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Thanks Will, nice article and good topic for discussion over the summer.

I think centralisation is a great thing and has been proven successful. But I do agree there might be problems in regards to the Wallabies.
But I don’t blame the system, but the people who might be involved. For example if I were Gibson at the Tahs and had Cheika ask me to play Foley at 12, I’d probably tell him to bugger off. Likewise Kerevi at 13, Poey at 8 and so on.
Communication will be key to this with a clear set of guidelines and a plan in place, not just that player needs a rest this weekend or I have a wacky idea on where that player should start. And I am not sure RA and Cheika are capable of that.

Alignment and centralisation: Sounds great, but will it work for Wallabies?

Wow. Didn’t think he was the same frame as Godwin! Thanks for the info TWAS, was still hoping that he was a potential option from 10 or 15.

A not-too-early look at Super Rugby 2019: Part 1

In regards to the Brumbies I noticed on their playing roster Tom Wright is listed as a centre. Is he big enough? I thought he played mainly in the halves at Manly and would have been a first five or fullback project? Naisarani will be a bit of a loss I would think.

A not-too-early look at Super Rugby 2019: Part 1

I’m curious to watch the Reds improvements as a squad this season. I was quite annoyed at how Quade was discarded last year but, Thorn is obviously trying something at the Reds and for the sake of Aus Rugby let him be successful and his plans work out. The kicking coach is great! Finally some commonsense instead of just saying it is the Australian way to keep the ball in hand, look where that has got the WBs

Have the Queensland Reds got their act together?

Merry Christmas Nick!

This isn’t the first article you have written lately mentioning Skelton and the eligibility rule.

I was for years convinced that the European Leagues would kill the sport in this country and that even the Gituea rule was too lenient. But you are starting to convince me that maybe our players are better off.

I would like to see Skelton trialled back in the gold jersey but if that means that he has to sign up for SR and risk a reversal of all the hard work achieved at Saracens then maybe we had better make a ‘Skelton rule’ ie. That players are better conditioned and drilled in the Northern hemisphere now and so should all be eligible in RWC years.

Why Bob Dwyer was right about Will Skelton too

Gotta giva a little credit to Thorn for this one! He has traded out the old for the new. If it works out remains to be seen but you have to respect a coach who clearly has a vision, direction and convictions that he is sticking too.

Karmichael Hunt to join Waratahs: Report

Absolutely. Ponga has stated his desire to play for the ABs one day, he’s not a Wallaby prospect and therefore an Aussie SR side trying to sign him is just madness! Especially for the money he would probably command.

Karmichael Hunt to join Waratahs: Report

Nice article Will.

The GRR rule changes are fascinating but I must have missed the “no mark call”. IMO this may actually result in more kicking as an up and under in you oppositions 22 with them not being able to kick out on the full will be very interesting.

Is Twiggy’s trailblazing GRR a curiosity, or will it catch on?

Great article Nick!

I would love to see both White and Skelton back in the Wallaby fold in 2019. I am however cautious at the idea of throwing away the 60 cap rule.

Why Rugby Australia should listen to Bob Dwyer and dump the Giteau Law

Just read the Herald article. It appears like some journos are trying to steer the narrative here, but culling an assistant like Bernie will create some serious blow back from the rugby community and would probably be the worst option for them to take. It is for these reasons that I actually believe this is the course they will take.

Will Cheika really let Larkham take the fall?

Wow. This is the best Lordy article I have read in ages. To be fair it is also the first Lordy article I have read in ages as well.

Rugby Australia is turning into Fort Freefall

Diplomatic David. To say he’s backing him is a bit rich, he in no way came out and made a big statement about “the plan” or Cheika must be the man to lead us to the World Cup etc. He said exactly what someone with some media training is supposed to say. Lose Cheika and its anyone’s bet how we will go next year, lose Poey to injury and it’s a certainty that we’re stuffed.

Pocock backs Wallabies coach Cheika

Great article Geoff. Unfortunately I have only gotten around to reading it pretty late in the day and therefore already know how it really ends… Clyne’s post board meeting comments were laughable, but not nearly as funny as this article.

The Wrap: Is this D-day for Michael Cheika or same old, same old?

What a nice conversation this must have been Geoff! Great to hear Fox’s insights.

As you put it Cheika’s selections are confounding and therefore as a minimum this needs to change as of December 10 with a neutral/outsider selector. Do we have such a person in Aus Rugby? Or will it wind up being another insular peninsula/Randwich influence – an old boys pick.

