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Ruckin oaf

Sure he ultimately didn’t look when he passed but the body language and running line suggests that both Horan and campese knew what each other was doing and where they where going.
Campo steps outwards and then inwards and sees Horan coming across the back of him.. he balks an outward step whilst looking over his left shoulder seeing Horan and ultimately turns inwards whilst popping over the top of his right knowing exactly where Horan was literally waiting for / running onto the pass.

A good ‘no look’ pass is part anticipation part intuition but ultimately relies on the receiver being in tandem with the passer.

Why even Rebels have to follow the rules

‘What right as a fan do we have to know their commercial decisions?’

Exactly TWAS it seems that the general public have no material say other than with their feet and wallet.

Our state unions are supposed to hold RA accountable but that doesn’t seem to be happening. SANZAAR and the national bodies are a law unto themselves.

They kinda remind me of the banks that have a record of treating their customers with utter disdain.

Sunwolves saga is SANZAAR’s failings laid bare

The trouble is nobody seems to be accountable for anything at SANZAAR.

They F##K it up time and time again and it seems that nobody is held accountable.. neither at SANZAAR nor anyone in management or the boards at RA, NZRU, ARU, SARU.

Who’s policing the police?

In the meantime the game and fans suffer whilst they reward themselves in their ivory towers.

Sunwolves saga is SANZAAR’s failings laid bare

That’s the thing Kiwkrs…

Nobody really knows.. but I find it hard to beleive that SA bring in over 50%.. if so they would demand that money rather than distributing it evenly.

The single biggest impediment to the competition is the different time zone which has lead to dwindling media coverage and supporters.

Does anyone have some actual figures to show that SA is actually responsible for the $ generated for SR.. (not the RC)

SANZAAR's Sunwolves decision is all dollars and no sense

GEE everyone is leaving but the RA admin and board that we really need to move on.

Naivalu joins growing list of Wallabies leaving post-World Cup


“Yep. Just hire the AFL marketing and logistics people to do it. Oz Rugby numpties couldn’t run a bath”

Therein lies the real problem…

If league and AFL especially have grown and commanded $, one can only wonder about Unions’s management teams.

SANZAAR's Sunwolves decision is all dollars and no sense

Kiwikrs… yes TWAS has often said that..

But so what .. there is no reason it could not be renegotiated.

Besides.. what on earth are they offering.. they’ve changed it numerous times already and each time is worse that what we had to start with.

I bet the bulk of that money paid by Foxtel was for the Rugby Championship not SR.

SANZAAR's Sunwolves decision is all dollars and no sense


RA, NZRU, WR and especially SA don’t care.. it’s not their problem or responsibility according to them.

Your right.. League will probably take over as there are more professional opportunities in a better marketed sport.

It infuriates me that the pacific is being belittled and ignored when it is probably both NZRU and RA biggest opportunity.

SANZAAR's Sunwolves decision is all dollars and no sense

exactly Steve,

Too many roarers seem to think SA brings in the $ for Super rugby…

There may be some truth in it for the Rugby Championship but I really do wonder about super rugby.

If AFL and NRL can get whopping deals by creating a tribal comp played in the SAME TIME ZONE I see no reason why a Pacific or Asia pacific comp couldn’t.

It would be a far bigger market than AFL and NRL enjoy… Think about the combined numbers of rugby fans from Australia, NZ, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and Japan. Then there is the ability of Foxtel to show those games overseas… Something that the NRL and AFL don’t have …

SANZAAR's Sunwolves decision is all dollars and no sense

There is nothing I’d like more than getting South Africa out of super rugby.

For me the different time zone pretty much kills the comp, yet they wonder why the media and increasingly fans turn to anything but super rugby.

SANZAAR's Sunwolves decision is all dollars and no sense

Yeah but is sucks big time Paul D..

North Sydney oval has a capacity of 20k and I bet they could easily have filled that.. it’d be a much better atmosphere

15k at the SCG that give the punter a poor night out plus it really lacks atmosphere and lessens the supporter voice along with it looking poor on tele.
20k at the NSO giving the punter a great night out, good atmosphere and team support and looks good on tele

Which one is better for the game?

I’d go with the NSO but I can only presume the guaranteed $ rain hail shine from the SCG is too hard for them to forgo.

The Wrap: Dark clouds gather again around Super Rugby and the World League

How much are the Waratah’s being paid to play at the SCG?

I didn’t go mainly because it is a poor place to watch the game.. you practically need binoculars.

The Wrap: Dark clouds gather again around Super Rugby and the World League

there aren’t a lot of opportunities for young men fresh out of school in rugby.

That’s possibly Rugby’s biggest issue.. the lack of professional teams compared to league in Australia..

RA plan to retain talent is laughable because where on earth do they play professionally?

