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Lovely stuff Harry. As a Fiji fan, reading this invigorates me. You mentioned in the comments that the Drua are winners – I think this is a vital point of comparison with the current Wallabies. Should there be no changes in the Wallaby coaching set-up and approach, then Fiji is so much more likely to win than has been expected previously. Their confidence is on the up, unlike the Wobs.

There is such a depth to the Fijian side, as seen by their playing roster overseas and locally with the Drua. Even better, McKee’s sensible and effective selections, utilitising the best of both worlds, made for a side with huge potential. What’s great is that the team looked quite cohesive despite a short preparation time and only a few games.

Fiji’s development of their local players has so much more of a professional sheen, with more focus on set piece; their scrum and breakdowns were awesome.

That they look more organised than the Aussies is food for positivity amongst Fiji fans, and concern for Wallaby ones!

Sapporo awaits

Loved the trophy presentation. No speeches, yahoo! No delay on celebrations haha

The Wrap: Yokohama Bledisloe will benefit both the All Blacks and Wallabies

The lack of crowd noise in Yokohama was so apparent in comparison to and after the Lautoka match! I wound the volume up at the end of the Drua game to immerse myself in the noise. Wound it up watching the Bledisloe to try and find the noise. Should have brought a jazz group in to envliven the atmosphere 😉

The length of time it took the TMO to sort out DHP’s try was so ridiculous my eldest son almost swore… and I would have let him if he had 😀

The Wrap: Yokohama Bledisloe will benefit both the All Blacks and Wallabies

Great stuff Geoff. Obviously, I was ecstatic watching the Drua win (and chortled at the speed of the trophy ceremony), but was also pleased at the commitment of the QLDC team through the whole 80. A moment of brilliance, and they could still have won. However, the Drua showed a complete rugby performance that pleased the heart and mind with its sensible play. I love how they use their forwards now – the combination of mass, momentum and movement is awesome. Tuisue was a ripper, but their front row skills… delicious (notwithstanding the line out!).

I was surprised at the Wallabies performance, it was a lot better than I thought it would be. They came out of the blocks in the second half with great vigour; if only they could control better, and had more options. During the match, could guess at the ABs potential, which is scary. The NH games will hopefully show their real ability.

The Wrap: Yokohama Bledisloe will benefit both the All Blacks and Wallabies

My heart says Drua, and my head says Drua, and yet knowing my luck, it’s going to be QLD Country. It will all be about the Drua’s ability to hold on to their nerve in front of a passionate home crowd. It’s been pleasing to see how they’ve kept their discipline, but I’m a bit chary of the fact that their game control happen in bursts of momentum, rather than a sturdy burn through a match.

Anyway, making a big call and saying the Luke Tagi will be the man of the match and the fella who passes the winning offload for the Drua. That man’s offload last week was as smooth as butter. Bit of a crush happening here.

The match-ups that will decide the NRC final

As I watched it unfold, I was screaming in my head “kick it to the ****house”. (And I don’t swear. The Wallabies have made me swear).

It was horrifying when they didn’t.

Port Elizabeth: Space just for the birds, not the Wallabies?

Through the means of modern technology, yes! Though, the last epic meal was almost 12 months ago.

Great article about a great game, Nic. Fascinating to see the psychological shift during the game. The ABs generally project so much poise and confidence, they own their moves and their decisions. So that closing stage was compelling viewing, with the Bok’s determination on that upward trajectory coinciding with the ABs agitation. Definitely a game to pop on repeat every now and again.

Why the rivalry between the All Blacks and Springboks is alive and well

Ha, no longer in MY Nic. And no longer coaching ???? Down under in the land of the Brumbies though, so still consuming rugby

Why the rivalry between the All Blacks and Springboks is alive and well

Sure. Compare and contrast with previous performances, there’s a lot of upside for the team.

Black Ferns rout Wallaroos

Great to see your live blog Tom! Game is going as expected, but am exceptionally pleased to see this development opportunity for the Aussie women.

Wallaroos vs Black Ferns: Women’s Test Rugby live scores, blog

Well, well, well Waratahs try. Really slow cover by the Saders.

Crusaders vs Waratahs: Super Rugby live scores, blog

Sheeeeesh Phipps

Crusaders vs Waratahs: Super Rugby live scores, blog

Geoff, I’m wondering about your point no. 2. I was incredibly surprised that the crowd for Saturday’s Brumbies-Reds game was lower than the Brumbies-Sharks. Considering that the Sharks game competed with Skyfire, an arts festival, a Harvest festival with dachshund races and other events, and there was no plethora of competition for the Reds game, was the lower crowd due to round one of the John Dent Cup?

