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“In other words, anybody who gets off scot-free or lightly for a crime they are guilty of committing, should count their blessings and keep their head down; not seek to stoke any further fires.”

I think Geoff’s got it exactly right.

When I saw Lomani’s action, I was surprised but (thinking the best of him) I initially thought he was just indicating to the camera he was sitting in the stand because of his previous conduct and not necessarily gloating at his suspension. But whatever, it was completely dumb.

Maybe Lomani isn’t that bright but he needs someone to take him aside and give him a decent talking to if he wants a career in rugby.

The Wrap: Why SANZAAR must hold Frank Lomani accountable for 'going back for his hat'

Well argued article Harry, definitely something needs to be done.

But in the meantime, we need to take care of those Queenslanders aroused at being ignored in this important list of honor.

“As Chook the Sydneysider told me lately, even drugs are not nationally Australian: Victoria enjoys heroin, Western Australia has the meth, wild Tasmania prefers ecstasy whilst New South Wales has cocaine in great abundance. He left ACT out, but I understand ‘C’ stands for cannabis.”

A number of Queenslanders are already claiming they can beat any existing state in the creation of pathways to the pleasure circuits in the brain.

Scrap the Giteau Law: Rugby Australia should look to Rassie's 'Boks RWC recipe if it wants to re-join the big boys' table

I’m thinking Geoff, if maybe became reality, we could rally all Roar Kiwis into a fundraising exercise and use the funds to purchase a copy of your new book, arrange for it to be personally autographed by you, and present it to savant in an effort to prove that we don’t hold any resentment towards Australians as he rather persistently claims.

From my own personal viewpoint (and resentment is too strong a word) the only time I can claim any degree of frustration towards Australians was in August 2000 when in the last play of the game John Eales kicked a penalty goal against the All Blacks, which won both the test match and the Bledisloe Cup. Locks are just not designed to do that. Certainly, Kiwi locks would never do that. But we were taught you’ve got to keep an eye on what Australian locks might do.

In terms of frustration that Bledisloe winning kick in 2000 was nearly matched by Mortlock’s intercept in the 2003 Rugby World Cup semi-final, but not quite, because, although match winning, it was early in the match and in effect was a gimme by Carlos Spencer.

The Wrap: Crusaders' shot clock fiasco and shhh, don’t put the moz on Darby

You’re publishing a new book, Geoff?

The Wrap: Crusaders' shot clock fiasco and shhh, don’t put the moz on Darby

Haha, after trolling Christy, I’m now trolling Tony.

“The Reds are a safe bet, I’m never tipping the Waratahs again (even though they beat the same team in Super Round”

'Brain explosion': Wallaby stars sent off as Queensland left red-faced in Moana Pasifika shocker

The Reds might have given Harry McLaughlin-Phillips just his second start, but the 19-year-old is made of the right stuff. He’s tough and physical and hasn’t put a foot wrong since making his debut earlier this year. Les Kiss’ side will just be too accurate and disciplined for Moana Pasifika, while Zane Hilton has the Reds’ set-piece humming.

Christy’s tips for this weekend off to a bad start

'Brain explosion': Wallaby stars sent off as Queensland left red-faced in Moana Pasifika shocker

I suspect he’s saying he believes all clubs and states get a vote.

COMMENT: Australian rugby is a depressing picture - the RA board must be axed and the constitution changed

Based on what I’ve read from you this past few weeks Hamish it must be difficult finding a worthwhile subject to write about.

What's the point of Sevens? It should be used to develop Test players, and would be better at it than Super Rugby

Well in my case I went to the Hong Kong sevens.

Apart from the performance of the Black Ferns 7s and the All Blacks 7s in taking the two tournaments and to a lesser extent the Australian men and women doing well in making the semifinals, the highlight to me was the crowd’s performance in singing Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline. Absolutely stunning. Even I was singing along. Luckily, I know the words from when the song was released in 1969.

I went to the first Hong Kong 7s in 1976. There was no singing then.

The Wrap: 'Take them to a dark place' - A quiet round grabs eyeballs for all the wrong reasons

You should make your feelings on Sevens clearer FourwingSweepa.

