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Footy tragic. Dockers diehard. No claim to expertise - just gut-feeling and passion.



DF wanted Neale around and backed him in. Ideally we’d have kept Neale and recruited Hogan.

As it stands, Hogan is essential to our forward structure, hence why it hurts to have him out, even if he’s not kicking goals when he’s in. But, we’re yet to find a suitable replacement for Neale – I’d try Blakeley next.

Needed Lobb, who’s developing reasonably well, for ruck and forward options.

But, none of that equates to Neale. I’ve always said he’s as good as Fyfe because he’s a sure bet. He puts in good numbers every round of every season.

Thriving culture the key to clubs’ success

I love this. Good luck for the Paul Kelly Cup.

The girls of grassroots footy

Spewing to miss this game. What a top ending!

Pies go berserk after epic last-quarter comeback stuns the Eagles

lol nah mate, I’m too old and unfit for that. The sidelines suit me well 🙂 Maybe one day I’ll figure the complexities of coaching out.

The girls of grassroots footy

Thx Matti. Got a Doggies and Cats fan lined up, but unfortunately real life often gets in the way of footy :/

The girls of grassroots footy

Thanks for reading AD 🙂

I only team manage though. I don’t know enough about footy to coach! Our female coach will feature in the last piece.

The girls of grassroots footy

Interesting the different perspectives on the games over the weekend.

Not sure whether it was the pub setting, but I was with a bunch of Dockers, Eagles and Doggies supporters watching the Hawks versus Magpies match, and we had a cracking time barracking for the Hawks.

I did note that the scoreline at half-time was very strange, but the Hawks win perked the mood up considerably and made for a lively evening.

Footy is in a funk

Yep, not feeling confident about the derby. If we had all our cattle I probably still wouldn’t feel confident. West Coast always has a knack of snatching the ones that matter the most.

I think these changes might be help –
– Nyhuis in for Tucker
– Colyer in for Bewley
– Dare I say, Ballas? Might like a last run around the derby paddock.

Interesting to see what plans they have for Darcy, Lobb and Sandi.

Darcy is doing a solid job but is getting weary. Lobb would be a desperately needed addition to ruck or pushed into the forward line. It’d be fun to see Sandi take on Nat, and even though he’s not match fit, I still think throw him in because there’s not much time left for him.

2019 AFL season: Round 16 preview

To add to others’ points –

~ Happy to see Neale getting the credit he deserves.

~ I dread when Margetts is assigned to Freo games. Not even close to why we lost, but I still feel persecuted, irrationally or not, when he’s around.

~ Freo has a habit of falling to teams where there’s not an underdog mentality. My take is that there’s a lack of heart in the coach and captain’s pep talk. The only time I ever hear of Lyon showing more than languorous sarcasm is when he’s shouting insults instead. Fyfe is showing maturity and professionalism in his captaincy, but ferocious heart? Meh. They desperately need someone who can communicate in a way that reaches deep down into their groins and pulls their balls through their mouths kicking and screaming towards a win.

Not apologising for crudeness.

Five talking points from AFL Round 15

I can imagine someone bobbing up and down in front of you could become irritating, but I’d just ask them to rein it in rather than call security. If it was just because she was cheering loudly and enthusiastically I’d be fuming if I was her.

Kinda makes me sad that she had to restrain herself for the rest of the game.

When Sonny was up my end in the fourth and hanging out in the goal square I was trying to bellow loud enough for him to hear my praises. I’d have lost my sh*t if someone took umbrage with that. It’s bloomin’ footy and it’s meant to be bloomin’ noisy!

Five talking points from AFL Round 13

I nearly blew my right kidney out celebrating that passage of play. What a champion.

Deja vu! Michael Walters wins it at the death for the Dockers... again

Touched but can’t say it was make it or break it for the game.

Not looking forward to this being the latest outrage to prance around media circles though.

Unforgivable score review howler costs the Pies a goal

“… Lannister-like insistence” Is that a GoT reference?! *snaps*

Nine talking points from AFL Round 8

Nope, I’d be stoked if he won it. I’ve stated many times on record that he doesn’t get the credit he deserves, and it’s great that he’s receiving widespread recognition now that he’s out from underneath Fyfe’s shadow.

Ablett and Charlie reunited?

Some “light-hearted” pearlers in there. I particularly enjoyed the bit about no intelligent life in Ballarat. I winced then belly laughed.

A lighthearted look at the round to come

Yes, I much prefer the delicious verbosity of your alternative appellation.

McGuire and Folau: Sins and punishment

The purpose of the article may not align with the thought process you’re demanding.

If the author’s aim is to take a light-hearted jab at Maguire while encouraging conversation around the comparison made with Folau, I don’t see a pressing requirement for him to have analysed all data and tested for logical fallacies.

Buatava is an amateur writer published on a sports journalism website that embraces non-professionals. Context and purpose should be considered in your critique, if your critique is at all necessary in the first place.

McGuire and Folau: Sins and punishment

“Mr Toad” is reverential thus displaying PtS’s bias and “tainting” his whole comment.

McGuire and Folau: Sins and punishment

I disagree. Writers can start and finish their opinion pieces however they want. If The Roar had an issue with the structure, it’d be apparent in their editing of the article.

Writers can be as obvious or as subtle as they like in declaring their known biases or stating their opinion.

You don’t need to give Isaac a writing lesson on top of the rest of your unrelenting condescension in this comments section.

McGuire and Folau: Sins and punishment

Ahhh, no, they weren’t particularly ‘clean’ against Freo. Several mistakes, and costly mangled marks in the forward line.

The suddenly clumsy, absent Eagles are only hanging on

Yeah, under par forward line exacerbated the low score imo. Just when I think our forwards are getting it together, they give us that effort. Mind, our midfield also failed to deliver to them at times.

The Freo trio flying under the radar

“…capture the attention of those outside of WA”

Freo’s back line hasn’t been flying under the radar for anyone who actually pays attention to the WA teams.

Pearce, Hamling, Ryan et al. are the ultimate defensive wall. You need to be the Night King riding on a forking undead ice dragon to have any chance of getting through them.

The Freo trio flying under the radar

So you’re saying booing is a direct reflection of people with limited education?
Coming from a working class background with two parents who barely graduated primary school let alone high school, I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that their level of education has nothing to do with their moral compass.
In regards to the sanctity of the ANZAC element of the match, has the RSL or the like made any statement on the booing? I’d be interested to know their perspective.

The post-game booing controversy that is dividing opinion in the AFL

Hmmm, I’ll have to go back and look at it. Clearly my recollection is poor.

The post-game booing controversy that is dividing opinion in the AFL

Who’s to know, but I took it as frustrated passion from the Dons fan. Sometimes we lose our heads a little in the heat of sport. So while it was poor sportspersonship I’m not quite prepared to be morally outraged because I have to wonder whether I’d have a booing brain fade in a similar situation.
No issue with Buckley calling them on it, but I didn’t think it was necessary to drive his point home by referencing Anzac Day.

The post-game booing controversy that is dividing opinion in the AFL