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AFLW competition is hard to predict but based on it’s skill growth over the last 2 seasons I would expect a huge improvement on the ball movements from the backline into the forwards and set plays around the ruck.
I think its going to be a very even season.
Collingwood for the flag.

AFLW 2020 season preview: Richmond Tigers

Players salary cap should rise by more than 1 million in 7 years so as it does go up each year that should ease pressure on Collingwoods total player payments, great get for the Pies to hold onto the best Ruck-man currently in the AFL and he is only coming into his best years now so I would expect 6 years of great footy from Brodie.

Brodie Grundy won't be a free agent after signing massive contract extension with Collingwood

Get the kid some knee pads.

Blues lose Curnow for start of AFL season

I’m not 100% sold on Ports list as I think it lacks depth I’m not convince they will win all of their home games and I think they won’t win all their away games, so for me I think the rebuilding will continue and Hinkley will put as many games as possible into the kids.
so 6 to 8 wins for the 2020 season finishing 14th to 12th.

Port Adelaide must be considered a 2020 AFL premiership threat

Its all about winning the Premiership and right now St Kilda don’t have a list that will be able to do it, Collingwood didn’t have it last season or Hawthorn and the list go’s on only 2 clubs got to the Grand Final and they where the only ones to have a chance of winning it, St Kilda are going through a mini rebuild and I would expect more changes to their list in the next 3 years I would expect Hannebery not to be part of a flag with them in the future.

St Kilda 2020: Look ahead because you can’t look backwards

Great article one little ‘Blue’,

I personally think Brett Ratten is going to be your biggest and best recruit of 2019 under the former coach Richardson I felt the players lost their way a bit and their development as a playing group was less consistent, I think Ratten will bring a game plan based of moving the ball fast and through the middle hitting up the forwards and with Hill and Hannebery doing a lot of that heavy lifting, depth will be the biggest issue for the Saints once the injuries start to hit, but fingers cross they don’t and if they do not to key players, for me they need to develop some of the younger players with some of their more experience players alongside, no matter I think the should have a exciting future ahead.
Prediction: 13th with nine wins and 13 losses

St Kilda 2020: Look ahead because you can’t look backwards

I hope your right and it is front ended, I guess I see him as a risk fitness wise playing at only 70% or 90% at his age may mean more injuries or new ones, of all the players I see Hannebery being the biggest risk because of injuries.
But as I said I hope he has 2 very good years.
But your right as the salary cap is pretty flexible and good clubs work it out.

A new season offers second chances for 2019's recruiting flops

He will be 33 years old this year and his body has been playing up for the last 2 years, big call but I think the best of Buddy is behind him, but what a career so far and what a champion he has been.

Franklin in doubt for Round 1 following knee surgery

Dream team by 10 plus goals.

but I would hope the AFL doesn’t go ahead with this idea because of the injuries that may occur, maybe they could come up with a different way to donate money to the bush-fire relief fund, say taking some of the 2.3 billion dollars they got for the TV rights and put some of that cash in for starters, say 2 million and then ask fans to help fill some tins over the season and donate what is raised, surely 2 million up front and continued support over the season would be more help than having a one off game.

What the one-off AFL State of Origin teams could look like

He has that CV because of the culture of his last club, Saints don’t have that yet and he is another year older let’s just hope for the Saints he has 2 very good years in him, so to prove his worth.

A new season offers second chances for 2019's recruiting flops

Maybe, look if you take into account what Boyd did for the Bulldogs, maybe Beams might be the player who wins or helps win that premiership for the pies why the window is open and he may not.
All clubs play for a premiership and that’s why clubs take those risk on players like those above no one cerebrates coming runners up or a great season where they made finals, Clubs only exist to win Flags only supporters cerebrate great seasons or players.

A new season offers second chances for 2019's recruiting flops

Because if he isn’t they will need someone to fill the gap.

I hope Hannebery is on $700 because at his best he is worth every cent and that’s the point if he isn’t at his best or continues to miss large parts of each season he has left on his current contract then it may in-pact on St Kilda’s chances of going after other players that may come back to Victoria in the future.

Hannebery playing at his best for the next 2 years will have a huge/massive up-side to the Saints.

