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This is weird. Why is it that England with two 6 foot 1 flankers were able to demolish both the Wallabies and the All Blacks with two openside flankers in RWC 2019? It seems that Eddie did not get the message or maybe he knows just more than some amateur blogger fixated with size.

Australian Rugby must prioritise developing big loose forwards

the Wallabies and Pumas going through the motions in next week’s final match

It is obvious that the Pumas decided to throw this match in order to rest their best and target a win in their final match against the Wallabies. Asking their best to play four in a row shows the unfairness in the schedule which was clearly drawn up to favor NZ and Aus.

New Zealand all but win Tri-Nations title

Many of our internationals are very boring

Here is a suggestion. Stop watching Rugby altogether and rather watch league or netball. It was scribes and so called guru’s mostly from down under who called my team boring just a year ago. Well boring brought home another Web Ellis Cup!

Here is another suggestion. Launch your new Super 12 and pick only aerobic athletes, then instruct your coaches to copy the Japanese way of playing under existing laws. It is not a must to kick the ball and play set piece rugby.

The public deserves better for their Test rugby dollar

Did they drop the losing bonus point as well? That was a rather strange idea..

The Tri Nations equations: What the Wallabies, Pumas and All Blacks need to do to win

It seems that SANZAAR is about to morph into a Test match only organization and they may be looking to invite more members post 2023. This new block including Japan, Fiji and perhaps I guess the USA will supposedly counter the NH block in an attempt to control the game. But if SA joins the 6N then this block can just be called Bledisloe and friends.

The Wrap: Why Test rugby and Newcastle just don’t go together

So, don’t cry because of me, Australia. … That’s funny! You can write an Aussie Evita with those lines.
As for the 36 month residency rule, that must be scrapped. But it seems that the regulation will be increased to five years and if that happens then where will Rennie get all of his non qualified Tongan and Fiji players from.

The Wrap: Why Test rugby and Newcastle just don’t go together

The most disappointing moment of the match was when the average home town ref entertained Hooper to explain in cruel detail the consequences of a warning. It was cringeworthy home town bias, and why should warnings carry over after the halftime break anyway.

The Wrap: Why Test rugby and Newcastle just don’t go together

And after that pool match the bomb squad was assembled, and they went onto achieve great things in the knockout matches.

Where it all began to go wrong for the All Blacks

It would be better for tier 1, 6N teams to play their A teams in the Euro championship to test teams like Georgia, Spain, Russia etc. Maybe Italy should be dropped out of the 6N as well to join the other developing teams as they are just whipping boys with no idea what a victory feels like.

Why Georgia deserve to be in the Six Nations

It will be interesting to see how the new Super 12 shapes up in terms of style of play. Is it going to devolve into a toss-a-ball around competition at the expense of set pieces, kicking and playing for territory.

It may be with groupthink uniform kiwi teams playing the same rugby, and with two PI teams and five Aussie teams also looking to play what they call exciting rugby unlike the “boring” rugby they accuse my teams of playing they could be in for some hurt when they are tested at test level.

Are the All Blacks staring into the abyss?

Yes the dragons have totally lost their way without Gatland. They must throw a big piece of their CVC money at Razor and secure him for the next 7 years of they are going to compete for the no. 1 ranking again.

Are the All Blacks staring into the abyss?

Foster may be like a piece of rock maybe he is coal. Squeeze him hard and maybe he will transform into a diamond – give him another chance Willie

The All Blacks had their choice of diamonds and went with a rock

He does not realize that 64% of rugby’s commercial value is with the 6N and only 28% with SANZAAR. The rest of the commercial value is with the RWC.

So just as in Cricket where the BCCI and it’s two side kicks call all the shots it is the 6N that makes rules for rugby.

Impey to stand down as SANZAAR chairman

He wants to create a rival gang of rugby nations that will take on the 6N gang, and his intentions are as warped as O’Neill’s and Tew’s when they concocted, and then spoke so lavishly about conference rugby back in 2008.

Here we have the same thing. A proposed NZR concocted Rugby Championship stretching over 20 time zones which is just another future Super 18 type disaster!

No thank you Impey. I am just glad that the current RC was cut from the 2025 to 2023, and I cannot wait for SA Rugby to exit this dysfunctional organization.

Impey to stand down as SANZAAR chairman

You can an example of consensus at work here when the schedule was changed when two parties reached consensus, so that Cane would not miss his Christmas lunch. If it was a membership model the majority decision would have stood and Cane would have been crying with his dummy in his mouth.

Anyway it’s doubtful that there will be consensus reached to change their decision making model.

Impey to stand down as SANZAAR chairman

And a young team that has won back to back junior world cup’s largely because of the massive investment that the FFR is pumping into the game for RWC 2023. They will win it.

Which rugby nation will be the best in the world by 2023?

One of the funniest things happened when he as Chairman of SANZAAR said that he as Chairman of NZR did not sign of off the schedule that he has Chairman of SANZAAR chaired.

What a joke that organization was and is under his leadership. He will forever be remembered as the leader of SANZAAR who introduced the failed Super 18 and was slapped down silly by broadcasters just one year after his baby was born.

Impey to stand down as SANZAAR chairman

In the video that was posted one player has not seen his family for more than three months! It puts into perspective Cane’s dummy spit about missing out on his Christmas lunch.

Argentina remind us why we love rugby

There are no ball carriers in the pack, and it was not difficult for Argentina to defend against those light weights. If this the kind of forwards that Aoteaora produces then you guys are in big trouble. All this talk about how how intense and how tough Aoteaora was is just hot air. When the new Super 12 launches I can see a tournament where island style toss the ball about rugby is the norm.

Bring back Retallick then get some ball carrying loose forwards and props.

The Wrap: A great new broadcast deal for rugby? Depends on who’s telling the story

If one reads very carefully what SARU has said after SANZAAR’s announcement, it seems to me they have only committed themselves until the end of 2023

This is correct Neutral. Maybe Robinson said something like “wouldn’t it be nice if we all committed to the RC for the next 10 years” then Roux would have said something like this “yes it would be, but we are only willing to commit it until the end of 2023” and so Marinos and the down under media decided to write tales and show that they have learnt nothing from the RC to 3N tear jerker where there was no confirmation from SA Rugby.

The Wrap: A great new broadcast deal for rugby? Depends on who’s telling the story

I watched the match again and that cowardly slap to the face is the exact moment when the men wearing all black and pink shoes lost the match. From that moment on it was war for the Argentine players. They were playing for more than just a rugby match after such blatant provocation.

Pumas beat All Blacks for the first time

I don’t see the similarities here.
AC was an unsuccessful coach at Super Rugby level, his claim to fame was that he was Jake White’s assistant for a few years and somehow ended up winning a gold medal even though the real assistant like Rassie Erasmus and Eddie Jones were doing the real coaching. AC somehow landed the head coach position after am endorsement from Jake but he was fired from his position after two years of painful failures.

Ian Foster is destined to become the All Blacks' Allister Coetzee

I suppose receiving shock therapy.

Pumas beat All Blacks for the first time

“ But also that the Pumas for once are coming to the Tri Nations not exhausted and having had to travel thousands of miles with a reboot and focus.”
Spot on. Super Rugby was very destructive to the Los Pumas players, even more so than to Bok players because they had the worst of the unfair travel schedule. Now that Super Rugby is dead we see the benefits of having these Los Pumas players playing club rugby in Europe not living in hotels all the time.

Pumas beat All Blacks for the first time

That was awesome they were not “provoked”

It’s also the first time that I saw from players from both teams crying after the match which is odd. I get the tears of joy but tears for losing is sad.

Pumas beat All Blacks for the first time