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Some of the initiatives being run by AFL clubs to ‘reward’ supporters who maintain memberships are awesome. I think North Melbourne players and coaches are helping to pay for memberships of supporters who are having financial difficulty, Essendon sent out guernseys signed by the entire playing list to supporters, and now this raffle (which I only just read about thanks to this comment thread). Tremendous to see.

Five reasons to watch Fremantle in 2020

Don, all you need to do is listen to A1 Everything (feat. Kendrick Lamar), see how hard that song goes, and then imagine that song, in the form of a footballer.

Five reasons to watch Fremantle in 2020

If Meek bring the same level of hype that Meek Mill does, he’ll be a genuine superstar. (He’s a rapper, FYI).

Agreed though, Darcy well and truly has the upper hand in this ‘contest’ (or non-contest as it might be).

Five reasons to watch Fremantle in 2020

Marlion Pickett’s played one game – I’m still holding my breath on whether or not he’ll actually turn out to be a strong long-term player.

The best players that slipped through the cracks since 2000

Ah SuperTed. If only the Bombers had the insight to play him down back in a permanent role rather then throw him a bit of everywhere as tended to be the style for Essendon in the early/mid 2000’s

The best players that slipped through the cracks since 2000

Lovett-Murray was one of my favourites in the mid 2000’s. I think he was tried in just about every position except the ruck! Was another in the long line of project players that Sheeds had a soft spot for.

The best players that slipped through the cracks since 2000

Bad Boy Pistons were amazing. It’s only recently I actually read up about them (and seeing the footage and interviews with players in The Last Dance certainly helped my education!)

I agree that if they shook hands it wouldn’t have mattered. After all, they refer to the LaBradford Smith ‘incident’ in Episode 8 – if you didn’t give MJ fuel, he’d just make fuel up for himself.

Petty MJ was cringe-worthy in The Last Dance

The end goal of sport is winning – because winning brings acclaim, support, publicity, and a number of other elements, which brings money to an organisation, which keeps a sporting competition going.

Jordan was very very very very good at winning. Other stuff? Not so much.

Petty MJ was cringe-worthy in The Last Dance

9 years as an Assistant Coach is a fairly decent apprenticeship – plus there’s a lot of goodwill towards Longmuir as a former Fremantle player. He’s pretty well placed I think.

Five reasons to watch Fremantle in 2020

I’ve been reading the host of tributes written about him this week – just about every one of them refers to his size and just how much his lack of size stood out early in his career! He used his body to an alright extent though I reckon….

A tribute to the legendary Dustin Fletcher

I mean, he was reported 16 times and suspended for 20 weeks, so I wouldn’t say he was rarely penalised. (My rose-tinted glasses might be getting in the way, who knows!)

He also holds the record for most Rebound-50s in a season, and James Hird is on record as saying: “The thing about Fletch is he has these fantastic limbs and his timing for a spoil is perfect, but he reads the cues of the kicker from 50m away or more better than anyone in the AFL. He knows where the ball is going. How he does that only Fletch knows.”

No need to play in front!

A tribute to the legendary Dustin Fletcher

High scoring restricted once again by the AFL with the use of only six-sided die. Typical.

AFL legitimately announces 'Australian Dice Football League'

I will never forget the night Brennan kicked 7.5 against Collingwood – watching him dismantle a decent enough Magpies outfit was breathtaking. Admittedly this was when he was still at Brisbane. But still.

Gold Coast Suns: Best 22 of all time

I haven’t done any research into it, but I’d say a fair bit of lack of attendance comes down to the fact that people prioritise ‘top level’ (or perceived ‘top level’) bias when it comes to choosing the games they attend.

When there’s a Test, ODI or T20 a person or family can attend for their couple of games of cricket each summer (of which in Melbourne there’s normally at least one of each format played per summer) they’ll pick international over domestic.

Same for AFL vs. state-league SANFL/WAFL/VFL too. Often the standard is comparable, but crowds are much, much less.

And – seen most in Melbourne from my experience as an occasional Rebels supporter – huge differences in crowds between domestic and international rugby union.

That being said, tour matches are outrageously important to making a series between two teams actually be competitive (outside of the odd touring side that plays out of its skin). There should definitely be more!

