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Well, sadly, my best joke/basketball reference was edited out Max.

Dwight Howard is the real Finals MVP

Cheers Simon! As a semi-casual NBA fan until a couple of years ago, I’d forgotten just how much Dwight was moved around the league after his Orlando & Houston deals – was fascinating to reflect on his change to hyped-up bench player!

Dwight Howard is the real Finals MVP

As you outline, there’s too many variables that are different (and more that can’t actually be compared due to changes in defensive rules between MJ and LBJ) for a comparison to be worthy. Additionally, the quality of opponents in NBA Finals play-offs can also vastly swing someone’s opinions (The Ringer had a GREAT article exploring this concept: I think we should just appreciate how good LBJ is, remember how good MJ was (and while I’m at it how good Kareem was, and how good Wilt was, and how good Olajuwon/Robinson/Ewing/Barkley/Malone/Stockton were, and how good Doncic/Giannis etc. are and enjoy good players whenever we get the chance to see them!)

What does LeBron's Lakers title mean for the GOAT debate?

I would argue that the Spurs are already solidly rebuilding – Dejounte Murray and Lonnie Walker IV have shown glimpses of potential, and Derrick White showed in the bubble that he can be a dangerous scorer. Jakob Poeltl and Drew Eubanks are both talented and under 25 and have LaMarcus Aldridge to teach the the fundamentals of being a big man, and with the exceptions of LMA and Rudy Gay (both 34 yrs old) and Patty Mills (32) the majority of their starters (or likely starters for next season) are 25! As far as Orlando go, they need some rough’n’tough bigs to help ‘protect’ their youngsters, much like Dwight, Markieff, and McGee have done for the Lakers. Having a slew of bigs who you can rotate (and also beat up and stymie freewheeling opposition) would very much help their squad chocked full of talented young 3 & D wings.

NBA offseason: Two franchises that need to start rebuilding

Djokovic is a ridiculously driven individual – you just have to look at his game on court to know that – if anything I dare say he’ll use any possible ‘hatred’ from fans of his ‘old-fashioned ways’ to motivate himself more – fair chance he’ll end up with the most Grand Slam titles – he’s certainly got age and relative health on his side compared to Roger and Rafa.

Djokovic is a relic of the past, caught in a changing time

It’s been noted frequently that whilst Budenholzer does indeed have some flaws – I think you only need to look at the splits for ‘Time on Court’ from today’s Game 6 slug-a-thon to see that when you get to a crunch game, you play your stars for as long as humanly possible – he’s been hampered by the front office decision to move Malcolm Brogdon to the Pacers. That combined with some no good drafting – Donte Divincenzo is the only player apart from Brogdon to be any good for the Bucks since 2015 – has left them with some roster issues. Nonetheless, I think the Bucks will bounce back (and will have a much bigger focus on making some shrewd off-season signings) to help Giannis climb the mountain. He’s only 25 after all, and Jordan and LeBron didn’t get their first rings until they were 27!

Milwaukee needs a culture change and the buck stops with Budenholzer

The Al Horford deal has the potential to go down as one of the all-time worst – Tobias Harris actually delivers something (and steps up in Simmons absence) but Horford has been reduced to a bad bench player – which is no small thing.

Who is to blame for the 76ers’ failure?

Horn’s got a hard head on him, and has done remarkably well for himself. And he’s got a $2.1 million reward for getting thoroughly out-classed by what should the exciting future of Australian boxing. Not the worst severance package going around!

The king of Australian boxing is dead. All hail the king

Oh for sure – just the pick would never cut it – it’d have to be a combination of say Carter/Gafford/Porter Jr (or insert which ever role the club they’re dealing with wants or needs) and a future pick to get a ‘star’ to the Bulls. Hornets have less ability to do this seeing as they locked Scary Terry Rozier into a big deal (I cannot see him leading a team to playoff success, no offence to Terry….) but I reckon they need a better big man to have any chance of competing – I don’t think Cody Zeller, Bismack Biyombo, and Willy Hernangomez send much fear through the competition.

Who won the NBA Draft Lottery?

Simmons and Embiid can work together – they just need the right supporting cast around them – and losing Redick and Butler (who gave them perimeter presence) and replacing them with Harris and Horford has been a monumental mistake I reckon. Too many big bodies, and then relying on sketchy shooters like Alec Burks and Josh Richardson. After all, they went within a Kawhi Leonard miracle of making the Eastern Conference Finals last year!