The Wrap: What can Australian rugby learn from Grant Fox?

Where’s AAC’s mum in all this. Surely they should include a comment from her defending her boys behaviour. Seems fitting that the sort of behaviour that certain players were guilty of under Link has not changed, and neither has the players. Cheika defended them then so he should stand by them now.

Beale and Ashley-Cooper stood down after breaching team protocol

I agree in regards to the back 3. For my 10-13 to work well the back three must have some pace, hole hitting and broken field running ability ala Beale, Banks, Folau, Petaia. Ideally when Kurindrani is fit again he would slot back into OC, then you have some straight running and even unders runners for To’omua to get his back 3 in space etc.

You probably need a 15 who can also act as distributor, not sure if DHP has the pace or distribution game for my midfield to really make an impact. He is our best fullback at present but you don’t see him burning players on the outside, he seems to have a good step and gets past the first tackle often but Banks or Beale would probably be the 2 that would better suit a big midfield.

Wily Ashley-Cooper still has the skills

Yep 100%.

To’omua Kerevi AAC has no moving parts/musical chairs defensively. And old head running the D at OC is ACCs best option if he is starting this weekend and coming to Japan next year.

Wily Ashley-Cooper still has the skills

If he is going to be picked in the first fifteen which he most likely is. Can we atleast pick him at outside centre and shift Kerevi back to inside centre.

If it were up to me I would select him on the bench as he did prove last week that he still has something to offer and his utility value and experience could be quite handy in the final quarter of the match. I didn’t think we had too much of a problem with our outside backs, it’s our inside backs that we’re having issues with.

Wily Ashley-Cooper still has the skills

Tom Wright just signed for the Brumbies, will be watching with interest this year. Not a genuine contender yet but view him as a prospect.

Wallabies defeat Italy, but the RWC 2019 cause still looks hopeless

Agreed. But I am glad To’omua and Gordon got a run! Atleast we saw what we will get if Foley or Genia do an ACL or something.

Michael Cheika can't win, even when the Wallabies do

Definitely didn’t rate To’omua’s performancetoo highly his distribution game was pretty good but he missed a conversion I thought he should have nailed and of course his kick out on the full. He did defend in his channel and it appeared Foley was still getting shuffled. So less moving parts with To’omua as 10. But, that was his first outing as the backup /alternative 10, Beale was given more time in the 10 jersey and played worse than To’omua did today.

Michael Cheika can't win, even when the Wallabies do

Foley had a reasonably poor game, pushed pass led to the Italians try. So here’s an idea let’s drop To’omua and reinstate Foley at Flyhalf. Beale is completely out of form and looked more useful on the bench, so let’s reinstate him at inside centre as well. Spurious logic Lordy, but I reckon Cheika will give you your wish.

Michael Cheika can't win, even when the Wallabies do

Thank you for posting this!

The tweaks to the laws will be interesting to watch!

Petaia and Gordon to debut, Ashley-Cooper returns versus Italy

IMO Larkham is kinda damned if he does damned if he doesn’t(walk that is) at this stage. As if he quit tomorrow, he would most likely do so quietly and not point the finger at Cheika over it, and therefore would be at risk of being scapegoated by RA as the new appointment would be heralded as the much needed shake up and new ideas. If they haven’t realised it yet, the coaching staff have all played along for too long now and walking away at this late stage would fuel speculation that they jumped before they were pushed etc.

Michael Cheika's mixed selections for Italy

Something quite alarming is Cheika’s comments in the press conference regarding Petaia’s selection. He says that when he selected him for the tour that he wasn’t sure if he’d play or not!? But he has convinced him through a couple of training sessions that he is up for it!? WTF!?? Surely, he would have earmarked him for this game as a when he was selected and it was all part of “the plan” of him being there. Why have players tour if they aren’t a realistic chance of playing, like Banks, what’s this guy got to do to get a chance? And is it any real help to his development to tour Europe and not play? Why not let players get involved in the NRC and get stuck into pre-season with their SR sides or take a short contract in Japan.

And what does this say about Cheika’s planning? He’s just wingin’ it? Week to week, we’ve got a plan to win the World Cup but didn’t earmark a Test against the 13th ranked side as a chance to blood some youngsters months ago?!!

Michael Cheika's mixed selections for Italy