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Hahah your obviously a Queenslander

A Queenslander's NSW Origin team

Surely the Tigers should have been tipped?!?!

NRL Round 8 preview

Theres no point looking to the future after you have lost 8 in a row, I would rather end the drought first and then focus on the winning streak

Why the Blues need Pat Richards

The Blues are not in a position to build a dynasty, we just need to win a series as soon as possible. Also Pat is signed with the Tigers for next year and will probably be resigned after that

Why the Blues need Pat Richards

Wow some great depth Queensland have there – the second NSW side would smash it

QLD Origin crisis: Replacements to the rescue!

True about Reynolds, but Pearce is sorta in the same boat

Will NSW still have the Blues in 2014?

Luke Douglas??

Blues to win State Of Origin in 2014

Dragons wont get near tenth and the Knights will win it

NRL pre-season power rankings

Yeah real shame, too bad the NRL doesn’t have more great people like him

Remembering Jon Mannah

Yes, new Brisbane team is a must

Brisbane 2.0 must be the next NRL expansion team

Kyle Lovett as well

Old meets new as Tigers look to rekindle the success of 2005

@eagleJack, Cam Smith said… (excuses)

Old meets new as Tigers look to rekindle the success of 2005

The draw is BS, the broncos get the first 10 friday night games

NRL draw little than a TV schedule

No, Potters job will be safer now that the Tigers have such good juniors coming through. And by the way things are looking now, Flanagan might be the first

Two rookie coaches begin their journeys


Where should the NRL expand to next?

Tepai Moeroa and Taane Milne both got picked for u18s State or Origin

Where should the NRL expand to next?

If you dont want expansion articles dont read them

Where should the NRL expand to next?

Yeah, Brisbane and Perth is the way to go

Where should the NRL expand to next?

I know I’m putting in my opinions

Where should the NRL expand to next?

I cant stand the guy

Phil Rothfield, I have a question for you

IMO Boyd is a waste of spaces. He does very little during the game. Whilst he is a decent defender and a good finisher, I think it smarter to play someone like Hayne on the wing and give him license to roam, with Jennings and Morris in the centres with GI now at FLB

Shame about Billy, but Inglis is our best fullback

hahaha thanks

Let's face it, it's been a poor NRL season

what are your personal opinions on the cup curtis?

Ghosts of Aussie past to help Kangaroos

Aus team should be Slater, Morris, Inglis, Morris, Hayne, Thurston, Cronk, Scott, Smith, Tamou, Bird, Thiaday, Gallen – Lewis, Fifita, Myles, Watmough

Rugby League World Cup preview: Australia

Scott, remember the all have the world cup and the NRL nines, so this coming pre-season will defiantly be tough for all teams

Decline of the big three could spell the end of Storm dynasty