We have a miserly 4 teams now.. it’s pathetic.

Grow up playing AFL or League you there are 14 professional teams to have a crack at..

Wright time to make a mark for Brumbies

PP that’s entirely the point.. it favours the top teams … with a tokenistic op for 2 teams?

Wouldn’t giving teams in all zones regular games against the best they have do more to improve the lesser teams and ultimately grow rugby?

In my mind the whole thing just ruins the World Cup and doesn’t offer anything tangible for tier 2 teams.

Pacific Nations may not get snubbed after all as World Rugby unveils Nations Championship details

What’s the point of having a RWC then?

If anything why not have zone comp inbetween world cups?

ie. Pacific, Euro, Americas, Africa

The whole thing just seems a money grabbing exercise favouring the top 10.

We all know Fiji, Tonga and Samoa could challenge Australia and NZ if they got to play them regularly.

The proposed concept doesn’t give teams like Samoa, Tonga, Fiji etc etc regular games against the likes of NZ and Aus so they will still languish down the table and every 4 years they’ll try and get a team together for the WC … show promise but ultimately fall short because they don’t play together regularly and may not have their best players… or at least the ones that the tier 1 nations don’t pick for themselves.

Pacific Nations may not get snubbed after all as World Rugby unveils Nations Championship details

The whole thing just emphasises how out of touch and clueless those running rugby are.

The very fact they are calling it world ‘league’ is amusing to say the least.

RA and NZRU should be ashamed of themselves.

It is an indictment on them that they do not support Pacific Islander rugby but are more than happy to take their cream.

Why there isn’t a version of the 6 nations tournament in the pacific is beyond me.

Instead of playing a tournament in different time zones we should be playing in the same time zone both super rugby and international rugby.

I would love nothing more than to see Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, NZ, Australia in a 5 nations tournament.. perhaps add on Japan and make it 6 nations.

The World Rugby 12-team league is a Six Nations set-up

Gee the whole thing reminds me of the genius muppet who over expanded Super rugby and made it a shambles.

At this stage the thing just reeks of short sighted greed at the expense of the game.

I would prefer to see in-between world cups versions of soccers euro and asian cup..

So Northern / Southern Hemisphere tournaments… or go one better and do it logically…

Split it so that it is in the same time zone..
Other ways to think about it are.. aAmericas, pacific/ Asia, Euro, Africa

It’s a sad that the Pacific doesn’t have it’s own version of the six nations tournament.

The not so-World League

I haven’t seen Hodge do anything at super or international level to demand a starting spot in any position.

I wouldn’t put him in Melbourne’s current starting XV let alone the wallabies.

I bet most people wouldn’t know what his original specialist position was.

On the flip side he makes a great sub as he can cover all positions without losing too much.

More so on a 5 / 2 bench as the other back is almost always a halfback.

Reece Hodge must pick his own position – and stick to it

At least the ball will be thrown in straight for the the next 6 weeks ????????

Tolu Latu suspended six weeks after Sunwolves citation

Unless my memory is wrong did he not play J Oconnor at 10 in the 2nd and 3rd tests?

That’s in spite of him not having played 10 before? Was he hoping he would be the next Larkham? If so why try it out in the lions series ?

By dumping Larkham, the Wallabies have been Cheika-mated

I’d love to see double headers, it gives us more bang for our buck.

Getting girls and women involved in the game will only benefit rugby as whole.

Watching last years final was thoroughly enjoyable.

Season 2 of Super W has arrived!

The size of their ticker, determination, nous and the quality of their technique will trump sheer bulk.

Having said that generally speaking if all things be equal, it’d be a monumental task for a featherweight to box in the heavy weight division.

Does size really matter?

Sure but in reality do any super sides actually rely on gate takings?

Fiji would surely have adequate numbers but no doubt Tonga and Samoa would struggle..

It’d certainly create a competition that people would actually want to watch not to mention the vast number of islander expats.
Whilst I realise I may be dreaming to get it off the ground I’d suggest that a broadcasting deal with Foxtel could fund the competition in place of the existing super comp.

It would do wonders for rugby in the region.

The Wrap: What’s the real lowdown with grassroots rugby? Part Two

A pacific comp comprising teams from NZ, Australia, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa played in the same time zone would go a long way to creating a competition people want to watch and could actually follow.

I’d pay more to watch it than this disjointed rabble of a comp we now have.

The Wrap: What’s the real lowdown with grassroots rugby? Part Two

They didn’t really have positions in the under 8’s everyone roved around.

The coach has given him the nickname ‘tackle monster’ has he’s obsessed with chopping them down. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the coach has him down as a 7 which is what I played as a junior.

I am keen for him to play 10 or 12 but we’ll see what happens.

The Wrap: What’s the real lowdown with grassroots rugby? Part Two