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Billy Dib fighting Amir Khan is a disgrace

During the week it was announced that Billy Dib would fight Amir Khan in Saudi Arabia for the newly minted WBC Welterweight Pearl title – whatever that is – only for the WBC to withdraw the Pearl title and announce that the fight would be for their vacant International title.

As much as I love Luca, I can’t see him winning MVP. Should his name be mentioned? Of course, but at this stage he is behind a couple and they don’t have the greatest schedule on the run in.

Toronto are having a great season, but can’t see them beating the Bucks, Sixers or a healthy Boston in a 7 game series. And even if they somehow did, they are not beating either LA team.

Clearly? Don’t think you can say that any team from the east is CLEARLY the team to beat!

The hawks are BAD!

Calling fact or fiction on NBA storylines at the halfway point of the season

You make some great points here.

I enjoy both boxing and MMA, boxing being my preferred but they both have issues as you point out.

The sanctioning bodies, TV companies and promoters have just about ruined professional boxing were we don’t get to see the best fight the best all the time. Though I am hopeful with Wilder and Fury finding a way to get together and the rise of streaming that this may change. I am not as optimistic when it comes to the sanctioning bodies and their rankings/mandatories etc.

We also have to remember that UFC is a company and not the sport. This leads down a path the boxing took many years ago where there may be some fighters in other promotions who may well be better than those in the UFC. (i realise this may be rare, but still valid)

History is there to be made, and broken, but as you point out in young sports there is always going to be opportunities to be “the first” and “the best”. I think that to be called the greatest may take a few years yet to get a true comparison.

Another point on those early UFC’s is that they were tournaments were guys were asked to fight multiple times in a night and not just prepare for 1 opponent!!

Nice Article

There's only one solution for the UFC's biggest problem

Not sure that the article has anything to do with the Melbourne-Sydney Rivalry?!

The ATP Cup was played across the country not just in Sydney!

What the Melbourne-Sydney rivalry has cost Australian tennis fans and players

In those fights that went 5 rounds he looked gassed in the 3rd round.

And in the second Diaz fight he just ran away for the last round and a half so, yeah I think it is OK to question his cardio!

I too think that he will make pretty short work of a hyper active 36 year old who has suffered 2 pretty bad TKO’s in his last 2 fights. He may not KO him but I think he will land enough clean punches to get an early stoppage.

Even then, I don’t see how he deserves another shot at the lightweight title no matter how good he looks against Cowboy. It is clear from his fights against Gaethje and Ferguson that Cowboy is not near the top at LW, so how does Conor beating him at WW mean he deserves a shot.

Poirier is vastly improved than the fighter who lost to CM in 2014 and did no worse against Khabib than Mcgregor did. If CM wins then let him fight Poirier or the loser of Khabib and Ferguson to prove that he deserves another shot.

I know that is not how the UFC works, but am getting a bit sick of him being handed whatever he wants on a platter. The guy never even defended his belts!

Three things Conor McGregor needs to do in UFC 246

Adding the bulk that he has is only going to be detrimental to his cardio.

He will be looking to get Cerrone out of there quickly as the longer it goes the worse it is going to be for Conor.

I just hope that if he wins he does not get another title shot. Beating a guy at Welterweight who is coming off back to back losses is not worthy of a shot at the Lightweight title when he got mauled by Khabib.

Three things Conor McGregor needs to do in UFC 246

Hi John thanks for the comment!

The point was not about him representing Australia but how his attitude changes when he is part of a team.

If foul language directed at an opponent is something you dislike in sports then I am not sure how you can watch any sports!!!

King Nick and his tennis dilemma

Hey Chop,
Yeah agree that the Vikings will have to be up to it against the rush, but having said that the 49ers will have to improve there running defense against the Vikings and Cook. The 9ers were fantastic against the pass this year with Bosa causing havoc but they were a bit more suspect vs the run. They were 23rd in the league in yards per attempt against the run!
Nice article by the way

The weekend of the NFL play-offs you can't miss

Got to agree that the Vikings can def get up over the 49ers as long as Cousins does not bottle it

I know that Ingram has not trained much this week but I can’t see the Ravens losing this one.

The Chiefs are a different team to the one the Texans beat during the regular season. Cheifs by a few.

