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I’m not saying it’s right that he did it…I’m saying it highlights how long this has been an issue and even the best players are/have been abusing the system.

It's time for tennis to call timeout on medical breaks

You’re right about bringing Federer into it Dean but he also said this: “I just told myself, ‘The rules are there, that you can use them.’ I also think we shouldn’t be using these rules or abusing the system. I think I’ve led the way for 20 years.”

He became frustrated by the system. That everyone else was using the rules to their advantage so he thought why not. It’s actually ridiculous that guys like Federer have highlighted the problems with the rules since 2007 and nothing has been done about it.

It's time for tennis to call timeout on medical breaks

No one wants to see it if a whole team is doing it like what happened to Test cricket in the 1950s. This is different though. This is one batsman playing a style of attritional cricket that his teammates can bat around. It’s helped India win two series in Australia now.

Pujara's version of a Don Bradman stat won India the series

If that Perth idea is still on the cards that would be spicy. WACA Tests vs South Africa…yes please!

Why Tim Paine's sledging leaves such a bitter taste

Nice article Jeffers.

Matt Wade, Marnus, Smith and to a lesser extent Warner all had plenty to say around the bat this Test. Most of it was rubbish banter. I know Langer predicted that the media would turn on the team again but it but it does genuinely feel like some of the old ways are coming back.
In ‘The Test’ documentary Langer talks about blocking out the ‘white noise’ but this Australian team couldn’t do that which was evidenced by how much they went on about Shane Warne and Symonds comments towards Marnus. Instead of just letting it go they continued to reference it around Marnus and in the drinks break knowing Fox had the microphones on. They had every right to be annoyed by the comments but don’t let it distract you from winning a Test.

Why Tim Paine's sledging leaves such a bitter taste

Still have to ask the question why it took him until 30 minutes to go to fire up.

The 131-over rearguard that propelled this series into an instant classic

The best thing about this is that he’s in full kit. Wonder if that’s his pyjamas. Never change Smudge!

Steve Smith's wife's video of him shadowbatting at home is simply peak Steve Smith

Don’t give them ideas Emcie. 😔

Two-point field goal included in new NRL rules

It’s a fine line but we’ve come to this situation because too many teams were milking the system. As with any new rules I’m sure there will be tweaks along the way which is what the pre-season trials are for.

Two-point field goal included in new NRL rules

The final rule is the best rule. Should be adopted in all football codes.

Two-point field goal included in new NRL rules

Thanks Josh for all you’ve done on The Roar. We’ll miss your AFL insights in 2021. Hopefully North Melbourne provide some decent football for you to watch and enjoy.

2020 AFL draft: Club-by-club review, my take on every team

Nice summary David. To be fair to Channel 7 – when the initial contract was signed the Australian cricket team was on the nose after the ball tampering incident. ODIs were mainly chucked onto the end of the summer schedule and interest by the end of the summer was seen as minimal.
The Big Bash was where the commercial dollars were at the time.
Now, the Australian team is hugely popular, the ODIs are getting record ratings because people just want cricket again – plus it’s India with the Kohli factor.
7 know they’ve lucked out through these factors and they want someone to blame rather than copping it and promoting what they’ve got rather than as you say pursuing costly legal action.

Channel 7 exposed as desperate and naive in cricket’s messy TV stoush

I wonder if the BBL’s X-Factor rule was brought in for this very reason. Aussie players being able to still ‘play’ BBL with very little involvement in the game.

Warner won't juggle BBL with Aussie duties

Love your work Dane. The real question is what was Brad Fittler doing wearing a jumper on a balmy Brisbane night of 23 degrees and 65% humidity?

NSW relapses: We don't understand Origin again

Bash Boost is really the only rule that actually makes sense. Despite the length of Twenty20 cricket, there seems to be more one-sided results than 50-over cricket. Just look at the IPL…very few close games this year.
The most common T20 matches go like this… Team A gets a huge first innings total and Team B loses early wickets and are never in the contest or Team A gets a low first innings total and Team B easily chases down the total.
The Bash Boost does at least make those first 10 overs interesting in the second innings. However, it doesn’t solve the issue of keeping interest in the second 10 in those one-sided games and no X-factor gimmick is going to help.

BBL gimmicks show Cricket Australia missed the memo

Obviously, Stan is going to try and add more than just rugby but for the immediate future they’ll be going all out with rugby coverage and that can only be a good thing. If you look at how well Optus promotes its EPL/Champions League coverage we can expect something similar with magazine shows and daily updates. Suspect Foxtel will now be trying to lock in Rugby World Cup which I believe is still up for grabs in 2023.

OFFICIAL: Rugby AU locks in new free-to-air broadcast deal as Nine launches Stan Sport

8:14PM – They were pretty good in the finals series and the last few years of Origin.

Origin 1 kick-off bingo: What time will State of Origin Game 1, 2020 actually start?

Looks like Queensland has been shafted for not being fast enough to approve the COVID-protocols for the Indian team to train and quarantine. You suspect the original plan was to have the GABBA host the opening two ODIs before moving to Sydney. Can’t really blame Cricket Australia for going to plan B.

We have a schedule! Cricket Australia finally releases summer fixture list for India tour

Have to learn from Dizzy on how to get through them. 😛

Rough decision? Young gun falls agonisingly short of a Sheffield Shield double ton

Think you need to look up the definition of clickbait Riccardo.

‘What this All Blacks assistant said about the Wallabies will SHOCK you’

NZ accuse Wallabies of dirty play in Bledisloe 1... while claiming 'All Blacks don't cry'

Thanks John.
It’s been said before but Bryson really hasn’t received enough credit for what he did apart from driving the ball a long way.
Yes, he gets a big advantage by how far he hits it but he still had to put it close to the pin from that ridiculous rough. If it was that easy to do then more players would have shot under par.
He was 7th in driving distance for the US Open. Also saw an interesting stat than in 2003 Hank Kuehne averaged 321 yards for the PGA season. Of course no one was complaining about how far he hit it because he wasn’t winning consistently. As you’ve stated – it’s all about how the golf course can make it a test for all players. I’d love to see more holes with water obstacles at the 280 yard mark with a 30 to 60 yard carry. Let’s see these big hitters and how confident they are to still go for it with water staring them in the face off the tee.

Will Bryson DeChambeau's win revolutionise golf?

It’s the modern way soapit. Most people play videos without sound these days.

The new Springboks documentary teaser has dropped and it looks incredible

Yeah the rough really didn’t seem to bother him. Not that he would care but he’ll no longer be known as just a ‘hit it and rip it’ guy.

Bryson DeChambeau blitzes the field to claim US Open title

Stat this morning that he was up there with having hit the fewest fairways to win a major. Look out when he actually hits his driver straight. Those par 5s at Augusta are going to get eaten up by Bryson in November.

Bryson DeChambeau blitzes the field to claim US Open title

It was an image of Steve Smith and David Warner originally. Thanks for the heads up.

Australia topple England to end T20 series