The tournament in Hong Kong is a sellout, which might mean that there are some people who do not agree with you.

And rugby sevens became an Olympic sport because of its popularity.

'Hung in there': Aussie men and women set up Hong Kong Sevens semi-finals against New Zealand

I watched Saturday live at the stadium.

Apart from the atmosphere which was superb and the crowd’s ability to swing into a top draw performance of Sweet Caroline which Neil Diamond would be proud of, my conclusion on the rugby was that both the men’s and women’s tournaments will go the way of NZ or Australia. We seemed to be a step higher than the other teams.

I was also keen to watch number 77, Michael Hooper. Michael seems super motivated and just needs the experience. I suspect behind the scenes he’s doing plenty in building confidence and motivation at team level.

'Hung in there': Aussie men and women set up Hong Kong Sevens semi-finals against New Zealand

There’s some good examples of hip drop tackles on You Tube. Grab, twist and drop are the characteristics.

It should definitely be banned … today.

'Just nasty', 'needs to be outlawed': The NRL blight Quade Cooper says rugby must ban in wake of horror blow

“It’s good to be up one against Harps, but I’m not so happy to be even-steven with Nick and one further back from The Crowd.”

Both Machooka and Jacko with 21 are ahead of all of you, Christy

Super Rugby tipping week six: 'Golden point, my a---': everyone tips the Tahs but who really believes in them?

Go Reds

ANALYSIS: 'Efficiency and ruthlessness' - Race to the 22m to determine Australia's Super Rugby front-runners

“The Highlanders are back at fullstrength”

I wish that was true, but I think it should be the Hurricanes.

Super Rugby teams week six: Foketi back after horror injury, Suli benched, Sam Carter set for debut, DMac rested

You’re a tough judge Jazz, There’s been a number of forwards who’ve put their hands up and would fit in most people’s 1st Tier.

The Wrap: Wallaby's brain fade that cost the Tahs, con job worthy of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Go Highlanders

The Wrap: Wallaby's brain fade that cost the Tahs, con job worthy of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

I tend to agree with the meaning of what Dean was saying. Perhaps a little sympathy for what the Rebels are going thru might not go amiss.

If you describe a person, group, or organization as embattled, you mean that they are having a lot of problems or difficulties. Can’t really disagree with that description, but rubbing the Rebs collective noses in it every day is a bit much.

Frankly I’m disappointed with Victoria as a State and Melbourne as a city that they can’t get behind the Rebels. Maybe we should punish them and move the Melbourne Cup from Melbourne to Sydney until they commit to saving the Rebels.

Hurricanes put half-century on Rebels in ugly scoreline for embattled Super Rugby franchise as injuries add up

Looks like another sure win for the Highlanders, the boys from the Deep South.

Super Rugby teams: Tupou benched, Jorgo back for Fiji trip, Petaia sidelined, Swain surprise

Harmon’s try was incredible Muz. It seems nothing would have stopped him.

Toole stunner sees Brumbies snap 10-year drought in Dunedin as flyer's Test stocks rise

Cracking try from Corey Toole.

Toole stunner sees Brumbies snap 10-year drought in Dunedin as flyer's Test stocks rise

Well, I guess the key is who gets to vote.

It seems from this article that the Super Rugby franchises and state unions vote.

It would be interesting to know specifically who votes and what lobbying is going on, and where does the power lie.

RA's manic Monday and how it will shape the future of the Australian game

I was.

It could have been to recognize the main leadership of the team today being from Southland.

Skipper Ethan de Groot. Head Coach Clarke Dermody (current and past All Blacks).

'Gutted': Edmed misses shot after siren as Tahs blow chance of going back-to-back against Kiwis for first time since 2015

Go Highlanders

ANALYSIS: Battle for the gain-line to decide if ‘Tah tough’ Waratahs can go back-to-back against Kiwi teams

Haha, I’m giving you a hard time ozinsa. 😂 Sometimes hard for me keeping up with all this modern stuff.

My biggest gripe was the headline. After watching the Crusaders for decades and Canterbury before them since the 1950’s I’m not so quick to admit their dynasty is dead.

The Crusaders dynasty looks dead - so how will it impact the All Blacks?