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Sporting polygamist who supports two rugby league teams, the Bulldogs and the Storm. (The 2012 grand final was a nightmare.) Also a QPR tragic and a firm believer that Ian Chappell\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s mid-70s Aussie cricket team can never be topped.



I like Dean Pay, but a 1-8 record is not good enough, especially after getting those wins last year, which promised better days.

I feel sorry for him losing those two players earlier this year, and missing out on signing Korosau.

Dean Pay parts ways with Bulldogs

Maybe the other weak teams have improved but we haven’t, which is why we’re running last.

Foran is the only threat among the spine, and DWZ makes too many errors. The forwards do not intimidate, and the backs are always coming off a weak platform.

Much as I like Dean Pay, he is unproven and other players are hesitant to sign for us as a result.

We need a top class back, a better prop than Tolman, a half and hooker (missing out on Koroisau was a mistake), and sadly, perhaps a new coach.

Seven talking points from NRL Round 9

Luke Thompson will be great but Canterbury need to sign two good spine players. A hooker (Harry Grant would do…) and a half. I was actually a bit embarrased as a Dogs fan that Luke will think we suck at the moment! Anyone else feel like that? 😔
How did the Dogs go so far back this year after going OK last year?

Seven talking points from NRL Round 9

So they got a call against them and conceded one try in that period. So what? That’s not why they lost the game (losing Hodgson was worse).

Making excuses helps no one. If Melbourne wanted to complain, they might say being locked out of Victoria for four months is unfair. But complaining is a waste of time.

Melbourne eye early Cameron Munster return

Must have been the same refs who rules Vunivalu went into touch against Canberra in the semi final last year.

Melbourne eye early Cameron Munster return

Any spine position deserves big bucks, although probably not to that extent.

Ben Hunt is now the highest paid starting nine in NRL history

Well said and I think you’ve got it right.

Smile, though your heart is breaking

The obsession with ‘speeding the game up’ continues.

Super League axe scrums for season restart

If 4-6 clubs get busted for salary cap cheating, they can still do it.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 8

I’ve got to believe in a Higher Bunker that will get it right. Without faith in that, day to day existence is a hollow nihilistic facade.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 8

In Seibold’s defence, the overwhelming positive is that Brisbane have moved from 15th to 14th spot, based on points for and against. I hope the CEO mentioned that in his press conference.

Leave Seibold alone!

Eight talking points from NRL Round 8

“…the Canterbury Bulldogs, who would frankly struggle to beat some reserve grade outfits.”
Oh, that’s harsh, sir. At least they did beat St George… by 20 points.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 8

Raiders got big value from Bateman – one season, wow.

Wigan confirm Bateman’s Raiders return

Because of what Hughes did, they should have made Flanagan take the kick again – then he would have missed!

Are these penalty goal antics from Jahrome Hughes against the spirit of the game?

12th and 13th? Bullfrog and Arko want a word with you Mr Scarfe.

Who is the most powerful NRL club? Part 2

I’ve seen hundreds of Storm games and that’s in the top ten for sure. When the other team takes the lead with 30 seconds left to play, you don’t normally come away with the win!

The NRL benchmark hasn't changed in 2020

👍 👍 👍

WATCH: All the drama from an insane Storm vs Roosters instant classic

Is this why Bateman wants to leave – because Canberra’s premiership window has slammed shut hard enough to crack the glass?

18-year career coach keeps suffering second-year syndrome

You’re too pessimistic.

Storm and Roosters to clash in Broncos heartland

Match payments only for Foran. No play, no pay.

Should Dean or the players Pay?

Off topic, can someone tell me why the Bulldogs get the Sunday night timeslot almost every week?

Eight talking points from NRL Round 7

Are you insinuating that Seibold should go? Reading between the lines, the subtext and symbolism, and what you’re hinting at, I get the impression you think Seibold sucks and should be shown the door. Or did I mis-read that?

Jokes aside – good, detailed article. The Broncos are now running 15th, and next two games against the teams running 14th and 16th. The pressure is on.

Seibold is done, and the board needs to explain

The Warriors didn’t play that badly on Friday, at least in the first half.

The timing of the Kearney sacking was stupid, and the players’ families should be allowed to be with them. Could have been better handled.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 7

209 points conceded in 7 games. Can you make the top eight conceding 30 points a game? No.

Darius Boyd admits Broncos deserved to be booed off

No, I mean the 98 grand final side containing Lockyer, Sailor, Renouf, Langer, Walters, Webcke, Thorn, Tallis, Civoneciva, etc. My point being that they would beat the current side by 70 points or more, showing how far Brisbane has slipped since those days.

Darius Boyd admits Broncos deserved to be booed off