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Two heavy weights matched in both intelligence, vocabulary and wit. I’m not sure there are any real winners here. When is the fight?? It seems like it’s been talked about forever.

'Sick of hearing your bulls---': Barry Hall and Paul Gallen clash

I would have said a slap in the face over a kick.

Brown has form on that.

Ex-Knights coach Brown lands gig with Warriors

Darius is a quality player, which makes his last season so baffling.

The NRL players under the pump in 2020

Darius Boyd.

I have not seen someone play as poorly as him for a very long time. He just doesn’t seem to want to tackle anyone, doesn’t want the ball even when playing in the halves and will happily walk towards a tackle attempt then spray everyone else for letting in a try.

Frankly I’m surprised he lasted the season.

The NRL players under the pump in 2020

Agreed. Whatever is going on with Will just leave the kid alone for a few seasons so he can work on it. He’s only young, if he makes it back he could still have a long career.

Will Pucovski to have mental wellbeing break, won't be picked for Pakistan Tests

It may be time for Kieran to consider hanging up the boots before he can’t use his shoulder at all.

Luckless Foran to miss 2020 with shoulder problem

You’re right I wasn’t hanged, I was fined and put on restrictions to better remind me to not be late for work. It’s an effective lesson and something that I am glad happened because it promotes self reliance, accountability and discipline.
It’s a lesson a lot of people should learn.

A guaranteed way to rein in off-season bad behaviour

On past form I reckon he’s good for another 10 years.

It’s all in the plan, just ask Gus.

How long can the Dragons give McGregor to turn it around?

Look at it this way.

I am ex Navy. In that organisation if you mess up it costs you money and time. For example one fateful day I was 30 minutes late for work, that cost me $100 and 5 days of restriction of privileges ROP (not allowed to leave the ship, extra work and needing to report to the officer of the day on a regular basis to ensure I was still there). I wasn’t late for work again.

Another fateful day I was drinking heavily and getting into mischief, resulting in the Police escorting me back to the ship with the understanding that I would not be let off again lest I be arrested. That night out cost me $1000 and 21 days ROP.

The point being if you have a set of rules, and enforce them it does pull people into line. Whilst I was never late again I had to get other lessons a few times before the consequences of my actions truly sank in. Even drunk, you will start to realise picking fights for fun will cost you in the long run.

It’s worth a try, better than what is happening now.

A guaranteed way to rein in off-season bad behaviour


On $800 000 a season personally, I’d be driving the Batmobile.

The mysterious case of Latrell Mitchell's Mercedes

Anthony Mundine is a smart man.

As a boxer you only make real money if people watch. If everyone who is watching is hoping that he gets knocked out, they are still watching.
Don’t buy into the public persona, he created that to generate interest. What you don’t hear is him being a prick to everyone he meets, him hitting women or getting drunk and causing a nuisance, him in trouble with the police. Now I wonder why that is…….

The mysterious case of Latrell Mitchell's Mercedes

My 22 year old self would be neck deep in booze and ladies of the pole on that kind of money.

To each their own I suppose, good luck to the man.

The mysterious case of Latrell Mitchell's Mercedes

Good pickup mate, totally missed that one.

We could end up with the Sydney Dragon-Bear-Tiger-Bulldog-Sharks after all. Would be a hell of a Mascot.

New ARLC chairman shoots down relocation

Look outside the box people and get your tin foil hats ready.

He stated “No team in Sydney or Queensland will be relocated”. That means the Storm, Raiders, Warriors and Knights need to be worried.

South Brisbane Storm
Redcliffe Raiders
Wollongabba Warriors
Don’t know Brisbane well enough to have a witty K Knights

The axe is swinging……..

New ARLC chairman shoots down relocation

People can come up with statistics to prove anything. 40% of all people know that.

There are so many things that affect making a grand final that statistics alone will never tell the whole story.
Injuries, origin, sudden change in coach, players moving mid season, new combinations, fingertips on sidelines (or not as the case may be), mercury in retrograde, and the list goes on.

Everyone has an equal chance until they don’t, and that is when the finals start and half the teams go home early. After that there is still no guarantees.

Neither the Roosters or the Raiders will play in the 2020 grand final


For as much as I hate all things Maroon this man is an absolute legend and will be a huge loss for the Broncos.
Congratulations on a great career and all the best for your future Mr Gillett. One of the best of the modern era, quietly going about his business dominating his opposition. Such a pity this won’t get as much coverage as big Sam.
I really hope the Broncos look after him.

Matt Gillett chokes up in emotional retirement announcement

Sad to see anyone have to retire through injury.

Good luck to Sam, I wish him well with whatever he does after footy. Great player, even better hair stylist.

Sam Burgess confirms injury-forced retirement

Maybe he’s trying to lure him to Victoria?

Warne: Time to give Will Pucovski a baggy green

Agreed mate.

Mine was not a go a Pucovski, he seems to be a genuine talent and should certainly be given every opportunity.
If Warnie was picking the team it would be 9 blokes from Vic, Steve Smith but only begrudgingly as he’s the only one who can score runs, and the usual token Tasmanian which would be Matty Wade.

Warne: Time to give Will Pucovski a baggy green

There’s a surprise, Warnie demanding a Victorian be promoted into the test team.

He’s becoming the new Bill Lawry.

Warne: Time to give Will Pucovski a baggy green


My favourite rule is that if a ball bursts whilst taking a shot at goal, you are allowed another go with a new ball.

There is some really weird stuff in the NRL rule book

“with onlookers claiming he was simply reacting to revellers’ requests for an impersonation of Craig Bellamy after a forward pass”

Worth the price of admission for that line alone. Another great piece Dane.

Enough is enough: Time to ban NRL off-season


I have just read the rule book, as well as I could anyway. I am a big fan of being informed rather than just throwing wild accusations around.

There doesn’t appear to be any rule that specifies attacking the legs of a kicker. The rule is that you can’t interfere with a kicker after he has kicked the ball. The onus is on the kicking player to kick the ball in time, and the attacking player to pull out of the tackle if the ball is already kicked. As Soliola wasn’t trying to tackle but charge down, and successfully so, that rule shouldn’t count.

The James Graham incident I referenced is handled differently but only because Adam Reynolds was attempting a field goal. It simply states that if an offence occurs whilst someone is attempting a field goal they get a penalty shot from in front. As James contacted Adam a while after he kicked the ball (wet day sliding into the legs) he would have been judged to be interfering with the kicking player after the ball was kicked.

Now here comes the grey area that the NRL loves to play in.

They are always saying that attacking or contacting the legs of a kicker, is a penalty, even though it is not specifically mentioned in the rule book. I guess this is because of all the horrific leg injuries suffered by halfbacks. So was Soliola in the wrong for contacting the legs? After reviewing the rules I have to agree that no he wasn’t as there was no actual attempt at a tackle.

So I guess I was wrong on this one Mark. If anyone can shed any further actual light (not what they just think they know) I am all ears.

BTW did you know an ankle tap is an illegal tackle, and that if a ball bursts while you are having a shot at goal you can have another go with a new ball?

Chooks won. They were better. The end.

Interestingly, because of their penalty last position in 2010 the Storm didn’t take over top spot from Manly until 2016.

A serious, but not so serious look at the last 13 NRL seasons

He worked hard for that song mate. Where so many others would have just admitted they were not up to the task, or been dropped for another better player, he hung on in there and just kept plugging away.

Dedication and blind faith in your abilities, even in the face of overwhelming factual evidence to the contrary, equals greatest redemption song story ever. There is no way I could leave it out.

A serious, but not so serious look at the last 13 NRL seasons