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If they sold 60k tickets there will be a lot of disappointed fans as Marvel only holds 53k

Multi-format contests loom as better option for most opponents than only playing fait accompli Test series

Very refreshing to read such clear analysis.

Thank you, Broncos, for saving rugby league from arrogant Cats looking down on us from an ivory tower in the west

“.. it’s something I want to get to,” he said. “It’s something I want for myself…

NRL News: Cleary 'wants to be greatest of all time', JWH & Holmes may get ban boost, Indigenous great passes away

Its quite unfair when only one team has a halfback.

ANALYSIS: Redemption for Walker as Roosters lose Manu, Suaalii and Teddy - but pull off all-time epic finals win

I think its quite reasonable to be concerned about the possibility of spinal injuries. The spectacular acrobatics we all enjoy are recent invention. so its hard to know where this practice will evolve to. If there have been no serious neck injuries so far, we can’t assume this will always be the case. My thought starter is … its illegal for a defender to place an attacker in a dangerous position, so could it also be equally illegal for an attacker to place themselves in a dangerous position? So if you dive over a defender and your hips go higher than your head them this is a practice I would like to see discouraged (penalised).

Is a try worth risking a severe neck or spinal injury? Three burning questions the NRL must answer

Rudeness has long been the coward’s excuse for strength.

'I’ll be supporting whoever plays against Australia': Are people engaging with the Women’s World Cup, or just along for the ride?

The block play killed the centre position. It’s more efficient to run behind a decoy than to try to beat a player one on one.

Total Football NRL style: Positionless team possible in theory but unlikely to happen in the age of pigeonholed players

I’ve been trying to think what the logo looks like.

NRL News: Players might cover up NRL logo in CBA escalation, Kevvie hits back at Gus' Broncos sledge, Walker nears comeback

Meaningful stats:
At a team level
1. score
2. time remaining
At an individual level
1. ratio of one on one tackles to missed tackles
2. average speed of play the ball
3. handling errors/ poor passes/ penalties conceded / restarts conceded

This latest nonsense of how long since a stoppage would be right at home on Tony Grieg’s weather wall.

Complete nonsense: What are the NRL’s most overrated stats?

The other day I relistened to a preseason podcast on which an expert predicted the Dolphins would struggle to win a game, even against “weak teams like the Warriors”. I suggest that the Warrior’s performance has been most impressive and unexpected by many. The expert also made fun of the Dolphin’s jersey and colours, but if they are so appalling, why do I see so many of them around Brisbane, a city which has always been a fashion leader?

ANALYSIS: Panthers bulldoze Bulldogs as Cleary doesn't miss a beat in return for final stage of 'three-peat' mission

If none of these three can win, does that mean … oh, no, not again …

Are the Sharks, Broncos or Raiders any chance to win the NRL premiership?

That’s a fair call, but my preference would be Cronk coach Qld and Smithy coach the Blues. Then after a series win all of NSW would have to embrace Cameron as their hero and saviour. Maybe he could do a lap of honour with the shield at Shark Park to a standing ovation from home fans.

Who are the greatest Origin coaches?

Genius. Perhaps have a boat and trailer for the Man of the Match?

Who are the greatest Origin coaches?

Bennett won 13 out of 25 which is 52%. Some people give partial credit for his one drawn match so then his record becomes 13.5 out of 25 aka 54%. But not me. I’m also still a bit bitter about that draw. I did the long drive down to Sydney hoping to see Qld win the decider. As we were driving down we heard Bennett on the radio saying something about Qld only needing a draw to hold the shield. My mate Mick said Bennett would have the draw as his game plan just to annoy NSW. Sure enough when Carlaw scored late to tie the scores Mick says, “Wayne’s sent out a message for Lote to miss the conversion.” We held the Shield but it was a bit frustrating. Highlight of the match was seeing Gordie hurl that work-experience kid over the side-line.

Who are the greatest Origin coaches?

Aaron Woods

Gus, Ivan, Robbo and JD: How the coaching brains trust can give NSW a new Origin identity

I predicted at the start of the season that this might be the first year no teams make the final eight .. and with possible industrial action around the corner … it just might happen.

Who will survive in race for NRL top eight? Statistics tell some powerhouse clubs are set to miss the cut

Yes, that is what the algorithm suggests.

Who will survive in race for NRL top eight? Statistics tell some powerhouse clubs are set to miss the cut

After a lot of adding and subtracting my top eight is …. Brisbane, Dolphins, NQ, Titans … plus another four.

Who will survive in race for NRL top eight? Statistics tell some powerhouse clubs are set to miss the cut

I’d be quite happy to see Bairstow run into a Les Boyd elbow.

The excitement is gone - State of Origin is a damp squib

I hope no one is calling for a new NSW coach to “steer the ship” next year. Since 1908 its been the job of the half-back to “steer the ship”.

Rugby league's greatest redemption: Will the Johns brothers reconcile to save NSW?

Fittler picked Best and Walker to make sure the Blues have a good blend of youth and experience.

No rhyme or reason to Fittler's haphazard Blues selections as Maroons keep laughing at constant team changes

If NSW do embrace the all-star concept, my money will still be on Qld because as the old saying goes, an all-star team will always beat a team of all-stars.

The excitement is gone - State of Origin is a damp squib

Ray Warren gave Origin a dignity and gravitas that is sorely missed. I think I underestimated how much his absence would be felt.

The excitement is gone - State of Origin is a damp squib

Speaking of cheering from houses … a friend told me he once heard screaming from an elderly neighbour’s house and went to investigate. She was an immigrant woman watching her first game. She had stumbled upon an Origin match, had no idea of what she was watching, but found the tension almost unbearable. Hard to imagination a similar scenario now. The lack of biff and all the bunkerage would prevent that level of excitement ever developing.

The excitement is gone - State of Origin is a damp squib

Maybe I’m just old and cranky … but I find the Channel 9 coverage and all the crosses to the dressing rooms and coaches boxes a negative rather than a positive. The sporting field is a grand stage and it diminishes the magic of the theatre experience when you see the actors waddling around in their underwear before and after the show. The chats with players as they leave the field have gone beyond satire.

The excitement is gone - State of Origin is a damp squib