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Sporting polygamist who supports two rugby league teams, the Bulldogs and the Storm. (The 2012 grand final was a nightmare.) Also a QPR tragic and a firm believer that Ian Chappell\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s mid-70s Aussie cricket team can never be topped.



Pretty funny, Dane.

Meninga begins new role as rugby league coach

When you’re rubbish all game,
But go up just the same,
That’s Zamora.

QPR 2014

I'm on the Bolt bandwagon - and you should be too

Derby? Oh no.

(sings) When your prospects look sick, but you score on the last kick,
That’s Zamora.

One of the great play off finishes.

I'm on the Bolt bandwagon - and you should be too

How many of those players you mentioned ever scored any goals for QPR, Punter?

It’s a well known scientific fact that QPR are the greatest club side to ever stride the stage of Europe, as the below authoritative report from proves:

“Queen’s Park Rangers, meanwhile, have their own case to argue about being the greatest side in the history of UEFA club competitions. QPR had just two seasons in Europe – the most recent notably ending with one of the biggest second-leg turnarounds in European history – but were incredible value, averaging a goal every 28 minutes in their 12 UEFA games. Fans in London were rewarded even more richly; they won all six home fixtures in the 1976/77 and 1984/85 editions of the UEFA Cup, scoring 25 times – on average, 4.17 goals per match. The best home record in European history.”

Every side that has averaged over two goals a game in Europe
3.25: QPR (39 goals in 12 games)
3.00: Santos (15 goals in 5 games)*
3.00: Wuppertaler (6 goals in 2 games)
2.83: B1903 Odense (17 goals in 6 games)
2.62: Stade de Reims (63 goals in 24 games)
2.50: Amsterdam (35 goals in 14 games)
2.50: Rayo Vallecano (30 goals in 12 games)
2.50: Sheffield Wednesday (20 goals in 8 games)
2.50: Hutnik Kraków (15 goals in 6 games)
2.50: Saarbrücken (5 goals in 2 games)
2.50: São Paulo (5 goals in 2 games)*
2.41: Deportivo Alavés (41 goals in 17 games)
2.36: Uerdingen (33 goals in 14 games)
2.27: Derby County (50 goals in 22 games)
2.25: Roeselare (9 goals in 4 games)
2.25: Stal Rzeszów (9 goals in 4 games)
2.25: Saturn Moskovskaya Oblast (9 goals in 4 games)
2.17: Mönchengladbach (354 goals in 163 games)
2.17: Waterschei (26 goals in 12 games)
2.11: Real Madrid (1079 goals in 511 games) (2.11? Ha ha ha!)

Case closed.

I'm on the Bolt bandwagon - and you should be too

Bowles taught Pele everything he knew, Punter. Those moments when he looked like a ‘park footballer’ were only when he was checking the racing results with someone in the crowd. He once gave away 3 corners in a row so that he could listen to a race on the radio of some guy sitting behind the goal.

I'm on the Bolt bandwagon - and you should be too

Waz, you’re right. Bowles was a much better player than Pele. I’ll fix my post about Bolt.

“By far the best player since Stan Bowles, without a doubt.”

I'm on the Bolt bandwagon - and you should be too

Waz, your wise words have caused me to re-evaluate my foolish post. Let me correct it.

“By far the best player since Stan Bowles, without a doubt.”

I'm on the Bolt bandwagon - and you should be too

By far the best player since Pele, without a doubt.

I'm on the Bolt bandwagon - and you should be too

As my German flatmate said to me 15 years ago about his national soccer team, “we are no longer ze best.”

Are the all-conquering Kangaroos on the decline?

Join the dots.

2014 Qld leading game one, origin. Cronk breaks arm after 10 mins. Qld lose game plus game two. Cronk back for game 3, Qld win.

2017 Cronk centre of Storm dominant grand final win. 2018 Cronk goes to new club, beats Storm in grand final.

I think Cronk has got something to do with those results.

Was Cooper Cronk's back-to-back brilliance really that good?

There’s no pleasing some people. Winning any premiership in the salary cap era isn’t easy, let alone with a new team.

Was Cooper Cronk's back-to-back brilliance really that good?

Based on form from 2018 season, why would you pick Foran over Lachlan Lewis?

Is Foran bad for the Bulldogs' rebuild?

Plenty of people said he risked his reputation by playing in 2018 and halfway through the year there were still quite a few doubters. Cronk proved them all wrong.

How Cooper Cronk enhanced his legacy

Can’t disagree with anything The Barry said there.

I still can’t believe Cronk played the grand final with a broken arm and beat Smith, Slater, and Bellamy in a game Melbourne had every right to win. Some kind of weird voodoo going on there.

How Cooper Cronk enhanced his legacy

Somewhere, Fatty is having a quiet chuckle, or in fact a giant belly laugh.

Nine axe NRL Footy Show after 25 years

Who wants to watch it at 10pm thurs night? Should have moved it to Weds 8.30.

Nine axe NRL Footy Show after 25 years

Thurston started off acute then became obtuse to adapt to the changes in the game.

Slater: Boos mean they respect me

Ha ha, if only, AJ, if only.

The column you were never meant to read: What if Melbourne won?

You’d boo Santa Claus ya mug.

Slater: Boos mean they respect me

Anyone who booed Billy Slater in his last game should get a one year ban from watching rugby league.

Slater: Boos mean they respect me

At the start of the year, a few people said Cronk was risking his reputation – and he was. But you’ve got to hand it to him now after winning the grand final – against Melbourne of all clubs. His reputation is hugely enhanced.

The grand final itself pretty much sucked, terrible game by the Storm and you’ve got to hand it to the Roosters they delivered under pressure when it mattered.

The Storm didn’t get stage fright, they just got destroyed

Well done Roosters, too good. Bellamy will be scratching his head over what the Storm dished up tonight, but Easts deserve the title.

What is Cronk – some kind of snake charmer? I’m not too sure how an injured halfback can take the field, do nothing, and still help win a grand final for his team.

Five years on, the Roosters finally meet their expectations

This game can be summed up by saying that the Roosters were very good and the Storm were very poor. Not sure where that rubbish from the Storm came from, but congratulations to the Roosters, deserved winners on the night. I really don’t know WTF Cronk was doing out there but somehow it worked.

Seven talking points from the NRL grand final

Glad Cronk is playing. What a story.

NRL Grand Final 2018 kick-off bingo: When will Sydney Roosters vs Melbourne Storm actually start?

The Storm’s team of 2017 would beat any of your Broncos premiership sides, Rellum. The only one that might beat them would be the 1998 side.

If you can’t get up for this grand final, you’re dead inside