While no doubt the Brumbies’ recent form hasn’t been attractive, was it also just a bit too difficult for club players and supporters to front up after a the first day of the season? There’s only so much rugby our busy lives can absorb. I wonder if Brett or Fionn can suggest a reason.

The Wrap: Super Rugby continues to shoot itself in the foot

I actually really appreciated seeing new talent on show at the HK7s. In fact, I think that the Canadian team could have benefited by fielding a fresher side. The over-reliance on HIrayama, Moonlight and Jones was telling, those guys were exhausted. Loved seeing the Blitzbokke next gen and there’s some fantastic speed in the boy ABs. Sadly the Australian team were begging for direction, that was a much too mashed-up side.

The Wrap: Super Rugby continues to shoot itself in the foot

Thanks for the article Harry, I like the compare and contrast aspect to it. The growth of Iranian women’s rugby has been quite striking, and the dedication of some of their leaders has been noted, particularly through a viral video of a female Iranian rugby coach nursing her newborn during a half-time break of her women’s team’s game. Once the passion hits, it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female – so long as you help move the game forward.

Women's rugby is truly a global game

Agreed on the effectiveness of the GIR program. It’s ability to reach and engage with communities in regional areas in Asia is excellent, and its inclusive approach is particularly effective in engaging girls in the game, especially in patriarchal countries like the Philippines and Indonesia.

Women's rugby is truly a global game

The early days of SA teams in SR I think was fine. People appreciate a novelty, and even more we just really looked forward to seeing more frequently and up close the South African rugby style, and teams of lore. Fatigue’s set in though. The younger or newer Aussie rugby fan also doesn’t have that historical understanding and interest in SA rugby of the apartheid and boycott years.

The Wrap: Will reversion to 15 teams be enough to revive Super Rugby?

It’s a pony. All girls want a pony, Chook.

The Wrap: Will reversion to 15 teams be enough to revive Super Rugby?

Looking forward to the Meet and Greet day too – and the pre-season vs the Rebels in Qbn that night. Should be very interesting.

Sevens and tens are the perfect way to kick off the Australian rugby year

Loved the last weekend. I must say I’m getting into 7s more and more – the combination of easily digestible games, carnival atmosphere, the frequency of moments (such as Tonegato’s run, Japan women’s win over England, and a superb try by the PNG men as well as their win over Spain) makes for compelling viewing.

I think the collegiate relationship of the squads, including on the technical and coaching sides, helped construct the weekend’s success. Neither side had a spectacular 2017 (the men obviously less so for longer), but to peak for the home tournament was perfect.

Given the propensity of 7s to produce giant-killing moments, and the competition with the Black Ferns and the Blitzbokke, I don’t necessarily expect tournament wins for the rest of the year, but am hoping for consistent top results from the Aussies.

Some of the new faces in our squads look good, I was especially happy to see Maurice Longbottom play, as he reminds me of Brendan Williams who ran out for the Classic Wallabies on Sunday. Fancy feet!

Sevens and tens are the perfect way to kick off the Australian rugby year

For the men, I think the coaching team just upped the ante further. I can’t remember which Aussie 7s guy it was, but he commented about how they began to put in even extra effort towards the end of training, in reflection of how often teams like the Blitzbokke burn through teams towards the end of game. Also, both the men’s and women’s worked in particular on their defensive systems and their commitment in defense. Which showed in the tournament.

Sevens and tens are the perfect way to kick off the Australian rugby year

They were immense in that game. They just dominated it.

Australia men and women win both titles at 2018 Sydney Sevens

Another great recap Frank. I read about that test in Dwyer’s book long before I managed to watch it, and agree that England played a much more expansive game, and were better than described. Wonderfully, the Wallabies were better than that.

From Frank’s Vault: Australia vs England (1991)

You’re the Anna Wintour of rugby Harry. But with a smile.

Hmm I think the Waratahs’ Pasifika jersey sold ok this year. In any case, one of the leftover jerseys was offered as a competition prize by the franchise (in a 2XXL if I remember right?). So the Tahs aren’t immune to an artwork jersey! Wonder if they’ll do that again next year, to raise some much needed funds.

2018 Super Rugby fashion review, part two

It will be interesting to see the numbers in 12 months time. WA will doubtless sadly see a drop in registrations. NSW may likely to as well, in response to the $12 players levy being imposed next year. I’d like to see stats on volunteer numbers through the years.

The results are in: NSW rugby participation sees positive growth in 2017