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They have created the ultimate sport, the perfect mix of skill, athleticism, fitness, action, and beauty. It is called footy.



That’s a good point – long odds allow for a small bet to pay off big.
Hadn’t thought of it that way.

Forget Port Adelaide and the Brisbane Lions, St Kilda is this year's premiership dark horse

Kinda long winded, but you’re right – the AFL don’t seem to care if some stuff continues, so long as they are getting paid to keep allowing it.

To the players and coaches: the classless extracurricular crap needs to stop.
Have some dignity, show some accountability, and be admirable men!

I wrote an article about this last year, that it’s the responsibility of the clubs to change this.
The aim shouldn’t be to get away with as much as possible, and blindly back misbehaving players no matter what.
There should be pressure from teammates and coaches on everyone to play fair and exhibit sportsmanship.
Who cares if the AFL hand down a fine or suspension for striking, the players should be punished by their own clubs.
Until that starts becoming the norm, this sort of thing won’t really go away.

The AFL is running a long con Danny Ocean would be proud of

I’m a Sainter, so I would obviously be over the moon if they won.
And, as stated in the article, no one should be amazed at this point if they go on to win it.
However, since they are young and I’ve learned to hedge my hopes, I wouldn’t put money on them yet.
Truth is, you’d be a bit foolish to put money on any club right now.
The field is pretty wide open.

Forget Port Adelaide and the Brisbane Lions, St Kilda is this year's premiership dark horse

That may be, but Clarkson had the opportunity to backpedal a little and say what you just said.
The point is your are saying the mistake was the umpire’s; that’s very different from taking a cheap shot at an opposition player.

Just say it: Clarko was out of line

So you are saying we just haven’t given it enough time?
I accept that, but what do you think will change going forward?
For example, maybe the players just have to figure how to take possession and dispose of the ball really quickly, since they haven’t been forced to do that in a long while.
I can see that.
I also agree with you that the “look” of the game should not be our biggest driving factor in making decisions.
I framed things from a viewing perspective b/c that’s the only one I have.

I guess the game I saw last week just seemed bizarre b/c the players were very clearly avoiding the ball, which gave the game a very unnatural feel.
Right now, the players do not seem to know what to do, and the officiating is extremely inconsistent on this front.
That’s no fun for anybody.

The second mouse gets the cheese: Holding the ball interpretation has created possession aversion

Yeah, I knew I was a little late to the party.
Glad you read it and liked it, though.

The second mouse gets the cheese: Holding the ball interpretation has created possession aversion

Boys, don’t argue about who is more likely to blow it in a winnable, season-defining game.
It makes us Saints supporters feel like we’ve lost our identity!

Six talking points from AFL Round 8

The entire premise of this article garbage.
Cousins never moved to StK, so the move could not have been “failed”.

Clubs consider recruiting lots of players every year.
Most of those discussions come to nothing, just like this one.
Let’s see… someone thought about doing something for a time, then decided not to do it.
Wow, great story.

Are you all aware of the story of my failed move to Tokyo?
Yes, it’s very interesting.
I talked to my wife a couple times about moving to Tokyo.
She didn’t think it was a good idea.
So we didn’t.
Just a complete failure.

Ben Cousins and the logistics of his failed move to the Saints

I don’t see any way McCartin gets back to AFL level.
He was never in great shape, due partly to diabetes, and now he’s been out of full training for a long time. It’s unlikely he could ever get fit enough.
And if he does return to training, one knock on the head will finish him. Remember, he was not sitting out as a precaution. His injuries were so bad that he was actually unable to go through the normal routines of life. He would sit for hours with headaches and couldn’t watch TV and such because the lights/movement hurt his brain.
Even with the padded head protector, it would probably be foolish for him to risk getting another concussion.
So, honestly, as sad as it may be, I don’t get why he’s still trying or the Saints are still considering him.
If Amed Saad couldn’t come back from a year off, there’s no way McCartin will.

Saints consider redrafting McCartin

Do you really think anyone involved in football who doesn’t have an underlying medical condition is actually going to die from COVID-19 and that such person would otherwise have been fine?
That’s a ridiculous idea.

