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I thought you were giving the winning lotto numbers with those margins!

Eight talking points from NRL Round 15

Great first article BenchWarmer, really nice read.
As the mum of a mad cowboys fan, I am still struggling to to explain to him the signing of Townsend. Not even in the top 17 of his current team, and with re-siging Drinwater and Deardon, it does seem odd.
I like Payton though. He seems to be a tough coach that doesn’t accept half-arsed performances, and when the team goes ok he won’t – as he said in the presser on Friday night “piss in their pockets”. He wants them at 100%.
Hopefully for fans like you and my son he can help bring the club back to where it was in 2015.

When will the Cowboys' dark days end?

Great read Adam, and 100% right.
The rule hasn’t changed, just the follow through with the discipline is finally where it should have always been.

The NRL crackdown is an indictment on administrators

“So I guess there are really only two flaws that I can find with Boyd Cordner: he didn’t play for my club and he played for the Roosters.”
I completely agree. Absolutely loathe the Roosters, love Boyd Cordner.
Great article Tim.

The only negative thing about Boyd Cordner was that he didn’t suit the anti-Roosters narrative

Great article Jaydem.
Cordner will definitely be remembered as a legend.

Farewell Boyd

That’s it KK, having the head highs and foul play getting stamped out of the game can only be a positive thing for keeping players playing longer.

When the retirement decision is made for you

Totally agree Paul. You hope that advice/preparation/courses etc are offered to the players through the clubs for life after footy. They all can’t be coaches and commentators.

When the retirement decision is made for you

Thanks Andrew01. Yes, you are right with Greg Inglis, Adam Ritson, and there was also Matt Gillett and Michael Morgan – so many more I could have added.

When the retirement decision is made for you

That’s right Nat, there would be so many up and comers that never had the chance to play at top level due to a very early injury.

When the retirement decision is made for you

That’s good! Don’t forget! Keep the rivalry going! That’s what started it in the first place – your coach making sure the Tigers never forget.
Sorry, you will get no sympathy from me. It seems the Panthers don’t know how to make friends wherever they go – I don’t think they will be getting a warm welcome from Canberra the way they behaved earlier in the year.
You can’t act poorly and then not like it when it comes back at you.

The importance of great rivalries

Very accurate ratings. The one for Hunt one made me laugh.
Blues definitely had Fifita well and truly covered, wasn’t able to play his normal game which you can tell frustarted him.
I thought Holmes did well.
Munster and Grant did they best they could – despite how much talent they both have I wasn’t sure what to expect with the lack of club footy they have played.
Grant looked exhausted by the time he came off and Brimson took over at hooker – who else would you have put in there instead and where/when would you have used Brimson?
NSW were just on another level last night.

State of Origin 1 player ratings: Queensland Maroons

I’m going 8.25pm – giving them an extra 15 minutes for Gus to talk, the smoke to clear from the fireworks, and for Channel 9 to squeeze in a few more commercials that us Foxtel fans just cannot stand!

Origin 1 kick-off bingo: What time will State of Origin Game 1, 2021 actually start?

Great article! Really enjoyable read. All the best for the lockdown.

My take on Round 12

Wonderful article. I love the smoking analogy.

Phil Gould urges NRL fans to "read the research" on concussion. So I did...