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All this talk about not playing for a over a year and being totally unprepared for the Lions series is just nonsense.

Pumas beat All Blacks for the first time

But Willie he has only just begun. Give him another chance.

There's no way around it anymore – Ian Foster must go

For 2020 things are not clear because Super Rugby started earlier in the year and was not completed, so if SRA, SRAU and Unlocked is considered continuation of Super Rugby for 2020 sponsors and obligations to them then it may be.

But going forward for 2021 onwards Super Rugby is dead and not part of SANZAAR.

Trans-Tasman Super Rugby competition confirmed for 2021

More so with Top League teams. The SA Currie Cup teams and Super Rugby teams are the same teams, same coaches, same players, same stadiums, but with slightly different jerseys.

Look at Super Rugby Unlocked round 1-6 where we have The Bulls leading the table, then for rounds 7-12 they will put on their Blue Bull jerseys and continue playing the Currie Cup with all points from Super Rugby carrying over to the Currie Cup.

Trans-Tasman Super Rugby competition confirmed for 2021

It’s a joint venture and as Jurie Roux says, if parties decides to unbundle Super Rugby from from the package then that is what most likely has been agreed.

SANZAAR only exist for the RC until the end of 2023. This according to sources in SA Rugby days after the 10 year fantastical announcement. So when they say that there is no confirmation beyond 2023 believe it, and not Marinos because recent history leading up to the 3N shows how wrong Marinos can be.

Trans-Tasman Super Rugby competition confirmed for 2021

Well if he worked with Lancaster before then yes Eddie is a genius, losing two finals.

Some people say that Jake White is a genius for brining in the two best out of the box thinkers in world rugby in Jones and Rassie as assistants for RWC 2007. Who knows.

Eddie's the most intelligent coach in rugby: Youngs

It makes sense because that is what was promised. Tonga and Samoa will be represented by the Pasifika team, and Fiji will have their team. There is no walking back on the promise made, it will be a PR disaster.

New Zealand Rugby confirm trans-Tasman comp in the works

The previous Super Rugby international portion of the deal was for an 18 team, 20 week, 142 match competition over several territories.

It would be a brave person to make a prediction that a 5 team, 9 week, 21 match competition will be as appetizing to international broadcasters as the previous version.

New broadcast deal puts Rugby Australia on cloud Nine

This is good news and better late than never. However one needs to compare this deal to the previous one which was worth 50% more in value.
Then it’s important to note that this deal will end after RWC 2023 which is significant because this is when we may see the end of the RC as we know it and when major changes are expected. Yes folks Marinos embellished about the 10 year thing with contradicting reports in the SA media only confirming the RC until 2023.

OFFICIAL: Rugby AU locks in new free-to-air broadcast deal as Nine launches Stan Sport

He sounds like the Orange Man of rugby. MARGA!

Scrum coach to make a weapon of the Wallabies

It looks like 2022 is going to be a single round Super 12 competition featuring Fiji and Moana Pasifika, and the 5 Aussies. That is quite the opposite to what Aratipu promised it terms quality and high performance standards set out with of NZR seemingly bending twice, first to the PI and then to McLennan.

So instead of the preferred 8 team (5 plus 3 guest) 56 match home and away contest you get a 66 match poor-mans Super 12.

Well let’s take the positives out of it. No more Super 14 until 2025, no more long flights, no more 3am matches, Fiji and Pacifika to replace the SA market, no more Bok franchise teams and no weak Japanese or Argentina teams.

I like this let’s all cross fingers and hope that is born.

Springboks make long-term commitment to the Rugby Championship

Well hot off the press there is some good news for the blind side wallabies. They are officially no. 6 in the world now even though they have only managed a draw. Well done team!

How Rennie's Wallabies were blindsided in Bledisloe 3

It’s a wise man who is lawyered up with exit clauses. We will see what happens after RWC 2023 Jacko.

Springboks make long-term commitment to the Rugby Championship

No no no. Marinos is an Aussie citizen via Wales and via Zimbabwe. Please this is a respectable site and you should get your facts right before posting.

Springboks make long-term commitment to the Rugby Championship

It may be a best of both world scenario where we will not be ambushed by the unknown factor (England pummeling the ABs into the dirt) but one could also say that there was no unknown factors for the Boks at the RWC since it was Bok props with inside knowledge against English props as club team mates, and the same story with those two openside flankers who schooled Barrett and Savea.

Springboks make long-term commitment to the Rugby Championship

OB, You are basing your assumptions on a media release when we all know that these statements mean less than nothing compared to signed agreement which can be torn unilaterally.

What has been spoken about is the July window disappearing to be replaced by the October to December window with another window February to March.

Springboks make long-term commitment to the Rugby Championship

What have you being watching all these years? Any layman with common knowledge will know simply by watching the match pre-show exactly where teams originate from.

Springboks make long-term commitment to the Rugby Championship

Some people call it a bailout while others say it’s a donation, but there are some who claim that it’s an equity purchases. Who knows..

As for the PE it’s obvious why NZR wants total ownership while only issuing participation licenses to 2 or 3 Aussie teams because they do not want dividends going over the ditch.

McLennan being a PE man himself knows the game being played and will want his share.

Springboks make long-term commitment to the Rugby Championship

Well now that away matches are called mini-tour matches this is exciting news.

Springboks make long-term commitment to the Rugby Championship

You fell for it. This ‘new’ 12 match home and away competition 😂

Springboks make long-term commitment to the Rugby Championship

‘ The championship will be restructured to include a 12-match format with teams playing each other on a home and away basis.’

This of course is all theatrics from the Welshman, Marino’s. To calm the market down and make it seems that everyone is happy holding hands and singing along.

So basically they are saying this restructure is exactly the same format that it has been for years where we have a 12 match competition contested home and away. Genius announcement this maybe someone can explain the difference.

Springboks make long-term commitment to the Rugby Championship

If Scotland can end their 18 year losing streak in Wales then why not Aus?
I know it would be like winning the lotto for no. 7 to beat no. 2 over three matches but if Eddie could do it why not Rennie.

Inspecting the last 50 matches since the Wallabies held the Bledisloe

‘ Since 2010, no team has beaten the All Blacks more than the Wallabies. Let that sink in’
Statistically speaking no team plays the ABs more than the wallabies. Let that sink in!
Also let it sink in that Aus is a drought ravaged county where it hardly rains and where playing in wet conditions is something the current group of players last did when they were still in primary school.

The statistics that prove Australian rugby is not dead!

Maybe you should be asking CVC that question, it is they who are pushing for NH inclusion and the Pro Unions are all for it.

The SARU must seize this opportunity to create a strong domestic competition

I couldn’t agree more. It’s time to completely dump the down under kissing cousins.

The SARU must seize this opportunity to create a strong domestic competition