What should the 76ers do in the draft?

D-Mitch slipped (thankfully for my Jazz boys) to Pick 13 – Philly weren’t alone in missing out on him!

What should the 76ers do in the draft?

The winners of the top four spots in the draft are easily the winners – especially because all the teams could either keep or trade their picks depending on what direction they want to go in. Especially the Bulls or Hornets who might view their squad as having enough talented young players and they could leverage a ‘star’ using their pick as trade bait. Warriors might look at Curry/Klay/Green and trade to try to build another ‘super squad’ or draft to get someone like Wiseman who could grow into the dominant big man they might want.

Definite losers are Pistons and Knicks who were more likely than not to get Top 5 picks, but dropped to 7 and 8. They can still get some good players at those picks (we all know drafting is an inexact science) but a marquee pick would’ve given them some much-needed positive publicity!

Who won the NBA Draft Lottery?

Agreed – 76ers need outside shooters to have any chance – last year they almost knocked off the Raptors, at the moment there’s not much to celebrate.

Al Horford’s gone backwards – I dare say they regret that pick-up – and their best young player (Matisse Thybulle) is pretty much a defense-only player at the moment.

What should the 76ers do in the draft?

As a fellow Bombers supporter I’m expecting us both to be entirely unreasonable when we get flogged by the Tigers tomorrow night!

The AFL is running a long con Danny Ocean would be proud of

Nailed it!

The AFL is running a long con Danny Ocean would be proud of

The fact that he was reported twice for striking (and twice found guilty) against the Suns – – means that there’s probably proof he hit somebody….

The AFL is running a long con Danny Ocean would be proud of

The only other option is talking about the ‘rona virus, and I reckon most people are well and truly over that! Of course the ‘love taps’ are nothing compared to the massive hits handed out by Bazza, etc. but the AFL do seem to pick and choose when they actually care about blokes punching other blokes.

The AFL is running a long con Danny Ocean would be proud of

The Blazers are one of the few teams to have the bodies (Nurkic, Whiteside, Collins) who can match up with the Lakers combo of Davis, Howard, McGee, etc. Problem normally is getting Whiteside to stay focused on defence – he did it in Game 1 but will be interesting to see if he can get consistency. The Blazers will take it to the Lakers, and they have Lillard so anything’s possible, but LA can’t possibly shoot any worse than they did in Game 1. Lakers will be hoping Rondo can get back on court to help them cover Lillard and force the rest of the Blazers squad to do all the scoring that Dame brings.

Portland Trail Blazers: Believe the hype

Article was getting a bit long as it was, so I didn’t even attempt to try to unpack the Zerrett suspension vs. other cases that have just been fines!

The AFL is running a long con Danny Ocean would be proud of

That used to be the rule – but from what I could find it’s now just a bigger fine – which is slightly insane. Although it certainly helped Ben Cunnington when he was up to his 5th charge last year – I think his total fine tally was around $15 000 in the end. Good payday for the AFL!

The AFL is running a long con Danny Ocean would be proud of

1000% agree – every time they show it I remark that it’s meaningless as I have no clue of how it’s measured, or indeed what a team needs to do to turn a ‘175’ pressure rating into a ‘220’ pressure rating.

Apparently unbeknownst to commentators and Fox Footy, I do in fact have eyes, which makes it easy to tell if a club is applying pressure or not – a ‘pressure gauge’ metric adds nothing!

Thoughts and observations: Gold Coast vs Essendon

Problem for Rankine is he’s a small forward – today he had 9 touches and kicked 0.1 . When the team’s playing well, he’ll probably play well. When they don’t, he’ll do virtually nothing. By no means a lock of Rising Star.

The 2020 Rising Star is already decided

Kamdyn McIntosh has played 95 games – including the 2017 GF – you’ve been very harsh on the poor bloke here.

Six talking points from AFL Round 9

The AFL’s idea of a ‘perfect’ game seems to be a 25-goal a side uncontested spectacle. They forget that ‘pleasing’ football often doesn’t equate to winning football (teams who preach all-out attack never win flags). Coaches thankfully are smarter than this, as are fans.

The holding the ball rule is not footy

Sounds like they’re a club worth getting behind – unfortunately ‘deserving’ something doesn’t really equate to anything in the sporting world! Let’s hope the seemingly equally adept offense and defense get them over the line…

Brentford deserve a shot at the EPL