A new season offers second chances for 2019's recruiting flops

Good article…
My biggest worries in order…
Beans – may be the biggest trade mistake and costly one if Collingwood lose a player because of his contract.
Wingard – has come out and said he doesn’t like football and treats it as a business, will this stop him being a superstar which he can be?
Hannebery – this could stop StKilda getting players in or holding onto players as his contract is huge for a player that may breakdown every year of his contract.
May – just needs to stay on the park for Melbourne to get their reward, can make a massive difference in the backline and has leadership qualities.
Hogan – has youth and time to prove his worth lots of up side.
Shiel – best of the above so far.
All these players can make a huge difference to their sides but all need to be playing fit and injury free pretty much for the rest of their contracts to justify their recruitment and I think just about every other club would be happy to have them all.

A new season offers second chances for 2019's recruiting flops

Josh these AFL clubs have a lot of room to move when they can go over the salary cap or under it year to year and I’m like you just looking in from the outside, l agree that they may trade out a player like Moore or Elliott and if they do go down that path it will be for a first round pick regardless as that’s what the smart clubs do, release money and bring in talent.

Seven big questions for the AFL in 2020

I think they Collingwood would see Elliott in their best 22, which I would agree with they have a great list with huge amount of experience so losing some older or top up players and bring in kids into a side that is clearly in the premiership window is a great option for the Pies and you never know what a kid may produce on the big stage as Jaidyn Stephenson did in his first year so I don’t think the salary cap is that big a deal.

Seven big questions for the AFL in 2020

Like a broken record, but I will say it again no more pre-season games just start the season earlier and play more rounds of footy.
– 23 rounds to 27 rounds this will help to even out the competition and I hope one day there will be 34 (yep 34 rounds) rounds where each team plays twice.
And I know people will say the players can’t handle it, but a simple solution is to have bigger lists.

The AFL needs a fresh approach to the pre-season

Don’t mine the Port list I believe they have a strong experience base and some good young talent coming through, but making finals wouldn’t be the reason I would hold onto the senior coach, the measure I would be looking for is game plan and style, players attitude and improved skill levels in the playing group.

Seven big questions for the AFL in 2020

Can’t see Collingwood losing any of the 3, Grundy, Moore or De Goey but I would expect others may be traded out or retired, have a feeling the Magpies are working very hard at keeping their better players together and will find money in their list by bring in youth as a way to offset holding onto the core list.

Seven big questions for the AFL in 2020

Why did he call her white-trash? Or is it that he pointed her out after she was heard calling Goodes a racist comment?
Damn Black fella having respect for himself and his people….
People need to just respect each other male, black, pink, yellow, purple, female whatever or who ever you are.

Seven big questions for the AFL in 2020


AFL world in shock as Alex Rance announces immediate retirement

Good article and some great comments I see the Hawks system and best side getting it self into a position to make the finals in 2020, but the list does look a little thin for depth in experience and quality so I’m not sure they will handle injuries all that well in 2020, long term they look to be building the depth just not sold on the younger talent being ready yet, happy to be proven wrong.

A clear view of the Hawks in 2020

SOS wasn’t reappointed and as for the job he has done with the help of his staff that will be proven to be good or bad in 2 years time.
If correct and the young players recruit to Carlton play finals within the next 2 years then for Carlton taking first round picks or trading them off in the future to strengthen their list will be a simple job, SOS in some respects isn’t needed.
The story behind why SOS wasn’t reappointed would be only half as interesting than the chat he had with the board of Carlton FC the night before he left/was sacked/or not reappointed.

Sacked SOS will watch the success he set up at Carlton from afar

Not going to miss you Alex when playing against my club, but the footy world will miss your talent on the field and off it, well done great career huge lost to the Tigers.

AFL world in shock as Alex Rance announces immediate retirement

GWS Vs Bulldogs for me as #1 final very exciting as a neutral supporter.
They the bulldogs played very exciting footy throughout the year which the Tigers have managed to reproduce in 2017 and 2019, Bevo should get more credit for the game plan he produced.

My top 10 AFL finals of the decade

Mundy at 34 is a worry?

but on a up the Dockers have a really good group of younger players coming through, Jesse Hogan 25yo, Adam Cerra 20yo, Andrew Brayshaw 20yo, Blake Acres 24yo, James Aish 24yo, Luke Ryan 23yo, Caleb Serong 18yo, Cam McCarthy 24yo, Liam Henry 18yo plus a couple more, so I wouldn’t be to worried about Mundy.
New coach, new game plan, new culture, new exciting Fremantle in 2020.

Disaster for Dockers as Mundy breaks leg in bicycle accident