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All I know is my tipping this round was terrible.

A couple of also rans (looking at you Brisbane and Newcastle) really turned it up to 11 this week and got themselves back into the competition. There were some cracking games of footy played, I don’t think anyone can be too upset.

Except the Dragons and Panthers, they were woeful.

Six talking points from NRL Round 10

I think your opinions of holding this in Sydney are a bit short sighted.

There is much more to this round than just the local fans of teams, otherwise Brisbane would only of had the Broncos game sell out. This is about having the round in a centralised area with good amenities and options for visiting fans. Sydney has that in spades. With the magic round in Sydney it gives country NSW fans especially an easier option to get to than when you are holding the games in Brisbane, where most would have had to travel to Sydney first anyway to fly up.
Sure Sydney based fans may or may not travel but that is up to them. Give the locals the chance to see every team though and see it sell out rather quickly, you could almost guarantee it. The round would need to be held at Moore Park or Paramatta though, that Olympic stadium is not in a great spot.

My only real suggestion is to lose the Thursday night game. It’s not a great way to kick things off.

Potential future venues for the NRL's Magic Round

If the Panthers and Warriors are now on my no pick list how do I choose that round??

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 10

Or maybe do we need the Gold Coast.

At least Cronulla are a regular in the finals series and have a Premiership. What have the GC done in their 4th crack at the ARL / NRL??

Eight talking points from NRL Round 9


If anything Maloney won that series for us, I don’t recall Cleary doing anything special at all.
Bring in Keary to partner Maloney in the halves and go from there.
while we are cloning Latrell just fill the rest of the team with him and leave Teddy at the back.

The NSW Blues contenders

Great analysis as usual mate but I have a small point to make.

The Sharks didn’t finish last in 2013, Parra did.
Oh and they are going to win this year and prove you wrong as wel 🙂

History shows NRL finalists are now pretty much already set

I have to admit that I was very sceptical of this whole round when I first heard about it. To me it seemed that the Broncos are still secretly running the show, and having Beattie involved in the NRL would only strengthen the QLD bias.

Then I stopped to really think about it. The concept is intriguing, and the location is actually perfectfor the first round. THis will be a great showcase for our game in one of its heartlands. I’m really looking forward to it.

I have realised that I still hold a grudge against Brisbane for the whole super league thing. It’s time to let it go really.

If the NRL gets carried away and insists this gets held in Brisbane every year I will re evaluate my enthusiasm for this round. It really should go to the new Parra stadium next year and Melbourne after that. Maybe give the Warriors a shot before you start talking about Perth and Adelaide as well.

Stop the sooking and enjoy the weekend in Brisbane

Look to Craig Bellamys press conference as an example of how it should be done.

The only stat that matters for the Broncos

Another reason why I like Bellamy as a coach.

Instead of complaining about referees or the other team tactics, he gives his players a serve for not performing the way he expected them to. It’s quite refreshing compared to the drivel some of the other coaches come up with.

You just know as well that he means it. There will be some nervous lads in the Storm camp the next few weeks.

The depleted Sharks shock the Storm after the Cowboys finally find some form

As the great Terry Hill once said ” I reckon if we can get more points on the board than them by the end of the game we are in with a good chance of winning this.”

The only stat that matters for the Broncos

Ah ok, I wasn’t aware of this rule and was wondering what all the fuss was about.

Was Josh Addo-Carr unfairly robbed by this sideline rule technicality?

Bold, I like it.

Except for the fact it wouldn’t work that is exactly what we should do 🙂

I’m not going to sit here and poke holes at your well written and entertaining article, nor am I going to bring into question your parentage or intelligence. People get so riled up about expansion / relocation / lets create divisions articles. Me personally I love them. You are obviously on the divisions train, and you are not the only one. Unfortunately I don’t believe sponsorship money will follow a second tier unless it is guaranteed equal air time on TV. This is a very competitive market, and I doubt channel 9 would take the risk that the masses would tune in to watch the Titans getting whipped in second grade. The only thing that might save it is if channel 10 picks it up to fill in the gaps between Simpsons re-runs.

The only point I would like to address is the notion that we all watched both comps in 97. I can assure you that not only were fans split as much as the teams were, it still provokes heated discussions to this day. My best mate was a dyed in the wool Raiders fan, I am sure that blokes blood was green. When they went to SL he burned all his gear, handed in his membership and quit following league all together for the best part of 15 years. He has tentatively come back, but won’t back the Raiders any more, or any SL aligned team for that matter.

Aside from that keep on trucking mate. This idea is no better or worse than any other one out there, and good on you for putting your crazy ideas out there to be pulled apart by all and sundry.

Time to go our separate ways?

Maybe, but nobody counts Superleague because it was a rebel competition. The same way Dennis Lillee doesn’t have his wickets counted from his WSC days because it was a rebel competition.

