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I would say make the ruck a free for all where everything goes except for eye gauging of course. If the attacking team takes the ball into the ruck and cannot secure possession within 15 seconds then it is turn over ball.

All the referee has to do is to ensure that players approach the ruck from an onside position and slowly count to 15. There you go no more 54 clauses and sub-clauses to worry about.

Why the ruck must go hands-free in 2021

It makes sense that there is a contingency plan to play all matches in the UK since all tickets have already been sold, and since the majority of tickets sold (70% plus) are to people in the UK then why not. There could actually be more tickets sold now if all matches are played at Twickenham and Cardiff arms park.
It makes no difference to the sponsors and broadcasters since all matches will be played in the same timezone regardless of where it takes place, so we wait and see what will happen.

Six Nations set to go ahead as planned

“ World rugby cannot afford the Pacific Islands to increasingly become rugby’s West Indian, Zimbabwe and potentially soon to become South African cricket teams in which political and economic divide and inequality kill the sport in these traditional countries.”

Quite possibly the biggest load of incoherent blabber I’ve read all year. The pacific islands have no way of supporting professional competitions unlike the West Indies that do support their own domestic competitions. Zimbabwe does not support their own domestic competitions either but rather rely on invitations to filed one cricket team and one rugby team in SA domestic competitions. Now the blogger who wrote this article may not be ware that SA has supported very successful domestic rugby and cricket competitions since 1889.

Now as we can all see in 2021 and beyond it is inevitable that professional domestic competitions will expand into traditional test windows to the point that test rugby and test cricket will be squeezed into annual small 8-10 week windows to satisfy the content that the modern competitive world demands.

Is it time for rugby's own Champions Trophy tournament?

He was 20 years old when he posted some of those racist post, so he was not really a teen.

Pablo Matera must do course to be Pumas captain

Oh Olly he sold to broadcasters the infamous double header Rugby Championship competition which as you know was viciously attacked by NZ in SANZAAR minutes after it was revealed to the public. Apparently the chair of SANZAAR consulted his instructions on the notes given to Marinos and realised that he overlooked the fact that this schedule conflicted with Canes Christmas lunch. The rest was a disaster.

And on the subject of disasters it was Marinos who was silly slapped by broadcasters in 2017 when they forced an end to conference rugby. That is the very same conference rugby that he so proudly negotiated with them in the first place.

So yes he has done well the past five years.

Marinos appointed as Rugby Australia boss

Well in his defence he was following the failed policy of Impey, and reporting to the same Impey. So in a way he was just a hired gun.

Marinos appointed as Rugby Australia boss

O’Neill was the nefarious mastermind who championed for and introduced the much failed and hated conference system. Why would anyone sing his praises is a mystery indeed.

Marinos appointed as Rugby Australia boss

Well off topic it is now official. The Zimbabwean Welshman, Marinos is the new Castle replacement. My commiserations to RA.

Can Super Rugby AU bring the wild geese home?

The Top league will just morph into something like the Top 14 where clubs will be in control looking after themselves and their pockets. They will need quality players and will throw big cash to secure players for their needs.

I don’t think that Aus or NZ will be able to compete for talent against these mega rich teams, owned by huge companies and billionaires. Sooner or later CCP style laws like the Giteau law that prevents freedom of movement and employment will have to be scrapped. The only option is to align your season with theirs and somehow join them.

A new way forward for Rugby Australia

It’s a lot for just one man to enforce the current or new law variations. The best solution would be the introduction of a second referee with a bright orange flag to specially police the offside line and be on the lookout for cynical play whenever it may be. Players will soon change their behavior with an extra of eyes watching them when they are watching the referee looking for opportunities to bend the laws.

An open letter to World Rugby: Part 2

Sorry to hear that you were kicked in the head and went blind temporarily. I hope that the lasting migraines are not too bad.

I too think that head gear must be made compulsory because even though the current designs offer little in terms of protection.

Maybe helmets is the way to go with accompanying shoulder pads for extra protection. Something has to change because we can’t have ex players walking around with early dementia thinking that they won the World Cup when they didn’t. That’s just not right.

I can see parents banning their kids from playing rugby if this dementia epidemic explodes then its game over 15s with only 7s still being played.

