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Footy tragic. Dockers diehard. No claim to expertise - just gut-feeling and passion.



Legend, thanks. I think Joel Western might have been coached by my work mate last year, and love that we’ve got brother/sister pairing in the O’Driscolls. Even got a West Perth boy. Are you happy with that?

AFL draft 2020: The facts on top 10 picks and the latest phantom rumours

DF, I’m so out of touch with the AFL at the moment. What’s the draft situation for Freo? (If you have the time and inclination to update me!)

AFL draft 2020: The facts on top 10 picks and the latest phantom rumours

He certainly played some incredibly attractive footy on Saturday…

The inevitable truth: No-one had a chance against Dustin Martin

Ha! Great read! Demolition Derby, for mine.

Celebrating a century: My sporting love affair

So in other sports we couldn’t consider Lebron? Ronaldo or Messi? S Williams?

Way to ignore the winky face…

In defence of Daisy Pearce

I hope Fyfe got a mention 😉

In defence of Daisy Pearce

It is when it’s divisive. I can only go off media reports and hearsay, but as the captain if he was creating a cultural division of haves-religion and havenots-religion, leading to ‘cliques’ and exclusion, then it’s damaging.

In defence of Daisy Pearce

Shared leadership and collective power are on the rise and personally I’d rather share responsibility than have it all on my shoulders, but the Lions’ model seems a bit OTT.

I don’t mind a leader within each positional group plus overall captain or co-captain.

When it comes to leadership, is less really more?

Ooof, that was a delightful game from the Freo girls. We were tested and we came through with the goods. I’m feeling buoyed. If the women’s team can win a premiership I hope it puts a rocket up the blokes.

AFLW Round 5 at a glance

If the Freo girls win a premiership, I wouldn’t be surprised if some switch to West Coast in the next few years to help with their development. I’ve seen a couple of outstanding juniors at WP but they’re a good two years away from the draft.

AFLW Round 2 wrap: Coaching reaches the next level

Wasn’t our tackling off the charts?! Loved that Gibson gave as good as she got though. Laurie was stronger over Strom, but that’s only because we taught Laurie everything she knows 😉

I think Freo also benefits from their culture. They really appear to have a strong sense of who they are as a team and what they’re about. It’s going to be hard to unnerve them this season.

AFLW Round 2 wrap: Coaching reaches the next level


Why criticise when we should be celebrating women’s achievements?

It was quite apparent to me how AFLW game-hardened the Dockers girls were compared to West Coast. Hooker is quite slight and took a bit of a battering from my girls, but even she didn’t seem as sharpened as she could have been had she stayed with us. It was a treat to be at the first derby but I do hope West Coast becomes more competitive sooner rather than later.

AFLW Round 2 wrap: Coaching reaches the next level

Concern regarding the speed of the competition’s expansion is reasonable, quibbling over what constitutes an AFLW “club great” is nit-picking.

It’s called GenW for a reason. The supporter base will grow from the ground up without pity votes from indifferent casual observers who you believe take media hype as gospel.

Just as the girls are creating their own version of the game, they’re also creating their own version of ‘club greats’, and Bowers fits the working definition.

Kiara Bowers is a Dockers great

I loved the write up, Dem. Bowers definitely deserves the acknowledgement. Making comparisons to the men’s game is always problematic though. I’m loving the Gen W evolution 😊

Kiara Bowers is a Dockers great

Within the AFLW context, and within the Dockers women’s context, she is a current club great. Amongst the girls at my footy club she’s their #1. They rave about her constantly.

Anyone who can tune in to watch Bowers play and complain she’s under delivering – unless she’s genuinely having an off day – has their head well and truly wedged up their colon.

I’ve only really just tuned in again this year so I can’t say for sure, but at a glance you do seem overly negative about the AFLW, Macca.

Kiara Bowers is a Dockers great

Freo will do better the fifth. Adelaide won’t be as dominant but 13th seems tough.

One of the longest premiership droughts is about to end in the AFLW

The good thing about The Roar is that there’s a decent amount of fair-minded people on here who are quick to call out bullshirt.

With a couple of Falcons’ girls drafted by Fremantle expect to see us out in our colours for their debut games 🙂

AFL one step closer to AFLW collective bargaining deal

No. Just baiters looking for a bite.

AFL one step closer to AFLW collective bargaining deal

Bloomin’ excited for this young gun – Bianca Webb, Swans league player and former Falcons reserves player, now recruited to the Dockers. She’s a deadset ‘good sort’.

Bulldogs pick Newtown first, Moana Hope withdraws from AFLW draft

CONGRATULATIONS to Bianca Webb who has been drafted to the Dockers! Absolute young gun. She’s a WC fan, but I’m stoked we’ve stolen her!

The girls of grassroots footy

Logged in to see Kelly’s mug again *blergh*

This is really only the second year I’ve paid this kind of close attention to trade period and I’m finding it quite dull. Seems it could easily be shorter.

All your trade period action (or lack thereof) so far

Never worn a Sherrin and now I feel like I’ve missed out…

The wearin' of the Sherrin

If by ‘best’ you mean most irritating, then yes.

Was doing grocery shopping yesterday when the trade news came through over the store radio. Accidentally let out the f-bomb. An old bloke’s head shot up. He took one look at my Freo shirt, laughed and walked off.


Who'll end up really winning the Tim Kelly trade?

*blergh* I’m sick of seeing this bloke’s mug every time I log in.

Who'll end up really winning the Tim Kelly trade?