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Do not hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting; but never hit soft. Theodore Roosevelt

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How the west was lost – and won

How the west was lost – and won

12 Aug 2017

Let’s be clear: the ARU was always going to make the wrong decision. This is sadly not a surprise, but it demonstrates the lack of vision and courage that exists within the ARU.

Even after being knocked out, Hawthorn’s decade-long legacy lives on

Even after being knocked out, Hawthorn's decade-long legacy lives on

23 Sep 2016

Here’s a little exercise for perspective Hawthorn fans: imagine you could travel back through time and find yourself in 2006, ten years ago, and tell that version of yourself, the one who grew up watching their Hawks lose and lose and lose for 15 years, that by 2016 we will have won four flags.

My Hawks finally lost, and honestly I'm relieved

22 Sep 2016

After last Friday’s loss, my friends and colleagues have been asking me how I’ve been doing. I’m fine, and fellow Hawks, please don’t think less of me, but I saw this coming all season.

No fourpeat for the Hawks, but let’s not forget…

No fourpeat for the Hawks, but let's not forget...

22 Sep 2016

No, the Hawks didn’t win the fourpeat. But lest we be branded as a bunch of greedy, arrogant jerks who have lost touch with reality, let’s remember that in the Alastair Clarkson era…