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Wow! Glad I stayed up for that one. That was like back to the future in terms of the atmosphere that a Tiger charge brings to a final round. He got better as the round went on and his opponents all had mini to major disasters on the back nine. The Tiger chants and reaction to the scoreboard pressure no doubt contributed.

Golf is better with Tiger playing well. From outside the top 1000 to inside the top 10 in 16 months is incredible and he’d be short odds to get back to number 1 in the world now. Bring on the PGA Championship next month!

Woods' Masters win caps storybook comeback

Haha so true Damo. Normally takes me at least two to get out.

The bunker shot that led to Sergio Garcia's epic meltdown

Thanks for the trip down memory lane Brett. Some great vision of that 1963 PM’s XI game here including the Don’s dismissal.

Manuka Oval’s Test debut 95 years in the making

I reckon I would struggle to walk around with a broken wrist, let alone ride a bike at full speed across the toughest terrain in the world. Unbelievable achievement!

Aussie Toby Price overcomes fractured wrist to win 2019 Dakar rally

Part of the reason the great players are so consistent in making the second week in Slams is due to the fact they are the top seeds, therefore they earn the right to receive easier draws.

If you look at Kyrgios’ ranking history over the last three years it’s all over the place. He gets close to the Top 10 – then has a big slide, then comes back.

When asked about dropping outside the Top 50, Kyrgios said he didn’t care. He’s the sort of player that could go on an epic run as a wildcard or unseeded player and maybe that’s what he prefers…not having any pressure or expectation.

Is Nick Kyrgios the most overrated player in world tennis?

Great read and stats James. I suspect if Starc doesn’t perform in the day/night Test he will indeed be on the reserves list.

Moneyball: Selecting the Australian Test team on stats only

2-1 is a flattering result for the Aussies. Can’t help thinking that had Jadeja played in Perth it would have made a huge difference to that Test.

As you say Scotty, it doesn’t matter if there was no one knocking down the door for selection (which is not true), the next generation needs to be given a chance in the next series against Sri Lanka.

Marcus Harris and Travis Head can hold their heads up high.

It felt like the rest of the top order was still batting like it was 2004 when the Aussie team just blasted everyone.

That era is over and tough, gritty Test runs is what’s needed. Smith and Warner will put a band-aid on the bleeding when they return but Australia still needs a Pujara-style batsman in the middle order.

Six talking points from Australia vs India fourth Test

Notifications are in the pipeline and will be a bit more sophisticated than a straight email (although that will also be an option).

The FFA have made the right decisions on A-League expansion

Glad you’re liking the new features Redondo. As The Carpenters famously sang “We’ve only just begun.”

The FFA have made the right decisions on A-League expansion

Apologies everyone. We’ve had a technical glitch where some articles temporarily don’t allow comments. Has been fixed on this one now. Comment away!

Why the answers for Australian rugby are blowin’ in the wind

Looking forward to this game!

Cheika up for crack at Eddie's England

Is this the worst-ever ball to get an international batsman out LBW?

He’s down 2 sets but geez Millman has been impressive. Whatever happens, he’s had an incredible US Open and will take a lot of confidence into next year’s Aus Open knowing he can handle the heat better than most.

Millman and Djokovic bring the crowd to its feet with two unbelievable rallies

Quite remarkable scenes Richard. We’ve seen umpires have some banter with players but this is taking it to a whole new level. Federer quite rightly called it out and I’m sure there has to be some code broken by doing this.

If you can’t have ANY coaching from the stands how can this be allowed by the ITF/USTA? Herbert has every right to lodge a complaint.

Umpires should not be giving Nick Kyrgios inspirational pep talks

This is ridiculous! Lucky he didn’t drop it..imagine the ribbing he’d get!

When simply grounding the ball isn't exciting enough

Fantastic article Matt. I’m pumped for Origin a year out!

Origin's great shift: How New South Wales ended Queensland's dynasty to start an empire of their own

If it was a decider I’d say 8:28pm as pre-game would be dragged out even more, but a dead rubber might speed things up. I’ll say 8:17pm.

Origin 3 kick-off bingo: What time will State of Origin Game 3 actually start?

Surely a record in terms of every team scoring at least two goals in the tournament. Can’t imagine that’s ever happened before – even in the early days?

This has been one of the best World Cups in years

Thanks Redondo.

So you’re happy with the simulation in this tournament so far? It’s the final frontier that FIFA need to stamp out then we really can just focus on the positives of the football itself.

We need to talk about diving at the World Cup

Huge achievement to go back-to-back especially on such a tough course.

He should be one of the favourites now at the Open Championship which is arguably on the toughest links course on the rotation.

Brooks Koepka wins second US Open title

Optus finally suggested people login to the official FIFA app to access their stream on another server.

The World Game app was also an alternative which people only discovered after the tournament had started. Very little advertising of these alternatives which could have helped many out.

The great World Cup TV swindle

Crazy stat at half-time. Was something like 330 passes by Argentina to 80.

Argentina vs Iceland: 2018 FIFA World Cup highlights, scores, blog

I’m going to say 8:19pm. It’s always slightly earlier since the demise of the Gus Gould monologue.

State of Origin 2018 kick-off bingo: What time will Game 1 actually start?

Thanks for this great read Mike. It certainly was one of the great calls by Simon Hill.

It wasn’t just a moment for football fans but a moment for Australia like the America’s Cup. I watched the game at a university dining hall and was surrounded by rugby boys.

As I wrote on the 10-year anniversary of this game:

“If the Melbourne Cup stops the nation, that goal by Tim Cahill kickstarted a nation into frenzy. Those same rugby boys who had bemoaned the Socceroos for 83 minutes were now their biggest fans.”

Why Australian football fans will never forget Kaiserslautern

Feel like there was a good opportunity to give Lawrence Thomas a crack after his ridiculous A-League finals efforts.

Socceroos release 32-man World Cup squad