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There definitely needs (or needed when they set it out) to be a better layout of Sheild, JLT and Big Bash, BUT, in regards to your main point of the piece… I pretty well agree.

I know a few people that don’t like how long the new season is but it really doesn’t bother me. Like you say, you can tune in or out at any time without any consequence. It might look like a lack of investment by the fan base but let’s be real, there aren’t really many passionate Big Bash followers, mostly just casual fans who don’t care who wins, they just want to see something entertaining. And that’s the point of the Bash, entertainment… it’s what gets bums on seats and multi-million dollar TV deals.

As for the competitiveness, there’s currently only ONE game that separates nearly the entire competition. Between last place and 3rd is just two points, with second place only one game further ahead, that’s about as close as it gets.

I agree with many complaints surrounding the scheduling and breakup of the summer, but if the argument is solely against a longer BBL season, then I haven’t been budged.

Yes, the BBL is slightly long. But does it matter?

A very interesting read James, well done on the stats work. It’s fascinating to see guys like Tremain and Neser appear so highly, names that many wouldn’t really think of in the selection arguments who have been plugging away in Shield cricket for a few seasons now.

I seriously doubt the selectors would look at a method like this but it’s cool to see how things shape up when you take a different perspective on the selection process.

Moneyball: Selecting the Australian Test team on stats only

Vettel’s championship is already gone for mine, he’s done the exact same this as last year and just blown the second half of the season when the pressure started to arive.

Credit to Hamilton though, the guy is consistent. When he isn’t winning he’s finishing podium, but when Vettel doesn’t win he gives up so many more points.

Red Bull should take a punt on Hartley for next season, they’re taking a backward step going back to Kvyat, who I’m sure has matured as a driver, but he had his chance and it’s time to try someone else

What's at stake at this weekend's Russian Grand Prix?

I was definitely anti-halo when they announced it last year. Not just in terms of the aesthetics, but the actual vision-impairment of the driver who now has a huge thing in front of their eyes while trying to navigate a track at 300km/h plus speeds.

Realistically though it hasn’t been the end of the world as a lot of stubborn fans were expecting. Yeah the cars look different, but the racing hasn’t been too affected and we have situations like this where Le Clerc gets to keep his head on his shoulders. Better to be safe than sorry, move on.

How Belgium put the halo debate to bed

Surely, SURELY, by now the UCI would have some idea on how to handle situations like these more professionally and clearer for the fans, the riders and the media.


Although I agree with the concept of innocent until proven guilty, if Froome takes the Tour you can bet your bottom dollar there’ll be outrage this and outrage that from everyone under the sun about the credibility and validity of such a “tainted” victory

Maybe the British media will be the exception…

Other than that, bring on the race! Should be a pearler this year

The UCI's handling of the Chris Froome case begs the question: Have they learnt anything from 20 years of scandal?

I guess it’s because we have so many other sports that we’re not accustomed to diving, although it is creeping in, and I understand that.

So if the rest of the world doesn’t get on board with this or any kind of change, then what happens??

We just say bugger it and let it go, let it keep happening and get worse? It’s probably the likely outcome which is unfortunate

KNOW YOUR LAWS: The act of diving

If they’re getting up and playing on a minute after carrying on like their bone just shattered through their leg. Red card.

It won’t stop, nothing will change, unless there is something to stop them doing it, and getting red and missing a game is just that.

Yes there will be teething problems initially, but it’s a long term play that has to be made to stamp out diving which is something the rest of the sporting world laugh at and brush football aside as a joke because of the theatrics.

It also creates problems when players are actually injured, because fans, officials, trainers and other players don’t know. They think it’s just another sell job to win a penalty and the person that is legitimately hurt could suffer because of it.

Pepe’s collapse from a tap on the back and Neymar’s rolling around after a touch of the shin is laughable, a joke, it makes them look like idiots and it makes the sport look stupid for allowing it.

KNOW YOUR LAWS: The act of diving

Valentine Holmes kicked 1 from 3 conversions. Missing out on four points… Queensland lose by four points

I guess all the concerns about not having a legit goal kicker leading into the series have come to fruition

Nine talking points from State of Origin Game 2

I don’t doubt he would have been the first person to the ball, but whether he picks it up, puts it down or the ball actually stays in as a whole other story

Tough call

Nine talking points from State of Origin Game 2

Tell that to Daly Cherry-Evans who took the Clive Churchill medal despite losing the 2013 GF

Nine talking points from State of Origin Game 2

Well… you’ve got a point

State of Origin 2018 kick-off bingo: What time will Game 1 actually start?

