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AFL in 2020: It's not all bad news

There has been a lot of negativity in the media over the 2020 season so far over umpiring, complaining coaches, unfair fixtures, players diving, cheap shots, inconsistent match review decisions, low scores, inaccurate kicking and so on and so forth.

It looked like deliberate obstruction to me and it was after the ball was bowled.
Additionally, I believe he is trying to put the batsman off his game by running in front of the umpire and the non striker.
Bad sportsmanship by Ashwin and a clear breach of the rules.
Then again we have seen that from him before. It’s a shame that such a talented player feels he needs to revert to tactics like this.

Was Ashwin in the wrong for this unusual new bowling method?

That’s 50 mil out of 1.5 bil. So about 3% knew what Rudd was saying. That’s a higher percentage than of the Australians that understood him when he was speaking “English”.

Perth 50-50 to host Ashes Test: WA Cricket

I know people in Perth who are quite capable of doing most of the stuff. The DRS system is separate and I believe is transported around the world.
As for commentators, there are equally capable commentators all around Australia so no need to fly them around.
However, these decisions are made by people high in the networks and CA.
To be honest, Optus is not a great venue for watching cricket unless its a mild day or a night fixture. There’s not enough cover for a large portion of the average seats.
I know I’m getting a bit soft in my old age but if I can’t get a seat to the test in a good spot undercover, I’d rather watch it on tv. Not prepared to pay $100+ and sit in 36 degrees all day.
CA execs wouldn’t understand this because they never venture into the normal seats (and don’t pay for their tickets).

Perth 50-50 to host Ashes Test: WA Cricket

Yep and you didn’t include the complications for the broadcasters – 5 days between Sydney and Perth test matches is tight when there are no complications.

Perth 50-50 to host Ashes Test: WA Cricket

Yep. If Christina’s saying 50/50, you can bet that’s a positive spin.
The 5th Test will be in Sydney or Canberra.
Not sure if MaGowan has had a press conference since the new variant has been identified but you can be sure the border is closing.
Don’t like MaGowan or his politics but at least he has been consistent.

Perth 50-50 to host Ashes Test: WA Cricket

I’ve been impressed with the improved standard of WBBL.
Added to the better quality of cricket is the attitude of the players.
Had it not been 36 degrees yesterday, the crowd would have been up around 20,000.

Simply Devine as Perth Scorchers Kapp off brilliant year with first WBBL title

Thanks Paul.
To be perfectly honest, these weren’t well thought out.
I wrote the article in about 10 minutes because I was tired of the Tim Paine issue.
Personally, I don’t care much for T20 – especially international games outside of the World Cup.
I’m a test cricket man and always will be.

'Chaos and T20 cricket go hand in hand': Four changes T20 needs to make

Talk about crucifying a bloke for answering a couple of questions honestly.
I’m not a big Marcus Harris fan but he’s done nothing wrong here – just showing a bit of support for a mate who’s going through a tough patch.

'Best gloveman in the country': Harris backs 'popular' Paine to play in Ashes

“we suck at DN Tests”
India won in Adelaide in 2018 but refused to play day/nite test.
Otherwise, Australia hasn’t lost in Adelaide since 2010 (before day/nite tests were introduced).
So you are either completely wrong or just stirring the pot.

'Exceptional cricketer' Paine returns to the field in Ashes bid

This is baffling me too.
Personally, I think the conflict of interest is a bigger issue than the sexting.

Joy of six: Paine makes strong return but Warne says it's time to move on, names successor

No he’s not. There are several batsmen considerably ahead of him.
Personally, I think Carey deserves the test spot but I wouldn’t have a problem with Inglis getting it.

Joy of six: Paine makes strong return but Warne says it's time to move on, names successor

As a back stop of many years, I know that you only get rewarded with a catch if the batsman knicks it. To knick it, the bowler needs to beat him. Fortunately for Tim, on this occasion he was offered up 6 chances and he took them.
Could quite possibly have kept just as well with no catches (if the bowlers didn’t create the knicks).
I reckon I’d have caught 3, maybe 4 of those catches yesterday (and I’m 60 and didn’t make first grade).
A wicket keeper taking 6 catches is not like a bowler taking 6 wickets.

