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No public shaming for our team of scapegoats

It is foolhardy to think that the international backlash against our cricketers is due to a commonplace misdemeanour of ball tampering. This public response is due to 50 years of abuse and disrespect hurled by the haloed ‘baggy green’ at opposition teams the world over.

While I am not certain they can win the world cup, I agree that Warner and Smith should not disrupt the team that is settling in beautifully. Firstly, I don’t believe either of them will perform to their previous level; Secondly, they could ruin the team spirit, as the full ball tampering story is unknown to us; and finally, Finch is a stable and mature captain, who should remain in the team purely from a calm leadership aspect.

Australia can win the World Cup without Smith and Warner

I feel the Sri Lanka tests are being used to experiment and try out new hands. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Marsh brothers waltz right back into the team for the Ashes!

In the face of public anger, Australia's selectors finally back down

South Africa setup a number of cameras specifically at Cape town, because they suspected cheating at the previous matches when reverse swing was achieved at 30 overs. In my mind clearly cheating was systemic and not an isolated incident in which the whole leadership was involved, particularly the bowling leadership.

The approach taken has been to, hit hard at those publicly known to have cheated with immediate effect, gradually fire the admin staff involved, Peavers, Sutherland, Howard and Lehman. No action has been taken on the bowlers who are now looking a pretty mediocre attack with little skill other than to bounce. It’s probably for the best, or we might have lost our test playing status!!

I'm not calling Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft liars, but...

The real problem lies in CA covering up the truth. If the full story was known, then these 3 will not have anything new to divulge. There are some key contradictions which clearly indicate that we only know half the story.

– South Africans setup the camera’s to detect this, only because they already suspected cheating at the previous test, when reverse swing occurred in the 30th over. So the cheating was not a single event, but systemic.

– Bowlers are in charge of managing the condition of the ball, so for only 3 batsman to be implicated is farcical. It’s highly likely that there are a few bowlers in leadership positions still shivering in their boots waiting for something new to be revealed.

– The 3 implicated have been through a process of psychological recovery. What they say now will be based on what is best for their own recovery and not necessarily an unbiased view.

As for David Warner, I suspect he will be back in the team because that will be the basis for him to take the rap and keep quiet. If he talks, then there will not be a big impact on the CA admin as those responsible have already been fired, Peavers, Sutherland, Howard and Lehman, but I suspect it will impact the bowlers.

Cameron Bancroft reveals Warner's involvement in ball-tampering saga

The whole board should be fired. The mere fact that David Peevers was re-elected a week before the report was released to the public, shows that all the member are far too complicit.

The next chairman should be appointed for a short term, with the specific transformation objective of changing the culture. A person from within the existing culture, who knows no other culture will simply fail. An ex cricket will not have the skills nor smarts to do it. We need someone from overseas, or a woman, for 18 months.

Tubby pulls the pin on Cricket Australia

I think Starc is best in the ODI format particularly at the end of the innings. Also due to the financial benefits of playing the T20 tournaments, he should be playing 3 hrs of T20 when he is not playing for Australia. As for test, I suspect he is too prone to injury for the rigours of test, and I don’t believe he will last a 5 test series. It will also cause him to be continually in and out of the teams due to injury.

Mitchell Starc is too important for meaningless T20 games

Looks like the good drinking buddies got the job! Not sure about their leadership or smarts. I suppose that’s the consequence of a popular vote process.

Mitch Marsh and Josh Hazlewood named joint vice captains for Australian Test side

Its pointless comparing the ACB’s reaction to the premeditated use of sand paper, vs the more common infringement of using lollies with spit, particularly after the lie about it being tape.

It’s also naive to think that 3 batsman were the only team members involved in managing the condition of the ball. There was hard evidence already available to the public implicating these 3. The ACB had no option but to take action against them. The bowlers got away.

Ball tampering - a legal analysis and a call for reform

Poor Fraser Anning! He would feel so uncomfortable in any of the Eastern cities of Australia.

You can't ban Muslims - who would bat three?

Nice article. I certainly identify with the open ended arguments on the best batsman.