I’m calling an early one, I think 8:12 just because I think they’ll be making an effort this year to be on time and avoid the waffling

State of Origin 2018 kick-off bingo: What time will Game 1 actually start?

Williams has pulled out (retired) before the match with a chest injury. Sharapova through

Serena Williams vs Maria Sharapova: French Open live scores

I’ve always been of the mindset that LeBron has, and will continue to, surpass Jordan as the games greatest of all time (bringing Chamberlain or Russell into the argument as well could go forever!) but I do agree with what you’re saying in regards to his role in the team.

It’s all good to look at stats and, while MJ has the points per game lead, LeBron is leading comfortably in rebounds and assists making him theoretically the better all-round player.

But like you say, there’s reason that Jordan was so successful at finals time and LeBron has been far less so and that has a lot to do with how he plays WITH his team, not as well as his team

MJ or LeBron: Why there's a clear winner in the race to be basketball's GOAT

Well this is looking like it could be a 120+ winning margin at this rate, the Roos should be disappointed if they don’t win my more than triple figures from here

North Melbourne Kangaroos vs Brisbane Lions: AFL live scores, highlights

My first thought was that the call was definitely way too harsh giving a red for what looked to just be a very well-timed tackle. Once he’d made the tackle and lifted, momentum took him forward and there’s not much he could have done to avoid the ball-runner landing the way he did for mine

KNOW YOUR LAWS: Did this tackle really warrant a red card?

Ditto marfu, as an Aussie I’d love to see Ricciardo take a seat at Mercedes and challenge for a title, but I feel for Bottas and all the scrutiny he gets.

He’s a solid, consistent performer and he’s basically there to support Hamilton’s title bid and scoop up the scraps for the constructors, and he does that job well. I’d hate to see him pushed to the side despite his improvements from last season.

Mercedes already have a driver who can take the championship and two drivers that take the constructors, they don’t need to bring in Ricciardo for the sake of challenging their own driver for a championship they would already win

Why Bottas deserves a new Mercedes deal

This is incredibly devastating to read Harry but written beautifully and with true meaning. I’m sorry you had to experience that but I really do hope your message reaches the people that need to see it most

Forty years ago, we were all in Hell

It’s raining three’s from both sides!! Defence in the paint is keeping everyone out wide but they’re just slotting them from beyond the arc like it’s nothing!

Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers: NBA Playoffs Game 3 live scores, blog

76ers were off the mark in game 2 and they looked to fall away pretty quickly as soon as they slipped behind a little bit. This will be a tough one on the road and they can’t afford to just give in so easily again.

I think if Heat take this game then they take the series

Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers: NBA Playoffs Game 3 live scores, blog

Simmons a little sloppy early, but Dragic is on a whole other level of aggression, he needs to be careful he doesn’t get fouled out very early in this game

Philadelphia 76ers vs Miami Heat: Ben Simmons, NBA Playoffs Game 2 live scores, blog

They needed that one. It’s been far from the start they would have been hoping for leading into a game like this considering the matchup, but with one on the board they’ll hopefully be able to open up a bit and play with some more confidence up front

Australian Hockeyroos vs Canada: Commonwealth Games Women’s hockey live scores, blog

Is that a swish from his OWN free-throw line??

Club Roar winners announced: The biggest, best and funniest of grassroots sports

I went to the CS:GO IEM last year, my first live eSports event, and it was insanely fun! How anyone can say eSports is anti-social or “like pokies to millennials” as the SBS piece you linked stated, is beyond me.

It’s like the whole Pokemon GO argument all over again.

These things, these events, bring thousand and thousands of people together. People at the CS:GO event were spending hours hanging out and talking to other people they’d never met before in their life, they interacted with a whole crowd of people with similar interests.

Some may laugh at it, but strangers were high-fiving and laughing with each other whenever their favourite team got the final kill cam in a game. The atmosphere is of excitement at these things and everyone there loves the same thing and wants to enjoy it with other people who love it.

If you don’t like eSports, don’t watch it… but let other people enjoy it

Esports are just as social as traditional sports. Here's why

Incredible from De Minaur considering the kid is ranked 139 in the world and he just took the No. 5 to five sets. Huge future if he avoids the Tomic path who was in a similar position when he was De Minaur’s age

Alex de Minaur vs Alexander Zverev: Australia vs Germany, Davis Cup tennis live scores, blog