AFL has taken a serious gamble – I hope it pays off

It’s not a gamble at all.
The situation you described is unrelated to playing the games or not playing the games.
You’re completely missing the reality that no one should be visiting their grandma right now.
Everyone is at risk for catching the virus, whether they play the games or not.
Could catch it at the club or the grocer’s.
You think that if they delayed or cancelled the season, then players could safely visit the elderly?
If playing the games requires a little extra caution outside the clubhouse, that’s fine.
But there is no justification for not playing the games.

AFL has taken a serious gamble – I hope it pays off

What’s the gamble?
AFL-listed players are the healthiest group in the world.
Not one of them is at all likely to suffer any serious symptoms from the virus.
Fever, chills, body aches, fatigue… nothing worse than that.
They’ll have to take a break from playing/training while they’re ill.
And after a week, they’ll be better.
Then, being positively neither vulnerable nor contagious, they can get back to playing, with no more worries about getting sick.

AFL has taken a serious gamble – I hope it pays off

We’re facing the same problems in America, and the fact is none of the cancellations or barring of fans will ensure the virus doesn’t spread.
It might slow it down a bit, which is probably a net positive, but it won’t keep the players or fans from getting infected.
This thing won’t be left behind until nearly everyone has gotten sick and recovered.
And that’s the thing. If every AFL player got infected right now, they’d all be healthy in a few weeks.
Then they’d be done with it.

AFL to be played behind closed doors amid coronavirus fears

The truth is StK is on a knife edge – both drastic improvement and horrific failure are reasonable expectations. I guess that’s sort of true at most clubs, but it is especially the case at the Saints. Here’s why I think so.
Why they improve:
1. Quality recruits do live up to expectations. Hill, Howard, Jones, and Ryder all could be very good. They’ve shown results or potential at other clubs. Let’s hope they continue.
2. Mid-career players keep getting better. Wow, this list is long. Membrey, Roberton, Carlisle, Ross, Lonie, Webster, Billings, Dunstan, Steele, Sinclair… have I missed anyone? If these players all stay on the upward trend, that’s a strong group.
3. The young guys make big jumps. There are some quality young players at Moorabin. Will they quickly grow into their potential? Optimistic supporters sure hope so.
If these things happen, it is not dreaming to think they might get 15 wins in 2020.
Why they fail:
1. Old injuries come back. Every club is afraid of injuries, but StK are probably the closest of any club to complete catastrophe on this front. Who would truly be surprised of Hannebery, King, and Roberton never play another game? They may all be/feel totally healthy today, but the nature of their injuries should make everyone nervous. Add to that Carlisle, Geary, Steele, Webster, and Kent have all missed time due to injury. Things could get very ugly, very quickly.
2. The recruits just don’t work out. There are no guarantees, and looking for a third club can be a sign that a player knows he’s starting to wane. Hill and Ryder are not young, and they might start to show signs of age. Howard is not really a proven commodity; he might never develop into anything memorable.
3. The rest of the list stagnates. StK’s list is dominated by decent, but not fantastic players (as it has been for years). If the majority of those players don’t get much better, they will continue to be a large group of mediocre players. Most of them won’t deserve to be de-listed, but few of them will be worth keeping around. That’s difficult for list management.
These three things could completely derail any hope of progress, for years to come.
So it seems to me StK is one of the most hard-to-predict sides in the competition. At the end of 2020, I don’t think most people will be surprised, regardless where the Saints sit on the ladder. Any result will seem fitting.

St Kilda 2020: Look ahead because you can’t look backwards

Well, I was originally going to say “boots”, but I wanted to distinguish between simply raising one’s feet vs. pointing the actual bottom of the boots toward an opponent. So I went with “cleats”.
But yes, I am indeed an American, and if you read my other article and comments, you’ll see I am not trying to hide it.
For what it’s worth, I don’t think it invalidates my opinion on footy; been a devoted fan for over a decade.
I even had a footy blog for a short time (gave it up due to zero readers 😛)!

