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Despite claiming a brilliant sporting career cut short by numerous injuries, the truth is best summed up by my cricket record: batted 11, never bowled...



Thanks Gonzo. It seems that the penalties indicated that the offences were equivalent. Hmmmm

'F---ing four-eyed c---': Ben Stokes goes off at spectactor after alleged Ed Sheeran-themed taunt

Hmmm. Rabada gets suspended for an over exuberant celebration. Stokes gets… to apologise? Seems legit

'F---ing four-eyed c---': Ben Stokes goes off at spectactor after alleged Ed Sheeran-themed taunt

Great points. I really like Sims and Frizell as a back row.
Halves depth is a massive concern. If Norman fails to fire or if he or Hunt get injured then what?
I don’t get the hype about Lomax. Maybe he can play, but we haven’t seen that much of it yet.
Maybe there’s improvement just because, as you say, nothing worse can go wrong. But I don’t see the Dragons troubling the top 8 at all this year.

Why your team will do better in 2020: St George Illawarra Dragons

Great read John
I’m going to risk a flogging here as I’m only an occasional motorsports follower. My interest declined when the V8 supercar comp was taking off, but I’ve had a bit of a theory that I’d like to float and it sort of ties in to this.
I see the V8 Supercars is actually tied to the decline of Holden in a more direct way. In 1991-92 the high tech Nissans had dominated Group A touring cars. Holden and Ford were at a crossroads as their flagships were either getting beaten (Commodore) or not even competing (Falcon). I don’t know how much say the manufacturers had in what came next, but rather than ramp up the technological innovation that might have seen a 4wd turbo commodore or falcon, instead the governing body bans turbos and 4wd, stipulates V8 monsters and Lo and behold Holden and Ford are not only back in the game but the only players in town.
As a result the Australian motoring public see the rear wheel drive with naturally aspirated V8 as the ultimate in motoring for another 20 years, with incremental change only beyond that point.
Don’t get me wrong – it made for great motor racing, but it set innovation in the local car industry back for a decade at least. And now, nearly 30 years later, Holden is no longer relevant.
Have I got my history goggles cloudy? Am I over reading this?
If Holden and Ford had stepped up and innovated back in the early 90s rather than settling for a comp that wrote their competitors out of the game, would we be here now?
I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Can Supercars survive the death of Holden?

Nice first article Greg – welcome to the author’s club!
There’s plenty of good players at the Titans for sure. I get the feeling that this is a team where everyone has to play at their absolute best to match it with the rest of the comp. You’re spot on about the forwards being the strength for sure. Lots to like there, but the bench does drop away very quickly. It’s the starting pack or nothing I’m afraid.
I hope Ash Taylor finds his mojo. A spine of Brimson, Taylor and Peats/Rein has plenty of spark. Roberts is the weaker link, but unlike the others he rarely has a shocker – it’s just that even at his best he is unlikely to rip a side apart.
Defensive steel will help. It will take a lot going right though if that’s enough.
Look forward to the rest of the series of articles. 👍

Why your team will do better in 2020: Gold Coast Titans

Strano is a bit unlucky – she’s been in great form this summer.
Really well balanced squad. I always feel like so much rests on Schutt from a fast bowling point of view. The spin options are endless!
Trying hard to spot a weakness… maybe overconfidence?

Southern Stars name T20 World Cup squad

Well said. Couldn’t agree more.

It's finally over: Latrell Mitchell officially has a new club


"My stay at the Roosters has come to an end": Mitchell confirms he's flown the coop ahead of likely Souths move

It’s that tremendous level of insight that got him into trouble in the first place.
Good luck mate, but it’s a brave or desperate club that’d go there.

'I want to be a head coach again': Flanagan

Where would the Bunnies get the money for such a sweetener? Oh, that’s right… the flexible rules around medical retirement.
This whole thing stinks. Good luck to the young man but I hate seeing the cellar dwellers raided of their best players, especially on the back of a questionable free pass on Burgess’s ‘new injury’.
So the top teams stay on top and the bottom teams have their best players lured away on long contracts*
(*get out clauses included, naturally)

Arrow will be at Redfern in 2020 when the Bunnies make the Titans a decent offer

True – it certainly sounded more serious in the headline!

Disaster for Dockers as Mundy breaks leg in bicycle accident

Whaaaaa? A fracture IS a break. That is literally what a fracture is.

Disaster for Dockers as Mundy breaks leg in bicycle accident

That’s a great summary Chris. He rarely gets out to good balls! He has all the attributes to go on with it, but there’s that concentration lapse that is holding him back. Averaging 40+ even with that is a key point.

It’s all in the Head for Australia’s talented number six

Love it!
In my high school years my high school (Wellington High) played against Mudgee High in the Brown Cup. Twice a year – once in summer (swimming, cricket, tennis, basketball) and once in winter (league, soccer, hockey, athletics). I can’t remember where debating went.
It was the highlight of the school year.
Same concept on an international level? Bring it!

The next step in the Australia-England sporting rivalry

Patrick what do you mean about the team being undiverse?

Bowling is New Zealand's biggest concern

Great opportunity to put Ferguson in. Go for it, I say

Confirmed: Trent Boult to miss Perth Test with injury

I dunno DB. You can still line up someone in the opposition and smash them – just do it legally. Every time that player gets the ball it’s everyone in hard at them. You don’t need to have the biff to do that.
So if someone hits a player late, then it’s buckle up sunshine because next time you get the ball…

Eels legend calls for NRL to scrap ‘no punch’ rule

Thought provoking couple of articles JGk. Wonderfully well researched and written.
Sorry I’m a bit late to the party and I suspect this may have been covered in the extensive comments section that I have only just skimmed, but doesn’t the fact that a large chunk of these long innings occur in drawn matches tend to favour Paine’s decision? I mean – world record innings in drawn matches might mean we remember the innings, but I suspect that most if not all of those in the drawn matches would have traded the record for the win.
So many would have, could have, should have moments in this wonderful game.
Thanks for the articles. Looking forward to the next one.

Should Paine have let Warner chase Lara? Part 2

Thanks for the rundown. There’s some real stability to the core of this NZ side. Should be a good series!

Analysing each member of New Zealand’s Test squad

Is irony the new name for comedy that’s neither funny or clever?

Tim Paine must go

Stick to your attempts at comedy Ben. Oh, maybe you were. Hard to tell.
I can’t believe we retain the Ashes in England and then totally dominate our next home series and there’s still peanuts out there saying sack the captain.
Saboteur of Australian cricket’s legacy? Oh please.

Tim Paine must go

I second that call.
Come on Ronan. Use your powers for good instead of evil!

Starc hits form for blockbuster Tests against New Zealand

Mind you, I’m speaking like someone who was brought up with the idea that your worth is what you earn rather than what you think you’re entitled to.

Bad advice? Too many cooks? Or maybe Latrell just needs to man up

Not exclusively, but it’s how Gen X were brought up.

Bad advice? Too many cooks? Or maybe Latrell just needs to man up

They also lost Scott. Could be a good fit for him.

Bad advice? Too many cooks? Or maybe Latrell just needs to man up