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That Brumbies girls backline should show the Reds a thing or two!!

Super Rugby Round 6 teams: Mo'unga and Barrett rested by Crusaders, Hurricanes name Jordie Barrett at 12

This is terrible news

Sunwolves reportedly axed from Super Rugby

Good article Fionn. I hope Will is not offended, as I enjoy his articles, but a rebuttal was required.
Come the World Cup this year ideally we are going need both Foley and Cooper so let’s hope they both get equal opportunity in the 10 jersey come the Rugby Championship.
The problem for mine lies in that it appears Foley requires Beale at 12 while I believe Cooper would be better served by a Kerevi, meaning when we change our 10 we change the dynamic of the whole backline as they are not like for like.

It is time to give Quade Cooper a fair go

Hard to find too many positives with any of the Waratahs squad last night to be honest. Maybe, Folau looked dangerous with the ball and made that lovely offload to Newsome for the try in the corner, Gordon looks at home in the 9 jersey and I doubt Phipps will take it back off him now. Hooper looked frustrated, Beale was busy not all that effective.

Telling for Foley was that he was pulled in the final minutes for Mack Mason with the game still in the balance.

Calm down over Quade

He is almost as polarising as Quade! People are just frustrated, I certainly am, not at Foley or QC but at Cheika. Both the players have taken their opportunities when given them but Cheika has refused to take his when looking for depth in the gold 10 jersey.

Both Foley and QC have different strengths, and I hope they both stay fit so they can duke it out for the WB 10 jersey during the Rugby Championship. That’s if Cheika allows it.

Calm down over Quade

I agree with all of that.

I am just a know ‘nothing arm chair critic’ but my WB backline would look very different to the one Cheika has been selecting. And if Cooper, by some miracle, gets selected at 10 this year by Cheika then that would allow the WBs to select a bigger midfield of Kerevi and Kuridrani and put our 2nd playmaking option in the 15 jersey(like all the other top intl teams do) and Folau out to the wing knowing that Cooper’s passing game could utilise all of these strong ball runners playing flat to the line or deep. But like I said earlier, I don’t think that this will happen – not with Cheika in charge or in a RWC year.

Calm down over Quade

I am seriously outgunned here by you guys. All I’m saying is you don’t throw out the dirty water until you have the clean.

Calm down over Quade

“Prove us right” by taking an opportunity in the Rugby Championship, if he gets a start, and plays well… Thought that was obvious.
That’s what this entire thread of comments has been about whether or not if given an opportunity in WB gold again whether he would play well, and well enough to remove Foley from his incumbency.

Calm down over Quade

As I said above I am a big QC fan and it may be that we are watching a coming of age for him, I hope so. But until he proves us right in the gold 10, Foley should and will remain in the WB fold as the incumbent.

Anyway, RA think they’ve solved the problem from last year- it was another WB 10 – Bernie, now he’s gone Foley’s game should come right on.

Calm down over Quade

Incumbency has value, in Foley’s case having performed poorly last year it may be the only thing between him and Quade at present. That and him being across the WBs game plan, whatever that is.

If I were a selector , I would be pushing for a Quade start in the Rugby Championship this year in one game at least to see how he goes, and not with Foley at 12, a big midfield with Kerevi and Kuridrani. But I don’t believe that will happen.

Calm down over Quade

Its a great analogy, Quade and Glenn Maxwell, I’m a big fan of both and miffed as to the controversy over the national selection of either. Both are flashy, fearless, incredibly talented but can get it all wrong from time to time.

BUT… The difference with having a Maxwell or Quade in your team as opposed to a Hanigan is that they lift the confidence within group just with their presence and occupy opposition teams thoughts with plans on how to nullify their talents.

As I have posted before, the threat of what Quade is capable of is as good as the actuality of him doing it as an opposition defence knows he’s capable of that long range miracle cut out pass and so they are in two minds when he attacks. In saying all of that, Foley is still rightfully the incumbent WBs 10 and Quade will have to keep his form up and keep playing flat to the line and not throw the miracle ball if he’s going to challenge that.

