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Cheers for that. Glad you’re enjoying my slightly warped outlook on AFL pre-season!

Five reasons to watch Brisbane in 2020

Heeney keeps threatening to be elite. Don’t think he’s quite there yet though.

Five reasons to watch Sydney in 2020

At least Mitch McGovern is still there to be a whipping boy in the forward line.

Five reasons to watch Carlton in 2020

Brent Stanton used to cop a bit of flak at Essendon – he’s an Assistant Coach at the Blues now – will he do?

Five reasons to watch Carlton in 2020

Cheers Cracka – glad you’re enjoying the off-kilter previews!

You’re right about Connor Rozee though, he’s a good egg for sure.

Powell-Pepper I’m definitely a fan of – when the imaginary Fantasia rumours were floating about, it seemed like a fairly decent return getting a bull of a midfielder like him.

Five reasons to watch Port Adelaide in 2020

Too right. Surely Kochie can dream up a tie-in appearance of some description for them.

Five reasons to watch Port Adelaide in 2020

I managed to work one Thin Lizzy reference in there – but if you’re wanting more I’ll see what I can do for the next one Larry!

Five reasons to watch Port Adelaide in 2020

Too right. Supervillain clubs are entirely necessary for the success of a sporting competition. Carlton might need to slightly bend the salary cap again to be a true evil powerhouse though.

Five reasons to watch Carlton in 2020

It’s truly a joy to enter every trade period knowing that Dodoro will adopt a Putin-esque style of diplomacy.

Five reasons to watch Carlton in 2020

Cheers Cracka – glad you enjoyed the piece.

Carlton are one of the more fascinating teams on paper with the young talent you mentioned – on the surface they’ve got all the tools they need to be successful (and picking up Jack Martin certainly doesn’t hurt).

I’m an Essendon fan, so tradition says I should find joy in them being rubbish. But I also like watching an underdog do well, and Carlton have been bad enough for long enough that I’m almost looking forward to them winning a few games.

Five reasons to watch Carlton in 2020

It was fascinating to see Andrew Bogut weigh in with his thoughts on ‘no-consent’ trades, and the idea that clubs shouldn’t be held ‘to ransom’ by players picking only one destination, and that they should be able to trade players ‘for the good of the club’. Will be interesting to see how it develops in future years – especially with the pull that AFL Player’s Association seems to have these days.

On a side note, I dare say list managers should be up for a pay-rise – negotiating the trade of picks with three clubs, whilst trying to broker a deal for a player who wants out and wants to go to a specific club, whilst trying to keep your coach, club president, and fans happy. Good fun!

Trading places: A comprehension test on the AFL trade period

I’ll take on your line-up with mine (comprised of players I’ve watched).

Virender Sehwag, Graeme Smith (*), Ricky Ponting, Kumar Sangakkara, Younis Khan, Steve Waugh, AB De Villiers (+), Shaun Pollock, Dale Steyn, Mutttiah Muralitharan, Curtly Ambrose

My all time best Test XI

Cricket needs for matches to be meaningful in order to draw a crowd – and using the recent ODI’s as a base, they were amongst the most meaningless matches ever played. We fielded a team that was nowhere near strong enough, got flogged (which would normally make a supporter angry) but because they were just 5 more out of the thousands of ODI’s that have been played (and they don’t really count towards anything) nobody really cared!

The type of scheduling that’s happening above will only exacerbate this. Especially as players make far more money from T20’s these days, what’s to say that in future the ‘stars’ will choose to skip the Test match in order to secure an IPL contract?

This is everything wrong with modern cricket

On recent happenings, I’d say it isn’t too far away!

This is everything wrong with modern cricket

Correct Jonty!

I’m all for audacious calls in the media, but suggesting Steve Smith is the root of all cricketing evils would be taking it a step too far I think…..

This is everything wrong with modern cricket

The questioning and reporting related to this case is some of the most bizarre I’ve ever read.

