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These things are cyclical. As a sharks fan, I recall that in the late 80’s, the sharks were everyone’s second team, very likeable. In 1988 when they played the Broncos in the playoff for 5th, everyone south of the border were on the Sharks.

Why the hell do I have to support the Sydney team in the grand final?

The Melbourne Tempest!!! That’s gold. I’m pinching that…..

Why the hell do I have to support the Sydney team in the grand final?

Please Jimbo, give me an unbiased view as to why A Goodes was booed? And please remember I have watched about 3 games a week (on average) since 1986, and have never seen such booing (regardless of conduct, fair play, race, character, appearance, club, being a Richmond supporter) ever. So please tell me.

The Final Quarter: An opportunity for education and empowerment

yep you are right squiggly, racism is over now, well done. no need to continually bring it up. just move on.

The Final Quarter: An opportunity for education and empowerment

Sorry Matt, I don’t mean to be pedantic, but as an expert I expect better from you.

I cringe when people continue to call him Pangai Junior. The “junior” belongs to his first name only. Its not that hard, and the average punter may not know this, but as a professional, when your profession is basically words and grammar, the pedants like me needs you to help, not hinder.

They may love the club but players gonna play - for themselves

Ronan, I know Lyon’s stats are pretty handy of late, but he makes me nervous. Just feel without a genuine delivery that goes the other way, batsmen will be able to get hold of him. And once they are on a run, he doesn’t have much to fight back with. Hopefully I’m proved wrong, as I love the 2 spinner idea. I’m just not convinced N Lyon is the man for the job.

Australia should play two spinners against Windies

Sort of goes against the grain for RBR to be bringing in “outsiders”. That would be an admission that their junior programme is not working too well, and they sink a lot of money into that programme.

Of course if Nico does jump ship, it shows that he certainly doesn’t have the same confidence in RS as Danny Ric does. Would be rather telling…..

Interesting times.

How Dan Ricciardo could make Nico Hulkenberg's career

I concur. It is difficult to get excited heading into an event. They do need to make some changes.

Has Daniel Ricciardo made a huge mistake?

Didn’t he beat 4-time WC Vettel at Red Bull?? Surely timing is important in these things.

Has Daniel Ricciardo made a huge mistake?

Smith looks minted. Crash Craddock was on Bris radio talking about the difference, saying that Smith needed the comeback into Aus colours to hit his straps.

Starc and Cummins can tame the England batsmen

I think rugby league, more than any other sport is a true team effort. So to point to team results as an indicator of greatness has some limitations.

Personally I would have Langer, Stirling, JT, Stuart and Johns all ahead of Cronk. In fact, if Pearce was a Qld’er and Cronk from NSW, then I think this whole argument might be put to bed.

Cooper Cronk, the undisputed No. 7 king

Leclerc has impressed me no end. With so many youngsters coming through (younger and younger all the time it seems) its hard to gauge. But I have Max at 1 and Charles at 2 in the “best of the youngsters coming through” category.

I think he gives the Scuderia a real chance at the title, even if neither him nor Seb can take the drivers crown.

Closer than close: 2019 F1 championship predictions

Nice summary, thanks again Michael.

I agree on the major points. Think Lewis will be in front come seasons end, but Seb and Leclerc will tally enough to take the constructors championship for Ferrari. Toto may come to regret passing up on Danny Ric…..

Last year you picked Sainz to beat Hulk, which I disputed to great effect. This year I am picking on your KMag to beat Grosjean call. To me Romain, along with Perez and Hulk, are the best of the midfield group over the last 5 years. Grosjean to win that battle and keep his name in the mix for a top drive is my tip.

The old school F1 fan in me is hoping against all hope that either Williams or McLaren will jump a place or two. Tough to see Williams doing it at this point, but maybe McLaren can surprise with a few good finishes this year. Not really a tip, more a hope….

Closer than close: 2019 F1 championship predictions

KP did text the opposition players and told them what he thought of his own captain. Not exactly great team building. But he didn’t convince a junior team member to take sandpaper onto the field….

Why Matthew Wade is better off not playing for Australia

Agree Chris, context is everything. In the stats given, Paine has been batting against both SA and PAK in their conditions, then the #1 team in India. Wade has been batting in the shield. Talk about apples and oranges.

