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Flipside Connor33 to

(3) AU delivered the greatest comeback in test history.

would be

Argentina had the greatest capitulation in test history?

Cheika survives the axe as Rugby AU bring in Scott Johnson as director of rugby

Cheika would only surround himself with more ‘YES’ men

The Wrap: Is this D-day for Michael Cheika or same old, same old?

Assuming they don’t sack him I suspect at best they may try and impose selectors upon him …

The Wrap: Is this D-day for Michael Cheika or same old, same old?

wonderful parody thanks Geoff….

The Wrap: Is this D-day for Michael Cheika or same old, same old?

Don… GPS schools.. at least in Sydney supposedly don’t offer ‘Rugby’ scholarships.

Scots college dominance in recent years put a few noses out of joint at other schools that have historically dominated the comp.

Apparently at a gps meeting they settled upon a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ not to offer any ‘sporting’ scholarships.

Ironically they have all been doing it for years.. one in particular with rugby.

Australian rugby dealt massive blow with Izaia Perese set for shock code switch

Isi Nasiari @ 8 with Dempsey @ 6 may be a better balance.

Take you pick of pooper

All is not lost: Four quick fixes for the Wallabies forwards

Would you hand things over to the current administration?

I very much doubt anyone would

Australian rugby can turn this corner, but only if it wants to

Just before the beginning of the fight Mundine is looking anywhere but at his opponent.

The body language said ‘I really don’t wanna/shouldn’t be here, but here we go for one last pay cheque’

A fitting final chapter in the career of Anthony Mundine

LOL Brett, going by your below comment, the coach would likely have to well north of 40 as they don’t sing the national anthem in schools much anymore lest they ‘offend’ someone.

“I want the coach to be someone who sung Advance Australia Fair at school, not learnt from a YouTube clip.”

A role for White, but not as Wallabies head coach

Is Cheika hell bent on getting sacked?

Pocock to play, Beale excluded from Wallabies lineup

I wrote the first bit by myself Marlin ????

But no harm quoting a quote ????

Italy vs Wallabies: Spring Tour preview and prediction

Can the Azzuri create history? Against this poorly coached mob quite possibly!

Georgina Robinson was asked on social media this week if the Wallabies had the players to be competitive with the top three in the world. Her answer was simply ‘‘Yes’’ and it is entirely justified.

The talent distribution among the teams ranked No.2 to No.8 or No.9 in the world is relatively even and their current rankings are a reflection of the coaching they are receiving.

Italy vs Wallabies: Spring Tour preview and prediction

Could one of our learned Kiwi colleagues advise about the history of the Haka before the All blacks started using it?
Was it used prominently in NZ culture before the All Blacks or has it really just become a phenomenon because of the success of the all blacks?

I'm totally over the Haka

Foley at 12 really just emphasises how clueless Chieka is.

He obviously won’t be defending there which means more dumb musical chairs in defence.

I’d love to see Italy win and then maybe just maybe it’ll be the end of this ridiculous charade.

Michael Cheika's mixed selections for Italy

Who’s policing the police?

The rot starts at the top….I mean come on.. the whole RA board should be replaced.

RA management literally mirrors Cricket Australia. Incompetent and arrogant.

Castle has only been in the job for a short time but she is sounding more and more like a puppet than the puppet master.

RA is broke but there is plenty of cash to fly and accommodate layers management to the UK to conduct a review, why can’t this be done in Australia?

Why do Wallabies coaches have immunity until the World Cup?

They would literally be better off without a coach than with Cheika and co

Lose-lose for the Wallabies against the Azzurri

Brett, the Italian’s aren’t as bad as most like to think.

Sure they lose a lot but they can play well for patches..

They did play quite well in Chicago for about 35 minutes until the wheels fell off or the Irish cranked it up a gear or two.

The wobalies aren’t unlike the Italians.

They can play well in patches but lose more than they should, both seem to lack ticker.

Basically nobody will be surprised if the wobalies lose

Lose-lose for the Wallabies against the Azzurri

It’s a real possibility Fionn.

If Italy play as well for the whole game against Australia as they did for the first half against Ireland in Chicago.. it’ll probably be enough to topple the hapless wollobies.

There is little chance of them beating England.

Wallabies frustration continues with loss to Wales

Typical league beat up..

Two quite different games and it’s too simplistic to assume you could transplant any player and they’d be a success.

Lets see how league goes when..
1. it is no longer on FTA
2. They can’t pinch all the australian school boys rugby team

But lets ask a few questions.
1. Why doesn’t anyone much outside of Australia, care, or watch or play it?
Better still
2. Why doesn’t anyone much outside nsw and qld, care or watch or play it

Rugby union is in strife – league is here to help

I did but must have scrolled past the timing bit….

I’m looking forward to watching this more than the dead rubber.

Go Drua!

The match-ups that will decide the NRC final

What time is the game on Sydney time and how can I watch it?

The match-ups that will decide the NRC final

Cheka will likely stick with the same old team so what’s the point of including anyone new?

Wallabies squad for Bledisloe 3: Dempsey returns from injury as Cheika names three potential debutants

I’m really not a fan of selecting or supporting anything based solely on race.

Why not just have an all inclusive western Sydney team.

An Indigenous Australian team should be considered for Western Sydney

AAC can’t or won’t pass though

The Hooper blooper: Re-form the Pooper and bring back Cooper

If Cheika and the coaching team did their job properly in the first place then he would never have had to blow up in the first place..

Week in Week out it’s the same old lacklustre complacabies who

‘train the house down’ and are ‘always improving’

Wallabies do it to us again. So what now?