Obviously bowling short to a batsman is a tactic, and yes, it was most likely used against Hughes. However, the questioning and reporting around responses to this question make it seem like a criminal offence.

Same for Bollinger. I have no doubt he did sledge Hughes. But he’s now having his name dragged through the mud through reporting of heresay that makes it seem like he hit Hughes in the back of the head with a bat.

From the media’s focus, it’s turning it into a family vs. everyone else soap opera that makes everyone involved in the match look bad, and the family look like a mob on a witch-hunt.

Dear me.

There will be no winners this week for Australian cricket

Gotta love it don’t you – Nick goes and plays a few dozen tournaments that aren’t a Grand Slam (the only time most people care about tennis), wins a few of them, and reaches a career-high ranking, yet no-one wrote/talked about it because it was boring when he wasn’t being controversial.

But don’t worry folks, we’ve got something else to complain about again now, so it’s OK – rant and rave away.

I’ve got a conspiracy theory that Tennis Australia pays him a bonus every October/November so that they can start putting tennis back on the news in the lead-up to the Australian Open…..

Nick Kyrgios: When is enough enough?

Did you read the article, or just the head-line?

My entire article talks about how brilliant the chance to watch 28 different sports is for a sports fan – and how absurd it is that most of those sports I won’t watch for another 4 years until the Olympics are on again!

Everyone knows the Olympics as a concept are mostly broken, but seeing as they are on, why not watch? It’s sensational viewing – and some of the stories are dead-set inspirational.

On a side note, you pick the FIFA World Cup as the standard for ‘greatest show on Earth’, but let’s take a look at that shall we?

South Africa 2010 World Cup – stadiums built that now stand unused at a cost of how much? The 2022 World Cup is going to be played in Doha, where people think players will die due to 50+ degree heat. Don’t even get me started on FIFA corruption.

But back to my original point, the Olympics are brilliant TV (which was my main point). If you don’t watch that’s fine!

Olympics: The greatest show on Earth

Your point about Hawthorn is just depressing. When the ‘big sides’ are able to keep attracting quality free agents, how likely are you to see the ladder change that much.

Let’s hope we continue to steer clear of the path big-time soccer has gone down!

Brisbane need change, plus other talking points from AFL Round 20

I reckon Rio is less tempting than London – I know which one I’d choose to stay in after an Olympic campaign!

Rio's greatest: The Refugee Olympic Team

As good a show as Brazil will probably put on, I dare say the athletes will want to return to the (mostly) European countries that they have adopted!

Rio's greatest: The Refugee Olympic Team

If you check the goal-kicking stats of previous years, you’ll find some obvious stand-outs!

Alan Noonan once kicked 77.81 one year, Ablett kicked 122.85 in 1995, Sumich kicked 111.89 in 1991, McKenna kicked 80 behinds in 1970, Wade 75 in a year, Dunstall kicked 145.84 in in 1992.

Sure, there’s a of goals, but there’s a hell of a lot of misses too!

Has the AFL lost its soul?

Expected the Bombers to be 0-22, or 1-21 at year’s end, but if not for bad kicking we could realistically be 3-19 or 4-18!

Let’s hope we can surgically attach Lloydy’s accuracy to Daniher’s frame. Then we’ll be right!

An Essendon supporter’s perspective on 2016

Because the ‘old’ style of football – mostly of which involved bombing the ball 55 metres blindly up field – was more precise?

Has the AFL lost its soul?

Let’s imagine a scenario. A very real one. You’re an athlete. The ‘ultimate’ (according to mythos and popular sporting culture) is Olympic gold. You put yourself in the top 5-10 in your event across the globe.

Funding for your sport depends on you winning gold.

The ‘worth’ of a country depends on you winning gold.

Your country has spent untold millions on you and your training.

Want to finish 1st, or 5th?

Sure, you may have physical side-effects, but it’s no surprise that people attempt to cheat.

The real cost of performance enhancing drugs