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Sporting polygamist who supports two rugby league teams, the Bulldogs and the Storm. (The 2012 grand final was a nightmare.) Also a QPR tragic and a firm believer that Ian Chappell\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s mid-70s Aussie cricket team can never be topped.



Yes, largely because V’Landys got on the front foot a couple of months earlier and insisted the game would restart at that time. Despite all the naysayers saying no and telling him to abandon the season.

My 2021 NRL wish list

Would we even have a 2021 season without what V’Landys did last year to keep the game going through the Covid panic?

My 2021 NRL wish list

What a well run club.

Suliasi Vunivalu comes within millimetres of the most extraordinary start to Super Rugby life

With Raudonikus and Farrell in the team, the opposition would know they were in for a beating, physically at least!

The Newtown Jets' best team ever

Koribete also in that last camera shot. Rugby loves those Storm wingers.

Suliasi Vunivalu comes within millimetres of the most extraordinary start to Super Rugby life

14 weeks and eventually Countdown refused to play it as the last song, but Abba fans complained so they brought it back.
Beatles have many better songs than Hey Jude of course, just as Abba has better songs.

My NRL ladder prediction: Part 3 (10-9)

You should watch it on YouTube, Geoff, for old times sake.

My NRL ladder prediction: Part 3 (10-9)

What about Fernando? Wasn’t that number one for 87 weeks or something?

My NRL ladder prediction: Part 3 (10-9)

“Except when those politics don’t agree with yours, you’d expect them to shut up and not be heard, wouldn’ t you?”

That’s about right, not that they’ll ever acknowledge it.

And yes, politics has already seeped into and tarnished movies, TV, literature, etc. You’d think they might leave sport alone, but apparently not.

NRL All Stars week is a critical education for fans and players

As a Bulldogs fan, I won’t miss Tolman’s determined but pointless charges at the tryline, wasting tackles inside the opposition’s 20 metre zone. He’s a good defender and hard worker though.

My NRL ladder prediction: Part 3 (10-9)

Surely Sonny Bill has some French blood. He can lend a hand.

Zut alors! Trent Robinson's greatest challenge in 2021

Saw the Zappa documentary last week. Great stuff.

Zut alors! Trent Robinson's greatest challenge in 2021

That’s your opinion, Mary, and not one I agree with. These race-related causes tend to be divisive, not unifying. Many EPL fans were turned off by the politicisation of English football last season, just as many fans of NBA and NFL were by the same trend in America – hence lower ratings. Let’s not even mention the superbowl advertising.

I went to an online fan forum for one EPL club last year, and fans of the same club were abusing each other over the politics that had been shoe-horned into their game. Politics are inherently divisive, not unifying.

I don’t mind if fiction novels are political, particularly if they are that way by design. Sport need not be political, unless people insist that it is, in which case many fans will simply switch off.

NRL All Stars week is a critical education for fans and players

I don’t like golden point for club games, but pretty silly not to have it for a one off rep game.

Players 'deflated' as golden point-less All Stars match ends in anticlimax

This rookie writer Tony reminds me of that Barry Beath fella that used to be on here.

The Australian rugby league nomads

Not many comments on this story. When every other part of modern life is saturated in politics, most people look to sport as an escape, not as an opportunity for yet more discussion of politics.

NRL All Stars week is a critical education for fans and players

BORING. Just sigh with the Titans FFS

Cam Smith says he's still making decision

I see Manly finishing ahead of the Broncos and Wests at least. Such a strong club

My NRL ladder prediction: Part 1 (16-14)

Now taking bets on who finishes the highest of those four clubs – my money’s on the Bulldogs.

New beginnings: The NRL clubs looking for a fresh start in 2021

It’s pretty silly leaving Cameron Smith out of the conversation.

Of those mentioned, I’d vote for Johns.

Who is the ultimate playmaker in NRL history?

It would be good for the game and the club – I hope he does.

Cameron Smith should sign a one-year deal with the Gold Coast Titans

So, Momirovski is now on track to win three premierships with three different clubs – Roosters, Storm, and perhaps this year the Panthers. If so, there’s little doubt Momirovski is one of the greatest ever rugby league players and is favourite to be the next immortal. Much better than one-club Smith, or Cronk and Thurston who only won comps with two clubs.

Churchill, Raper, Langland, Gasnier, Fulton, Beetson, Johns, Lewis, Momirovski.

Is player swapping moral?

Very good team from these six defunct clubs, and nice to see you picked your dad in the side.

I see you’ve got a couple of coppers in the front row, great players who must have put fear into rival players and crims alike for decades!

The forgotten one-club stalwarts

Good try, but I had to turn the sound off to removethe annoying soundtrack.

Cam Munster 2.0 leaves defenders burnt and broken in stunning solo try

How can they improve if they didn’t sign any new players? Or none I can think of, anyhow.

Where can the mighty Dragons expect to finish this NRL season?