I would suggest Grit / Mind as a separate category to technical. I would put Smith in this and the ugly categories. I would have Koli in it and technical as in my view he has the best cover drive in the game (like Roy Dias).

What type of batsman are you?

I don’t think Smith will been the player he was ever again. Even if he does come back to the team, there will be such a negative vibe around him, that he will not enjoy the experience. Also, in the Australian setup, it is hard for an ex-captain to continue to play in the team.

CA has messed up the career of another one of our cricketers by making them captain well before they are mature enough for it. While he may have been good at some facets of captaining, he is certainly not in many.

Ban could make Smith a better batsman

Khawaja should be in Test and ODI team. Not sure about T20 team as I have not seen him since he took Thunder to win the BBL. Certainly should have been in the team then.

We need brains to captain Australia, and Khawaja is the man. Besides being the captain of the Sheffield shield winners Queensland, he has also captained the Australia A’s, is an Aeronautical Engineer and most importantly a good age. That’s the stuff real captains are made of. Paine shouldn’t be in any of the Australian teams.

The big questions for Australia after England's ODI whitewash

On a spin wicket, Yes. If not, when we have our full pace attack, we will do them for pace. We do need to be able to face spin. England seems to think that it is our Achilles heel.

Australia should play two spinners in ODIs

The Australian ODI team is like a local under 10 club team where the focus is to participation. It seems the focus is to ensure everyone participates! There is not one person in the team that is a definite selection. No one has a clue who will be selected until the team is announced.

England on the other hand have a consistent team of 10 definite selections, and the focus is to win.

Australian selectors to blame for ODI carnage

I think Langer is wanting to set his own mark by focusing on a young. He was forced to fall back on the experienced batsman in the 4th ODI. He doesn’t have any options with the bowling.

Australian selectors to blame for ODI carnage

I think Khawaja is the best option not just to vice, but to captain the test team. He is the captain of the winning Sheffield shield team, and has captained both the Australia A and U19 teams. He is the highest ICC ranked Australian test batsman (since Smith and Warner are out). A man who has an Aeronautical Engineering degree, a commercial pilots license and play cricket for Australia at the age of 26 is a guy made of the right stuff!

The reluctant vice-captain Australia needs

The whole rationale for day night tests, is financial based. Leave that aside, and none of the other key aspects that differentiate test cricket from the other forms are fulfilled in day night tests. Conditions best for visibility, conditions players are most accustomed to, balls that are suitable for 80 overs etc. There is little point not being able to watch the best batsman in action, because the conditions prevent them from seeing the ball well. The conditions are so different, that I would suspect most countries would have a separate team for the day night test form, than for the day test.

I would argue that where test cricket is concerned, there is no need for the key driver to be financial, instead pure exhibition of gritty cricket excellence should prevail. It is considered the ultimate test. When looking at cricket as a whole, the white ball cricket fulfils the high excitement and financial objectives, and there is no need to look at each form in isolation. Day night test is a sub-standard thought bubble with no clear winning drivers.

The change I would like to see is, specialised batting and fielding teams for T20 (i.e. batting 11 could be different to fielding 11).

Mark Waugh claims India is holding Test cricket back

Bill, it seems the timing of this article is rather unfortunate. Surely you’d have to find CA cancelling the Bangladesh tour with 3 months notice and no communication with Bangladesh or ICC, far more disturbing than the points you raise.

Kohli is considered the best batsman in the world, and yet he has failed consistently in England. The only way he can improve his game is by playing in England and this is the most appropriate time for it. It was Kohli’s request, agreed to by the BCCI. You will find that Steve Smith and Ponting were rested from many internationals (in SriLanka etc) while captaining the team.

It is time for Sutherland to exit. His hasn’t handled a single matter with any success. The MOU debacle, the animosity between the cricketers association and CA, the disastrous South African tour, the illegal TV rights agreement and now the cancellation of the Bangladesh tour, have all been failures. Surely it is time for some new blood leading CA in a new direction.

BCCI bullies again show their disregard for the rest of the cricket world

I think Australia now has the best T20 team, and will be the number one team shortly mainly due to the dynamic batting line up. Short, Carey, Lynn, Warner, Maxwell. I am not sure we are quite there in the ODI form. The selectors will need to forget politics.

