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BBL power rankings: Week 2

Sometimes the ladder lies … and in an action-packed BBL season, sometimes power rankings are the best way to see who is most threatening among the eight franchises. With week two of the BBL|09 tournament under wraps, let’s take a look at what the ladder doesn’t tell us after fifteen games this season. 1. Adelaide […]

I have since learnt that it can only be viewed once you refresh the page.

That is bothering.

Developing Dees can't afford to get ahead of themselves

Just me, trying to figure out how to get a comment to successfully start a new line, something I couldn’t get to work during my first live blog. Please ignore as I have also realised I cannot delete comments.
Still can’t figure it out.
– How about this?
Wow still nope.
At least I know how to type in bold.
Little wins.

Developing Dees can't afford to get ahead of themselves

Was thinking exactly this after Sunday’s performance.

Would love for a spot to open up and for him to find his way into the side – he’s criminally underrated and can adapt to any situation – but unfortunately Australia already have a deep pool of talent ahead of him.

For now though, I’ll enjoy seeing him fly under the radar in the Strikers’ blue.

Australia should select Jono Wells for the T20 World Cup

Edit: Brisbane Heat’s ranking last week should read: 6.

BBL power rankings: Week 3

Funny you mention swapping Brisbane and Sydney as I actually had the Sixers and Heat swapped before last night’s match!

Then after the Heat dismantled them at home I felt as though I couldn’t keep it that way with momentum being so important.

It’s tight, that’s for sure.

BBL power rankings: Week 1