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Definitely the Cats to lose right now. I’m with you in that there are only three legitimate contenders. I’d fancy Sydney or even Essendon as the next couple but can’t see either doing it. Losing Bruce will hurt the Dogs and our problems down back make it tough to beat Geelong. Melbourne will be very interesting. Probably have the best first-class talent, so it’s surprising to me that they’re 11th in clearances with their big three (Gawn, Trac, Oliver). But it is now or never for the Cats. Both the Dogs and Dees are only going to get better, while Geelong’s core for the past 15 years (Selwood, Hawkins) is nearing the end. And if they do manage to get it done, definitely another asterisk season.

Now or never? Geelong must win the premiership this season

Interesting one. Definitely would have made the top 10 in the past couple of Olympics, but there were just so many great moments in Tokyo. Also, being honest, there wasn’t a whole lot of coverage compared to all our other golds, and while I’m not fully across their stories, I can’t imagine they compare to someone like Owen Wright’s. Could’ve easily had the sailers at 10, not any higher for me.

My top ten Aussie moments from Tokyo 2020

That 400m freestyle would have to be the best individual race of the Olympics, but I thought on the whole, for Emma McKeon to win seven medals from seven events (including two individual golds), she had to be above Titmus. We’ll likely never see a campaign that good again from an Australian.

My top ten Aussie moments from Tokyo 2020

Heeney, Sloane out for the season and Kennedy for 6-8 weeks. They join Kreuzer, Howe, Heppell, Stringer, Rowell, Stewart, Prestia, Nankervis, Buddy, Dunkley, and Naughton on the sidelines. All out for at least another month, and the majority with ankle injuries. Building a very nice injured-lineup at the moment which is disappointing for footy fans as we want to see the best players out on the field. Definitely a question of whether the restart and broken up season is causing these problems (particularly the ankle injuries)?

Disaster for Swans as Heeney ruled out for season

Seems the AFL somewhat listened to you, Macca. Suns getting a Thursday night FTA game in round 8 against the bulldogs.

Six talking points from AFL Round 6

Great read Paul. These matches/tournaments and a few more will definitely leave a huge mark on the legacy of the ‘Big 3’. For Rafa, winning Wimbledon in ’08, and the semi against Novak at Rolland Garros in 2013. For Federer, the 2017 Final may go down as his biggest ever win. To beat Nadal at 35, when his career looked to be coming to an end, coming from 3-1 down in the 5th, and extending his lead on the grand slam count was huge. And for Novak, last year’s Wimbledon final as you mentioned may be the one that puts him ahead in the end, but also the 2013 Aus Open final over Nadal. As much as we should admire and appreciate all three, the Goat debate will no doubt continue to be held, and these matches will go down as some of the pivotal ones.

The career-defining tournaments for Federer, Nadal and Djokovic

Definitely agree on the coverage of the game. Just watching other sports around the world (US the main one), and even something like ‘Drive to Survive’, it is clear that the AFL can do better. Need to find a way for the game to be more informative and interactive from a TV point of view. It may have taken crowd-less games for us to realise, but in reality, even when fans are back at games, the large majority are still watching the TV broadcast.

Six talking points from AFL Round 6

Definitely needs to be considered given the players that have young families/pregnant wives/etc. The older and more experienced clubs will be most affected with many 18-23-year-olds relishing the idea of being up on the Gold Coast, and away from the Victorian lockdown. It will be interesting to see if the hub scenario does impact any teams or specific players and whether others will thrive in the unprecedented situation.

Hawkins and Riewoldt admit they’re uneasy about hubs

Kicked inaccurately and lost to the best side in the comp at the Gabba in front of a home Brisbane crowd. Definitely not the end of the world for Port and your article sums this up nicely, Adam.

Port's doubters could not be more wrong

All the votes seem pretty accurate to me. Have you got your totals after 5 rounds Lucas?

Who led my Brownlow count after Rounds 4 and 5?

Very true. The decision will need to be made a fair way out, for a range of reasons. The discussion is definitely ramping up, so I can only assume Gil and the AFL will have to make it a focus (once the fixture is sorted for a few rounds), and look to announce it over the next 6 weeks.

An MCG grand final probably can't happen - but where else works?

Great read Josh. It’s been the drop off from many players that were pivotal to their success in 2018. Firstly, Brayshaw who polled 21 Brownlow votes (3rd) in that year has fallen far from that standard, and even Gawn who finished 4th in the Brownlow the same year has dropped off to an extent. Oliver who looked like becoming the best player in the comp has not developed as Melbourne fans would’ve hoped. And up forward, Tom McDonald, all injuries considered, has not matched his form from 2018 where he kicked 50+ goals. Similarly, Weideman has not developed into a strong 2nd key forward for the Dees. Looks like it will be another tough year for Dees fans.