Put Tim Paine in the Order of Australia, but not the Ashes squad

I don’t know Paul, I can see the English crowds going easy on Smith and Warner. Giving them a chance to get back in and settle, a little bit of understanding in these tough times…..

After all, its not like Warner punched their captain in the face in the Walkabout pub or anything crazy like that.


Put Tim Paine in the Order of Australia, but not the Ashes squad

It was 5/400, so please state the facts. As Don mentioned, he was playing the team game. Often its about overs to bowl to the opposition rather than runs on the board. Seems obvious to those who follow Test cricket.

Put Tim Paine in the Order of Australia, but not the Ashes squad

Agree Don. When we are looking at numbers 7 and 8 to win us games, then there is something wrong with 1-6. Lets look at them first.

One of the best things with Gilly at 7 was he was a bonus. The cream on the cake. I know it was a glorious period, but something that holds true today, the top 6 score the runs, 7 and 8 are there to help if needed, or to put them to the sword when required. Not to prop up the team time and time again.

Put Tim Paine in the Order of Australia, but not the Ashes squad

I have a theory that anyone posting a comment on the Roar that is ludicrous, deserves a 2 week suspension. Anyone suggesting Josh Philippe as a Test keeper fits the bill.

Put Tim Paine in the Order of Australia, but not the Ashes squad

One of the things that annoys me most, is that we don’t count the Broncos as back to back champions in 97-98 (its always this last back to back winner in a unified comp was in 92-93 business), but are happy to rejoice in the Knights win in 1997. We cant have it both ways, claim the Knights win outright, but discount the Broncos win as just a win in a divided comp. This charge has been led mainly by Phil Gould and the rest of the Channel 9 crew.

The Broncos were clearly the best team of that era, and if you look at the Sharks, Raiders, Panthers, Warriors and Bulldogs teams of that year, they would all give Newcastle a bath in the GF. Joey Johns being to main obstacle to that argument….

Who would have won the 1997 Telecom Bowl?

You forget the old adage that form is temporary, class is permanent. Your chosen saying of “you are only as good as your last game” doesn’t work in cricket. Anyone who has played the game and been run out by a nervous batting partner, or given out lbw by a suspect umpire, or received a Jaffa on ball 1, knows this to be true. You are what is wrong with the current setup. The whole “he got some runs in the BBL last game so lets get him into the Australian team” approach is a failure, and will continue to be so.

The Dukes ball has made Ashes selections a whole lot easier

Come on Geoff. Handy 40’s at a quick rate don’t win Test matches. Did you see Pujara this summer?? Which BBL team is he doing well for at the moment??

The Dukes ball has made Ashes selections a whole lot easier

Yes the famous DRS dismissal. Isn’t cricket a funny game? If he gets the right decision there, who knows what happens? Bit like the Patterson out for 0 (if someone can hold a simple catch), instead of an unbeaten 100 in Canberra, makes a big difference to a career.

The Dukes ball has made Ashes selections a whole lot easier

Can’t help but think this whole article was just an excuse to use that “Watts are you doing?” punch line.

On the scale of sportspeople acting badly, this is clearly a 1 out of 10 at most. Anyone who has been to Oktoberfest knows this is just par for the course. Nothing wrong, consenting adults just being a little drunk, and being a little silly. All been there.

Of course, if this is just a way of having a go at a #1 draft pick, who hasn’t lived up to your expectations, then that’s fine. Just say so. Make that the basis of your argument. Some might respond by saying your expectations probably don’t affect his life too much, but we’ll wait for your judgement before responding as such.

Watts are you doing Jack?

By golly, that was a tough article to get through. But please…..

Its not “screwing with the game”. Its a one off, made for TV, night of entertainment. Take it as it is, or don’t. Maybe you are not the intended target market for it. Go and do something else that night. Relax. Netflix and chill. I wont be arranging my life around it as I might the Grand Final, but if I’m home, I’ll be watching.

Some pretty good players involved, less chance of injury than a training session (did you see last years AFLX?), and just a bit of competitive fun. Can we not just enjoy anything anymore in this world??

The unwanted return of AFLX