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Ultimately, I think there are a few holes there for Cronulla. Although the additions of McInnes at 13 and Dale at prop seem good with the likes of Rudolf, Graham and Nikora, the fact McInnes is coming off an ACL will take some time to sit with him and he may not be as durable or as reliant as he usually is.
The halves are a huge problem, with only the likes of Trindall, Tracey and Moylan there to partner Hynes. Hynes, not proven at 5/8 or at a club other than Melbourne, must be worrying, add in the fact that he doesn’t have an experienced half partner, that must be worrying too. Kennedy keeps proving me wrong every game and gets better and better, but he will need to continue to rise to keep the Sharks happy and relevant. Few missing pieces there but Fitzy is on his way to fix them I think!

Is a halfback the missing piece to Craig Fitzgibbon's Cronulla premiership puzzle?

Numerous NBA players themselves throw shade at him constantly. It’s very hard to miss, I didn’t take it out of “context”.

The gift and curse of being Giannis Antetokounmpo

Corey Norman just looks like the type of bloke who has so much tickets on himself and seems entitled to do whatever he wants. I hope they come down on them hard! The Warriors and to some extent, the Storm, are fighting tooth and nail to make this competition continue, and these players are just making a mockery of that sacrifice. Disgusting

What the hell were the Dragons players thinking?

Yep, the Storm look almost unstoppable this year. With no Cleary and now no Luai, should the Storms worries and attention turn to Manly perhaps?

'Dumb' Dogs and 'scary' Storm: Eight talking points from NRL Round 16

I like this! Great points.

Where does Craig Bellamy lie in the pantheon of GOAT Australian coaches?

I actually dont mind this sentiment. It is so weird seeing young Polynesians play Origin (deservedly so if their form permits) but then play for Tonga or Samoa at the end of year. They were good enough to mix it up in the best arena of footy, but then play for free for their home country. If you don’t intend to commit to the Green and Gold, I reckon should stomp you out for eligibility.
For argument’s sake, you would lose A STACK of current players with that rule, namely Luai, To’o, Pap and potentially players like Tino and DSaf (Fiji commit?).
It may not seem fair, but I do enjoy that sentiment.

Let’s make the international game great, not just the Kangaroos

For sure! I would love to see a series, that would be awesome and I am sure would generate alot of interest.

The disrespect of women in rugby league must stop

Arguably my most favoured article EVER on this site lol. Great opinion and great backing aswell. The topic may not strike many Australias, but geez this was well put together. I cant say enough of Simmons, his voice and his discussions are very easy to listen too, very much like Em. Great article.

Bill Simmons is the Eminem of NBA analysts

Die hard Storm fan, but geez I would love to see this. Not only would it be great for the up and coming Titans brand, but I think it can only enhance his legacy if anything. He genuinely would change the landscape of the team and the predictions of everyone’s NRL ladder in 2021.

Cameron Smith would turn the Titans into a premiership force

I too, judge them to the highest degree. 2020 was a massive dissapointment. We looked flat majority of the season and lacked continuity in any of our game plan. Foster has a lot to work on in 2021 if he wants to extend his 2 year deal, if not, I do think a tap on the shoulder may be inevitable.
The loss of Retallick hurt us more than one could’ve ever imagined. He is the key in the pack. The conundrum with Ardie/Cane is really hard to come to a conclusion. Ardie is the better player, but Cane is the captain for the moment and is too good to bench. It is very hard to split, and Ardie is definitely not a 8.
A few hard calls will need to be made for Fozzy to improve from 2020, to this year.

I'm not satisfied with the All Blacks' 2020 season

I did write multiple, not sure why it got edited out** Apologies.

Who is the ultimate playmaker in NRL history?

Just an FYI, at the start of the article I had written, I did explain there were players I never saw myself or highlights of, so I gave them honourable mentions, ie, Bob Fulton etc. Just didnt make the final edit I guess?

Who is the ultimate playmaker in NRL history?

Good article and I 100% agree with the notion of the article.
Brady is Jordan. Mahomes has the “potential” to be a LeBron, but he still has so many more years to prove he is of that calibre.

The only gripe I have with this article is the addition of Mike Tyson with Ali 😂
I must be the only person who does not really rate him as a heavyweight boxer, as I rated a lot of other boxers higher, but yes yes, I get the “dream” notion also lol.

Well done.

This Super Bowl is the closest thing you'll ever get to LeBron versus MJ

Great squad (Kiwi). I was saying to a few Aussie mates, it is a genuine Aussie team – full of battlers, tough, gritty players who won’t back down to anyone! I like it.

Analysing the Australian Boomers Olympic squad

Will go down as one of the best modern day backrowers. Tireless worker, great leader and by all accounts, a great all around guy. I genuinely hope he comes to an agreement to look after himself and the rest of his life and hangs it up. He has absolutely nothing left to prove.

Please give it away, Boyd

Yeah his first one with Boston was a huge Batum shamble lol. He is the main offensive focal point at Charlotte now and he is ballin!

Is Rudy Gobert worth $200 million?

It’s tricky, if you look from a value standpoint, maybe not? But for that particular franchise and what they’re trying to do under Quinn, then maybe yes?
He does what they need of him, which is rebound, protect the paint and provides energy for their offensive players like Spida, Conley and Bog.
Let’s just say, there have been very similar amounts given to a lot worse off players previously (Nic Batum lol).

Is Rudy Gobert worth $200 million?

1000% QLD do not win if Kevvy is coach!

The Broncos have one hand on the 2021 wooden spoon

Poor Boydo must be contemplating retirement surely? I cannot see such a great player, but a seemingly a better person off the field, keep taking knocks. I hope for his sake, he is not there..
As for the Origin series comment, I agree with the other 2

Fittler learns from Origin series defeat

From mine, at the moment that 8 seems fairly safe, but as last season showed, I think a team in your outside of the 8 group, will surprise everyone and make it (like OKC did). I really hope Phoenix lives up to the hype, I think they have all the pieces to make the 8. Houston is obviously a conundrum, depending on which form of James Harden shows up and I think the Pelicans need to figure out how to use all their tools, before they can be a playoff side. Cannot argue with your 8!

Predicting the 2020-21 Western Conference standings

Highlight of this article is how you mentioned and strongly highlighted Radradra. Love that in this article! Great article

My world XV of 2020

I am talking about SOO, what this merit side is based on…

Storm players dominate post-Origin Kangaroos merit team

DCE sometimes didn’t play like a half, but did what he needed to do to help his team win, if it meant tucking the ball under and taking a hit up or making 15+ tackles, he did it! DCE for mine, also.

Storm players dominate post-Origin Kangaroos merit team

Surprised Jacob Loko didn’t make this list. I never saw a young kid from my area touted with so much excitement, than that kid. Big, skillful and talented. Extremely sad to see how it panned out, but growing up he was an absolute tear.

The forgotten players: Parramatta Eels

They need to try get rid of Fifita and possibly Moylan as fast as they humanly can. I think Dugan tries his hardest, just no luck with injuries etc.

'Way too early' top eight for the 2021 NRL season