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Despite claiming a brilliant sporting career cut short by numerous injuries, the truth is best summed up by my cricket record: batted 11, never bowled...



Summed it up 👍

Is Wayne Bennett a super coach or a super fraud?

What’s your take on Opacic jimmmy? I haven’t seen too many games but he seemed to hit the highlight reels for tries and offloads for the two weeks he’s in then gets dumped.

NRL Round 9 teams: No changes for spluttering Broncos, new backline for Cowboys

Good write up as always Scott.
On the referee abuse I couldn’t agree more. March them. It’ll stop soon enough.
On the flip side in the Tigers game Josh Reynolds was at the ref and even got a warning that if there was any more he’d go to the bin. That was never policed and he just kept at it. So some players get binned or sent, others get warned and then nothing.
Tighten the whole thing up and make it zero tolerance.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 8

Cracking read and I applaud the research behind it.
One quick question. Did you consider only given names or did you look at players with Allan (etc) as a surname?

An Alan/Allan/Allen Test XI

Put away your TV guide. Nothing else this round will match it.

WATCH: All the drama from an insane Storm vs Roosters instant classic

😂 😂 😂

Daley: Bateman owes Canberra

Yeah but Edward wasn’t coming off a Dally M second rower of the year season, was he?

Daley: Bateman owes Canberra

Nice one Thomas. With that kind of cash I can see why you’d be looking at top shelf talent. I’m not sure on Bateman though – that shoulder is a worry.
In addition to, or instead of some of those names I’d be looking at what the squad lacks at the moment and putting these names forward as cheaper options but upgrades on what’s there at the moment.
1. A good controlling half in the Townsend/Green mould. I’d be putting a call to Aidan Sezer’s manager and try to get him back from the UK.
2. A hard running big man. Napa and Tolman may roll up the paddock but have no sting in attack. Toby Rudolph from the Sharks might be worth a punt.
3. A big bodied outside back with some X factor. I’d be chasing Brent Naden from Penrith who has too much talent to be injury cover.
4. A hooker with vision. Api Koroisau would be ideal but I doubt Penrith would release him. Wayde Egan showed a bit last year for the Panthers and I’d be trying to lure him back across the ditch from NZ.
Add those to your shopping list and the squad is looking better again.

The five players the Bulldogs should target for 2021

Had anyone checked on Tim Gore? He’d be bursting a blood vessel over this.

Reports: Bateman set to leave Raiders

Manly are keeping Garrick at fb and dropping Elliot? Strange.

NRL Round 8 teams: Friend back for Roosters, Broncos drop Oates

Yeah, the Morris boys sulking? Come on! Tough as nails but always ready with a smile when the game’s over. Not the sulking type.

The Roosters' 2020 campaign will be Trent Robinson’s greatest challenge so far

How quickly we forget 2016… It certainly hasn’t been all smooth sailing but credit to Robbo that he bounced back from that blip and forged a champion side.
I think the Chooks have something now they didn’t then and that is self belief. Whoever pulls on the jersey seems to believe they can do what the team needs.
Agree that this is a big challenge though.

The Roosters' 2020 campaign will be Trent Robinson’s greatest challenge so far

Grant looks like a real player, doesn’t he? There’s a lot of good young rakes at the moment, but Grant looks pretty complete as a player.

Johnson and Tigers young gun join in the Dally M race

Massive effort by JWH and SST for sure. Still running hard after 70 odd minutes and not leaving gaps in defense. I think a few other props should watch that video and learn!

Eight talking points from NRL Round 7

Thanks Scotty. Always insightful and one of the things on The Roar that I look forward to with great anticipation.
I haven’t noticed Hodgson as much but like others I see Curtis Scott as a weak link. His defensive reads are poor and it’s two weeks in a row that all teams needed to do was run down his side for easy points.
Ryan Hall looked the same for the Roosters. Poor defensive positioning and looking a level below those around him.
Speaking of the Chooks it will be interesting to see how they cover Radley in particular. Liu has a rib fracture so that’s not an option. Nat Butcher will probably come in bit doesn’t bring the same skill set. Mind you if Keary stays fit they will be fine – he doesn’t seem to let much faze him. He’s the key to the Roosters this year. Aubo will be backup 9, you’d suspect.
Lots of twists and turns this round. Loved to see so many upsets!

Eight talking points from NRL Round 7

And about time too! 😂 😂 😂

Touchie steps in to ping DCE for milking another penalty

Hey Dexter… PIN Number!

Forget an asterisk, the 2020 NRL premiers may be the most impressive winners ever

Not like Mary to actually drop anyone…

Graham confirms Dragons exit to Super League Saints

It’s how the young people talk these days John

Gold Coast Titans to be NRL contenders by 2025

Good luck to him. Hope he stays fit and produces his best footy

Biggest signing since Joey? Knights extend Kalyn Ponga on massive deal

I was thinking about this last night. It’s widely recognised that the Dogs aren’t up to it, but where are changes needed? I’d love to hear the take from Dogs fans but here’s my two cents:
Jackson, RFM, DWZ, Reimis Smith and Hopoate are all genuine first graders or better.
Elliot, Lewis and Marshall-King are establishing themselves. Meaney too but he seems a bit undersized for a winger in this day & age.
The rest are not earning their coin or are not up to first grade.
Too harsh? Too generous?

The 20-20 vision of a Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs supporter

Nice one Kman! I got a good laugh out of that.
I can definitely see Cronulla being dirty on that strategy – but they’re just jealous! 😂 😂

Rumours persist of desperate Broncos' defensive solution

Croft did but he didn’t do a dramatic dive and it was deemed a defensive decision. Despite DCE clearly catching it inside the lead runner.

Did a DCE dive rob Darius Boyd of a double?

Hence the DCE try in the second half being more than a bit questionable

Did a DCE dive rob Darius Boyd of a double?

Thanks for the analysis Pat. You obviously disagree with the team – I’m curious to see what 17 you would pick based on the above?

McGregor's team changes are one last, desperate roll of the dice