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Footy tragic. Dockers diehard. No claim to expertise - just gut-feeling and passion.



I’m late to this read but thanks for supporting the statue. My main thought for many of the media critics was simply that they weren’t the intended audience so they were never going to get it.

When you see the photos of all the young girls rallying around Tayla and the statue, you get a better sense of what it’s all about it and what value it has.

The Tayla Harris statue transcends sport

*Justin that is. My correction didn’t go through. Just a slip of the tongue.

Don Pyke quits Adelaide Crows

Oooh, a thread with 13th, DF and JB. We’ve almost got the team back together!

I’d rather new, non-Victorian, Fremantle roots, so John Longmuir fits the bill for me.

I’d previously dismissed Sumich based on commentary on here, but I do wonder whether he could pull a Fagan. Just needs an opportunity to be the bride rather than the bridesmaid.

– JLo coach, PS assistant
– JLo coach, AFL-experienced coach as assistant (could possibly get away with a Hird appointment in this role)

Don Pyke quits Adelaide Crows

DF has disagreed with me on this point before, and I guess it really needs the insight of a sports scientist, but I have seriously begun to wonder whether it’s Lyon’s preferred play style that increases the likelihood of injury. Is effort over skill more physically taxing? Does it lead to more battered and bruised players?

As for Fyfe, I think the players jumped the gun on him. He needed another year or two to mature. I have a bugbear with people being promoted into positions where they’re afforded the opportunity to develop skills and qualities they should already have had. Now, before you lump me in with the Freo fans who are actually non-Freo fans, he has proven me wrong at times. Also, I am an absolute Sonny fanatic and I would simply have loved to have seen him in this role.

Talk of trading Fyfe though… utter, utter, utter rubbish :thumbdown:

Ross Lyon's Fremantle were headed in the right direction

Does anyone know why there wasn’t a chance that he’d be re-signed after next season regardless of how we performed? Or is that conjecture?

Ross Lyon's Fremantle were headed in the right direction

What do you mean by “footy history”? They have to have played competitively?

I don’t know a great deal about Colleen Hayward, but I heard her speak after The Final Quarter premiere and she was brilliant. She hasn’t played but obviously her family has footy history. She gets my vote to stay.

I’ve always had reservations about Bell. Promotion through sentiment rather than suitability. I support him in his current role, but I don’t think he’s qualified for CEO.

Ross Lyon's Fremantle were headed in the right direction

Ooof, you can’t complain about spouting the ‘same old, same old’ and then go and use ‘virtue signal’.

"A mate, a brother, was hurting": Ted Richards reveals what it was like at the Swans during the Adam Goodes booing saga

Well, now you’ve disarmed me.

Fair bump, play on :thumbup:

Ross Lyon, the Bell tolls for thee

Don, for the less discerning of us, how would you describe Lyon’s game style in the early days versus the rebuild?

Fremantle sacks Ross Lyon and CEO

There’s even a few people who misguidedly call themselves “Freo supporters” who are suggesting him.

Oh, get off it, DKMAF. People can throw out names to consider without being belittled, and copping elitist garbage like that.

Misguidedly… ‘Cos you hold the rights to determine what a supporter is or isn’t. And don’t throw dictionary definitions at me like language isn’t nuanced.

For the record, have considered Sumich, but determined he’s likely not a good choice based on commentary on sites like this; which is all I can draw from not being in any kind of inner or even outer sanctum. However, wouldn’t patronise to those who determined differently.

Ross Lyon, the Bell tolls for thee

It couldn’t be possible that the board would be looking at this round as Hale’s training run?!?

Fremantle sacks Ross Lyon and CEO

Mmmmm, I surprisingly came across a reasonable source today who claimed that a move back to Melbourne has been a talking point for the Lyon family lately.

Fremantle sacks Ross Lyon and CEO

He has spoken, and while quite sarcastic, he’s also being uncharacteristically playful. I think I’m finding that more disconcerting than Lyon’s sacking.

Fremantle sacks Ross Lyon and CEO

DKMAF is a long-timer, but has been quiet of late.

Fremantle sacks Ross Lyon and CEO

Who suggested putting a red and green chevron into the current design? Was that you Don? I like that idea.

Fremantle sacks Ross Lyon and CEO

Even then I think it’s reasonable to wonder whether Lyon’s game plan is a contributing factor.

Prioritising effort over skill, heavy tackling, harder fought contests around the ball at ground level, grind footy. Does this play style wear on the body more? Particularly bodies of players at the very start or end of their careers, or with prior injury history?

The AFL coaching massacre isn't done yet

Lyon won’t be leaving Fremantle unless he wants to. He seems to have the board and players staunchly on his side.

He’s been let off the hook with people pointing the finger at players or assistant coaches for poor performances.

The AFL coaching massacre isn't done yet

“I personally think I’ve never been a better package”…

Does he think he’s promoting himself on Tinder?! Who says that about themselves?! Totally delusional.

'I've never coached better': Ross Lyon

Brilliant stuff. I’ll miss my footy girls once the season concludes and wind-ups are had 🙁

The girls of grassroots footy part two: The newbies

I was standing for the players not Lyon, and I reckon most of the crowd too.

Five talking points from AFL Round 20

Absolutely agree. I’m not great with numbers but when I seek them out it’s to understand a player, a team, the game better, and I appreciate the efforts of the unpaid stats addicts out there who put it all together for us.

McGowan was way off the mark…

Footy fans aren't worthy of access to stats? Give us a spell, AFL

Lyon didn’t life them. Sandilands did. He delivered an impassioned speech just before they ran into the ground.

Lyon couldn’t rouse a fart with a hot curry.

Five talking points from AFL Round 20

Can’t wait to see the ‘haven’t we heard enough about this’ crew get triggered all over again when The Australian Dream comes out…

No excuse to boo Goodes

I guess it’s still wrong to boo both for discriminatory reasons even though the scale of the boo’ing and personal harm have differing levels of severity. Hmmm.

No excuse to boo Goodes

Macca, I’m not trying to dispute you with this question I’m going to ask. I’m just trying to piece together your line of reasoning for labelling the boo’ing hypocritical.

I ‘think’ I understand that it’s hypocritical to criticise the boo’ing of Goodes but support the boo’ing of Ablett because both are for discriminatory reasons (Goodes’ race; Ablett’s faith).

Both did one thing that others considered offensive (the war cry v the like of Folau’s post) and offered explanations that their intentions weren’t malicious.

What I wonder though, is it really fair to put the boo’ing of these two into the same category when Ablett’s religion is a choice that is changeable? And also, that his religious choice isn’t a source of chronic discrimination for him and other Australian Christians?

Or are you not trying to do that?

I’m not being combative. Just unsure and seeking clarity.

No excuse to boo Goodes