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It’s been said on and off for the last five years but given the deliberate out of bounds is often a contentious free kick why not just get rid of boundary throw ins and have a free kick against the team who touched the ball last over the line? At the very least it could happen in the middle of the ground but still have a boundary throw in if it’s inside 50.

Believe it or not, more free kicks for Hawthorn won't fix footy

Wondering if the AFL will try and keep Gold Coast in Victoria for at least two weeks to try and play Geelong and another Melbourne team knowing that they will have to self-quarantine when they return to Queensland.

AFL reveals Round 5 changes after Richmond denied entry to Queensland

The quote from Craig Bellamy is interesting. If it was half rugby/half league rules the coin toss could include this for some tactics. Do you play your own rules in the first half or do you play the opposite rules and do your best to scramble while you have the energy knowing you can make hay in the second half?

A cross-code All Blacks vs Kangaroos match could happen this year

Yeah I do actually. Worked in TV and have a mate in the industry at one of the major networks. As Spruce mentioned Pro editors could do some of what he does..maybe half. The wickets, run outs, great moments. The niche stuff I argue they couldn’t.

Cricket needs more Robelindas, not less

Exactly right Spruce. In terms of a current editor going back through an archive.. pre 1995 is also a lot tougher without the help of the score always being on screen to know when a guy might be bowling or batting based on the scorecard.

Cricket needs more Robelindas, not less

They might bristle and then they’d realise how difficult it is to find a moment that isn’t archived on a scorecard such as a dropped catch or funny commentary moment and the raw video is simply labelled AUS vs IND 1983 and contains 30 hours of vision.

Cricket needs more Robelindas, not less

That’s the thing though. Rob has set up his database. It’s taken him over a decade to do it…so when you say ANY professional editor can easily find a moment..they can’t. Databases at most TV stations/media outlets are absolutely terrible pre 2010s.

Cricket needs more Robelindas, not less

I beg to differ. Maybe for football games but a five-day Test or ODI is a different matter, especially the stuff Rob finds. Then there’s the ultra rare stuff. I guarantee no one in the world but Rob has this vision.

Cricket needs more Robelindas, not less

Great stuff Daniel.
I believe Robelinda’s work has highlighted how much fans love archive moments. It’s not so much watching full games from the past but moments within games that you remember so vividly. I think Fox Sports started to realise this during COVID when they began releasing Fox/Kayo Minis of classic matches including the Michael Bevan’s ODI where he hit 4 off the last ball against the Windies.
Of course, everyone remembers the 4 but within that innings there was also a hugely controversial moment where Roger Harper tried to claim a catch that clearly hit the ground. Archiving these more niche moments helps in promoting the stuff that people either forget about or remember and can’t find anywhere.
Cricket Australia now owns the complete rights to the archive of all international matches played in Australia but it still takes someone like a Rob Moody to know where to look in that archive.

Cricket needs more Robelindas, not less

Put on the pads against Jimmy then Paul. ????

What it's like to face Jimmy Anderson with a Duke ball

Incredible pace considering how much momentum you lose on all those turns.

Beauden Barrett sets club fitness record in first training session back

It’s surprising that Aussie sport has taken so long to realise the potential of what all access can bring to marketing sport. You look at the NFL Superbowl docos and even in the 70s they had unbelievable access and the pitch side microphones to capture all the banter and natural sound.
Hopefully, the success of ‘The Test’ following the Aussie cricket team has shown a few sports that fans want more than just media trained robots giving 100% to the boys.
These documentary ideas are great and once the NRL recovers from Coronavirus it should be a priority to have an NRL films department like the NFL has.

Ten NRL documentary ideas inspired by The Last Dance

Obvious question is what happens if border restrictions are still in place after four rounds or longer? The AFL is going to have to have someone doing multiple fixtures for all scenarios.

AFL returning on June 11 with use of Gold Coast hub

Care to discuss the premise of the article rather than five words?

Who really won the Super League war?

Nice article Joe. What a strange time that was. The ‘State of Origin’ tri-series was especially weird with New Zealand playing alongside NSW and Queensland and then getting dudded by a dubious call which ensured the final was between NSW and QLD.

One of the biggest individual winners was Bill Harrigan who made his mark in the Super League year after quitting the police force. He became as well known as the players in the novelty era of mic’ing up refs.

Who really won the Super League war?

As you’s a charity match. Not sure how we’re supposed to promote it if the official line is State of Origin? It’s like AFLX. Should we have called that something else because it in no way reflected AFL?

AFL State of Origin for Bushfire Relief: Preview

Hi Chinmay, it’s simply to make things easier if you want to increase the margin by a standard 5 points or 10. If you have a unique margin number in mind like 33 points feel free to enter it in manually in the box.

The most last-minute announcement we've ever made: Super Rugby tipping is back on The Roar

Thanks Sophie for this. Fed’s been asked this question so many times and he’s hinted that Wimbledon is where it’s at for him. When he is no longer competitive at Wimbledon that’s when he’ll likely call it quits. When you push Novak Djokovic all the way and have a chance to win a Wimbledon final..that’s pretty competitive.

Why do we demand Roger's retirement?

Incredible to just rock up from playing in Australia and putting in a performance like that in Indian conditions.

Australia smash India in record-breaking win

Hazlewood had such a good game and deserves a 9 rating, which just shows how ridiculous Stokes was to take him for 19 in an over. I don’t know how you bowl to Stokes when he’s in that form.

Australia third Ashes Test player ratings: Labuschagne and Hazlewood the best performers in stunning loss

How is it ridiculous? He’s been axed from the team for poor form. It’s a common term.

Reports: Cameron Bancroft axed for third Ashes Test

One ‘look’ per 8 wickets he takes under 20 runs.

The Liebke Ratings: First Ashes Test

Superb stuff as always Dan. Stuart Broad went a bit early with his traditional shock look on Day 1.

The Liebke Ratings: First Ashes Test

The standard of this league is obviously poor but they’re not professionals and apparently this guy has only been playing for five years. Love his attitude and commitment to cricket.

European Cricket League delivers one of the more bizarre bowling actions you will see

Certainly the greatest hour in the context of Australians/Brits/Kiwis loving cricket and tennis.
Americans would obviously say this day was bigger.,_1994

The greatest hour of sport ever played