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A lover of cricket, rugby league and writing. This is my first foray in to writing. In my 40's but still send down some outswingers on a Saturday afternoon. Father of three junior sportspeople. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute



Thanks for the great read Matt. I really enjoy your writing style.
I don’t watch that much of the shorter formats so I am aware of Short without really knowing his game.
Will be keeping an eye out for him.

D'arcy Short: The pigeon-holed dasher

All makes sense Geoff.
You can only beat what’s in front of you, and what’s in front of you in the test arena is always going to be a decent challenge
The point about Harris’s dismissal is a good one, mental application is a huge factor in any big performance in cricket

Dismissing Test runs against 'easy' Sri Lanka is a mistake

Will qualify this by saying it is a totally unfounded thought and my own speculation only – but I have wondered whether the improvement in a couple of players and their growth in to leaders is because the culture is a better one for them to thrive, without Warner’s influence.

After demolishing Sri Lanka at home, here's how Australia's Ashes squad is shaping up

I hope we can determine who is best able to handle the swinging ball.
That seems to be our undoing time and time again.
Agreed our stocks are looking much improved, hopefully some of the emerging talents can play swing well. Although Warner is considered a certainty, he is also poor against the moving ball – so we will need plenty of top order bats who aren’t.

Patterson ton a welcome addition to Ashes intrigue

I see what you mean, agreed.

He was very good at Parra. It pains us Dogs to admit it though!

Canterbury fans see their Pay day coming

With respect to test cricket, yes, not enough of them.

Junior cricket must change for future Test success

Hello BA.

It depends how you define a favourite son.

Yes, fans were heartbroken to see the big 4 leave at the of ’95.

However I’d offer that any player remembered by their club’s fans for great deeds on the field and winning a Comp, is a fair definition of a favourite son.
Pay was also a winner of u/21 player of the year at the Dogs in 1988, so the history goes back a little further.

Canterbury fans see their Pay day coming

Absolutely agree, and no question that every player in every club is ‘training the house down’ etc…. !

We had the Sharks visit and train down our way yesterday and I went for a look. Can’t knock the effort these fellas put in during the heat, most of us would be looking for the pool or the ocean after 20 mins!

Canterbury fans see their Pay day coming

As an avid watcher of Klemmer’s entire career, I strongly challenge the notion that he discourages the offence from running near him.
One lucky shot on Payne Haas is about all that was memorable.
Find me the last time he folded someone in half, apart from that?
Media seems to think he does it every week. We won’t miss him

Canterbury fans see their Pay day coming

Hi Peter
You should read the article again
It actually references many of the things you said in your comment.
The signs are pretty good and expectations are to be competitive and play a good style of football, fairly modest I would suggest.
Thanks for your feedback and interest, pre-season is a great time for hypothetical debate because it’s all we have hey!

Canterbury fans see their Pay day coming

Great time to be a young shield cricketer.

The Ashes squad, barring another cricket earthquake, will be built around Warner, Smith, Paine, Cummins, Hazelwood, and Lyon. Starc is almost certain of a position you’d have to think, despite current slump.

The remaining 4 spots should go to batsmen who show skill against swing and seam bowling, a concern being they don’t get the opportunity to face much of this, of any great quality.

Totally agree that the county system may be the best yardstick for judgment before the first test.

Quick singles: Australia back in the winner's circle

Maybe that’s another reason we are not producing tough cricketers who are steeled for battle?

Monitor kids health and give them plenty of water and hydration and it shouldn’t be an issue.

I heard commentators say the other day that bowlers only learn by bowling, and all of these restrictions are not only hampering development, but we are still seeing as many bowlers (if not more) break down than ever before. Hopefully there will be some changes made soon.

Junior cricket must change for future Test success

Starc is also starting to look quite frustrated and like he needs time away to regain his hunger or mojo or both.

I feel he is a pale imitation of Johnson, who was equally inconsistent but when ‘on’, was infinitely more talented, threatening and menacing.

To me, Johnson was the most menacing of all the Australians since Thommo. He was truly hostile at his best and compelling viewing.

