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Greatest Cup of all time was 2014 watching Protectionist win!



Great report and fantastic read as always TR… Its an open race for sure… Good luck! 🙂

Melbourne Cup 2017: Preview and top tips

Its a shame he hasnt had a leadup run here so he don’t know… He has alot of talent for sure… Could be the Cup winner for 2018?

Dr George's Melbourne Cup tips 2017

Libran definitely in exotics… he’s got momentum and has a 4kg drop in weights plus a turn of foot to boot… In the 2016 Autumn carnival he was a superstar…

Dr George's Melbourne Cup tips 2017

The formula has Big Duke ranked in the 2nd quartile… His win in the St Leger Stakes was encouraging but like Humidor he’s already had 6 runs this prep… He doesn’t have the profile of a winner but would not be surprised if he’s in the placings… He does get a good barrier and does get a significant weight drop…

Dr George's Melbourne Cup tips 2017

It’s a mystery…

Dr George's Melbourne Cup tips 2017

Yeah he’d better not be too far back… If he sticks midfield Marmelo has a real chance!

Dr George's Melbourne Cup tips 2017

Vengeur Masque would have been a better chance… I agree some owners don’t know when to spell a horse…

Dr George's Melbourne Cup tips 2017

If he wins it’ll be like 2014 all over again with Protectionist…

Dr George's Melbourne Cup tips 2017

The CC run had his price drop from $18 to $7! I just hope he can do it again on Tuesday…

Dr George's Melbourne Cup tips 2017

Great reads as always Tristan… am loving your Racing Talk site as well!

The owners of Order of St George must be kicking themselves now that the Arc is over…. They surely would have gotten a better result if they ran him in the Cup… And if Almalndin wins convincingly this Sat he’s going to be very tough to beat…

Go Winx!

Winx vs a true 400-1 battler, The Bart Cummings and that upstart European filly

55,000 people in attendance sounds pretty good… What has been the normal attendance at ANZ Stadium over the last few years?

Let's face the facts, the Wallabies were walloped by the All Blacks

Deans needs to come back and teach Cheika & Gray about defence…

Let's face the facts, the Wallabies were walloped by the All Blacks

If the goal of the ARU Board is to plunge this game beyond disrepair, then I cannot wait until next weekend!!

The Wallabies are a disgrace

To all those who were savaging Deans, well look where we are now!!

Cheika the Saviour and the ARU Board have plunged this sport to the very bottom of the barrel… Where do you start?? The administration, culture, players – it’s all so woeful…

No doubt the ARU sill spin the BS about the second half fightback and how the Wallys were so great to win that half…

LOL you know something is very very wrong when the Wallys are getting pats on the back for that effort!

The Wallabies are a disgrace

All those that were screaming for Dean’s blood must now be hanging their head in shame…

Cheika the Saviour bahahahahaha!

Time's up for the Cheika dictatorship

A very very sad day when an incredibly poor performance is somehow spun as a rusty but good effort…

Thanks Pulver and the ARU for reaching your goal of making rugby the 5th popular sport in this country…

Good luck getting the fans back and getting your crap organisation out of bankruptcy…

All Blacks wallop the Wallabies because of course they did

The ARU and the Wallys couldn’t have done a better job at aiming for the 5th most popular sport in this country…. right behind netball…

Keeping the Rebels is suicide for the ARU

Good f’n riddance!

Bill Pulver quits after ARU axes the Force

Players don’t get concussed with a regular tackle… It was player A’s duty of care to make sure that didn’t happen…

The MRP was wrong, Dangerfield should have no case to answer

This is the bottom line :

Kreuz’s arms were pinned back, therefore Danger has a duty of care in making the tackle…

Kreuz’s head hits the ground resulting in concussion…

Kreuz had passed the ball on long ago, so this was a late tackle…

Head injuries are now taken very seriously by the AFL…

“Danger” is guilty = suspension!

Could Dangerfield's tackle hand the Charlie to Dustin Martin?

Well said…. I agree on every point!

Cherrypicking a winner: The ins and outs of sports betting

Congratulations on the Almandin tip, Tristan! Bask in the glory for the next 12 months – you and the team have earned it 🙂

2016 Melbourne Cup: Winners and losers

Best of luck 🙂

Dr George's Melbourne Cup tips and analysis 2016

It’s a tough ask for Jameka… Can’t believe people are pouring money into her…

Dr George's Melbourne Cup tips and analysis 2016

I hope so too, the numerical analysis usually is pretty good and separates the hype, emotion and confusion from the actual truth… Public perception from true reality…

Dr George's Melbourne Cup tips and analysis 2016