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Choosing names for the NBL's newest franchises

19 Dec 2011

It was announced this week that the NBL commission are in the final stages of approving two new teams for the league’s 2012-13 season. It’s hoped that by the end of January a new team from Melbourne and a team returning to the Brisbane market will be approved.

Patty Mills heads for China

21 Nov 2011

Australian Boomers point guard Patty Mills has announced that he will be terminating his contract with the Melbourne Tigers of the Australian NBL, and instead taking a lucrative offer in China.

NBA cancels first two weeks of upcoming season

11 Oct 2011

It was announced Tuesday that NBA Commissioner David Stern has officially cancelled the first two weeks of the 2011-12 NBA regular season. The cancellation is a result of continued difficulties in negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement between the owners and NBA Players Association.

Ongoing negotiations is a worry for NBL

28 Sep 2011

News arose this week that the NBL is still in discussions with the Ten network negotiators about the status of their NBL broadcasting for season 2011-12.

Still no progress in NBA labour talks

3 Aug 2011

The commissioner, some league owners, and players’ association heads met in New York today to hold a three hour collective bargaining meeting.

Understanding the NBA player lockout

8 Jul 2011

For the second time in 13 years the NBA has imposed a lockout on their players. The decision by NBA Commissioner, David Stern, comes on the back of serious differences in the views of the owners, administration and the NBA Players Association (NBAPA).