It’s time for all rugby players – young and old – to wear head protection

Interesting. I wonder if part 2 will touch on to what the world refers to as “cynical cheating” taught by NZ coaches.

An open letter to World Rugby: Part 1

GP the mini tour for 2021 has been revealed. After the Lions series the Boks will tour NZ and play two away matches, then Aust will tour SA and play two matches on their mini tour. The Boks will play Los Pumas home and away to wrap up their RC for 2021 for June-August, so no Azerbaijan and Tokelau Islands matches to look forward to.

The Wrap: All of 2020’s rugby memorables and unmentionables

My favorite off field moment was when the Impey led SANZAAR sold to broadcasters the infamous double header schedule and within minutes of proudly announcing it publicly the Impey led NZR publicly denounced this schedule because it conflicted with Canes Christmas lunch.

Then after crawling into a hole for a few months the Impey fell on his sword muttering something about being conflicted having to wear two hats at the same time.

The Wrap: All of 2020’s rugby memorables and unmentionables

This is weird. Why is it that England with two 6 foot 1 flankers were able to demolish both the Wallabies and the All Blacks with two openside flankers in RWC 2019? It seems that Eddie did not get the message or maybe he knows just more than some amateur blogger fixated with size.

Australian Rugby must prioritise developing big loose forwards

the Wallabies and Pumas going through the motions in next week’s final match

It is obvious that the Pumas decided to throw this match in order to rest their best and target a win in their final match against the Wallabies. Asking their best to play four in a row shows the unfairness in the schedule which was clearly drawn up to favor NZ and Aus.

New Zealand all but win Tri-Nations title

Many of our internationals are very boring

Here is a suggestion. Stop watching Rugby altogether and rather watch league or netball. It was scribes and so called guru’s mostly from down under who called my team boring just a year ago. Well boring brought home another Web Ellis Cup!

Here is another suggestion. Launch your new Super 12 and pick only aerobic athletes, then instruct your coaches to copy the Japanese way of playing under existing laws. It is not a must to kick the ball and play set piece rugby.

The public deserves better for their Test rugby dollar

Did they drop the losing bonus point as well? That was a rather strange idea..

The Tri Nations equations: What the Wallabies, Pumas and All Blacks need to do to win

It seems that SANZAAR is about to morph into a Test match only organization and they may be looking to invite more members post 2023. This new block including Japan, Fiji and perhaps I guess the USA will supposedly counter the NH block in an attempt to control the game. But if SA joins the 6N then this block can just be called Bledisloe and friends.

The Wrap: Why Test rugby and Newcastle just don’t go together

So, don’t cry because of me, Australia. … That’s funny! You can write an Aussie Evita with those lines.
As for the 36 month residency rule, that must be scrapped. But it seems that the regulation will be increased to five years and if that happens then where will Rennie get all of his non qualified Tongan and Fiji players from.

The Wrap: Why Test rugby and Newcastle just don’t go together

The most disappointing moment of the match was when the average home town ref entertained Hooper to explain in cruel detail the consequences of a warning. It was cringeworthy home town bias, and why should warnings carry over after the halftime break anyway.

The Wrap: Why Test rugby and Newcastle just don’t go together

And after that pool match the bomb squad was assembled, and they went onto achieve great things in the knockout matches.

Where it all began to go wrong for the All Blacks

It would be better for tier 1, 6N teams to play their A teams in the Euro championship to test teams like Georgia, Spain, Russia etc. Maybe Italy should be dropped out of the 6N as well to join the other developing teams as they are just whipping boys with no idea what a victory feels like.

Why Georgia deserve to be in the Six Nations

It will be interesting to see how the new Super 12 shapes up in terms of style of play. Is it going to devolve into a toss-a-ball around competition at the expense of set pieces, kicking and playing for territory.

It may be with groupthink uniform kiwi teams playing the same rugby, and with two PI teams and five Aussie teams also looking to play what they call exciting rugby unlike the “boring” rugby they accuse my teams of playing they could be in for some hurt when they are tested at test level.

Are the All Blacks staring into the abyss?

Yes the dragons have totally lost their way without Gatland. They must throw a big piece of their CVC money at Razor and secure him for the next 7 years of they are going to compete for the no. 1 ranking again.

Are the All Blacks staring into the abyss?