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Sporting polygamist who supports two rugby league teams, the Bulldogs and the Storm. (The 2012 grand final was a nightmare.) Also a QPR tragic and a firm believer that Ian Chappell\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s mid-70s Aussie cricket team can never be topped.



Didn’t Leicester win it one year?

Predicting the 2019 NRL premiers before a ball is kicked

Penrith can sell out Bathurst. They should move there.

How many rugby league clubs can fill a stadium with just their own fans?

A lesson in it ain’t over til it’s over. I nearly turned the TV off at 0-93.

Renegades snatch BBL title after Stars' epic collapse

I’ve got to agree that it is an odd look that Barba is sacked but de Bellin might still be playing.

NRL says de Belin free to play despite ongoing trial

I’m not too sure how Melbourne are ‘golden children.’ Not that many free-to-air games televised in the last 10 years – I seem to remember a hell of a lot of Saturday games on Foxtel. As for the salary cap, they really got off lightly with their punishment , right?

Who are NRL HQ's least to most favourite teams?

I said it should be dealt with as soon as possible. Not sure what your disagreement is. The guy has ruined his own life already, as well as the girl’s if the allegations are true.

NRL says de Belin free to play despite ongoing trial

It’s silly these legal cases are allowed to drag on so long, when you’d hope they would be quickly resolved one way or the other.

People calling for De Bellin’s blood should simmer down. It’s pretty obvious the guy has already ruined his own life (footy career, marriage, reputation, etc) through his extremely foolish act. You think he is skipping through daisy fields laughing? I’d hate to be him.

NRL says de Belin free to play despite ongoing trial

Well at least he knows how to do the viking clap, so off to a great start.

Michael Ennis will make the Green Machine mean and clever

I can’t believe how dumb he is. Money is hard to make. A normal job with 50 K salary is hard. If he was on, say, 400 K for playing footy, he would have to work for 24 years to earn what he would have made in 3 years.

There’s obviously not much going on in the brain of Ben Barba.

"Find a new vocation": Barba officially deregistered by the NRL

“If Patterson’s 114 not out needs to be dialled back to a solid, well-made 75* because of the pitch, then the dial needs to work the other way and crank Starc’s ten wickets for the match up to 13 or 14.”

Don’t forget Labushagne’s first innings 4 goes back to a minus 12.

“Yeah, but it was” …the laziest cricket argument going

This was the season of Bizarro rugby league because everything was opposite to normal. The TAB’s favorite ever season because there were so many upsets.

2005: A brief look back at one of rugby league's greatest seasons

I hope they play in Manaka again. Good venue.

Five talking points from Australia vs Sri Lanka second Test

I thought it was a good chance for a witty article, but was also frustrated by Ponting, Gatting, Fleming, Ahmed. How are they verbs?

Evan, can you do this article again?!

Cook, BJ and Root: My all-time greatest verb eleven

Good article. And like Tim Carter said, even more surprising was Brisbane v Canberra grand final never happened in the 1990s when both players were full of rep stars.

Knights vs Broncos: The grand final that never was

I can’t believe you didn’t watch the 2015 grand final. That means you and Cameron Smith were the only rugby league fans in Australia who didn’t watch it.

Coming to terms with the retirement of 'JT'

His test average is 144. That’s 45 more than Bradman, so Patterson is clearly the best batsman we’ve ever produced. He should be captain for the next 5 years because of that, and should also bat no.11 so he can play for the ‘not out’ and protect that average.

Patterson ton a welcome addition to Ashes intrigue

Correct. They were on fire for those 3 games, but froze up in the first half of grand final against St George, being behind 17-2. Came back with 3 tries in second half to nearly snatch it, but lost 17-13, I think. A great run of finals games, a bit like 95 and 98.

What made you fall in love with rugby league?

“When hatred for Manly is strong, rugby league is strong. We need mums and dads teaching their kids to hate Manly again.”

A quote you’ll never hear from Mr PC Greenburg.

Season 2019 brings Des-ja vu for the Manly Sea Eagles

From Manaka oval to Lords will be a step up for these two batsmen.

Burns and Head cement Ashes spots

Canterbury 1979-80. Good times, great memories. They don’t play footy like that any more.

What made you fall in love with rugby league?

That Wests-Canterbury final was 1979. Wests were tipped to smash them, but the Dogs blew them away and went on a run all the way to the grand final, which they lost to St George.

What made you fall in love with rugby league?

Canterbury in the late 70s, known as ‘the entertainers’ scoring freakish tries from all over the field. The Mortimer brothers leading the way.

What made you fall in love with rugby league?

I remember it was reported that Carl Webb was ‘training the house down’ in pre-season after moving to Parramatta a few years ago.

“They’re running against fresh air at the moment,” was the dry remark from Peter Tunks in response.

Canterbury fans see their Pay day coming

Tiddlywinks is a far harder sport than tennis. It actually takes hand eye coordination to manipulate those tiny counters. Compare that to some buffoon hitting a ball with a racquet the size of a coffee table. A child of ten holding one of those could now beat Bjorn Borg, who won Wimbledon five times in a row with a tiny racquet made of paddlepop sticks and used guitar strings.

On your bike, Nadal, and take your silly little shorts with you.

The day that Rafael Nadal looked slow and old

Nadal is hopeless. Even women’s player ranked #500 could beat him. Nadal conned his way to the top through fake news media. Every opponent fell for it and were hypnotised into playing badly against Nadal purely by his fake reputation as a good player.

Well so long Raffa, pull your shorts out of your whatever one more time and get on your bike sonny.

The day that Rafael Nadal looked slow and old