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Collingwood wouldn’t be where they are today without me.
I don’t mind not being given sufficient credit by the Board, the media, the real coaching staff or the players.
However, it would be nice if they offered a little financial compensation – otherwise I’ll tip them to win this week. Let’s see how they go then!

Is Nathan Buckley taking credit for the courage of Craig McRae?

From the outside, I see Hinkley in the same category as Buckley – an average (not good) AFL coach.
However, both presided over teams for 10 years that got close but did not win a flag. I’d be surprised if Hinkley is at Port next year but if he is, they would need to start well and be in the top 8 for the first half of the year at least or he’ll be gone.
Hinkley still has a lot to offer AFL but perhaps in a lesser role. I can’t see him moving into the media like Buckley.

AFL News: Hinkley hits back at Koch, Crows open letter apology, Kelly banned, Greene, Grundy out

I disagree. Swans needed percentage and they didn’t capitalise on being 60 points up.
This was important because a win this week against the Pies would put them into second.
Now, there is a good chance they finish 3rd even if they win their last 2.
So, best case scenario, taking the foot off the pedal might mean they miss a home final in week one. Worse case scenario, they drop a game against Pies or Saints and they could finish 5th (a better percentage than Melbourne would have them in the top 4).
I think Horse is the best coach in the AFL but either he or the players missed a trick yesterday.

AFL Round 21 power rankings: Was this Collingwood’s Waterloo?

I think Sydney missed a trick today. Up by around 58 points with about 6 or 7 minutes to go but only won by 38. They should have won by 70+.
This might have cost them a home final with a double chance in the first week.

Six Points: Eddie Betts' powerful point gets lost in camp fiasco, and Cripps must get two weeks

A little different to my pre season tip of Port, Bulldogs, Saints, Brisbane, Carlton, Freo etc etc

Six Points: Eddie Betts' powerful point gets lost in camp fiasco, and Cripps must get two weeks

I loved Langdon’s comments and I loved the Pies response. The fact that 4 guys tackled him and didn’t injure (or attempt to injure) him is a credit to all concern and indicates a fair amount of mutual respect.

Six Points: Eddie Betts' powerful point gets lost in camp fiasco, and Cripps must get two weeks

Bulldogs and Saints don’t look like top 8 sides to me.
Just now a matter of sorting out the order.
Cats may well drop next week’s game against the Suns and secure the minor premiership the following week at GHMBA with a 90 point win against my mob.
If Sydney can topple the Pies, they could finish 2nd as a 60 point win over North today will put them ahead of the Dees.
Freo fans will be barracking for the Blues today – a Carlton win may give Freo a top 4 spot (providing they win their last 2).

AFL Saturday Study: This is 2022's best-coached team. Here's why they're a September dark horse

How good is Nathan Buckley’s coaching?

AFL Friday Footy Fix: Langdon wasn't wrong... but the Pies' 'one trick' is just that good

You mean that team that lost to North?

AFL Friday Footy Fix: Langdon wasn't wrong... but the Pies' 'one trick' is just that good

You’re a genius, you should be the Treasurer and we’d be debt free!
At the end of round 20 each team has played 19 games. Therefore there has been 19 x 9 games = 171 games.
So 127 out of 171 games is only a 74.27% success rate.
Pretty good (and better than my 126) but definitely not impossible.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 21

8 last week for me and 126 ytd. 39th (out of about 2500) in the 6PR competition and 4 plus percentage behind the leader.
This week:
Collingwood bubble to burst – Dees by 43 points.
Gold Coast over Hawks – should be a good game could go either way.
GWS over Bombers – anyone’s game really
Doggies over Freo – Fremantle have lost their mojo
Geelong over Saints
Great game in Adelaide but fancy Port knocking the Tigers out of finals.
Sydney comfortably
Brisbane – sadly, I think the Blues and Freo are done and just making up the numbers.
West Coast over Crows – JK to kick 9 in his last game.
Have a great weekend everyone.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 21

I’m a West Coast fan and agree with you. It has been a problem for years and we can list several players from multiple clubs who have milked head high free kicks.
I wasn’t aware of specific training techniques until this year.
I’m pleased the AFL is trying to stamp it out.
Having said all of that, there is no reason to vilify JG – he is just doing what others have done before.
He’s good enough to get his own ball without relying on playing for free kicks.

AFL News: Kennedy, Motlop retiring, Ginnivan issue 'bizarre', Demons want Jackson deal sealed, Pickett avoids ban

Classy by Mundy. Might be enough to help the Dockers win two or three more games but cant see them getting him a premiership in 2022.
I don’t know what the idiot at AO said (and I don’t want to know) but I feel for guys like Saad, Betts, etc who have had to put up with such crap over the years. These two in particular have handled themselves really well in difficult circumstances.
If the idiot that abused him is an AFC member, he should lose his membership immediately. Adelaide have close to 100,000 so one less is no big deal. I’m sure there’s plenty of decent Crows members waiting to take his seat.

