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We now end up with Max being on pole after last night’s Sprint. It’s going to be interesting tonight, in race conditions. You’re right, drivers want to be absolutely sure that they have secured the fastest lap.

Imola Grand Prix preview: Can Ferrari get the job done?

Thank you Stuart for such a clear-sighted analysis of Russia’s history of geopolitics and international sports. I have thoroughly enjoyed this read.

Your article brings me back to Icarus, the documentary that exposed Russia’s involvement in the doping scandal. I remember watching it two years ago and being stunned at the level of indifference that some people at the highest level have. Honesty and integrity are unfortunately quite rare these days.

Russia’s position in world sport has become untenable

It is so refreshing to read your article. As an F1 fan living in Perth, I was following the 2020 Melbourne Grand Prix while it got cancelled and that genuinely hurt. Let’s hope for an amazing race tomorrow! 😊

There's a different vibe in Melbourne: It's F1 but not as we know it

I think there’s both ways of looking at it – is Alonso coming back because he is forcing his way through the team or does he genuinely have what it takes to maintain his competitive edge in F1? I think the recent pre-season testing has reaffirmed Alonso’s great abilities as F1 driver. The Alpine car looks reliable and this is promising for the coming season so that they can start to build up the performance side of the package. And also, there are so many younger drivers already on the grid and surely there will be more in the future. Let’s see how this season goes by!

What can we expect for Alonso's F1 return?

It is a shame indeed that Daniel’s journey with Renault is ending in an extremely disappointing way. But let’s hope that the 2022 project is well under way and that it will be a successful one.

Welcome back to the grid Fernando!

Yeah that was quite brief indeed but all I wanted to say was that basically Charles is still a young gun and he shouldn’t be criticised for his moody comments. It’s completely understandable. And yes, he looks indeed very quick in qualis, it’s like he got the right momentum and with the SF90 on the rise, we can only cross fingers that Ferrari have no mechanical issues!

Why should we understand - and encourage - Charles Leclerc

Very much agree with you, Simoc. Renault is also another major disappointment – they need to step up to allow Daniel to force through the midfield pack.

The Ferrari dilemma

Agreed, Michael. Bahrain has to be their worst performance this season for them to be fighting for podiums. On another note, you would not expect to see Nico and Daniel taking unnecessary risks while racing each other – even more when they’re on different strategies. With 4 cars running on their engines, they have significant data to analyse and evaluate to ensure that top level reliability is achieved. Here’s hoping they start FP1 next Friday in the best possible conditions and experience an incident-free weekend.

Why Bahrain must be Renault's nadir

Absolutely right, Joshua! Fair to say their pit stop strategy was duly performed. A shame that the electric component of the engine failed for Charles but he raced in a commanding manner – enough credible evidence that the Ferrari is certainly ahead this point in time. China just can’t get early enough! 🙂

Why you'd better hope Ferrari bounces back in Bahrain

I definitely completely agree with you – the repercussions of the Brexit would be massive for Formula One, given the significance of English territory since the very early days of motor sport’s pinnacle. However, I think that the current owners should consider this alarming situation as part of their negotiations for the upcoming regulations. Outsourcing or relocation might be plausible solutions.

F1's Brexit dilemma

Having watched the quali yesterday, I genuinely feel that Ferrari are on top and Melbourne was a mere accident as there might be various reasons to explain that. Testing has been very impressive and whether Mercedes have been sandbagging all along till Lewis’ last minute flying lap is irrelevant to me. They have consistently dominated the previous testing sessions, both on quali mode and long-runs. Coming back to the Scuderia, they certainly need to get a better grip on their focus throughout the weekend, sending out Sebastian yesterday with the wrong timing could have been costly and I believe that the onus is definitely on them for winning the Championship.

Why you'd better hope Ferrari bounces back in Bahrain