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Despite claiming a brilliant sporting career cut short by numerous injuries, the truth is best summed up by my cricket record: batted 11, never bowled...



Not had your morning coffee yet Max? A career twice as long as the NRL average and a couple of Origin jerseys in the cupboard means well above an average player…
LL has pointed out he’s had a couple of tough gigs and handled it well. Maybe getting the sharks to the finals might convince an NRL club he’s worth a punt.

Josh Hannay deserves to be a full-time NRL coach

At the moment I’ve reminded of T20 cricket thinking. People love a good 6, so let’s make the grounds smaller so we see more 6s. More entertainment!
Now in league people love a good try, so let’s have more tries! More entertainment???
Yet I can still remember the Roosters beating the dragons in the early 90s 6-0 in an end to end showcase of great attack and desperate defense.
A contest is entertaining. NRL is currently much like a T20 game where the contest is over 60 balls in.
But more is better, right?

Are you not entertained?

The cupboard is bare.
Good luck to young Walsh. Hope he has a blinder in a losing side.

Five changes plus shock debutant in Maroons Game 2 team

Good read and I can’t wait for the True Maroon Blues when you apply the slide rule over NSW.
I must confess I went and checked on Matt Bowen. Dang those two years in the uk!

The true blue Queenslanders

Well it fixed the problem I guess by not making the finals at all???

Brisbane's recruitment strategy is all wrong and the proof is on the field


Brisbane's recruitment strategy is all wrong and the proof is on the field

Robbo probably said even more behind closed doors. Hope Victor pulls his head in and concentrates on getting his tackling technique right. Can be a real asset but not at the moment.

Trent Robinson's massive bake for Victor Radley after latest off-field misdemeanour

😂 😂 😂

Is Daly Cherry-Evans Queensland's version of Mitchell Pearce?

If he had no form nobody would even notice that. Bit of a beat up.

"He's skating on thin ice": Did Cam Munster just get caught kicking AGAIN?

Dang 😢

Concussion forces Boyd Cordner to quit NRL

disappointed to see Walker slot straight back into fullback. The guy is a centre liability.
Fixed it for you.

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 14

Good luck to him. They’ve got to do something and maybe this will be the thing that actually works.

'A bit better than when I was here last': Hunt backs himself to excel with Broncos

Does anyone know what the record is for most halves combinations in a season? This is the umpteenth for Brisbane and the season isn’t even halfway.

NRL Round 14 teams: Hunt to make first Broncos appearance since 2009

I hadn’t pictured Johnson in the cardinal and myrtle but you make a pretty good case. I’m not sure how he and walker would combine as they both play that free wheeling running style. Who would do the organising?
Benji on the bench for another year too? That’s quite a playmaking combo.

Would Johnson be a good fit for the Rabbitohs in 2022?

Champion player and champion bloke. Whichever club or whatever level he played he excelled and did it with a smile.
Hope he’s happy in retirement and glad I got to see him do his stuff on the field.

Morris officially confirms retirement following ACL injury

I think Burton will be fine.
May played most of his games in the halves before being converted into a bench specialist.
Cleary was puzzled the team didn’t go better. That’s all I meant.
In fairness, I think Burton is an exciting player to watch and a fine footballer, whereas May is someone I genuinely dislike watching so that probably colours my take on things considerably.

Six talking points from NRL Round 13

I agree with Scott on this one. So many times the ball got to May and then stopped.
I think the only surprise for me was that Cleary was surprised they weren’t better. Pick an absolute teapot at 7 and then be puzzled?
A better selection would be to throw Burton to 7, out Crichton to 6 ala Joey Manu and put Naden in the centres. May could then come off the bench again, or preferably clear right out.

Six talking points from NRL Round 13


Tonsillitis leaves Gagai in doubt for Origin opener

Nice change from someone being in doubt with an ankle injury in the days leading up to origin.
Always something.

Tonsillitis leaves Gagai in doubt for Origin opener

Good read Outsider. I did have similar thoughts during the week actually- that centre is probably the most replaceable position in a crisis.
Don’t despair though. A few years back I wrote a piece lamenting the death of the ball playing lock. Look at them now – Jurbo, Ridley, Yeo and so forth are all killing it.
As others have said – things will change.

The centre position is dead in modern rugby league

Only massive controversy if you’re one of the dinosaurs in the nine commentary box, flailing around with those tiny forelimbs trying to grasp relevance.

Massive controversy as Tigers awarded penalty try

I’m sure there’s plenty. But surely you say “George has been granted leave to work on his well-being . It’s a stressful time blah blah blah” while privately acknowledging that he’s not coming back. Then you plan for it and if he does come back later in the year well and good and if he doesn’t the club has supported the player. Not that hard.

Ricky Stuart and Don Furner Jr are Canberra's best future

Tim I love your passion and you know the club inside and out.
I do want to pick up on one thing – where you state that “in reality the Raiders did nothing wrong at all” in sending George Williams packing mid season.
I can’t agree. The bloke contacts the club and says that he’s struggling with his mental wellbeing and the response is to tell him to clear off.
There have been plenty of instances where players have been given leave to seek help for this sort of thing. To just give him the spear is completely lacking in compassion. The club had options – (stand him down while he gets counselling being one), but they chose not to use them.
So what precedent does this set for other players? Don’t tell the club if you’re struggling mentally – you’ll likely get the heave.
Can’t tell me there’s nothing wrong with that.

Ricky Stuart and Don Furner Jr are Canberra's best future

No room for former head stomper now alleged angel Russell Packer?

The NRL dark alley all stars

Look forward to seeing that fleshed out Rellum

A blueprint for a second division in the NRL