The diminishing tour and domestic matches

We’re talking about a player who first kicked an AFL ball in 2014, then debuted at a professional level just two years later. To say he doesn’t deserve to be on a list of best international recruits is an outrageous call.
I also ran some stats.
Mason Cox (211cm) is a big lumbering kind of awkward player: 59 games, 73 goals.
Joe Daniher (200cm) is a big lumbering kind of awkward player: After 59 games: 80 goals.
Eric Hipwood (202cm) is a big lumbering kind of awkward player: After 59 games, 90 goals.
Peter Wright (203cm) is a big lumbering kind of awkward player: After 59 games, 77 goals.
Levi Casboult (201cm) is a big lumbering kind of awkward player: After 59 games, 60 goals.
Charlie Dixon (200cm) is a big lumbering kind of awkward player: After 59 games, 81 goals.
I’d say he’s doing more than OK.

The top ten VFL/AFL international recruits

I’m not going to lie, if I’d done a switch-a-roo and swapped Green and Greene’s write-up as a piss-take, it would’ve been hella hilarious. Hindsight is a beautiful thing…

Mind you, an early draft for this article had the following 5 reasons:

1) To see Toby Greene succeed.
2) To see Toby Greene fail.
3) To see Toby Greene have another rule made about him.
4) To see the confusion between T. Green and T. Greene come Brownlow Night.
5) To finally find out what the big big sound is.

Six reasons to watch GWS in 2020

Closing with a line saying we’re closer to his peak than not after he’s played just 19 games is one hell of a stretch.

I dare say Zion will be a force for quite a while – especially if Pelicans go down the ‘load management’ path that’s been increasingly popular for teams.

28-30 minutes a game is enough for him to wreak havoc, and that could be more if they cut his load to 65-70 regular season games – allowing him to shine in play-offs, etc.

Why Zion is poised to be the NBA’s next Blake Griffin

Hurn didn’t show any signs of slowing down in 2019 – I’d be surprised if he pulled the pin (unless of course he’s already announced this and I missed the news…)

JJK might be persuaded to have one more crack next year seeing as this season will be shortened in many ways (or might not even run at all).

Five reasons to watch West Coast in 2020

It’s always an entertaining thread to follow when interstate clubs are deemed to have bigger ‘advantages’ in whatever way opposition fans want to put forward.

I will agree though that the reaction in banning small groups getting together is complete nonsense.

Five reasons to watch West Coast in 2020

It will be very interesting to see how the shorter season impacts the plans of older players – I dare say there’s a chance some who were going to ‘throw it in’ might keep going as the break has allowed them to ‘refresh’ their bodies. Of course, on the flipside, maybe older players will get pushed out if lists are made smaller.

(Of course, JJK and Hurn I dare say have earned the right to choose their paths).

Five reasons to watch West Coast in 2020

Draymond and Ben Wallace are excellent comparisons. Comparing players Bill Russell who came well before Rodman instead of the other way round is certainly a risky statement though!

Top ten Dennis Rodman comparisons in NBA history

For a variety of extremely complicated reasons, I reckon South Africa have – sadly – already found and lost their potential next Steyn at least twice in recent years. Duanne Olivier and Kyle Abbott are the obvious ones to look to who left South Africa to take on Kolpak deals. It’s seemingly more complicated than simply ‘wanting to play badly for your country’.

Dale Steyn shows a simple way forward for South African cricket

As good as Bartel was, I can’t see him as a forward flanker. I’d swap Brereton onto the field instead. Solid research for this though!

The AFL all-time great alphabet teams: Letter B

A week or so of games (changing the fixture so all teams get to the same number of games played) followed by playoffs is surely the way to go.

If you look at the standings, in the East the 8th placed Magic are 6 games clear of the 9th placed Wizards, and in the West the only spot up for grabs is 8th (with the 7th placed Grizzlies basically 7 games behind 6th placed Dallas, and 3 wins clear of 9th). You could even revert to Best-of-3 or Best-of-5 playoffs if season is pushed back longer if NBA wanted to give more of a buffer.

However, it’s hard to see anything happening unless teams can actually travel to play, so I don’t know how likely it is!

The NBA's road to resumption starts on 1 May

Mitchell Lewis is hard done by not to score a gig in the 2nd XI – played 2nd XI for Carlton in the District competition, at at 198cm tall he’d be no fun to face on a seaming wicket!

The AFL’s cricketing second XI