I firmly believe that nobody should have anything counted from before 2000. That was the year that the final mergers happened, old clubs were disbanded and the modern NRL was born. Everything else should be recorded as the history of the NSWRL / ARL.

By that token nobody has gone back to back, and everyone can just let this argument go.

The NRL quarter season report card

Big call.

I never thought we were a dark horse this season, I was always of the opinion that the Sharks were still a top 8, possibly top 4 side. There is still a lot to get right before the end of the year, but there is also still a very long way to go. With our full roster back on deck and the spine working together as a unit we should be there or there about at the pointy end of the season.

For mine there are two real smokies, Parra and Canberra.

Parra are playing rocks and diamonds at the moment but when they are on they are really on. If they can get the team playing together each week they will really give the comp a shake this season.

Canberra are having one of their “on” years. They seem to do this quite often. Play great footy, then poor for a season or two and then great again. The big difference is that I don’t get the feeling they are making it up on the fly this year. There seems to be a bit more calm in the capital and they are playing some very good footy.The Pommy injection seems to be working for them, and they should be quite competitive once they end of the year rolls around.

Cronulla Sharks the dark horse for 2019


I’m 44 and still in pretty good shape (not as good as this bloke though). I still play footy and really enjoy the sport.
The big difference is that everyone else I play with is also over 40, and there is an agreement that the game can be stopped if more that 50% of each team is just too buggered and need to go to the bar. It’s the way footy should be played.

It will be interesting to see how the man goes with all the young blokes.

Mundine to make rugby league comeback

Oh wow.

You know I have never been given a course on why I shouldn’t commit violence against women, rob banks, kill people, follow Manly etc and yet I seem to have been able to avoid all those terrible things just by being a reasonable person. What a fool I am!!!!

Perhaps I have been going about my life the wrong way. Where’s my shotgun??

'He wasn't educated': De Belin's lawyers play the blame game

Great work DWZ.

Without you we may never have gotten back into the game.
In fact a dose of DWZ even sorted out a bad case of Duganitis we were experiencing.

Watene-Zelezniak moment of madness riles Cleary

Excellent observations again mate.

I thought for sure when Cooper left that would be the start of the rot, but it didn’t happen.
Then when Slater hung up the boots I thought, “well they have had a great run, time to come back to the pack now” but nope.
I find it hard to believe either that Smith departing will have too much of an impact either. I have no idea what they have in the water down there but the Storm just keep going and going and going.

They will have to fall eventually right?? Maybe in another 10 years or so.

Disappointment continues as Storm’s forecasted decline nears decade without fruition

You are correct but there is certainly more to it.

For me, I like to use the Waugh brothers as an analogy. Mark was the extremely gifted player, and relied on that for his whole career. Steve was still talented, but not as naturally gifted as his brother. However Steve had the work ethic to go with it.

Mark retired as a gifted player who represented his country very well. Steve retired as a former captain and all time great.

Talent gets you so far, hard work gets you the rest of the way. Cooper Cronk is a Steve Waugh.

Rooster Cooper's dagger into the heart of Melbourne

Great article, good points all.

My number 9 would be to remember it’s just a game, and one that I am not even playing. It’s great to get passionate, but there is no need to get so angry if your team loses. Keep a sense of humour about you and you will enjoy the game a lot more.

Eight simple rules for enjoying the NRL more

He was right on track for immortal status until he went for a field goal when 2 points behind.

Seriously, he makes the hall of fame easily. Immortal is a different beast and it needs a lot of time to consider before that kind of tag is given to him. GI was an outstanding talent and the most dangerous man on the park when he was fit and firing. There are lots of players like that though, and there will be lots more like that. The immortals are supposed to be that big step above everyone else. Is GI that far ahead of everyone else??

Time will tell that one, right now is not the time to make that kind of decision. Let’s just celebrate his career.

Should Greg Inglis be made an Immortal?

I would have liked him a lot more in a Blues jersey.

Greg Inglis announces immediate retirement from NRL

Sad to hear but probably for the best. Get out now while you can still use your shoulder mate.
GI you are an absolute giant of the game, an absolute giant. At your peak you were simply incredible, at 50% you were only amazing. Not really a fitting way for such a great player to retire, but not everyone gets the fairy tale. Especially in a contact sport. You leave us with a lot of great memories and one of the coolest try celebrations in history.
Farewell GI, hopefully only from the field. I think you still have a lot to give to the game from the sidelines.

Greg Inglis announces immediate retirement from NRL

No they’re not.

Saying to you that you are a worthless human being is nowhere near as destructive as stomping your head into a pavement.

NRL redemption: Is Israel Folau headed back 'home'?

Trafficking peptides seems to be a forgivable offence, but not tweeting something that upsets someone.

NRL redemption: Is Israel Folau headed back 'home'?