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Yeah his first one with Boston was a huge Batum shamble lol. He is the main offensive focal point at Charlotte now and he is ballin!

Is Rudy Gobert worth $200 million?

It’s tricky, if you look from a value standpoint, maybe not? But for that particular franchise and what they’re trying to do under Quinn, then maybe yes?
He does what they need of him, which is rebound, protect the paint and provides energy for their offensive players like Spida, Conley and Bog.
Let’s just say, there have been very similar amounts given to a lot worse off players previously (Nic Batum lol).

Is Rudy Gobert worth $200 million?

1000% QLD do not win if Kevvy is coach!

The Broncos have one hand on the 2021 wooden spoon

Poor Boydo must be contemplating retirement surely? I cannot see such a great player, but a seemingly a better person off the field, keep taking knocks. I hope for his sake, he is not there..
As for the Origin series comment, I agree with the other 2

Fittler learns from Origin series defeat

From mine, at the moment that 8 seems fairly safe, but as last season showed, I think a team in your outside of the 8 group, will surprise everyone and make it (like OKC did). I really hope Phoenix lives up to the hype, I think they have all the pieces to make the 8. Houston is obviously a conundrum, depending on which form of James Harden shows up and I think the Pelicans need to figure out how to use all their tools, before they can be a playoff side. Cannot argue with your 8!

Predicting the 2020-21 Western Conference standings

Highlight of this article is how you mentioned and strongly highlighted Radradra. Love that in this article! Great article

My world XV of 2020

I am talking about SOO, what this merit side is based on…

Storm players dominate post-Origin Kangaroos merit team

DCE sometimes didn’t play like a half, but did what he needed to do to help his team win, if it meant tucking the ball under and taking a hit up or making 15+ tackles, he did it! DCE for mine, also.

Storm players dominate post-Origin Kangaroos merit team

Surprised Jacob Loko didn’t make this list. I never saw a young kid from my area touted with so much excitement, than that kid. Big, skillful and talented. Extremely sad to see how it panned out, but growing up he was an absolute tear.

The forgotten players: Parramatta Eels

They need to try get rid of Fifita and possibly Moylan as fast as they humanly can. I think Dugan tries his hardest, just no luck with injuries etc.

'Way too early' top eight for the 2021 NRL season

Me neither mate. I called them to make the 8 the last 2 years 😔 and they burnt me lol. I do wonder how they go under Payten

'Way too early' top eight for the 2021 NRL season

3. You will hate on anything I write, even though you just admitted to
A), somewhat agreeing and
B), took the time to write on my article.

Thanks for the exposure. Much appreciated 😁

'Way too early' top eight for the 2021 NRL season

That is a huge thing people are missing in retrospective to the season of 2020. Parra and Penrith barely travelled upon resumption of the competition. It was designed for those two teams to excel, but unfortunately only one did.

'Way too early' top eight for the 2021 NRL season

Yeah massively, I think Morris will be in the hot seat too!

'Way too early' top eight for the 2021 NRL season

I like it. Im all for the Titans making it, I would be a super bandwagon and cheer them on. I also, love seeing Cronulla NOT make your 8 aswell lol

'Way too early' top eight for the 2021 NRL season

I find it hilarious everyone is counting out Cronulla, almost all my friends and relos go for the Sharks. Its beautiful to see their side not mentioned in the Top 8

'Way too early' top eight for the 2021 NRL season

“normality will resume”
That’s a big call.. I think the back to back premierships have some Roosters fan living a little delusional lol.

'Way too early' top eight for the 2021 NRL season

8th is literally a lottery. If Turbo is fit then Manly can push into 6-7th position and then force someone else out. Titans could do the job. Cronulla possibly? A lot of teams there for the fight

'Way too early' top eight for the 2021 NRL season

I wasn’t a big fan of picking the Warriors at 8, but I kind of just threw the dice and let them win it by a form of chance. Who would you have in your way-too-early Top 8?

'Way too early' top eight for the 2021 NRL season

I am playing with ultimate fire there…

'Way too early' top eight for the 2021 NRL season

You know what is crazy with silly season? Some social media pages implore silly season and they rave about it… not sure it is a good look for the game? Evermore, silly season is upon us! Always a pleasure, BB.

The 2020 silly season is nearly over

Not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES?!?!?

Reece Hodge is all set to kick the winning penalty goal for Australia at the 2021 Bledisloe Cup

Cant say I have, but I feel like I am missing out massively now!

Roosters officially poach Suaalii from Souths

Awesome article. Very well put!

How the All Blacks found their wings in Newcastle

I support the Storm so I will see my self out….

No but really, teams hate and blame them for cap cheating, but they just seem to be that far in front of other sides in managing where their money goes etc.
They’re a professional club, whom former players never say a bad thing about. The fact they can manage their books better than other clubs, just seems to be the other clubs fault, more or less?

The hate for the Sydney Roosters is real – and unwarranted