and gave the job to the other guy. Hardwick now has won 3 premierships since taking the tigers job. What elite club in any world sport wouldn’t want 3 premierships in a decade?

Why are the Sharks chasing Craig Fitzgibbon?

Robbo will see out this contract. Take his family back France to live for a few years and he’ll return as ceo at the roosters. Fitzy will take over as coach when he goes.

Broncos beware: History says you're a red hot chance for back-to-back wooden spoons

I’m not talking about the good guys you’ve lost to big money offers. I’m talking about the big money offers for guys that haven’t delivered on potential.

Let’s be honest these are the recruitment errors that don’t allow you to keep the good ones.

Boyd, bird and McCullough could all actually be in a broncs jersey if they dug in. Combine that with a half that has spent the past 5 years in first grade trying to unlock his $1M potential.

Put that with all these other deals with player options and the club has a few more years of pain in the playing roster management.

Broncos beware: History says you're a red hot chance for back-to-back wooden spoons

To be totally fair his CV was greater than anyone available on the market at the time.

Is the club in a shambles? Yep!

How does recruitment be the biggest talking issue yet that guy keeps his job? Who knows!

Broncos beware: History says you're a red hot chance for back-to-back wooden spoons

Not asking you to believe me.

Just telling you what I heard in a room when Kev addressed a room full of origin kids and staff at the end of that year.

I’m just relaying the story as it played out. Up to you what you believe.

It’s now moved a long way from the original story about how selfish Boyd is to continue past his use by date.

How Darius Boyd broke the Broncos

From actually speaking to the people. Hence what first hand account means.

Oh ok so news is the truth is it?

You have to remember that journalist are usually unqualified in the sport they are writing about…… and every story they write has no accountability about it especially when they get them wrong.

I get that social media has ruined their industry and now it’s about shock and click bait but not everything you read is actually true emcie

How Darius Boyd broke the Broncos

Not sure what you mean by MJ conspiracy theories.

I was talking first hand account Of events.

I never knew where you got your mail from saying Kevvie begged Boyd. If your “assumption“ is true then Kev would of had Wayne’s son on the list when he handed over the reigns. Wayne loves nothing more than embracing his own.

How Darius Boyd broke the Broncos

Truth be told, Kevvie chose billy For G1. The selectors out voted him 2 v 1. His regret was about not being stronger and pulling selectors into line over that decision.

Please mate, his dad got the origin and even he knew the game had passed him by.

How Darius Boyd broke the Broncos

Seibold’s lasting influence? Think most people forget that all of these players were contracted before Anthony took the job.

Boyd, McCullough, Milford, Bird all had Broncos deals for 2021. The broncos gave power to the players when they signed all these players on “player options” which continues to cripple the club.

The messy split with Wayne and the way Seibold got to Brisbane had more to do with his downfall than his coaching.

I defy anyone to show any vision of Boyd since 2017 onwards that can convince anyone with half a RL Education he’s been of NRL that year or after.

He might have looked Good out the back of shape in a 3 v 2 situation where he wasn’t getting tackled. Truth be told he’s been phoning it in for years. The state of origin coach Of that year also attributes his selection in that years series as the worst decision he has Ever made.

Being an elite sports person means a very honest process of yourself. This was not something Boyd had done for himself or the broncos in some time. You also can’t convince me he didn’t throw his toys out of the cot when his dad got the flick for another coach.

If the clubs darkest day is a cause for your wife and yourself celebration of your new child’s gender then I have a different of what is right and or responsible. It’s this kind of selfish behaviour that reveals the character of people.

Very few, if any, Coaches in world sport over the last 30 years have managed to out coach the talent in the squad they have. This means statistically every coach is where They should be!

The better coaching records are held by those that can establish a team Better than others!

How Darius Boyd broke the Broncos

Depends who you believe with their “reports“ but the Storm actually already know his decision is that IF he plays on, it won’t be with them.

Other teams if they want him, will do what’s required to get him. They already know their path and recruitment strategy.

The only person that this might actually affect is if a player gets moved on to accomodate. That happens every year with most clubs so that’s not unusual.

The titans and Broncos who are “said” to be in the market for him, both have cap space and roster space so again his decision doesn’t really affect anyone but himself.