Joy of six: Paine makes strong return but Warne says it's time to move on, names successor

You are right in that we have no idea if the conflict of interest has been disclosed to CA – I’m sure there are multiple conflicts of interest within that organisation so I’m not sure they would recognise one if it hit them in the face.
So my question of integrity is merely if CA were aware of this conflict prior to appointing Bailey then it is CA that has the integrity issue. If CA wasn’t aware then Bailey has an integrity issue. Either way, there is a lack of integrity.
Whether the business dealings are common knowledge or not, a disclosure is still prudent and should be in writing. If I were George, I would have ensured this was in place before I took up the role of Chairman of Selectors (easy to say in hindsight of course).
Whether or not Paine is our first choice keeper is questionable. At 36, he is past his best and we have a crop of younger guys equally as capable and with more upside. He is also coming off a serious injury and has had no cricket for some time. Add to that the sideshow that a Paine selection will cause and I see no justification to include him in the test XI for Brisbane.
CA is in a spot here because they will have to say his non selection is performance based as he was cleared back in 2018.
I think George Bailey is a good long term fit as the Chairman of Selectors. However, he needs to ensure he has disclosed all relationships that are a conflict of interest or could be perceived as a conflict of interest (as I do in my job).

Paine should never have been named captain, says CA chair

Is Paine really in contention? I can’t see how he can play for Australia again.
How can we have a chairman of selectors who is involved in selecting only some of the team?
If redbackfan’s info is true then it is a clear conflict of interest and displays a lack of integrity. In some industries around Australia, you would get a hefty fine and potentially a ban from the industry for failing to disclose a conflict of interest.
Surely CA has (as part of their Code of Conduct) a Conflict of Interest clause?
Whether Bailey remains as Chairman of Selectors or not will not affect the team’s on field performance but removing him will restore some integrity.
I’m not anti George, in fact I thought he was a good choice but if this information is correct (and it should be easy to verify) then I’m not sure George should stay.
Should we be asking George if he has business relationships with other players?

Paine should never have been named captain, says CA chair

Are we also looking for a new chairman of selectors?
Taking the revelations of the last few days out of the equation, how can a selector be impartial if he is in a business relationship with a player?

Paine should never have been named captain, says CA chair

To be fair James, the 37 was on that mine field also known as Karen Rolton Oval. In that game the average score for all batsmen (sorry, batters) was only 50. The 66* and 32 were at Adelaide. The 6, 0 & 7 were away from home.

'Deeply sorry for the hurt and pain': Tearful Tim Paine resigns as Test captain over sexting scandal

Maybe you missed some of his other recent posts? It could be worse but not by much.

Sheffield Shield match postponed due to 'possible COVID-19 case'

Do people still watch rugby league? I gave up on the sport years ago.

What would a hybrid of NRL and AFL look like?

Yes. I was surprised by the early announcement of the squad.
There’s 26 players listed but surely if one of the other shield players (like Maddinson or even Hunt) have a great shield game, they would be called into the intra squad game.
It (the early announcement) probably has something to do with organising travel in these complicated times. However, like most cricket lovers, if I got the call the night before, I’d be there!! However, at 62, I have a feeling I need not wait by the phone!

ASHES SQUAD CONFIRMED: Head vs Khawaja as Wade, Marsh miss out

I tend to agree on Starc but I’d go for Neser in Brisbane. Been a perennial fringe player without ever getting an opportunity at the highest level.

ASHES SQUAD CONFIRMED: Head vs Khawaja as Wade, Marsh miss out

I agree.
The problem (or attraction) with T20 is next match Warner and Wade are likely to fail whilst Finch, Maxwell or Smith will fire.
We gifted them 10-15 runs so that area needs tightening up.
A team rarely has a perfect game but we’ll need everything to go our way to beat the Kiwis.
My reverse kiss of death after the England game appears to be working.

MATCH REPORT: Wonderful Wade's stunning heist sends Australia to World Cup final

and deservedly so. Sometimes, the ICC rankings do not reflect reality but in this case, they would.

Black Caps grab sweet revenge over England to reach T20 World Cup final

Qld 7/57, Uzzie 28 not out.

Pattinson sanctioned for Shield blow up

I agree. I suggested a “sin bin” type of system a few years ago (with no replacements allowed).
Would have been perfect for this situation as it may have cost Victoria a win if they had to field with 10 players and be down a bowler for a while. Only need it to happen once or twice and the players will soon change their behaviour.
My suggestion was around over rates and perhaps the fielding side were given some targets to hit during the game – if they fell behind, they get a warning. If they failed to catch up then the captain was out of the game for a short time. Umpires would have discretion if there was an incident that interrupted the game.
The captain would not want to be sitting in the changerooms so he would be ensuring the overs were getting bowled – you only need one person out there with some urgency to get through 30+ overs per session.

Pattinson sanctioned for Shield blow up

They are looking a bit shaky.
Would love to see NZ knock them out with a 5 off the last ball of a super over (after it ricochets off Guptill’s bat).

Proteas win but go out while England lose Roy to injury