Calm down over Quade

Thanks for the great article James. Glad to hear such a positive story for Zack Holmes, do remember thinking that he had more to give that Oz rugby had to offer him. Awesome that he had the balls to take the opportunity to go overseas and prove it!

Aussie abroad: Zack Holmes

I hope he makes the squad and gets a shot at the 23 and even if he’s ready a game in the Rugby Championship to see how he handles the big stage. He’s a great player but TK has a wealth of experience and should be viewed as Australia’s best OC currently.

Why the Wallabies should be on the midfield K-trail

The difference for TK is that there isn’t really too many genuine contenders for outside centre running around. AAC has lost a bit of pace and would probably work best as a mentor squad member at best for the WBs and Petaia has no international caps at this stage. Kerevi is an IC and Tom English in spite of his 2018 form didn’t get a call from Chek. Different story for IC, plenty of great options with robust defence to take Beales spot.

Why the Wallabies should be on the midfield K-trail

Oz is the awkward 3rd wheel in the late night(1 – 3 am) relationship in SH rugby. We really don’t contribute much if anything and still gain all the benefits.

An alternative to Super Rugby

That’s a really great point. What better advertisement for the game if the RWC winning captain plays for the domestic comp in Japan. Really great for world rugby and growing the game in Japan!

Kieran Read to depart New Zealand Rugby after World Cup

Nic article Lano. Never knew about “the lucky country” origin and its slightly negative connotations. It is very Australian that we have embraced this and totally missed the point!

It works well as an analogy for the Tahs too. Being a NSWelshman I am torn about them, they are my team but I really can’t stand the brain dead rugby which they subscribe to ie. no match awareness, lack of a kicking game, dumb penalties or decisions at crucial moments.

Why the Waratahs will always be 'lucky'

We should be standing with them in this. We along with a our Kiwi neighbors are people of the South Pacific too and should be making sure our kin are treated properly! (That shouldn’t just go for Ruggas either but it would be a nice start)

Pacific nations could boycott World Cup in response to World League snub

Everybody knows how great Farah was but yeah I’d be moving Koroisau above him. I am a Manly fan so prone to bias but he is awesome and I’m pretty sure ineligible for SOO as he has now represented Fiji, which for mine adds worth. Like how great it was having DCE when he was scorned by his Qld brethren ????, shame they cottoned on and picked him again.

Ranking each club's spine for 2019

I know Koroisau plays for Manly and all but have you seen him play? Surely he should be ranked a bit higher than that?!

Ranking each club's spine for 2019

Yeah I was aware of the circumstances of his injury, was just concerned he would be rushed back to the starting 15.

Super Rugby Round 3 teams: Wallabies back in the fold as Pocock, Hodge and Coleman headline this week's inclusions

Wow, I’m really surprised and impressed that Wessels is making Coleman come back via the bench. That’s a real positive for the squad who played well vs the Brumbies the other week.

Super Rugby Round 3 teams: Wallabies back in the fold as Pocock, Hodge and Coleman headline this week's inclusions

It was great to see both the Reds and Brumbies forward packs competitive against their Kiwi opponents. Rory Arnold had a great match disrupting the line out and that was against Retalick! And the Reds also stole quite a few against the throw. Good signs for SH rugby in general to have some trans Tasman competition again. ????

The Wrap: Sparkling Brumbies lay down challenge to Australian rugby fans

Thanks Geoff. Great article and you’re right, I think I might buy a membership and make my support one more than watching on Fox sports.

It is early in the season but there was a confidence and simple execution of play by the Brumbies that was a joy to watch on Saturday night. With CLL, Powell and Sorovi all having good games, suddenly we have depth in the halves in Oz rugby – or at least the potential is there.

The Wrap: Sparkling Brumbies lay down challenge to Australian rugby fans

I also wouldn’t be opposed, as Jez points out,bringing Coleman back via the bench. But with game time for Wallabies already limited this season he won’t. It’s a hard choice between Philip and Jones, glad I’m not making these calls and interesting to see how Wessels handles the selections this year with some quality of depth in lock, back row and the backline but thin on the ground in the front row and halves. I think it is an area that needs work from Wessels from last year tbh.

The Wrap: Cooper and Genia go ‘back to the future’ in Super Rugby opener