AFL News: Dockers stalwart calls time, Saad responds to racial slur

I think the Lions loss comes down to poor team selection. Who in their right mind makes a 204cm ruckman your emergency?
Bailey was subbed out midway through the second quarter and Fort came into the game. He had no influence and Brisbane lacked run in the second half. Doesn’t take Einstein to work out another runner would have made the difference.
Dumb coaching needs to be called out even when the coach is a good bloke.
PS no disrespect meant to Richmond, it was a great win (and I tipped them!).

Six Points: Crows can't hide from racism any longer, and no need to panic, Blues fans... yet

Thanks Tim, another good article.
The round 22 clash between Sydney and the Pies could be for a spot in the top 4. Although, a win against the Dees next week is not out of the question (and that would make Melbourne vulnerable to missing the top 4).
Still lots of permutations for the top 8.
It has been a great season (except my team is down the bottom of the ladder).

AFL Saturday Study: Here's how the Magpies won ANOTHER thriller... and why none of it was just luck

To be honest, a few weeks ago, I would have agreed 100% with what you have said above.
However, the coaching group knew that their game style was not working at the end of last year and they were in the process of teaching a new style when their pre season was interrupted with covid. There’s too much to go into here but basically, they reverted to their 20121 style.
I agree with Simmo but he’s staying and everyone appears to be behind him.
A fit Natanui is still the best in the game and whilst we’ll only get 14-15 games out of him, it makes a big difference to the team having him on the park.
Kennedy will retire, Hurn should but wont (to be fair, he’s had a pretty good year).
No flag in 2023 but watch out for them in 2024 or 2025.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 20

Be careful. Flags are often won by the best defenses – current rankings for scores against:
1 Freo
2 Dees
3 Cats
Also, arrogance often comes before a fall.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 20

Just picking up on your last comment. I am starting to become a little more bullish on WCE for 2023 and 2024. There is talk from some football people here in the West that they will bounce back quicker than previously expected.
This season has seen everything go wrong including no games out of Oscar Allen and their top pick from last year – Campbell Chesser (who was looking like debuting early in the season until he went down).
A couple of the older guys will retire and they will have a couple of high draft picks in a draft which looks likely to be the best in several years.
I’m not sold on Simmo as coach but he has committed to the club and the players are behind him – we could do worse.
I’ll make a brave prediction now and say that they’ll be challenging for a spot in the 8 next year – so will finish 6-12.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 20

It’s funny how some people tip based on which team they want to win or against which team they hate the most rather than which team they actually think will win.
I want Freo to win but I think Melbourne will get up – conditions will be heavy at Optus Stadium taking away any home ground advantage.
I want Port to win but I think the Pies will sneak another.
I want the Giants to win but I think the Swans will account for them comfortably.
I’m not fussed about Hawks/Saints but I’m tipping the Saints.
I really want the Doggies to knock off Geelong but do not expect that to happen so I’m tipping the Cats.
I’m not fussed about Adelaide/Carlton but have tipped the Blues.
Hoping Eagles can beat the Suns but not prepared to tip my team on the the Gold Caost.
I want Brisbane to knock the Tigers out of finals contention but I think there is still more fight in Richmond and expect them to win at the G.
I would love to see another North win but have tipped the Bombers.
Sadly, we can’t always have what we want.
PS 7 for me last week for 118 ytd.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 20

Someone swears at a player in a game of football – never happened before?
Move on.
As for the surface at Optus on Sunday, greed from the WA State Government – scheduling a state of origin game, 2 EPL matches plus the normal AFL games in the wettest month of the year.
No reason they couldn’t have foreseen this.
I expect the ground will be ok for this weeks Freo/Melb clash as we have little rain expected early in the week before about 15mm on Friday and Saturday.

AFL News: Hardwick accused of 'weak f---ing p---ks' VFL sledge, Bombers baked for losing the unlosable

He has been great this year. To be fair, I think a few people have noticed him. However, I don’t think he has been considered AA but definitely deserves to be in the conversation.

Six Points: Time to crack down on Tomahawk's tactic, and why this Kangaroo deserves an All-Australian gig

Maybe we’re both wrong. It is not clear on this site who is responding to who (or maybe I’m just dumb).

AFL Saturday Study: The Cats can be beaten... but good luck trying

I agree. We are not basketball or tennis. We don’t need overtime – except perhaps in the finals.
They are playing H&A for four points – if the scores are level, they get 2 each.

AFL Friday Footy Fix: A draw was fitting, because no one deserved to win 2022's ugliest game

I disagree. Two blokes go up in a marking contest, the player at the back puts his left hand on the front players shoulder – enough to restrict his elevation. Doesn’t need a lot of force or be dangerous, just gives the player at the back an unfair advantage.
If it were allowed, this would be a constant tactic and would make it harder to mark when in front.
We’d see a lot less contested marks (a feature of our game).

AFL Saturday Study: The Cats can be beaten... but good luck trying

Whilst you are a little over the top with your praise for Tim, I agree with the thread of your comment..
Thank you Tim for the article. It was well thought out and well written.
I do think Chris Scott should take a lot of the credit for getting his team to be 1 game clear plus percentage at this point of the season. Many of us (myself included), thought they were too old and too slow to be a serious force this year. The old heads have provided the calm, on field leadership when needed and they have injected enough pacy youth to cover for the old, slow blokes.

AFL Saturday Study: The Cats can be beaten... but good luck trying