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not surprised with brad thorn making changes after last Saturday the force also have a chance

Super Rugby AU Round 7 teams: Thorn rings the changes for crucial Rebels clash

give Nathan and Phil a chance the broncos and bull dogs are below the warriors presently and they have won grand finals

Warriors set for more years of disappointment with Nathan Brown at the helm

that Brisbane player should be watching the rest of the games for what he did

NRL set to consider bigger COVID sanctions

who would have predicted both the reds and brumbies to lose

The Wrap: Topsy-turvy round throws up so many questions

well he will have an even better excuse not to face the panthers now

Who will tell Marty Taupau that biosecurity hits harder than Jack Hetherington?

payten is right in some ways but the loan players wont be at the worriors next year they do need toughing up and not make as many mistakes and a goal kicker

Payten: Warriors don’t need a rebuild

kearney got shown up at paramatta .he does well with good support around him and was always going to get sacked by the worriors it was only a matter of when

Stephen Kearney at the Warriors: The good, the bad and the ugly

time will tell

Can SBW still be at his best despite his age?

doing better than seabold

Has Paul McGregor done enough to survive?

he will run it in to the ground and there will be a postcard from Russia with love Puritan

Phil Kearns will run Australia's 2027 Rugby World Cup bid

cant see that happening the boks are not playing rugby yet and Aussie will slowly come right

Sorry Australia, the other two nations will supercharge southern hemisphere rugby

being honest

Four more years: Season 1, full time

the crusaders scored a try and the ball didnt go forward and didnt the chiefs score a try like that the other week remember the bore draw between the reds and the rebels notice none of the kiwi teams have had a draw

The Wrap: Super Rugby AU comes of age in Canberra thriller

we have won a cricket final but not a cricket world cup final

Four more years: Season 1, full time

who knows look at the rebels and force recon the reds have as much chance

Top-of-the-table clash the perfect chance for Brumbies to find their best form

Trent boult Tim southee glen Philips will, young Devin Conway kyle jameson henry nicholls colin degrandhomme

New Zealand's all-time T20I XI

14 teams 5 Aussie 5 kiwi Tonga somoa Fiji japan

How five plus five doesn’t add up: Part 1, 2021 transition

rebels reds crusaders highlanders the chiefs maybe losing but not by much at times and would beat most Aussie sides at the moment.

Super Rugby Week 8: Lessons learned. Or learnings gained.

time will tell how good the Aussie teams are and remember they are playing under different rules to the kiwi teams

Too big to fail: Why Rugby Australia must not make the same mistake again

its the rules and the experience of the teams and players

The Kiwis: How to beat them at their own game

at the moment NZ teams are the best but the Aussie teams are not far behind. the other super rugby countries are not playing rugby at the moment

After the Aratipu report, can’t we all just get along?

be interesting for us kiwis having Argentina Australia and south Africa here

World Rugby proposes new 2020 calendar

rebels crusaders brumbies blues for me

Super Rugby Week 7: Movers and shakers week

though because they haven’t thought of it first

Critics keep coming for NZ Rugby over proposed breakaway comp

well sorry south Africa have fun in Europe with your teams suits your time zone better

Critics keep coming for NZ Rugby over proposed breakaway comp