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There is just a huge discrepancy between the top clubs in England who can still spend money to buy players for huge price tags compared to the elite teams in Italy and Spain. You can even look at PSG in France, most players that were brought in were on free transfers but they have a hefty wage bill now.

Nice to see you recognised some of the work i’ve written up my friend 😁

How will Inter Milan recover from their off-season setbacks?

I agree that those you mentioned could soon break apart if Spurs don’t start winning trophies soon. Players like Harry Kane and Dele Alli will soon have stronger ambitions and there won’t be much for Tottenham to offer to keep a hold of them.

Tottenham tumble at another important hurdle

Not an Arsenal fan!

Tottenham tumble at another important hurdle

Yes it is jammed packed in the West, This eight-game stretch will tell us a lot about where they will end up this season.

The Minnesota Timberwolves look to maintain playoff aspirations without Jimmy Butler

I agree that we have great attacking talent and it can match the big sides in Europe, It’s just finding that right balance in attack to put teams away.

Although United did not play great, they did come away with a draw and there is no doubt Mourinho will be confident heading into the home leg given he has been in this situation many times in his career.

The back four is a little worrying as well, I’m hoping Bailly returns to the team in time to start the second leg, hopefully Luke Shaw gets back into the team as well.

Worrying signs for Manchester United in Champions League

Of course gaining a draw away from home in the first leg is not a bad result, but United’s performance I felt did not warrant that.

United did not do well enough in the final third or create many goal scoring opportunities, if it had no been for De Gea, United would be heading into the second leg behind.

There is no doubt United have to be more aggressive in the second leg, I want to see Alexis be given more freedom in the final third, getting closer and trying to link up with Lukaku because too many times this season I have noticed that he is often left on his own and isolated up top.

Worrying signs for Manchester United in Champions League

Yes you’re right in saying Bayern and City may have opponents that are not of the same quality as Sevilla, but I think Besiktas were having a good campaign up until their loss to Bayern in the first leg.

Thank you for the kind words, haha those Arsenal articles will come around soon again!

Worrying signs for Manchester United in Champions League

I wrote this piece pretty much when the move happened and it was not uploaded until today, but so far it does look like Arsenal have got the better end of the deal. However, it is only 1 match down and there are still numerous games to play until the end of the season so we will see what happens and where the big clubs end up.

Giroud can be a useful tool for Chelsea in the Champions League too, especially if Chelsea find themselves in a situation where they need someone to come on and make an impact.

Olivier Giroud to Chelsea: A mistake by Arsenal?

After Liverpool performed the way they did against Manchester City, which presented a blue print on how to get the better of a superb Manchester City team under Pep Guardiola, it was very disappointing to see the club drop back into old habbits by copping back-to-back defeats against Swansea in the league and West Brom in the FA Cup.

The side showed positive signs by beginning their post-Coutinho era in the perfect way but have slipped back into their old ways.

Klopp has had enough time now I believe to assemble a squad that suits his demanding style of football and now it’s been almost three years without a trophy under the German. I think there is the possibility that Liverpool could soon look elsewhere in the near future.

Don’t get me wrong him coming from Germany and implementing his high press style has made Liverpool one of the most exciting teams to watch in the league over the last fews years, but they are missing titles to go along with it.

While they have produced great results against the leagues big six, their results against lower opposition has affected them for years and that has not changed under Klopp’s management.

Another false alarm as Liverpool resumes normal service

The tackle was horrific and I couldn’t believe the committee deemed the spitting offence much more serious than Brama’s tackle. The committee need to start showing some consistency when reviewing these sort of incidents and similar punishments need to be handed down. Makes you question whether another incident will occur in the future and how the committee will review it.

Brama suspension for horror tackle – too lenient or fair judgement?

If they want to progress further than the position in the league and stage of the Europa League you have mentioned, the club need to strengthen in midfield and defence.

The transfer window is almost at its end and Arsenal are running out of time to bring in key personnel.

If Arsenal don’t end up adding names to midfield and the defence then I think your prediction could be spot on. But In saying that, Aubameyang will soon to be in the squad and his impressive goal scoring ability alone could lift Arsenal into the top 4 and progress further in their Europa League campaign.

Aubameyang’s imminent arrival sparks Arsenal optimism

It was another disappointing performance from Arsenal away from home in the league.

Aubameyang’s imminent arrival sparks Arsenal optimism

If Lacazette’s performances do not improve soon there definitely is the possibility that Wenger could drop the Frenchman and start Aubameyang in his place.

However, like I have mentioned in the piece, I believe Arsenal could really benefit from having both players on the pitch at the same time in a forward three.

Time will only tell how things are going to play out and what Wenger ultimately decides to do with them.

Aubameyang’s imminent arrival sparks Arsenal optimism