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If you are attempting to read this piece with balanced glasses on, you are reading the wrong article.

Can England win the Ashes?

Thanks for the shout out Alec. I have to agree with you in the fact that any selection will be a right / wrong one.

Everyone will say it’s wrong at the toss. When the selected bowlers smash through England, it will be the right call.

Who knows what the correct answer is?

It's a Starc choice, but we know which Mitch Australia needs

Rogers has little in form competition and is coming off 6 consecutive Test 50’s. Harris has high competition and did not bowl as well as he could in his last Test series.

Ryan Harris isn't in Australia's best XI

He’ll take more than 250 wickets.

It will be closer to 350

Nathan Lyon's a fighter, but is he a match winner?

I didn’t write the title.

Nathan Lyon's a fighter, but is he a match winner?

Get Ratten back. In his last year, he had half the list out injured and still nearly made the finals.

Who should replace Malthouse at Carlton?


Let's get real: is Vernon Philander overrated?

Best cricket podcast ever?

The South Africa v Australia Twitter XI


KP the scapegoat for Ashes debacle, and it’s a disgrace

Yes. Titus is a good man. Have you heard him on the Can’t Bowl Can’t Throw podcast?

The South Africa v Australia Twitter XI

Clarke made his Ashes hundreds in the first two Tests when they were yet to be won

Needlessly alarmist article using stats as a way to prove a point

I approve!

Time to step up, Pup

Steve Waugh at number 7?


Australia’s best post-WWII Test XIs


Way off the mark.

Siddle is the bowler who kept the pressure up by conceding little runs and not giving many bad balls to score from. He created multiple wickets for the team.

Patto can only come in to replace MJ or Harris.

Drop Peter Siddle for James Pattinson

Doolan is 28 and has done zip

Why are you happy to see him there?

Inverarity must fall on his sword

Shocking techniques dont make 3xTest 100’s

What’s a Phil Hughes to do?

Thanks Stephen

Hughes is a humble and somewhat understated character. He is no Greg Matthews.

What’s a Phil Hughes to do?

Yep Rickety. There is also Cameron White, who is the same age as Marsh and is killing it at the moment….

What’s a Phil Hughes to do?

Is it finished yet?

2014 Allan Border Medal night live blog

Thanks Steve

Hundreds, ducks, averages and #RootMaths

Mark Waugh is overrated. The figures prove it. The whole purpose of this article was to remove bias and subjectivity, which you have tried to bring to it

Hundreds, ducks, averages and #RootMaths

I didn’t select a team. I just selected the best 10 Test players for 2013, irrespective of position played

Top 10 Test cricketers of 2013

I hadn’t considered the English position. Well done Geoffrey

The elephant in the room with the ICC Test championship

Not sure which is worse?

Green Sydney or Red England

The Sydney Thunder just don't know how to win

I’m going tonight. I expect to melt in the 43 degree temperature in a stadium with 30,00 people with the roof closed

Maybe best just to stay at the bar

BBL Game 23: Melbourne Renegades v Sydney Thunder

You are correct. I did publish his SR in error. His average was 47.52

Top 10 Test cricketers of 2013