I feel Carey is a far better keeping choice than Payne for both T20 and ODI. If he is not now, he will certainly be next year. Paine can barely make it to any team and is an appalling decision for captaincy.

Sledging is unacceptable. We should not assume that other countries sledge because they do it against Australia, and we only follow Australian matches. Other countries specifically prepare their team to deal with sledging when they play Australia. Unlike Australia, where sledging is prevalent from U12 matches, there is no sledging in their domestic cricket, and youngsters are first exposed to it when playing Australia at test level (and more recently at age group internationals). It is not acceptable.

Justin Langer must let Australia sledge

Get a bunch of cricketers who are exponents of the culture and expect them to come up with the solution! Sums up Peevers and Sutherland perfectly.

Cricket Australia announce details of cultural review following ball-tampering scandal

This deal is clearly against the anti-siphoning laws of Australia. Based on the law, it is the right of the Australian public to have specifically all 3 forms of cricket played by the senior Australian team, available on free to air, and precludes an exclusive agreement. 75% of the Australian public are affected by this, as they do not subscribe to foxtel. It is fine for foxtel to have exclusive pay tv rights, but the free to air legal right of the public must be upheld.

The Minister of Communication Mr Fifield, is responsible for ensuring the laws of the nation are upheld. If for what ever reason, he feel he cannot do so, he should resign.

If you feel strongly about this, now is the time to ROAR!! You should email him on and let him know, as I have done.

Cricket's bold leap into the unknown

This deal is clearly against the anti-siphoning laws of Australia. Based on the law, it is the specific right of the Australian public to have all 3 forms of cricket played by the elite Australian team, available on free to air, and precludes an exclusive agreement. 75% of the Australian public are affected by this.

The Minister of Communication Mr Fifield, is responsible for ensuring the laws of the nation are upheld. If for what ever reason, he feel he cannot do so, he should resign.

If you feel strongly about this, you should email him on and let him know, as I have done.

Bold new broadcast deal could spell the end of ODI cricket

Great read!

I suspect we may be missing quality batting coaching. From our top batsman, Smith, Hanscomb and to a lesser extent, Warner, are batsman with raw talent, but questionable technique when compared to Indian bats such as Koli, Sharma, Pujara etc. However, we have exceptional ability to produce great pace bowlers, with perfect technique, such as Stark, Hasselwood and Cummings.

While Sheffield shield is one of the best 1st class cricket arenas, there is still a significant gap between 1st class and test cricket. For a batsman, it can take significant time to grow into the test arena. It took Steve Waugh 4 years to make his first test century. The main arena for this growth is actually playing tests.

So if the selectors cannot have a medium term view of a player and persist with them, this growth does not occur. khawaja is a classic example of a player that stands out at Shefield shield level, but has had a disrupted path in test cricket rarely given 3 tests in a row in his early years, and continuously under the threat of being dropped.

This brings the dilemma of selections based on actual performance vs investing in potential (which is highly subjective).

The batting was poor, but heads shouldn’t roll just yet

The team is under severe trauma. It is divided and dislocated. It may well be that the inquiry strategy was to limit the impact and severely sanction those implicated. It is highly likely that the bowling group and coach were involved. They have been protected as there is no incriminating evidence available to the public. This will weigh heavily on the team. Lehmann has succumbed to it, and so will others.

CA has a duty of care towards the team. The situation in South Africa is volatile. The team should not be exposed to any further trauma. They should be protected from the fierce South African public and media. The tour should be cancelled. Bring them home. No public shaming!

How symbolic that it is during Easter.

This Test is a giant opportunity for Australia


The strategy to handle this issue seems to be working, but was probably thought out on the flight to Africa. Define a clear but minimal boundary of bad apples, based on only what was already know by the public; give them harsh punishment, and withhold any further implicating information until things subside. The idea that the coach and no bowler is involved, will hold, unless some clear visual or sound evidence out of their control appears. No bowling group would ever let a batsman touch a ball, without knowing exactly what they were doing!

The truth will become evident once they return home! It will be Warners bargaining chip.

Australia's on-field leaders have been banished, but this is just the beginning