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Looking at it – behind the play, careless, head high, medium impact and because it was stupid, 1 week.
Really feel for Hawkins he will be missed, but the Cats will have a very different forward line next week which may turn out to be a “Dangerous” forward line.

Hawkins set to come under scrutiny after striking Will Schofield off the ball

The Cats leaders roared and the rest followed well done great effort and for the loser who will be gone in 2020 as the WCE try to get Kelly.
As for Coach Scott you saved your job for 2020.

Cats’ leaders needed to lead – and did when it mattered

WCE by 35 points, Geelong stars go missing in second half.
Headline: Chris Scott leaving Geelong after shock straight sets finals exit – Adelaide lead the race for Scott.
“Ross Lyon to coach Cats in 2020.”

Geelong Cats vs West Coast Eagles: AFL semi-final forecast

I think your 100% right, no warnings, plus I think you have to
let your club/team/organization know where you are if not at home in season and out.
Agree I think he is in trouble and the only way to reduce any ban is to come forward, but he may still get 4 years.

Willie Rioli facing four-year ban by ASADA over sample tampering

What I understand is that you have to pass your urine in front of a tester, why holding up your shirt and pants pulled down, everything exposed.
So if the ASADA tester watched him pass his urine how the hell did someone tamper with it?
A lot more to this story.

Willie Rioli facing four-year ban by ASADA over sample tampering

No coach, players leaving, what from here? Top up on talent in the draft this year and next, what if your on the Crows list and 27 or older what does the future hold?
Not looking good.

Don Pyke quits Adelaide Crows

GWS by 1o points
WCE by 30 points

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Semi-finals

Good article Marnie Cohen,
The Eagles look the goods and seem to be getting better, I think all the sides in the finals would fear the West Coast as the have the experience, healthy and balanced list and don’t fear the MCG. (unlike Geelong)

From flag favourite to dark horse: can West Coast still go back-to-back?

Good article Charlie.
Looking at the move of Blake Caracella to the Bombers it tells me that the pressure on Worsfold will be huge in 2020 to get the best out of his side, I’m not 100% sold on the Essendon list so I think they will look at bring in more experience to their side through the draft period.
With Joe Daniher and Devon Smith healthy and fit back in their side they will be a better balanced side and maybe adding Brandon Ellis to their backline through the trade period and or Jack Martin may improve them offensively.
I think a healthy, fit Essendon will make the finals again in 2020.

Why Essendon should stand by Woosha

Bont appears to sling the player into the ground with that player hitting hard head first and after watching the replay back, the Bont didn’t rub his eyes or face so I’m not sure Greene got him in the eyes, yes Greene pushed down on Bontempelli head and grabbed his hair but that’s all I can see happening the fact Bontempelli didn’t rub his face or eyes after the contact makes me think Greene will get of with a fine.
Watched it again still can’t be 100% sure maybe the AFL did get a report back from the doggies or have different views of it.
( BROWNLOW Medallist Tony Liberatore has fessed up to punching Matthew Knights and clawing Craig McRaes face, but stopped short of saying he was a dirty player)

WATCH: Toby Greene sent straight to tribunal for serious misconduct

Its a question, How do you measure success, premierships?, wins?, position on the ladder?
You the eagles and Bulldogs have won a premiership each in the last 4 years, what makes your 2 teams any different?
Carlton has won 16 premierships, so has Essendon, Collingwood 15, Hawthorn 13, Melbourne 12, Richmond 11, Geelong 9, Fitzroy/Brisbane 8, Sth/Sydney 5, Nth/K’roos 4, WEST COAST EAGLES 4 – 12 behind the leaders (this is a fact), and so on.

Bulldogs' finals finished after a Giant belting

What is success measured by? premierships, wins, position on the ladder,????
In the days before the AFL (in the VFL) it was all about premierships, now some people think its how many games you win…a season.
I give you an example in the last 15 years Carlton has won 1 finals game and Essendon none…so who has been the most successful club in 15 years?
How do you measure success?

Bulldogs' finals finished after a Giant belting

Don’t support the Bulldogs, just making the same point as you, 1 premierships in 12 years of footy and same same finishing positions.
The only success are premierships, after that the team that gets the 1 number pick wins.
2nd down to 18 are the same but the draft picks.

