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Interesting opinion regarding the “headlines”-
Given the enormous amount of talent floating about in the premier league ie:(James Maddison), It’s difficult to single out an individual constantly. I’m sure the British media is more diverse on opinion pieces than our mainstream media. Also, Grealishs’ recent performance have rewarded him with multiple national team call ups.

Jack Grealish is the most underappreciated star in the Premier League

Disagree with the comments made about Izzo, the back 4 of Adelaide United had a tumultuous last 2 rounds (pre the season suspension). I’d say their struggles relate to a lacklustre defensive stature. Michael Maria is on the outer at left back and Jakobsen struggles to keep pace with speedy opposition. Izzo is the least to blame in this instance.

The one player each A-League club should poach

Interesting to hear so much talk around promotion/relegation. Most football fans think it’s the solution to all the woes under the current A-League format, but one thing that hasn’t been accounted for is the sheer geographic size of Australia and what’s potentially good for the growth of the game. For example if Perth Glory get relegated and a NSW team gets promoted, football growth and expansion in WA would take a huge hit being in the second division and the competition could potentially be a one state focused format.

Football in Australia must unite the old with the new

Interesting points Jorge, I feel 3rd place qualification is a topic that has been shunned in the media for quite sometime now. The addition of proposed a 48 team World Cup tournament will demonstrate a lacklustre and uneventful qualification period, similar to your group stage statements. One factor to remember is Portugal overcome strong nations through out the knock out stages to reach the eventual final. Beating France in front of their home crowd was a remarkable achievement considering Portugal were the ultimate underdogs. I mean let’s face it, we all love seeing the little guy take it to the opposition!

How UEFA softened the European Championships

Good points, however Western Melbourne was considered as a fast growing region. I feel as if Western United have been a poor expansion considering the overwhelming bids from other states/clubs. Perhaps the FFA could have done better? What are your thoughts?

How the FFA can expand successfully

I Agree with the Wollongong Wolves statement, it should have been the Wolves over Macarthur to begin with. As for Tasmania, one fault people tend to forget is the fact they have no rectangular field to support a football club in an AFL mad state. Out of the three options you have purposed, I’d be putting Tasmania as the least priority.

How the FFA can expand successfully

Stating the obvious in this article. Drastic changes need to be made if Adelaide are to be a contender again, perhaps a major clean out of the board and bring in some personnel that will fund the club to allow better marquee’s to prosper, as securing consistent marquee’s has been a frequent problem for Adelaide.

The four ways Adelaide United can improve next season

Seems the most logical and popular opinions surround Tasmania and Canberra. However, Tasmania have quite a poor range of sporting facilities in both Hobart and Launceston, this includes not having a purpose built rectangular complex. As for Canberra, establishment of fans will be hard to achieve as most jobs held in Canberra are usually government. In my opinion is should have been Wollongong over MacArthur, more of a geographical distinction and a perfect traditional club to tap into in Wollongong Wolves, not to mention the perfect stadium.

Who could replace the Phoenix?

Fair play to the Mariners fans, despite their teams poor form over recent years they regularly turn out in numbers in Newcastle. Sunday’s weather was unbelievable at some moments with authorities urging people to stay off motorways and main roads. So it’s hard to argue as to why there was such a poor attendance at Newcastle, I wouldn’t read too much into it. The “punching above their weight” comparison isn’t equal as teams such as Sheffield United are able to purchase marquee’s well over the million dollar mark, something the Jets and the Mariners would only dream of.

The state of the F3 Derby

Unfortunately have to agree with some of the comments on here about similar articles and comparisons between code attendances. Comparing A-League attendances with NRL & AFL does more damage to the game than good. The NRL comparison was interesting, however in recent years the NRL have managed to struck a major broadcasting deal with 9 and fox league, therefore cementing interesting by broadcast. Game day attendance would be a low priority for the NRL on the back of this deal. Coming Back to the A-league, a series of factors could be deemed responsible for the low crowd figures, these include- extreme heat weaves, unprecedented bushfires and repetitive fixtures tarnishing due to lack of expansion in recent years.

Think the A-League has poor crowds? Think again

Don’t forget their marquee singing Gary Hooper- I feel once he finds form at Wellington he’ll be one to watch in the coming weeks, given his impressive resùme

Wellington Phoenix are best placed to challenge Sydney FC's crown

Boyd should stop being so selfish and put the club first rather than himself. By this I mean he should retire and free a position for an upcoming outside back, and consider himself as a mentor for the club in the future.

What to do with Darius Boyd?

Agree with you Tiger. However, scrums create the opportunity for the offence team with limited players amongst the field due to the scrum being held, therefore set plays are in key.

What are scrums good for in rugby league?

Surprised about the inclusion of Luke Brattan to “fitting in” I feel he has hasn’t been as potent nor involved as his previous season were with Melb City/Brisbane

Who’s hot and who’s not in the A-League?

Disagree about the choice of Thurgate for man of the match. Moss was outstanding in the second half and made some important saves in the first, while despite scoring the match winner, Thurgate was missing in the second half.

My wrap-up of Round 6 of the A-League

Similar to Melbourne’s success of the over the last decade. Victorian media barely cover Rugby League.

Spare a thought for Roosters fans

Awesome singing by the Nix, followed by promising and enlightening football last night against Sydney.

Hooperman flies in to save the Nix

Maclaren has been in top form both domestically and internationally, although against lacklustre opponents.

Is Jamie Maclaren the marquee player Melbourne City needs?

Craig Noone has been outstanding pre season, let’s hope he can back it up come the regular.

Melbourne derby to provide early glimpse of title credentials

Very harsh verdict on the FFA cup in that regard- I personally think it’s a great concept. The A-League seriously lacks marketing values and development which is something you didn’t mention. As for marquees Honda was a fantastic import.

Is this D-Day for the A-League?

Very biased article in my opinion. Give credit where it’s due- penalty count favoured Canberra, Cronk should never have been sin binned and the Raiders has multiple opportunities to capitalise. Good teams always find a way to win, convincing or non convincing.

The worst call in grand final history

Wouldn’t use the word “brave” considering Napoli were the underdogs against a mammoth opponent.

Brave Liverpool leave Napoli empty handed yet again

Could be just a minor form slump, many top teams suffer from this from time to time. Brodie Croft could also be a weakness that teams are bound to explore come September, as demonstrated in most Melbourne games Munster usually claims the reign in attack.

Are cracks appearing in the Melbourne Storm?

Definitely not worth 1.5m a season, not even close mate. Freakish talent undoubtedly but still a young man and hasn’t even tasted finals footy in his career yet.

Better, stronger, faster: Kalyn Ponga is the Six Million Dollar Man

Bird’s a good player, but prone to injury. I’m surprised about your thoughts on Kenny, he really seemed to be the missing piece of the puzzle to Penrith which consolidated their 7 game winning run. Coming back to Verrills, the Roosters will likely snap up his services for the long term in typical roosters style.

The signatures your team should be chasing this off season