Cameron Smith is his own brand

I don’t get all the angst towards him not making a decision or telling us his plan.
In comments here or by media who have an agenda to sell papers. Some scribes commit acts that are illegal, that they manage to keep out of the paper, yet the same guys run months long agendas against a guy for not telling everyone his thoughts!
What’s it matter to us if he plays or not? It’s not our contract, it’s his, if he wants one.
The Storm were happy for him to wait, he’s happy to hold off, his family are supporting him to make his decision. Any club wanting to sign him will sign him knowing the timeline. Who else needs to know?
You????????? Er……. no!
The guy gets hammered either way, he’s arguably the games greatest ever player, certainly the longest career. he and his wife are the ones who get hammered, when the game chose to celebrate them. They never chose that, in fact they asked not to have any fanfare.
So why would he make a song and dance about anything, when by doing nothing, he’s getting hammered anyway.
I don’t think anyone’s qualified enough to think we should know another persons thoughts or job prospects.
You all don’t care about my next job offer, nor should you, but why does everyone think we should know what someone famous is doing?
Beside he’ll just get hammered for playing on at another club, not telling you earlier he wasn’t playing on, critiquing his move into business/ media/ real estate / coaching or whatever he decides.
People argue he owes something to the game or the people at certain clubs.
Have you ever thought that those people already know? That they see how much the guy gets lambasted by people with zero nrl playing experience and out of respect for games longest playing servant that they are protecting him because of the negative public wave against him.
Because that’s what you do when respect someone, you protect them, not throw them under a bus.

Cameron Smith is his own brand

Rule 6. I think what we are talking about was last year, offside from scrum was a differential penalty meaning you can’t kick for goal. Now it’s a full penalty so you can have that as a choice.

The full compliment scrum could be a huge advantage. It also makes rugby league look like rugby league!

Yeah probably best to shorten the scrum shot clock time frame.

Agree the pace of that play the ball will be determined by the game situation. At least the action of running to and packing a scrum stops the clock.

You might run to where you want the play the ball but the opposition will take their time getting to marker or back 10m. So same problem just in a different form.

Screwing over the man: How teams will pervert the new rule changes

Well they changed the process around that with the “mutual infringement“. So that would be a restart of that play the ball these days.

If we examine that incident before the ball hit the trainer. The Canberra player takes out the legs of Keary putting him a very dangerous position. So therefore should have been a penalty and a potential sin bin offence to the raiders player.

Canberra fans might look at that differently but I’m neither a green machine or roosters fan.

Screwing over the man: How teams will pervert the new rule changes

Nat, I’m assuming you meant good! 😁
If only the public knew how little influence a trainer actually has on game day, this would never be an issue.
Other than interchange the coach has little effect during actual play either.

Screwing over the man: How teams will pervert the new rule changes

They shouldn’t. But if it’s a six again on 1st or 2nd tackle after a kick chase with the attacking in there own end, they and I would much prefer a penalty with a 30-40m kick For touch and six tackles from the tap restart in the opposition end.

The thought process when making rules should always be “what would the offending team least want to happen”?

Many times with the rules the offending team benefits as a result…… which is why there’s frustration.

The kick chase “six again“ is the same principal as the laying on the ruck penalties we saw Pre-covid. Nrl wanted to move away from try line slow down…. nrl teams have acknowledged this and moved the same tactic to the other end of the field.

Should be penalty in your own half and six again in the opposition’s half.

Screwing over the man: How teams will pervert the new rule changes

Not sure if it’s an NRL rule this year but the Q Cup is giving the blue shirt runner 4 cards for entry of field of play per half of live action.
Similar to interchange cards for players. Trainer can be on for stoppages if play just only 4 times while game is live.

Screwing over the man: How teams will pervert the new rule changes

All depends on how many attackers are behind the ball at the time of the six again.

Game is about momentum, 7 tackle from kick dead, attack race back while D is back peddling. Meaning attacking team gets momentum from play 0.

Six again after kick chase gets defensive line set while attackers are still in offside position. Meaning only 5 or so attackers behind the ball at time of six again, therefore defensive team has momentum.

Screwing over the man: How teams will pervert the new rule changes

Rellum I disagree, if my team drops the ball then I’d much rather my team defend a play the ball than a scrum.

Defending with 2 markers and 10
In the line is way easier to defend than only 6 in the line and one at the scrum base.

I would argue that your skill reward assessment should be the other way around. Drop it and hand the better attacking option (scrum) to the opposition. Execute the skill (kicking for touch) and your team is rewarded with the best option to build defensive pressure. A set play the ball.

They are also professionals, there’s enough stoppages with captains challenge, video ref, injured players. Additionally any stoppage benefits both teams resting capacity.

