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Adrian is a graduate of Monash University with a Bachelor of Arts and major in Journalism. He has contributed to online football publications such as Goal Australia, World Soccer Talk and Melbourne Heart’s official website.



Lazza my original piece did not include such a statement…looks to be a simple editorial oversight or inclusion rather. Have asked for it to be rectified.

Gordon – had a good giggle to your Ronaldo comment!

Football must exercise caution with VPL match-fixing scandal

Fussball ist unser leben – thanks for the kind words.

In relation to your comment about the FFA and FFV working in close conjunction with each other. That point was designed to explain to people that regardless of whether the FFA could or couldn’t prevent such a thing happening, they will be under the microscope now, such is the nature of our media saturated nation. Innuendo and false allegations will ensue, which is a crying shame but I’m looking to make people aware of what to expect over the coming days, weeks, months. Lets just hope that in the end this incident is a once-off, and that there is no deep-rooted issues, but time will tell.

Lazza, the Serie A has been, and sadly may always be embroiled in match-fixing. I simply don’t understand why you would skew information. The country is littered with proven match-fixing incidents over the past seven years. Lets keep it to the current issue in our backyard!

Football must exercise caution with VPL match-fixing scandal

There’s some really valid points being made in regard to my piece, and I appreciate them all regardless of whether you support or constructively criticise Hill’s views of the game.

However, I must agree with ‘realfootball’ who stated:

“Comparisons in terms of players are pointless. The only valid comparison is in tv coverage, profile, crowds, facilities and professionalism. On those terms the A-League is several million light years ahead of the NSL.”

That hits the nail on the head for me. Quality of football may not be at the same level of yesteryears but as a financially viable and growing commercial industry, the A-League has been a phenomenal success when you compare the back end of the diabolical situation the NSL found itself in.

Dark days of the NSL a distant memory

Kellet – all good mate. You mean’t no harm by your question! Thanks for the kind words and I look forward to engaging in some incisive debate during my tenure with The Roar

Melbourne Victory must bolster A-League squad

kellet_1992 I have been writing football for years now with various publications and singlehandedly run a small profit football website with over 40 contributors. That’s why.

Melbourne Victory must bolster A-League squad

Ange: no I actually don’t support a team in the A-League. I absolutely love it and have ever since the inception of the new format and I go to both Victory and Heart games.

No bias intended towards one or the other. I’m just a firm believer this is a massive season for one of the country’s premier sporting organisations, and they have all the resources to win the championship.

Melbourne Victory must bolster A-League squad

Tone of the article was a mixture of constructive criticism and one of simmering optimism, if the Victory can strengthen in the right areas.

The stats don’t lie. Embarrassing defeats. Record number of goals conceded. An outgoing star. An ageing star in attack.

CCM and WSW were imperious in the second half of the season, and yes injuries played their part, but at times it was un-Victory like to capitulate at times. Bridging the gap on these two sides isn’t going to be done with such a flippant attitude that some of the people have stated on here.

Direct rebuttal to ‘Fussball ist unser leben’

“Even with the return of arguably the league’s best left-back Adama Traore and dynamic midfielder Guilherme Finkler from injury, reinforcements are needed” – point regarding Finkler and Traore has been covered; there’s only so much you can fit into one column.

MVFC’s youth team – they could be a long way off securing a first-team position and making a real impact. **Remember the piece is focussed on the immediate future; upcoming season.

“An abundance of players to take Rojas spot” – very very inexperienced list of players you’ve mentioned. Majority of Victory fans would argue that to be a overly optimistic point.

The troubles in central defence were duly noted.

On the subject of Nicols – he absolutely thrived at Roar under the watchful eye of one Ange Postecoglou. Form is temporary, class is permanent.

End of.

Melbourne Victory must bolster A-League squad