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Sporting polygamist who supports two rugby league teams, the Bulldogs and the Storm. (The 2012 grand final was a nightmare.) Also a QPR tragic and a firm believer that Ian Chappell\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s mid-70s Aussie cricket team can never be topped.



Lucky Val Holmes left, eh …

Just get the money upfront, Shaun, Cronulla might be broke in a year or two.

Johnson signs with Sharks for three years

Drinkwater looked good in the game he played. Plenty of options for Bellamy.

Who will replace Slater at fullback in 2019?

That’s brilliant Geoff, I’d love to see that. Except Orford would have a specialist NFL-style role where his only job was to feed scrums and pick up the ball to pass to someone else, before leaving the field

A new club could make Shaun Johnson the best player in the NRL

Well who the hell is going to play half for the Warriors?

Shaun Johnson released by Warriors

No Geoff, I heard Todd Carney and Milford have signed for the Raiders for 2019, with Matt Orford as backup.

A new club could make Shaun Johnson the best player in the NRL

Shock news has just come through of confirmed signings – Johnson to Manly, Cherry-Evans to St George, Cronk to Newcastle, Pearce to Souths, Nikorima to Titans, Widdop to Melbourne, and Cleary to Parramatta.

And all in one day. WTF? Is there no loyalty in the game anymore!

A new club could make Shaun Johnson the best player in the NRL

Come to the Dogs, Shaun, St George can have Foran.

A new club could make Shaun Johnson the best player in the NRL

St George better move fast if Widdop is leaving.

Sharks most likely destination for Shaun Johnson

Just read it – excellent work.

The spirit of cricket – gladiatorial contests

Top read. And do you realize the loss is your fault? If you’d kept listening on the car radio, Australia would have gone on to win. You jinxed it.

Just joking!

The spirit of cricket - celebrating the noble failure

Good piece. Somehow, I don’t think that in 30 years anyone is going to write a story on their memories of this year’s Scorchers vs Strikers T 20 game, no matter how many sixes are hit.

Test cricket is real cricket. The rest is just for a laugh.

Now write one about the day Border and Thommo nearly got us that miracle win over England. Another classic.

The spirit of cricket – gladiatorial contests

Is there anything unusual about chatting to complete strangers on social media, then taking a $500 cab fare to another city to meet up with them? Not at all. I do that at least once a week.

After Hayne’s legal case in the US, you’d think he’d know better than to put himself in this position, but he’s never come across as very bright.

Jarryd Hayne’s alleged developments

You can bring up the peptide issue if you like, but one thing you can’t question is Gallen’s loyalty – which is far more relevant here. Gallen’s given 15 years service to a club, Cronulla, that was often a laughing stock for never winning a premiership. He could easily have gone to a better club but stayed – for 15 years.

Compare that to most others players, and also coaches (Seibold lands a plum job with Souths, then walks out after a year to go to the Broncos).

Holmes has left the Sharks in the lurch by quitting this late. If there’s one man entitled to speak about club loyalty, it is Paul Gallen.

Gallen is in no position to lecture on integrity

Selfish by Holmes, not for going to the US, but for doing it in November when most players have already signed for clubs so it’s hard for Cronulla to replace him. Selfish!

Valentine Holmes' exit will be the straw that breaks the Sharks' back

Geez, i thought I didn’t like Hayne but you have trumped me.

If Matt Dufty is the future, then why is Jarryd Hayne the answer?

His last two clubs have sunk down the ladder. That’s got to help the dogs.

If Matt Dufty is the future, then why is Jarryd Hayne the answer?

Speaking strictly as a bulldogs fan, my advice to St George is to definitely sign Hayne as soon as possible.

If Matt Dufty is the future, then why is Jarryd Hayne the answer?

A hard hitting piece and you certainly get your point across.

Bit of class Wayne, that's all we Novocastrians ask

Brilliant game. Jaws on the floor after that one.

How I missed the most remarkable ODI ever seen


Blake Ferguson should have been in, and I’m no fan of his.

The top 50 NRL players of 2018: 10-1

Pretty funny, Dane.

Meninga begins new role as rugby league coach

When you’re rubbish all game,
But go up just the same,
That’s Zamora.

QPR 2014

I'm on the Bolt bandwagon - and you should be too

Derby? Oh no.

(sings) When your prospects look sick, but you score on the last kick,
That’s Zamora.

One of the great play off finishes.

I'm on the Bolt bandwagon - and you should be too

How many of those players you mentioned ever scored any goals for QPR, Punter?

It’s a well known scientific fact that QPR are the greatest club side to ever stride the stage of Europe, as the below authoritative report from proves:

“Queen’s Park Rangers, meanwhile, have their own case to argue about being the greatest side in the history of UEFA club competitions. QPR had just two seasons in Europe – the most recent notably ending with one of the biggest second-leg turnarounds in European history – but were incredible value, averaging a goal every 28 minutes in their 12 UEFA games. Fans in London were rewarded even more richly; they won all six home fixtures in the 1976/77 and 1984/85 editions of the UEFA Cup, scoring 25 times – on average, 4.17 goals per match. The best home record in European history.”

Every side that has averaged over two goals a game in Europe
3.25: QPR (39 goals in 12 games)
3.00: Santos (15 goals in 5 games)*
3.00: Wuppertaler (6 goals in 2 games)
2.83: B1903 Odense (17 goals in 6 games)
2.62: Stade de Reims (63 goals in 24 games)
2.50: Amsterdam (35 goals in 14 games)
2.50: Rayo Vallecano (30 goals in 12 games)
2.50: Sheffield Wednesday (20 goals in 8 games)
2.50: Hutnik Kraków (15 goals in 6 games)
2.50: Saarbrücken (5 goals in 2 games)
2.50: São Paulo (5 goals in 2 games)*
2.41: Deportivo Alavés (41 goals in 17 games)
2.36: Uerdingen (33 goals in 14 games)
2.27: Derby County (50 goals in 22 games)
2.25: Roeselare (9 goals in 4 games)
2.25: Stal Rzeszów (9 goals in 4 games)
2.25: Saturn Moskovskaya Oblast (9 goals in 4 games)
2.17: Mönchengladbach (354 goals in 163 games)
2.17: Waterschei (26 goals in 12 games)
2.11: Real Madrid (1079 goals in 511 games) (2.11? Ha ha ha!)

Case closed.

I'm on the Bolt bandwagon - and you should be too

Bowles taught Pele everything he knew, Punter. Those moments when he looked like a ‘park footballer’ were only when he was checking the racing results with someone in the crowd. He once gave away 3 corners in a row so that he could listen to a race on the radio of some guy sitting behind the goal.

I'm on the Bolt bandwagon - and you should be too