Why Melbourne are a Dee-sappointment - and what they should do next

You can only imagine he is completely devastated…but there could be a positive spin to take out of it. Rowell will have a full year, without school to worry about, to get his body right for 2021. He should still get a full preseason. As much as he looks already mature and like a born leader, this kind of setback is truly mentally and emotionally tough. It will no doubt hold him in good stead for the rest of his career. There is a huge chance he will be the captain of the Suns for 10 or so years in the future and experiences like this can only build on his character and the person he is outside of football, as well as at the club. Horrific news for all football fans. This match was such a joy to watch so early in his career…but from what we have seen, he will do everything the club asks of him to be fit and ready to go when his body is ready. One year off so that he can be a champion for the next 15. Seems like the right call by the club and his return will be even better than before.

Suns to be conservative with Rowell: Dew

For Victorian’s sake, at least during this lockdown, there will be footy to watch every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (and possibly Monday).

2020 AFL season: Round 6 preview

Great read Tom. And thanks for putting in the clips as they really added to the article. I have been a huge fan of the Bruce/BT combination for years but this year, I agree with you, it’s just not great. BT’s ability to actually call the game and know the names of players/etc is quite low and Bruce has lost some of his traditional methods of commentary. I have found myself taking much more enjoyment from the ‘Fox Footy’ commentary this year. For example…Saturday’s Gold Coast Vs Geelong game was called by Jason Dunstall, Mark Howard, and Nick Riewoldt. It was much more interesting and inciteful, with Howie’s voice so refreshing from the Channel 7 commentary. And the likes of Dunstall and Riewoldt manage to be enjoyable to listen to whilst also analyzing the game and the way forwards, etc are moving/playing. Definitely an interesting discussion…but for now, I’m preferring to listen to Fox Footy and SEN for that matter, over Channel 7.

It's time for Channel Seven to improve

You would have to think that if not the MCG (which after today’s lockdown announcement seems increasingly unlikely), Optus is the leading contender. A stadium built for Aussie Rules (unlike ANZ) and in a state with a very strong following of the sport. Could possibly be the Gabba or Adelaide Oval, but the decision may come down to who is playing. Something to consider… would the AFL let Brisbane play a Grand Final at the Gabba?

An MCG grand final probably can't happen - but where else works?

Really appreciate that Chris. I have watched bits of both codes and have never fully understood the differences. I generally assumed that the term ‘rugby’ would apply to both of them, but it’s great to know the separate denominations. I will know for future to refer to the NRL as ‘league’ and Union/Super Rugby as ‘rugby’ or ‘Union’.

Time to end the code wars, AFL and NRL can live in harmony

Great read Andy.
I have always been an avid AFL fan and have never at all enjoyed NRL. But last Thursday, after a pretty average Carlton/St Kilda match, I found myself watching and enjoying the NRL. Having been quite negative about rugby in the past, maybe it is time for footy fans to start ‘living in harmony’.

Time to end the code wars, AFL and NRL can live in harmony

Agree with all your points this week Josh. Brisbane has clearly established themselves as premiership favourites for mine, and Adelaide are at the opposite end of the scale. St Kilda may just be the most exciting side to watch when they are going, partly due to the work Max King is doing up forward. And I believe Ben King’s Coleman push would have been a serious possibility if not for Rowell’s injury. And the hub scenario…it will be very interesting to see what unfolds in the coming weeks.

Six talking points from AFL Round 5

I’m a big AFL fan but have never enjoyed rugby in any way. Yet, on Thursday night, after a poor Carlton performance and a lackluster primetime game, I found myself relishing the Melbourne Storm comeback. To be honest, it was more exciting than the AFL match, something I never thought I would say. So, Ben, you’re right, the AFL needs to change something to make the game more appealing.

The NRL is torching the Frankenstein AFL

Big win for Tasmania. A chance for the state to really embrace a hometown sporting team. They do have the Hobart Hurricanes to follow over January but not much else for the rest of the year. No current AFL, NRL, or A-league team, so an NBL team could really take off in Tassie.

Tasmania secures NBL team

No doubt Djokovic must step down as a leader of the players. In my opinion, someone down the rankings should take the reigns. Kyrgios’ raw ability to speak how he feels, unlike many other athletes, has been immeasurable for tennis during this time.

When did Nick Kyrgios become tennis' voice of reason?

Lloyd is 100% in the right here. Collingwood are definitely not telling the whole story, and Eddie refuses to consider stripping Sidebottom’s vice-captaincy. Personally, I think Lloyd came out with the 4 points from this debate.

Grab the popcorn for Lloyd vs McGuire

Just had a look at last week’s side and you’ve done well to pick Timmy English. I’m a bulldogs fan but I can’t say he looked like being dominant after the first few rounds, but gee he looked good on Thursday. Almost an impossible side to pick but I reckon you’ll be right with Witts against the Cats ruck problems. Also, I like the Hipwood call. In need of a big performance and when better than against the best side in the comp.

Predicting Round 5's team of the week

Saints are an interesting one. Smashed the bulldogs who have looked quite good since, but then a really poor performance against the pies. Now, they come out and beat Richmond. At 2-2, it’s hard to know where they sit. Thursday night against the blues will be telling (for both).

Lessons learned from Round 4