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“Call me ancient, call me a dinosaur, I don’t care”

I wouldn’t call you either Sheek. But I think its more complicated than that.

I remember Des Connor, one of the WBs greatest 9s going to NZ because he wanted to teach there, and he was so good at rugby he was selected and played for the ABs. And he was welcomed. He was in our team, made us better and we supported him as an AB.

And if I remember he returned to Aus and coached back home because he was able to and to the best of my knowledge he was welcomed back.

Maybe I’m the dinosaur.

But as for today’s match, I support both teams so I just want the winner to be the team that played best on the day.

Fear factor must drive Wallabies against dangerous, nice Japan

Folau Fakatava will be back in 2022 as well so there will be plenty of competition.

Christie gets first start, Cane returns for All Blacks vs USA

C’mon Dave, settle down. There’s a big rugby weekend coming up, it’s time to focus on that.

Brumbies grant outside back immediate release for family reasons

Yes, it is common sense. In some respects it might have been better for Sam to take the rest of the season off, but on the other hand keeping him in the picture also has it’s benefits

A story of two Sams: Whitelock to skipper All Blacks tour while Cane has to earn starting spot

I’m sure Biltong’s pulling a few legs here.

Not having heard of Earl Rose I fell into Biltong’s trap and did a Google search and found that, yes, he was well known and apparently well liked in SA, was a talented rugby player and was called into the Bok training squad at least once.

And seemingly has been living a life that maybe someone should write a book about or make a move. Something about a Fish & Chip shop and Earl’s car, some missing golf clubs and being SA’s Tiger Woods of Golf, investigations of some Facebook groups and it seems to go on. It’s not immediately clear if Earl played for the Boks but it was claimed in the media it was unfair he got selected ahead of Morne Steyn.

I’d go for Ben Smith as the best fullback but maybe Earl Rose might make a more interesting subject to base a movie script on.

'A chance to change perception': Successful spring tour would mean more than usual for Wallabies

There’s nothing like the fortitude that a WB supporter needs to display.

’16 was no good; ’17 was worse; ’18 was even worse; ’19 was even worse again but ’20 showed glimpses to encourage us. We hung on as supporters showing incredible fortitude and resolve during that desperate time and look, in ’21, we’ve won 4 in a row.

The powers that be that control rugby listened to us, made changes, selected teams we wanted and now we’re number 3 in the World. The world is our oyster. The boys need to carry on. At least stay number 3 but over the next couple of years challenge numbers 2 and 1.

Whatever, the next few weeks is going to be huge. A successful unbeaten tour would be great, but let’s ensure we play with spirit and pride and come back with the feeling of a job well done.

Go WBs you good things. This is your time.

'A chance to change perception': Successful spring tour would mean more than usual for Wallabies

And the core is…”the business activity that is main source of a company’s profits and success, usually the activity that the company was originally set up to carry out.”

The Wrap: With the bushfires now out, can Andy Marinos regenerate Australian rugby?

Just to help… ” Organic growth is the growth a company achieves by increasing output and enhancing sales internally. This does not include profits or growth attributable to mergers and acquisitions but rather an increase in sales and expansion through the company’s own resources.”

The Wrap: With the bushfires now out, can Andy Marinos regenerate Australian rugby?

““Our biggest challenge is to figure out how we grow organically without damaging the core.”
What does this sort of comment even mean??”

It means growing our existing business without piling new money in and without making the type of mistakes that could damage what we already have.

The Wrap: With the bushfires now out, can Andy Marinos regenerate Australian rugby?

2018-11-24 2018 November tests Russia 32 27 Kingsholm Stadium, England
2019-07-27 2019 Pacific Cup Fiji 34 21 Kamaishi Stadium, Japan
2019-08-03 2019 Pacific Cup Tonga41 7 Hanazono Stadium, Japan
2019-08-10 2019 Pacific Cup United States34 20 ANZ National Stadium, Fiji
2019-09-06 2019 World Cup South Africa 7 41 Kumagaya Ground, Japan
2019-09-20 2019 World Cup Russia 30 10 Tokyo Stadium, Japan
2019-09-28 2019 World Cup Ireland 19 12 Shizuoka Stadium, Japan [18]
2019-10-05 2019 World Cup Samoa 38 19 Toyota Stadium, Japan
2019-10-13 2019 World Cup Scotland28 21 Yokohama Nissan, Japan
2019-10-20 2019 World Cup South Africa 3 26 Tokyo Stadium, Japan
2021-06-26 2021British & Irish Lions 10 28 Murrayfield
2021-07-03 2021 July tests Ireland 31 39 Aviva Stadium, Ireland

'It's going to be a hell of a game': Everything Rennie said on Japan challenge, Kerevi recovery and Koroibete loss

Yes, Brett wanted only one player per team and I chose Malcolm Marx because I have the theory that the mental side of rugby can be massive and can play a huge role in whether a match is won or lost.