Screwing over the man: How teams will pervert the new rule changes

Tim, agree with you mostly on these points. The problem why you and most people find these rules ineffective is that a rugby League person hasn’t come up with them. They are decided then given to RL people or refereeing staff to then try an implement.
What I don’t agree with you on is the “wrestle” part, above your assessment of rule changes. Everyone in media and seems like every punter goes off some of the journos misinformed agendas (to sell papers) against one team or another.
You can’t tackle low these days cause the NRL want a quick game. So you are force to tackle higher and pay attention wrapping up the ball. Now I challenge anyone in the world that 1 on 1, in the situation stated above, that you get them to ground without wrestling (or grappling).
BTW Tackle, wrestle and grapple almost have the same dictionary definition in relation to how we use those terms in RL.
A tackle effected in the old copy book fashion is punished in the modern game. So instead of blaming people that perfect what the modern game dictates, if it causes us frustration, how about we push that towards the people that make the rule?
Every NRL team has a contact/wrestle/jujitsu coach these days. Anyone that thinks otherwise, is kidding themselves.
The problem, as it’s always been, is around the head. If you pin the head and in a random game then that’s where it gets dangerous. Teams are duly suspended now these days for anything around the head, as they should.
My suggestions below to some of the rule changes which I feel would represent RL in a better way.
1. Get rid of challenges, there’s plenty of shocker/howler calls when play doesn’t stop. You either can challenge every call or none. Not just the ones ref stops play for.
3. This (for long kicks) will see the return of the Wally Lewis style of kicking for touch, or slightly different mindset used in the intentional kicking it dead like what was done for billy Slater. It’s way easier to defend from a set play the ball (or tap) than a scrum. Removing the scrum moves us away from the fabric of the game.
Teams will play the ball in the middle of the field, cause the defence has a clear advantage and even more so if you PTB off an edge, cause defending team can load up their line speed from a set PTB.
6. Shouldn’t an early break from a scrum be a sin bin office? It’s basically the definition of a professional foul because it’s an intentional act.
I also think the team with a sin binned player should be made to pack a full scrum and really give the advantage to the non-offending team. Would also easily fix the breaking early problem while also most likely keep scrums relevant to these rule makers trying to make the game touch footy.
Otherwise I agree with the rest of your points.

Screwing over the man: How teams will pervert the new rule changes

The women’s game needs its own platform to leverage further income and sponsorship in to support it’s growth.

The 4 teams was great introduction For first few years but a 4 week comp and awarding the top honour of the game as a Dally M…… is not the best succession of the women’s game in terms of growth.

Tacking it on the NRL finals format has very limited capacity for revenue raising, sponsorship inclusion or player salary increases as it’s limited fan engagement.

I mean how many extra fans would turn up to AAMI park to watch Broncos and Roosters NRLW before the storm play a final?

I think we’ve seen the support they get at stand alone Origin matches at North Sydney oval and Sunny coach stadium in the past couple of years to know that there’s support there. And good support at that.

Give them there own comp, at very least, a home and away season. Play at boutique stadiums to build the atmosphere and sponsorship opportunities that also looks great on the tv. Before they grow to big stadiums.

Plus They need to honour one of the founding girls or legend of the women’s game like Karen Murphy (sorry my women’s knowledge isn’t that great). Reward them with a medal named after one of their own, similar to the Belinda Clark medal in cricket.

As it stands the girls are taking great steps in the game, the game needs to supply an area which it can take bigger steps if it wants to.

I want more for the NRLW in 2021

My thoughts are this, Redcliffe are probably the only club that could be set for a promotion type arrangement in short notice.
That talk around “expansion“, of the game with a second team in Brisbane, is now off for me.
With the Bombers bid now joining the Jets bid it’s now essentially, 3 Qld Cup clubs applying for promotion to the NRL.
I think the game has moved past the point of being funded by Poker machine money so while Redcliffe have leveraged the pokie money to other business ideas.
I still see that financial strength built off a pokies monopoly due to geographically being on a peninsula and removed a long way from the city.
My other problem with the Redcliffe and Ipswich bids is they are not actually Brisbane. It’s actually quicker to drive from Brissy to the GC than either of these on most days.
People seem to want a history with the new club. Which is a contradiction on the use of “history” and “new club“ in the same sentence.
I get that they have supporter base already, they also have 10 times as many people who don’t like them already. As I said before promoting an existing clubs is not expansion, it doesn’t create a new market just the transition of the existing market to a higher level.
So if you don’t like the Broncos and you don’t like the winning bid then your in the same place you were in 1988.

Hunters and Silktails: An exciting prospect for the future

The Hunters will provide more entertainment than one would want for $10! I’m sure they’ll love the support, I’ll be heading to their games as well!

Make them your second favourite team in 2021!

Hunters and Silktails: An exciting prospect for the future