Bulldogs' finals finished after a Giant belting

Mate can’t speak on behalf of AFL, all I know is I don’t blame the umpires on the decisions they make or miss I blame the AFL as they instruct how the game is to be umpired.
I think all AFL supporters want a national game as it brings the best to the biggest stage in Australian sport.
I like many aren’t impressed with the running of the game.

Bulldogs' finals finished after a Giant belting

Grimes is better than that, fine in order.

Dylan Grimes comes under fire for staging to cost Brisbane a shot on goal

Just hearing that Carlton is into ‘Ollie Wines’ cash/years contract and 1st round draft pick with a 2nd round pick coming back to Carlton from Port Adelaide, anyone else hearing this news out of Adelaide?
Be interesting to see him in the Blues colours.
Any Port supporters hearing this?

AFL 2019 top 100: Carlton Blues

….could be that 11 teams operate out of Victoria the home/birth place of the game of Australian Rules.

Bulldogs' finals finished after a Giant belting

Based on you thoughts
The Eagles must be the BIG pretenders as well….
2007 3rd
2008 15th
2009 11th
2010 16th
2011 4th
2012 5th
2013 13th
2014 9th
2015 2nd
2016 6th
2017 8th
2018 2nd
2019 5th
If they don’t go back to back.

Bulldogs' finals finished after a Giant belting

GWS beat up on a younger side in Bulldogs, just like they did against Carlton in round 9, tagged the best player (Cripps) and hit the younger bodies hard, where this will fall down is against other sides with seasoned bodies and they will take this into the game against Lions (tag Neale) which should get them over the line, now if GWS win, against Collingwood who have bigger bodies this will have less in-pack and Leon Cameron will need a plan B, not sure he does have a plan B.

Bulldogs' finals finished after a Giant belting

The Bulldogs are almost there, a smart trade period will help them in 2020 to make the top 4.

AFL 2019 top 100: Western Bulldogs

West Coast Eagles @ the ‘G’ by 45 points, Nic Naitanui to star in the middle as Geelong don’t believe in playing a ruck (stupid).
GWS 25 points over Brisbane straight sets for the Lions in-experienced finals side, super effort this year by the cubs.

UPDATED: AFL semi-finals 2019 fixture: Who plays who, when and where

De Boer to hold the Bont’ the Bulldoggies will be watching out for a backhander from Mummy, GWS by 13 points.
No reason why the doggies can’t win if they click, but will need all guns firing, backs, mids and forwards the team will need a day out.

Greater Western Sydney Giants vs Western Bulldogs: Elimination final forecast

I think what could help Gold Coast would be a veterans list that can hold 10 experience players from other clubs that would have a salary cap of its own away from the normal salary cap.
This would bring experience to the club.
This would bring really made AFL bodies to the club.
This would bring players together to teach the kids.
This would I think help GCS to retain players.
For example players they could pick this year and next: Haw: Jarryd Roughead, Shaun
Burgoyne, Carl: Dale Thomas, Kade Simpson, Adel: Eddie Betts, Sam
Jacobs, Nth: Shaun Higgins, ScottThompson, Syd: Jarrad McVeigh, Josh Kennedy.
As I said an example of experienced players that they could bring in on a 2 year contract outside the normal salary cap, that could bring knowledge that could help fast track the kids at GCS.
As for Tasmania as much as I would love to see a side in the AFL from Tassie, I think they don’t have the money to support a side, what I would like to see is 18 games played in Tassie every year, whereby every club plays a home game in Tassie each year, this would be huge boost to Tassie, BUT who pays? This is the biggest issue, maybe in the next TV deal the AFL could set money aside to pay for this over the life of the TV deal, with each club playing a home game would receive $500,000.
Good article, Edward James .

The Gold Coast Suns make a better expansion team than a Tasmanian one

Well done Rattens, you are one of the nice guys in footy and I hope you have a long successful career at the Saints.

Ratten to be appointed Saints boss

IF, Geelong went out in straight sets, then the question I would be asking is it the coach or the core group of players, Jnr may have one out of the box and drag Geelong over the line or the Cats click and win by 40 points plus, I personally think they will lose as I think Grundy will be the difference in the middle and the Pies forwards will be to much for the Cats defenders to cover.
BUT, the Cats only need the BIG three to get going, Danger, Jnr and Selwood and they will bring others in for the ride.
This is the hardest game to pick a winner, both side have winners in all the lines from backs to the forwards.
And I think both sides could take the flag this just shows how even the top 6 sides are this year.

Geelong vs Collingwood: AFL qualifying final forecast