And I can just imagine the dread or even fear (or the dammits) that went thru some of the ABs when Marx came on early. So he was my no 1 for that reason because to me the ABs lost composure when he came on.

But Lood was the man really who got the Boks back into that 2nd test. So maybe Lood 10/10 and Malcolm 9.5/10. However, I’ve rated Marx for years.

The Thursday rugby two-up: Standout players of TRC

Montoya, Jordie Barrett, Malcolm Marx, Quade Cooper.

Excellent as some WBs were in TRC, Quade’s role was so massive in all respects against the Boks but particularly his role in raising the confidence of others around him, that if he was not playing I don’t believe the WBs would have beaten the Boks.

To me any one of the other excellent WB performers could have been replaced by someone who could perform nearly as good and the WBs could still have won, but on those two days not Quade.

The Thursday rugby two-up: Standout players of TRC

It’s very interesting to see how much the WB’s management is focusing on creating a culture that Australia will be proud of, all players want to be a part of and must adhere to and is essential for the WBs to consistently challenge the very best teams.

It’s like no blaming the ref during and after a game, no complaining about anything and by the way where are the boys…they’re out the back sweeping the sheds.

Perese seems to be in good hands.

'I was sinking, it was rock bottom': Perese's brutal honesty after Rennie's call changes his path

Well, the other problem Buck had was that Zinzan was on the top of his game.

Sean 'Fitzy' Fitzpatrick: Baby Black to rugby icon

That just shows…you don’t bite Fitzy’s ear!

Sean 'Fitzy' Fitzpatrick: Baby Black to rugby icon

Yes Geoff, that’d be something. I hope Eddie doesn’t mess him up by making him play to a too conservative England game plan.

With Quins he seems to have the perfect coaching team including Tabai Matson and Nick Evans and is surrounded by a number of explosive players including Louis Lynagh (isn’t he something) and the no.8 who looks special)

The Wrap: Why Sam Cane and Kieran Read are poles apart and why it matters

“Also, my thanks to whoever the other day (like Geoff today) suggested, that Roarers view the Harlequins v Bristol game.”

I watched it as well and immediately afterwards carried out a Google search to see if Marcus Smith had a Kiwi Grandmother.

The Wrap: Why Sam Cane and Kieran Read are poles apart and why it matters

“As far as I am concerned, Rennie hasn’t proven anything yet”

Well, they beat the RWC holders and World number 1 twice. And they climbed the World rankings from World number 7 to World number 3.

They deserve credit for what they’ve done so far. The job’s not done. It will never be done. Just enjoy the good times.

'We're trying to bring them home': Everything Rennie said on Euro star strategy, brutal youth cull and Kurtley call

It has to be that… “QC… played in 2019 similar to now but didn’t have the right players around him or the right coach to take advantage.”

But it seems to me Quade is in a far better place mentally now. He now seems to have a Zen like mentality that lifts him far above the fray. There just might be something in the story of SBW’s involvement. Quade’s a different person now.

'Golden generation': Winning Wallabies need golden oldies and gilded youth

He had some kind of stomach bug. He said some type of food poisoning, something he had been eating.

Coach’s Corner Issue 29: Do the All Blacks have a soft centre?

Personally, I thought Whitelock was exceptional the last few games he had with the ABs. It seems to take some time to recover the NZ game after a stint in Japan, but Whitelock did it. Retallick not quite yet.

Quade was amazing because he was in exceptional form when he returned but maybe being in camp with DR for so long helped him.

Coach’s Corner Issue 29: Do the All Blacks have a soft centre?

To me Jacobson should never have been selected. That type of illness seems to take up to 10 days to be fully recovered.

Coach’s Corner Issue 29: Do the All Blacks have a soft centre?

The ref’s fault!
Stomach virus!

'Stupidest fixture ever': The 'cynical, money-making ploy' that exposes Wales to All Blacks' annihilation

Perhaps the bigger issue here was that the water carrier was acting under instructions from the Boks management…”I’ll put my hand on up and say we got it wrong, and we asked him to challenge…Jacques Nienaber”.

The Wrap: Rugby Championship rediscovers its DNA and ends with a thriller

So just curious. The heading says “our team” meaning Roar’s and the article refers to “The Roar’s team”.

So of course I’m thinking this team has been selected by an esteemed group of Roar experts including Geoff, Brett, Tony, Stirling and Nick.

Will all the above named experts claim their role in the selection, or will they look the other way saying Geoff did it.

Seven Wallabies, five All Blacks and three Boks in our Team of The Rugby Championship