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League/13 aside devotee Respect all,love someone.. I too,finished my playing days. With a premiership , I grade 1972.



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I don’t think he’d be to keen to leave Redcliffe right now !

Is a halfback the missing piece to Craig Fitzgibbon's Cronulla premiership puzzle?

When do these players/men start taking responsibility for their own actions ?
On Mulitalo’s last two contracts his answer to QLD eligibility question was YES . There was provision for not sure , and he went elsewhere knowing the rules of eligibility . With that. Yes , what about the other young men who have missed rep sides because of his action ?
QRL have some answers to how this has gone on for all this time .

Why Ronaldo Mulitalo being barred from Origin was the right call

Yep , Can’t agree more .
Where the difference lays is the coach . It is well reconised SoO coaches don’t do much coaching. More man management, with a tactical bloke in his ear . For Queensland in 2020 They had two of the best in Bennett And Meninga. In 2021 the difference is Paul Green. Well renown for poor man management and relationships. If not for Thurston And Morgan he would not have a premiership ring . SoO is way out of his league !

The Maroons are awful and the Blues are going to take the series 3-0

That would suit me , fine .

My most admired 'enemy' players from around the NRL

Yep ! And don’t we know it , Princess Park.

50-point curse knocks Rabbitohs' premiership hopes for six

BD , me . I’ve Been fortunate enough to meet Tommy twice , and many years apart .
Both times he greeted me as an old mate . Classy , I thought at the time .
And I still do . RIP

Rugby league great Tommy Raudonikis passes away

Penfolds port , I do believe !

The next rugby league Immortal

John , I think you’ll find Dally Messenger , Dave Brown , Frank Burge all played in that era .

The next rugby league Immortal

Sam, I think you’ll find the original Immortal concept through RLW players were considered from post WW2.

The next rugby league Immortal

Petulant , I thought those actions received a penalty .

Cody Walker launches ball 'into the Yarra' after copping rare self-falcon

Good to see some people here are taking a News corp stories version of the incident as gospel.
Questioned and released without charge . He or his representative must have moved pretty quickly
to get the so called hush money to it’s recipient .
As they keep telling us ” he’s just a young fella he’s bound to make some mistakes ”
And I ask you ! Who hasn’t gone to Bali on a footy trip and bashed a bouncer and had their employer paid the person involved to shut to #%^k up ?

NRL probes Titans over possible David Fifita salary cap breach

My thoughts exactly ….

So… what did Tim Mannah say to get Isaac Moses deregistered?

G’day HY, I love a good rant from time to time . And yours is a beauty , meaning I 100% agree . Golden point smacks of ” yeh but ” . If a side isn’t good enough to take the lollies in 80 mins , to bad to sad !

Fool's gold: The NRL must change its competition points

I’ve come into the discussion well late , with a fair bit of Reynolds/Grant conversation .
I think it’s a good side not great !
To bad Craig Coleman didn’t to get a mention anywhere .

South Sydney’s greatest NRL team

Isn’t Mal Meninga in a football manager capacity at the Titan’s ?

Gold Coast Titans to be NRL contenders by 2025

As mentioned Graham has given good value to the clubs played at , 400 odd .And as Dragons supporter thank you . Now the Dragons move on . At a guess he’s on 350 plus . Keep that money in the bank,we look paying McGregor soon . The Dragons have plenty of depth within the top 30 squad Jackson Ford , Blake Lawrie to name a couple. As the shape of the game changes these style of players are what’s required at lock. JGs decision could be a blessing in disguise !

James Graham wants out of the Dragons

I’d have thought the Olympic Stadium , as cricket would be at the SCG . In Sydney that is .

Play Origin at end of NRL season: Meninga

Codehopper, what a quaint little expression .
I think it dates back to 1908 , ahh ! those were the days.

Has Sonny Bill signed with the Wolfpack?

The owners and management know who he is, and that is that really matters .

Has Sonny Bill signed with the Wolfpack?

Spot on
And I’ve been saying this for so long . The old boys are well respected for their achievements on the field . They were paid to do a job and they did it . BUT…. it isn’t a ticket into your next faze of employment. This is a very similar scenario to when Nathan Brown was at the helm , great “cattle” but poor coaching staff .

I love the game and my Dragons and there will always be tomorrow !

Why Mary and his little lambs have got to go


The NRL needs a page-one rewrite on player behaviour

Yeah , I wish I`d said that !
In addition , the perception give to a constantly near filled stadium is that it IS an destination sporting wise .

Michael Daley might be doing rugby league a giant favour

Spot on !
I like to watch him , he gets the shits !

No more excuses for the Gold Coast Titans

I shiver ! at the whole thought of it.

Rival club reportedly weighing up move for Jarryd Hayne

Thank you Eden,
Paid or not , that`s irrelevant . This article is clearly taking a different angle of the game at 7.15 . We call that taking the piss !

The NRL grand final has no peoples' champion because they both suck