The more games he gets under his belt, the better BeastMode will get and he GOOD last week. Seattle to win a tight one with BeastMode to score at least 1 TD

The weekend of the NFL play-offs you can't miss

How about we just don’t play anything and crown VIC the gods of football as they have the most players in the AFL.
Better yet just give us a list of all the teams you think are the best in all sports, we will call off all the games, and just award them all the respective trophies. We all know that there have never been upsets in team sports where one team had a “better” team on paper!!

What the one-off AFL State of Origin teams could look like

Plenty would prefer a SA v WA game!!!

AFL officially confirms State of Origin match

You mean a lot of people in Victoria lost interest!

Sport is called AUSTRALIAN Rules Football and the national comp is the AFL!

AFL officially confirms State of Origin match

Are there only three states in Australia are there?
Here was me thinking that there were teams based in NSW, QLD, SA, VIC and WA and players in the AFL competition from Tassie and both territories.
Must have been watching something else!

What the one-off AFL State of Origin teams could look like

There is no way Hawkins makes the side ahead of either Josh Kennedy or Buddy Franklin!

What the one-off AFL State of Origin teams could look like

The things that have impressed most is his decision making and poise.

I know that with the explosion of athletic QBs like Lamar Jackson, Russ etc that teams maybe looking for guys like that, but this guy seems like he could turn into a Tom Brady type. Not the most athletic but high football IQ and decision making and great vision.

Smokin’ Joe Burrow is college football’s man of the hour

Big difference between a limited overs World Cup match and Test Cricket!

NZ did not not take 20 wickets in any of the games against Oz and if Williamson and Taylor don’t fire, their batting lineup is very average!

Another spanking on the way, with New Zealand set to slide further down Test rankings

Neither are plenty of 40 or 50 year olds who throw away their lives in the bottle or sitting in front of pokies.

Not sure what him being 22 has to do with it!

Leave Latrell alone, he's done nothing wrong

Anyone can sign a contract for any length of time for a set amount of money!
No one can force me to come to work if I decide not to honour said contract, BUT if their are clauses written into said contract stipulating Not working for competitors for set periods of time etc. then, I better find something in another industry!
It’s called a contract and no one is forced to sign one!
From my former post, replace 4 weeks with 1 day! No one can force me to come into the job against my will.

Leave Latrell alone, he's done nothing wrong

Tim? You there?

Also, we are now told that social media and globalisation has made the youth of today much more switched on and aware politically and intellectually! (Greta)

I reckon I would be about your age and if you are saying that the youth of today is less informed than we were at the same age….???

Fully professional, advisors, managers! Be a fair few blokes who p….d away their careers back in the day who would have loved to have half the support young athletes have now!

Leave Latrell alone, he's done nothing wrong

Yep he has every right to do what he wants.

So do the Roosters! They are running a business and did not want to be used as a bargaining chip, and spent those resources elsewhere

What part of that is bullying??

You said yourself that you don’t like his on field persona ie work ethic for which he is getting paid.

What the roosters need to keep their offer on the table because he is a “nice guy”?!

Leave Latrell alone, he's done nothing wrong

Actually I have had to sign contracts where I agree to not work for a competitor for a significantly longer period than 4 weeks or have any contact with clients in that industry.

Yes I could quit on 4 weeks notice and try to find a job in another industry just like LM could do if he wanted.

So yeah I can compare it!

Leave Latrell alone, he's done nothing wrong

Why does it have to be on his timetable?

They offered, he did not accept, they pulled the offer and spent the cash elsewhere. End of story.

Leave Latrell alone, he's done nothing wrong

And now the Tigers offer is off the table because he decided he had better things to do than go to a meeting with their coach.

So guess the market has changed by your logic as currently the market for him is what again?

Leave Latrell alone, he's done nothing wrong

Sorry when did I make a slanderous claim? What exactly did I accuse him of?

Do you actually understand the definition of the word slanderous?

Leave Latrell alone, he's done nothing wrong

Not my place to make other peoples business public.

If and when people need to know I am sure it will come out.

I actually really hope he finds a club where he is happy and kills it. NSW and Australia could use all the guns they can get. Qld will never take it easy on us and the PI’s are coming to get us so we need our most talented and gifted to be at their best!

Leave Latrell alone, he's done nothing wrong

I don’t think ‘loyalty’ and Wayne Bennet should ever be used in the same sentence!

Leave Latrell alone, he's done nothing wrong