Starc can be a great weapon when in form but to me his test feats against the top order have never matched his white ball successes – much like Brett Lee.

What does Mitchell Starc have to do to be dropped?

Appreciate the feedback cruyff

I took a shine to Ritchie as a kid and enjoyed watching his successes

My first live test experience was the day he was batting very well against the Windies until he copped one on the cheekbone from Courtney Walsh and had to retire on 37

Echoes of 1985-86: The blessing of a forced rebuild

Attending some live sport in the US recently, it got me to thinking about the Sydney-centric nature of the NRL. The distance between the franchises meant that the away teams were brilliantly unwelcome, and their successes during the game basically ignored. This was a spectacle in itself at both the NBA and the Ice Hockey. However there was a also a distinct lack of atmosphere relative to watching neighbouring rivals play, like we have when the Sydney teams clash in the NRL, or for that matter even the Broncos and Cowboys games. I was kind of on the fence as to what was better, as both versions of live sport crowds have their appeal.

Two codes a world apart

Thanks for the commentary.
Out of interest, who would you have picked as keeper when Haddin was in the side?
I can’t recall anyone who would have got the gig over him on keeping alone, but may have forgotten someone.

The point on Maddinson and others is more about the fact that he history of test cricket shows that very few are able to succeed instantly and maintain that without flat periods. In the last 10-15 years, we seem to have no patience to endure these flat periods, which in my view would be a better way to build the mental strength and resilience required.

Hughes showed enough to suggest he would have been a 20+ test hundred player. Yes his technique had deficiencies but you don’t score those type of runs at that age without having the strategies and plans to counter those deficiencies. Recall Matthew Hayden when he started out in tests as a similar prodigy, it took him 5-6 years after that trial, highlighted by his embarrassing bowled dismissal against the West Indies, to start on the journey towards greatness in India 2001.

Stoinis does not deserve a Test debut

Maxwell started to give us all exactly what we’d been asking for on the 2017 Indian tour, and was promptly discarded soon after…. a very hard message for any player.

How does he interpret and respond to selectors requirements from there?

How Maxwell and Stoinis can do Australian cricket - and themselves - a big favour

Hayden is essentially highlighting the need for mental toughness and discipline in Test batting
From what we have seen, Harris has all the talent, so let’s hope he has the mental game too
All the short form cricket can’t be great for developing this though?

Hayden to Harris: Cut the cut to score a hundred

Sadly, the stories are compelling reading, and as long as this remains the case, they will of course continue to be reported. News entities are in the game of attracting readers and the badly behaved high profile footballer is a certain winner in this regard.
It is a shame that the players keep providing the headlines but the realist in us all says that it is hard to see this changing.
Young men from varied backgrounds with alcohol on board and spending the bulk of their time in groups are inclined to behave disrespectfully, take risks, and make poor decisions they will regret in later life.
Footballers doing this make an infinitely more compelling news story than stockbrokers, labourers, accountants, or electricians.
The criminal mistreatment of others is totally inexcusable and should be punished accordingly -sexual offences, domestic violence and the like.
At the other end of the scale, pub fights, nudity, and drinking too much are mistakes made by a significant number of impressionable young men whose brains are still developing. We should allow those footballers who make news for these type of behaviours the space to mature, learn from their errors, and be forgiven – in the same way that other professionals are generally afforded these chances.

All hail League's greatest summer

It is difficult to understand the desire for an all-rounder, for an all-rounder’s sake, and it is difficult to understand the over-used ‘horses for courses’ policy.
On horses for courses – Any team at their best is able to simply pick a consistent 11 and trust them in most conditions, occasionally tweaking the inclusions for specific conditions such as a dustbowl. Dropping anyone from a winning team sends all the wrong messages and only adds to the mental damage inflicted across the collective batting contenders in the last decade. From Phillip Hughes to Nic Maddinson to Joe Burns to Matt Renshaw – careers have been damaged and cruelled by a lack of patience.
On All-Rounders – why pick players who would not be selected for either skill in isolation from the other? When you do select this way, it ensures they will not perform up to par in either discipline, for any sustained length of time.

Stoinis does not deserve a Test debut