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The missed conversion from basically right in front, especially when he appeared to have no trouble kicking them from the sideline shows signs of arrogance as well as cockiness in my opinion, and he’s been showing this type of attitude for quite some time now.

Moses can't lead Parramatta to the promised land

Other than the Roosters, the only other upset that I would consider would be Cronulla to beat Canberra 1-12. The Sharks would be boosted by the recent miracle announcement of young shark, Fine Kula being cleared of brain cancer. Surely that would be a source of inspiration for the squad if they really believe they can beat their first top 8 team in 2020. Also, the odds seem very tempting to say the least.

NRL Finals Week 1: Betting and premiership winner update

Yeah rightly so

I hate the Bunker

The Bunker should only be ruling on things like if the player grounded the ball, if the player stayed in the field of play, or if it was a knock on and so on, just the basics. However, they should not be ruling on things like obstruction, I believe that’s a common element of frustration that comes from the fans. In live play, the one ref, and the two touch judges can have a feel for the game a bit better and rule on obstruction right then and there on the field. Another bit of confusion and frustration is like what you mentioned, the number of times they have to re-watch the tape and try to look for a reason to potentially overturn the referee’s decision. If they have to look at that many angles and replays, obviously they haven’t found sufficient evidence to overturn the referee’s decision. Also, I’ve noticed countless times where the referee on the field simply asks the Bunker on occasions, “Just confirm grounding and in-goal mate.” But guess what, the Bunker ends up checking every little thing from the play-the-ball to the final grounding, such as offside, obstruction etc, and they try their very hardest to try to overturn their decision once again. So, my overall message is to not get rid of the Bunker entirely, but limit the range of rulings they can go and check after the referee has sought confirmation from the Bunker like the rulings I stated in my very first sentence.

I hate the Bunker

Yes it will be interesting, especially if there are any unexpected upsets or not this round

Tips and predictions for NRL Round 14

Yeah we definitely should!

Top three NRL Fantasy players from each position for the run home

Yeah gets a bit frustrating at times but I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed it still. I tried SC last year but just went back to Fantasy full time because yeah like you said, it’s more user-friendly

Top three NRL Fantasy players from each position for the run home

If Smith plays I will strongly consider tipping Storm, but if Smith doesn’t play then as much as I would be tempted to tip the Storm purely because it’s an upset, especially if the Roosters get some players back, I can’t really see the Storm winning.
Without Munster, or Smith, it’s just too much of a change to their spine, and I don’t know if Lam is still taking over Flanagan, but if Flanagan gets the call-up, the Roosters spine still looks like this; Tedesco, Keary, Flanagan and Friend. So, to me, I don’t think Melbourne has it in them to beat the reigning premiers again without those key players of their spine.

Why the Storm should be wary of the injured Chooks

Thanks mate. Yeah hopefully Manly can pull it off, appreciate the support!

Tips and predictions for NRL Round 12

Predictions for Round 12: (1-12 or 13+)

Rabbitohs (1-12) – Rabbitoh’s Indigenous boys will fire up for this one (Latrell, Walker, Gagai) just to name a few and the Dragons will probably still feel down after that Bunker shocker last week. Besides, the Bunnies are due for a big game and should get the job done.

Tigers (13+) – The Tigers will ideally need to win this one if they think that they are top 8 material this season. Meanwhile, the Warriors both lose Maumalo and Fusitu’a (gone back to NZ) where they lose some strike power on those edges. The return of Twal will also provide an extra bit of size and go forward in the middle as well.

Sharks (13+) – Being a Sharks fan, I am fully aware that the boys do not have the best record against the Broncos, especially at Suncorp Stadium, but however, I am strongly convinced that they will get the win here, but don’t be surprised if this one turns out to be an arm wrestle for the majority of the match.

Roosters (13+) – While the Chooks didn’t win by the margin everyone was expecting them to win by last week against the Warriors, they will absolutely run rings around the Titans in this one. Titans fought hard against the Panthers last week. but just lacked some X-Factor in attack to come away with a win. Roosters by plenty.

Raiders (1-12) – So, the nightmare of injuries continue for the Raiders heading into this one against the Cowboys, but I feel like they will still be too strong for a struggling Cowboys outfit, while also welcoming back John Bateman, which is a huge in for the green machine. I mistakenly tipped the Cowboys last week against Manly, so there is no reason why I should tip them again, Raiders for me, please.

Manly (1-12) – This will be my only upset tip for the round. The Panthers welcome back some players, including Kikau, as well as Koroisau in the Reserves but not 100% sure if he’s going to play, but I just have a feeling Manly will snatch this one up at Lottoland. Panthers are way overdue for their second loss of the season and Manly would most certainly like to back up their performance last week with a win in a tight one.

Eels (1-12) – I’ve tipped Eels, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dogs come close here. They provided us with an unexpected upset against an inconsistent Knights outfit, but I can’t tip against the Eels in this one.

Storm (13+) – Last game of the round involves the Storm, which are just looking absolutely unbeatable in recent times, and the Knights lose an additional two hookers coming into Sunday’s clash. I can’t see the Storm losing this one.

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