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Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to see the Dragons return, for the banner raising. I just don’t think the previous owners will be willing to give up thier brand to a model they don’t dully support. Additionally, the new team will no doubt have the selfish idea that any 2nd team will have to be new for the sole reason that they must be in control, of not only the future, but the past.

Choosing names for the NBL's newest franchises

I’m not sure about the other states, but basketball is most played junior sport in Victoria.

Ongoing negotiations is a worry for NBL

43, 41, 38, 34 and 5 😀

60 things I want to see from the NBA

Thanks for the feedback Roger. For all the criticism i put out there, it actually is kinda difficult to come up with good team names.

Big Bash League: An outsider's opinion

All though i like what you’re doing, it’s too hard to predict this kind of stuff yet. We don’t even know if there is going tobe rollbacks a hard cap or even a mid level exception.

NBA 2011 free agency: Atlantic Division

Also Phil if you wanna read up on the draft i’ve published 2 mock drafts to date and will be putting my final one up tomorrow

Draft 2
Draft 1

Irving says he wants to represent Australia

EP- Duke weren’t the eventual champs. UConn won the national championship, Duke was 09-10 champs
btw if Cleveland take Williams it’ll have nothing to do with PG depth, all aboutr taking the best player which might actually be derrick williams

Irving says he wants to represent Australia

thing is if they take Williams then Irving and Knight will probably go 2 and 3. I don’t think Kemba is enough to really consider missing on Irving. The difference between Irving and the rest is pretty big, maybe not that much between Knight, Walker and Fredette, but still enough to separate the three. With Irving he’s a lock to start on any lottery team, the same can’t be said for any of the others.

NBA - updated mock draft

LOLS. Arenas is never going to be 100%, anyway the Celtics are the exception not the rule, they brought three veteren leaders and surrounded them with character guys. The Bulls are nothing like those Celtics. Thibs is a first year head coach, although hes done great all year it would be unreasonable to ask for a finals run from them. I think we see a Celtics Lakers finals again.

NBA Playoffs - the 5 teams that can win the championship

I don’t care if Shaq is healthy or not. There’s no way im picking this Celtics team to lose in the first round to a team with no defense. Not going to happen.
BTW with the Heat it wasn’t just Shaq. Your ignoring a seasoned coach in Pat Riley, veterans like Jason Williams, Gary Payton, Alonzo Mourning and Antoine Walker, not to mention the fact that the refs gave Miami that whole series against Dallas.
History proves that a team that’s never won a series cant be a serious title threat.

The Magic could pull a second round upset if Turkoglu returns to 2009 form and Richardson can play well. Oh and that big guy Dwight Howard, they need him to do good too.

NBA Playoffs - the 5 teams that can win the championship

History in the NBA shows that young teams like the Bulls and the Thunder just can’t win it this early. Teams need to make the playoffs and get eliminated in a deep run before they can win it. Because of that i think the Celtics, Lakers and Spurs are the only ones with a real shot. Maybe Miami if the focus is switched to the more experienced D-Wade.
As much as I hate to say it, if Bynum is healthy and Kobe has a decent run then the Lake show is unstoppable.
BTW I’d worry more about the Lakers facing Portland than facing the Mavs.

NBA Playoffs - the 5 teams that can win the championship

Same injury just more surgery. Hopefully itll be good for him. He’s being playing hurt all season, sitting out some games with pain and his had free throw troubles all year.

Andrew Bogut to have elbow surgery

In the last few days his dad and he have come out confirming it. Saying he wants to win a national championship and will give it at least one more shot. Also they said he wants to develop his PF skills (natural C) with playing time in college rather than practice time in the pros.

Sullinger verbally re-commits to Ohio State

I agree with that though a Geelong teams seams unlikely. Hopefully though these teams would come in gradually. Diluting the talent base too quickly would be damaging.

The future is looking brighter for the NBL

I definitely agree with some of your points. Thing is, Brandon is way to overrated, Bogut will likely be injured for most of his career and Salmons’ play was during a contract year where he had to play to get payed. The Bucks really need Bogut to thrive, and they work well when they can move the ball. Maggette brings all of that down and was a really poor pick up by the GM. Let’s hope they can get someone better than jonas valanciunas in the draft.

Milwaukee downed in humiliating fashion

The difference with the Clippers this season is they actually have a shot at a future with this team. Eric Gordon is within the top 6 or 7 SG’s in the league and Blake Griffin sells tickets like no one else in the league.
I understand that the Kings were once the Royals in Rochester and Cincinnati i was simply referring to the fact the by changing again they would have to acquire a whole new fan base in a new city and remove themselves at least partially from their history in Kansas City and Sacramento. Appreciate the feedback and be sure to read some of my other work.

Sacramento Kings relocation a mistake

Thanks for reading. The Kings used to be in Rochester, Cincinnati and Kansas City. I personally hope they can hold off a move till Las Vegas becomes an option. Really think the Kings would do well there. Gonna be writing NBA and NBL articles alot so check out my writers page every few days.

Sacramento Kings relocation a mistake