Integrity starts with the clubs

My article is somewhat idealist dreaming, I know. You’re absolutely right, the cost of sitting a big-money, A-grade player is too high for most clubs to handle. But I guess I just wish the first time a young player started with the shenanigans, his club would kibosh that rubbish right away. In my fantasy world, that would fix things. Alas, it seems unlikely.

Integrity starts with the clubs

Maybe the problem is too many clubs let it go too long, and once a player is a problem, it is too difficult to deal with it. So if they set them straight right away, it might make a difference. Hard to say, though.

Integrity starts with the clubs

Why do you ask?

Integrity starts with the clubs

Thanks for the high praise to American sports, but I have to disagree.
Between TV timeouts, video review, free agency, public salaries, outrageous ticket prices, taxpayer-financed venues, the list goes on… we have nearly ruined all our professional sports.
Everything here feels empty and shallow… with none of the deeply rooted tradition and history of Aussie Rules. (sigh)

Sorry, at the moment, I don’t have anything to say on the actual topic of your article.

Time for a 'best of three' grand final series


The broken AFL fixture - and the solution

One of the weirdest articles I’ve ever read on this site.
Yet, intriguing because I’ve had some of the same thoughts.
Nice job.

Delisted: A case for the unwanted

The Saints needed to do the deal with little to no upfront cost, which they did.
It’s possible Hannebery negotiated a slightly lower salary in return for the extra two years.
After all, he did say that was a big part of his motivation to move.
If StK are paying him at his glory-days level, and he in fact gets seriously hurt and isn’t even able to serve out his contract, it will indeed end up a huge loss for them.
But he doesn’t have to be a superstar again for it to be a good move for the Saints.

Think of the situation at Moorabin. They have almost no senior leadership.
2018 was a demonstration of what happens when a midfield is full of decent, but not great, talent with no true leader.
Thinking back to 2017, it’s clear that Riewoldt and Montagne were most important for their experience and leadership. Neither was lighting up the stat sheet, but the team was far better with them around.
So, thought of as a replacement for Montagne, Hannebery needs only to be noticeably good to have a positive impact at his new club.
If he gives them 4+ years of strong (even if not elite) play, and becomes a leader in the clubhouse, then this trade will be a great deal for all involved.

Why the Dan Hannebery deal was good business

Sure, you can switch clubs.
How much have you invested in your club? What will you do with all those shirts and keyrings?
Ask yourself what it means to support a club. Are you only happy with them if they win?
If that’s what it’s about, then you’ll almost always be disappointed.
Someone does win every year.
You could just make them your favourite team… until they lose.

My son and I were watching a hockey game once, and our team was losing.
My son, who was about age five, said, “I wish we were cheering for that other team.”
How interesting.
No one has to support a particular club. We choose one.
And since we choose a team to support before the contest, our chosen club might not win.
But isn’t that sort of the essence of being a fan?
Now, granted, I think my son was really trying to say that he wished our team was winning.
But sometimes the words of a little kid can lead to some deep pondering.
And I have concluded that the satisfying passion of fandom comes from having a lifelong, favourite team.

Is supporter loyalty a lost commodity today?

The Saints would be fools to let go of pick 3 this year.
The quality at the top of the draft is just too good.
Granted, potential doesn’t always pan out, but bringing in talent through the draft is a crucial part of rebuilding at the cash-strapped, less-glamorous clubs like StK.
And Hannebury will never get back to his glory days.
He’ll be fine, but not the superstar he once was.
So he’s not worth losing the chance to draft a future Brownlow or Coleman winner.

Sydney are set to turn Dan Hannebery's departure into a big win

It’s not quite true that the AFL is, should, or could try to give every club an “equal chance” to win a flag. That’s neither desirable or possible.
But it is true that if they don’t find a way to bring some measure of competitive balance to the competition, fans will leave.
Clubs used to have a lot more control over players during the first stretch of their careers.
I think a player couldn’t leave their first club for something like eight years (someone correct me, if that’s wrong).
So young stars had to put in a good long time at their first club before they could go seeking the big money and premierships at a better club.
As it is, the weak clubs get the high draft picks, but those players either don’t develop into stars, or they do turn out to be great, and then they just leave.
Ergo, the struggling clubs just continue to struggle.
That gets boring.

AFL free agency is totally unfair